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Love Me Some You



A Complete Novel Written By

Miss Jenesequa



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© 2016 Miss Jenesequa

Published by Royalty Publishing House


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Unauthorized reproduction, in any manner, is prohibited.






For all my romance lovers, this one’s for you.

Thank You God, for guiding me and strengthening me always.

“Always stay true to you.”

- Jouir de! -




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Love Me Some You



“I understand you don’t want me to speak to you or Monique for that matter, but you must know that I love her so much.”

I wanted to slap him. Slap him for his lies. But instead, I continued to pack Monique’s things into my box. I was angry, tired and fed up with Tremaine and I had only been in his house for ten minutes. If he “loved” her like he said he did, why did he sleep with another woman and cheat on her?

He said he loved her, but his actions showed me a completely different thing.

Once Monique’s stuff had been packed away, this was my time to leave. I no longer wanted to be in the same room as Mr. Tremaine Neverson, the cheater.

I picked up the box, and turned to face Trey, who was standing by the wall. I had only noticed now how tired his eyes looked. It was as if he had been crying.

“Bye,” I said rudely to him, before passing him and leaving his room.

“Jess... Wait.”

I ignored him and continued making my way down his stairs, only to suddenly stop midway.

Why did I stop?

Because I, Jessica Carter, had just come across the most attractive man that I had seen in my entire life.

Lord... Was I dreaming?

From the way he was looking at me, licking and biting his juicy, thick lips, I knew that this wasn’t a dream and that this guy was real. He was wearing black sweatpants, a red fitted t-shirt and on his feet he wore fresh, clean white socks. He was rocking a causal look and still making it look sexy to me.

He was about six feet, like Tremaine, and underneath that fitted shirt, I could definitely see that toned six pack and those bulging muscles. He was one good looking man, with his smooth mocha skin complexion and his bold, chestnut brown eyes. I knew from the way he was looking back up at me that he could feel something too.

This was no dream. He was one beautiful man, standing here in the flesh, staring up at me.


~ 1 ~

~ Jessica ~

I’m in control, I run the show.

It’s not my fault men love me. I mean, I’m pretty good looking so, I’m not surprised when men ask for my number. Being a model comes with men begging at my feet just to be noticed. I don’t even need to do anything. All I’ve got to do is blink and they all come running like cheetahs.

Jessica Carter, twenty-two—that’s me. I never did like my name. Way too old fashioned. I’ve always envied Monique’s name, though. My best friend in the whole entire world who I currently share an apartment in LA with. She’s absolutely gorgeous and if I liked girls, she would definitely be the one for me. Despite being pretty and hit on so many times, Monique is still dwelling on the past. Her ex-boyfriend, Zayne cheated on her with some dumb bitch named Rosa. Ever since then, she hasn’t been the same.

As for me, I had the time of my life last night. I finally got to sleep with Dylan, a male model for Ralph Lauren. It was pretty easy too. All I had to tell him was, “You’re pretty hot, wonder how you’ll feel inside me,” and that’s all it took to get the party started!

I felt a bit sorry for Moni, though. I knew she was sleeping... But my moans and groans probably kept her up all night. I can help it. I’m a proud freak!

I had just finished cooking breakfast for both Monique and I, when my iPhone started vibrating unexpectedly. I got my breakfast, pancakes and eggs and I headed to the wooden table, where I checked out who had messaged me.

Text Message from The Jerk:

“Hey baby girl.”

“What do you want?”

The Jerk:
“I wanna see you.”

I was about to reply when Monique stepped into the room, yawning and hungrily eyeing the pancakes I had just made.

“Hey girl! Sleep well last night?” I chuckled at her, knowing fully well that she couldn’t sleep. She began to frown at me.

“No I didn’t. Can’t you try to keep it down when you’re fucking?!”

“Awww, sorry girl, but sex is just too fun! You’ll soon be moaning like me.”

“I hope NOT,” she snapped, instantly disgusted.

I had already made pancakes and eggs for breakfast so Monique got herself a plate and sat down next to me. We began to eat in silence and I took a large bite off my pancake that was covered in golden syrup before deciding to break the silence that had brewed between us.

“The sex was amazingggg!” I screamed at her, licking the pancake syrup off my lips slowly.

“Ewww. Jess, I’m eating, please shut the fuck up,” Moni stated, still annoyed at me. I guessed she didn’t want to lose her appetite. She looked like she was really hungry but I had an amazing sex story that I really wanted to her to hear.

“His dick was har-”

“Seriously Jess, I really don’t wanna hear it,” she interrupted me rudely, and that shut me up, so I proceeded to read my current text message from ‘The Jerk’.

“I’ve got to see you babe... I miss you so much.”

Of course he does. I mean who doesn’t miss me?

“No you don’t. Just leave me alone.”

“Baby, please just let me talk to you to.”

“You talking now ain’t you?”

“Yeah but… What u doing tonight?”

“Going out with Monique.”

“You’re not invited.”

“I just wanna talk to you girl.”

“Anyways, what do you want to do today, hun?” I asked Monique excitedly, breaking myself away from my iPhone.

“Umm... I’m not sure.”

“Well, we should go clubbing. We need to find you a guy.” Yep, Monique needed someone. Her loneliness was starting to piss me off. It made her seem meaner and sad all the time. I knew how bad the heartbreak had been with Zayne, but I just really wanted her to move on. 

“No, we do not...”

I nodded at her excitedly, instantly thinking of what club we would be attending tonight. My mission tonight? Find Monique Williams... A MAN.


“Jess, I can’t believe you dragged me here!”

What did she think this was? Of course I was going to bring her here. She needed a man. She needed to start getting some again because she really had become quite a bore to be around. I missed my best friend Monique. The crazy, confident, and funny woman that I became best friends with. Where had she gone to? I needed her back.

“Moni, please loosen up a little girl! We’re here and we’re staaaaying,” I laughed, passing her a vodka shot.

Was I planning to get her a little drunk tonight? Maybe.

We sat at the bar, downing one shot after the other. It wasn’t long before I felt the sudden urge to get up from my seat and get my groove on. I could feel my phone vibrating in my clutch purse, but there was no way that I was about to answer any calls that were trying to get through to me. I knew exactly who was trying to contact me, and I was not about to start arguing with him on my girls’ night out with Monique. I was here to have fun, not start trouble.

“Monique, come guurl let’s dance!” I jumped out my seat, being extra careful not to trip in my stiletto heels. I watched as Monique downed her last shot, grabbed my hand and followed me down to the dance floor.

Have a drink, fill your cup... Tonight it’s turnt up

“Have A Drink” by Tee FLii began to play and immediately, we began to get our groove on, dancing, turning up to various types of music that the DJ was playing. We danced and danced and danced. A few men came up to Monique and I, trying to dance with us both.

I happily obliged while Monique brushed them off. How could I deny a man the privilege of dancing with a classy woman like me?

I grinded on every single one of them, feeling them grow down below as I wrapped their strong arms around me and gave them exactly what they needed.

I had been having so much fun, dancing with my girl, just enjoying myself, until I saw…

I had noticed him before Monique and I immediately clocked how hard he was staring at me, licking his smooth lips. He must have been watching Monique and I dancing. What I really wanted to know now was how long had he been watching for us for?

The Jerk.

Ryan Lewis, my ex-boyfriend. The one who can’t seem to stop sticking his stupid dick in other women. The one who I had given my all to, only to have him crush my heart. I always knew Ryan had been sleeping around, I just never wanted to believe it.

He was very handsome, with his fine chocolate skin complexion, those smooth, juicy lips that I used to kiss every night, those cute little dimples of his, and don’t even get me started on that great body of his. I had been ignoring his text messages and calls for two weeks now, but I couldn’t deny the fact that I was very shocked that he was here right now. Actually... no, I’m not shocked. He was probably looking for the next unlucky girl that he could seduce straight into his bed.

“Moni, I’ll be right back.”

I didn’t need to talk to him... but I wanted to. Why? Because despite all the bad that he has done, I still loved him.

Monique on the other hand, wasn’t having it. She hated Ryan, ever since I first brought him around to our apartment, three years ago. She thought he was just going to be another one of my fuck buddies. But once he started staying round, she knew that he was something more. And she hated it.

When we first broke up, Monique was the only one who was there for me. I guess she wasn’t going to go through my tears, me sending rude voice mail messages to his phone and my attempts to smash Ryan’s car again for the millionth time. When you messed with Jessica Carter, it got real ugly.

“No, you’re not, Jess,” she said sternly. We had both stopped dancing and I was ready to go into the dark corner that Ryan was sitting in and confront him.

“Look, nothing is gonna happen, I just need to talk to him,” I told her sheepishly. I knew that I shouldn’t even be going near him after what he did, but I couldn’t help the way that I felt about him still. He had been the main man in my life for the past three years, even through all of our break ups and seeing other people, I still always ended up falling back into his trap.

“I’m coming with you, just to make sure you’re not gonna do anything stupid,” she declared, before following me as I made my way towards him. I guess her plans were to stop me from getting back with Ryan. All I wanted to do was know why he was here.

“Well, look who it is,” his deep husky voice instantly spoke as we stood right in front of him. He couldn’t take his eyes off me, which was slightly intimidating, but I wasn’t going to allow him to think that he could take advantage of me.

He began examining every aspect of my body, making me slightly nervous, licking his lips at what he saw. I’m not surprised, I had made an effort tonight. My purple bodycon dress was brand new, and my killer black stiletto heels were looking fresh and fabulous.

“Why are you here, Ryan?” I quickly asked him, trying to control my nerves.

“Is it a crime to be at the club with my boy?” He smirked and gave his boy sitting next to him a dap. “We just chillin’.”

I couldn’t believe this. This idiot actually thought that he could play smart with me. I knew that he didn’t come to this club just to “chill” with his boy. He was a damn liar and always had been. 

“You’re clearly stalking her, we know you want Jess back but you can’t have her, just leave her alone, ‘kay?” Monique suddenly intervened and I knew that trouble was about to start. They both hated each other.

“Hmmm... if it isn’t Monique, the loner,” he smirked at her, still licking his lips. I swear the way he kept on licking is his lips was just starting to annoy me. I’m surprised they hadn’t dried out yet.

“Excuse me? Are you a retard or something, ‘cause you sure seem like it? Don’t make me slap the shit outta you, fool!” Monique tried to lunge at Ryan and hit him, but I quickly stopped her right in her tracks by pulling her by her arms and forcing her to stay put next to me. I didn’t want us to get kicked out and I definitely didn’t want my best friend and ex-boyfriend fighting in the club.

“Wooow. Easy there loner, watch yourself,” he firmly warned her. “Jess, we need to talk in private, now,” Ryan announced, clearly startled by Monique’s attempts to hit him. And once she attempted to take another swing, I had to make sure that I got Ryan out of this club because he was not only starting to irritate Monique, he was starting to irritate me.

“Moni, calm down. I’m just gonna go to talk to him in private. Just chill, I’ll be back before you know it.” I reassured her calmly, taking control of the situation.

“Stay here Monique, I’m sure Dominic will keep you company.” Ryan winked at Monique, only to have her suck her teeth rudely at him.

As soon as he got up from his seat, he came to stand next to me, wrapping one hand around my waist. I immediately brushed his hand away from me and walked towards the ladies’ restrooms.

Once we were inside, Ryan checked the restrooms to see if any ladies were in the toilet cubicles, before locking the restroom door. I was standing as far away from him as I could be, against the wall, but that failed once he came closer to me.

“Ryan, we’re over,” I said sternly, but he still came closer to me anyway and held onto my waist.

“Baby, I love you,” he gently whispered, leaning into my neck to plant sweet kisses everywhere.

This was a little trick of Ryan’s that I liked to call “Erotic Kisses.”

Because once he starts, you won’t want him to stop. He’ll plant small, sweet kisses along your collarbones, up your neck, before gently moving his big hands down your back, down your ass, only to squeeze it tightly. Then before you know it he’ll be on his knees, pulling on your panties, ready to tongue you down with that hot, talented tongue of his.

, Jessica Carter, had had enough of this shit.

“Ryan, stop,” I said, pushing him away from me. He was already down on his knees in front of me. “You cheated on me! So don’t think that you can come down here and try and win me back! It’s not going to work. I’ve had enough. We’re over.” He had hurt me. He crushed me. And he still had the audacity to try and seduce me back? Crazy muthafucka.

“Jess, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry’s not good enough, Ryan,” I said, looking down at him as he was still on his knees.

“You’re the only girl I want! I was seduced by those other girls. They were jealous of what we had. Baby, I want you, only you. Please don’t throw what we have away because of my silly mistake. I can’t live without you. Please girl...” he pleaded with me, his hands wrapped around my bare legs. I guess he didn’t want to lose me. I sex him good, I cook good, I do his laundry, I love him and I treat him better than any other guy I’ve been with. I’m not the problem here. It’s him.

“Ryan, no,” I mumbled. But he wasn’t having it. He slowly began moving his hands up my legs, and I knew exactly what he was about to do.

“Ryan, stop,” I said quietly. He kept his lustful eyes on me, his warm hands still trailing up my legs. Once he reached his goal, he pulled down my black thong, letting it drop to my ankles.

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