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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Publication Date: May 10

Genre: FICTION/Romance/Erotica

Copyright © 2016 N. Isabelle Blanco  

All rights reserved











I’m a hot mess.

A drunken, lingerie-clad mess that’s sprawled on the floor.

Everything’s been turned upside down.


Because of a man. A man that promised to fuck me.

A man that’s refusing to deliver.

He wants me to love him. Give him a chance.

The fucker’s out of his goddamn mind. . .






My heart twists, right before it takes a skydive straight between my legs.

The lips pressed against mine are soft, wet—

God damn,
I can almost believe she’s been as desperate for this as I’ve been. Just as obsessed. I give into the pull, letting Paige’s tongue—
tongue—slide sensually along my own.




Paige pulls on my collar and we go stumbling, only stopping when her back hits the wall. She doesn’t seem to care, eating desperately at my mouth, making these perfect little sounds that leave my cock trembling.

Fine by me. If she doesn’t care, good. I sure as hell can’t bring myself to turn away.

Growling, I cup her face, her long strawberry blond hair tickling the back of my hands. I use my knees to push open her legs so I can get nice and comfortable between them. Once I have her right where I want her, I set in to eat her mouth with a vengeance.

I want her to understand exactly what I’m going to do to her once I get my mouth on her pussy.

It doesn’t even register in my mind that I’m actually thinking of eating a woman out. Something I never consider doing.

She moans loudly into my mouth, like she’s all game, gun-ho to let me have at it.

Fucking beautiful.

Sliding my hands down her back, I bring her flush against me, rolling my hips so she’ll feel every hard inch of me.

Paige meets my thrusts with one of her own, and I almost fall to my knees in gratitude.

She gives off cold, but I’d known that inside her there had to be nothing but hot. I sensed it. Fantasized about it.

Started foregoing sleep so I could stop fucking dreaming about it.

Eight months. That’s how long she’s been driving me wild. And now she’s in my arms, just as wild—sucking on my tongue and humming in a way that makes me want to fuck her right here. Just rip her panties off so I can thrust deep. Oh . . . so . . . fucking . . . deep.

I pull back, completely out of breath.

Paige is undeterred. Her little fingers tighten in my hair, yanking my head back, her mouth finding the pounding pulse on the side of my neck. She licks and sucks on my neck just as she had on my mouth, as if she’s fucking high on the taste of me.

My hips shoot up uncontrollably, grinding my aching cock into her. “Fuck, Paige. It’s going to be amazing between us. Can’t wait to be inside you.”

A small giggle escapes her, and I find even that sexy. She leans her head back against the wall and gives me a drunk, adorable smile that makes me want to bite her. “I can’t wait to finally feel what that’s like.” Undulating her hips, Paige bites her plump bottom lip, scrambling my thoughts.

Lust shoots through me so hard my vision almost blurs. Staring into her baby blue eyes, I grab her bare thigh, where her light pink dress ends, and lift her leg up onto my hip. “You’ve been thinking about it, too. Haven’t you baby?” With my other hand, I cup her chin and smooth my thumb over her lip.

Her lips part and she nods breathlessly.

I get so high on that confession. Straight up light-headed. “I’m going to be the best fuck of your life,” I swear to her, meaning every single word.

She giggles again. “You better be, considering you’ll be the first.”

Her warm, moist breath caresses my thumb as she speaks, sending more heat spiraling through me. God, I need her naked.
. I hitch her leg higher, screwing her through our clothes—


What the hell did she just say to me?

Paige tightens her leg around me, rocking into me like she’s trying to use my hard-on to get off. “Don’t stop, Elijah. Show me how it feels.”

Her heat bathes my entire length, making me hiss. Jesus. For her to feel like that? She has to be so wet for me, on fire for what I can give her . . .

I have to focus, have to make sense of what I heard her say. Reaching deep down into the pit of myself, I search for the will to get the sexy girl grinding on me to stop. It’s the equivalent of bench-pressing a semi; my body fights me the whole way.

She’s here, so close, utterly willing, seemingly desperate—more delicious than any woman I’ve tasted in a long time. How the hell am I supposed to let her go?

“You better be, considering you’ll be the first.”

Fuck. That’s how.

Grabbing her wrists, I step away from her. My dick literally screams at me with every inch I put between us.

Pouting, she whimpers, trying to get me close.

I grind my teeth and fight the urge to bite her again. Another few steps back; more space between us. Yet another fresh round of misery courses through my body. I haven’t had blueballs for a long, long time, but I’m definitely heading there now. And it just might kill me when it’s through with me.

Focus on the task at hand asshole.
“What did you mean by that?” I ask her, voice hoarse.


“What do you mean by ‘I’ll be the first’?”

Her cheeks, already rosy from all the drinks and the kiss we shared, darken even more. The flirty bold girl she’d been merely two seconds ago disappears. She chews on the corner of her lip, eyeing my mouth.

Then, she shrugs as if what she’s about to tell me is no big freaking deal, and says, “I’ve never had sex before.”

What. The. Fuck?






Equal parts disbelief and hunger battle in my system. How could someone as sexy as her still be a virgin? She’s twenty-three, if I remember correctly.

Damn. She’s like a mythical creature; stories are constantly told about girls like her, but they don’t actually exist in real life.

Except, Paige does, I’m dying to fuck her, and she’s still a virgin.

I officially hate my life.

She tries to move toward me.

I shake my head, even though stopping her is the very last thing I want to do. “Paige . . . stop.” I can’t believe I just said that shit. Months of scheming to get between her thighs—hoping,
—and now I have to turn her down. “We can’t.”

“But why?” she practically whines at me.

She’s killing me here! All I want to do is give her my cock, and she wants it just as bad. “Paige, you just told me that you’re a virgin. We can’t do this.” I step back even more, putting at least three feet distance between me and every tempting inch of her body.

It’s still not enough. I could’ve been all the way in Florida and it wouldn’t have mattered.

She throws me a petulant look, her hair a mess of strawberry blond waves falling over her shoulders . . . her bee-stung lips even more swollen after what I did to them. “Are you saying you’re not going to have sex with me?”

“That’s not what I’m saying at all.” After tonight, I’m definitely going to fuck her. Walking away from the lust between us isn’t an option for me.

I’m going to be her first.

You see, I’m a connoisseur of women. A collector of sorts. But I’ve never had a virgin before, especially one as untouchable as she’d seemed until tonight.

Hell yeah, I want her on my list. Not tonight, though. Not like this, while I’m still tipsy. Not while she’s drunk. I want her fully aware when I fuck her, so she doesn’t turn around and cry foul later on.

And I want her to be cognizant enough to understand one very basic fact: I don’t do anything

Oh, I know that she knows that already. She’s been throwing it in my face since the first day I gave her my “cheap, flirty” smile, as she termed it. But I’ve also heard how virgins can be—clingy. Over emotional. Quick to fall in love at the first feel of a cock inside them.

I’m willing to be her first.

Okay, fine, I’m
for it.

That doesn’t mean I’ll end up being her boyfriend. I tried that shit only once.

Once was more than enough for me, thank you very much.

“You’re no fun.” Still pouting, Paige steps in my direction.

And almost ends up face-first on the floor.

I catch her with an arm around her waist, pressing her into my side, and make damn sure to keep my dick away from her. My blood is still drumming hot through my veins, demanding another taste of her.

“I’m a lot of fun,” I tell her, leading her down the hall. “I just can’t show you right now.”


I chuckle at that, dying to get her alone and on the same page as me. Then I’ll show her just how much of a “liar” I am.

We make our way back into the main dining area of the restaurant. Our boss, Gilliane, had booked one of the large, private dining rooms for tonight. All twenty-six employees of JouerTech came to celebrate the birthday of the vice president, Nick. They all left over an hour ago. Maybe an hour in a half.

I was lucky enough to convince Paige to stay with me for “just a few more drinks.” Considering I’ve been trying every trick in the book to get her to open up so I could seduce her, my shock when she agreed knew no end.

Then again, things had
gotten friendlier between us in the last month.

Clearly, a few drinks turned into too many. Whatever. She’d been opening up to me—and, oddly enough, me to her—when Paige excused herself to go to the bathroom. I figured
what the hell?
and decided to go as well.

Everything took a turn after that. Oh, who am I kidding? Things didn’t take a turn. They skidded, flipped right off the road, and ended up crushed against a fifteen foot, concrete divider wall.

That concrete divider wall being
, of course.

We just happened to exit the bathrooms at the same time. I remember the shock on her face when she saw me standing in the same hallway as her—that expression lasted about a second, then something seemed to snap inside her.

She came straight at me, grabbing me, and slammed her lips against mine before I had a chance to react.

And that’s how we ended up dry-fucking against the wall.

A shiver ripples down my spine at the memory. I have to stop thinking about it. Especially while my arm is wrapped around her, and her sweet, citrusy smell is all up in my nose.

I lick my lips, my tongue desperate for another taste.

We exit the restaurant out onto Court Street. Paige stumbles more than once and it goes a long way to helping me sober up.

She’s clearly drunk. It’s my responsibility to take care of her.

I get her clearheaded enough to discuss some very important details.

Neither of us say anything until I hail down a cab. “I’m going to make sure you get home okay,” I say, reaching for the handle.

I don’t get a chance to open the door.

Paige maneuvers herself so that she’s blocking the door, pressed up against it. It’s night out and she’s so damn sexy in the city lights that the sight of her short circuits all of my thoughts.

She grabs onto my collar and brings me toward her.

“Paige, no—”

Her lush lips meet mine, her soft tongue slipping inside me.

My cock jerks, swelling. I grab her hips. She wraps her thin arms around my neck, moaning into my mouth.

Shit. I can taste the sex on her.

Against her mouth, I groan, “Paige, we need to stop.”

She shuts me right up, thrusting her tongue forcefully into my mouth, taking what she wants from me. Her little body writhes against mine, rubbing my dick just right. My eyes roll back into my head. I want to pin her under me, fucking

The taxi driver presses down on the horn.


I break away from the most addicting mouth I’ve ever tasted and open the cab door just in time. The driver seems ready to speed off.

Holy fuck, we were just dry-humping each other, in plain view of all of downtown Boston, up against the door of a taxi.

I’m all for getting my freak on, but what the hell is the girl doing to me?

“Are you getting in or not?” the annoyed cabbie calls out.

I grab Paige’s arm.

She gives me that seductive little pout that makes my dick ache to feel her lips. “It doesn’t matter that I’m a virgin. You can be the one to teach me.”

Who is this girl and where has she been hiding? The Paige I’ve known for the last eight months was serious to a fault. Closed off.

And I’ve been going mad from wanting her.

This new version of her? Fuck. Me.

“Oh, I’m going to,” I murmur in a low, rough voice, urging her into the cab and following after her.

But, first, I need to sober her up a bit. After that, we’re going to have a nice, long talk.

BOOK: Loveless
5.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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