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RE: A huge dilemma

So, I'm still waiting. Did you stir up enough drama to make those psychos on
The Hills
look normal or what?

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RE: A huge dilemma

What's going on, Up All Night? I'm starting to get worried about you. Is everything okay?

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RE: A huge dilemma

Hopefully, she's one of the lucky ones. Hopefully, she had a good outcome and is hanging out with her new man.

“Natalie,” her mother called. “Vincent and Jo are here!”

“Just a sec!” she yelled back.

She could hear her friends chatting with Grandma Jones about the dance, and what dances were like back in her day. Natalie knew she had a few minutes before Matt arrived.

It had been a week since Howl at the Moon, and a lot had changed. She spent almost every free moment she had with Matt, and had neglected Romeohelpme. Today they were going to the beach for lunch with Jo and Vincent. It was the first time they had doubled, and they were all meeting at Natalie's house. Jo and Vincent were so cute together. Jo had explained that night after the dance that she just felt something inside herself—something that had said, Why not? What was she afraid of? So she'd made the first move with Vincent. They weren't committed for life, but they were trying things out, and so far it seemed to be going very well.

She heard Matt's car in the driveway, and she peeked out her window. He was holding a bouquet of sunflowers. God, he was cute. She spun around and quickly hit her keyboard.

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RE: A huge dilemma

All I want to say for now is this. When things are meant to be they always have a way of working out. Happy endings don't just exist in the movies.

For once, she felt like she knew the answers.

About the Author

Whitney Lyles is the author of
Always the Bridesmaid, Here Comes the Bride, First Comes Love, Roommates,
and the YA romantic comedy
Party Games.
She'll never tell if she had a crush on someone off-limits, but she does admit to some pretty wild Halloween costumes.

Whitney lives with her husband and children in San Diego, California. Visit her on the Web at

BOOK: Love Off-Limits
10.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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