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Summer Fling

BOOK: Summer Fling
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Summer Fling

By Billie Rae


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Copyright © April 2012, Billie



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“This is just great.” Lorraine’s sarcasm
was evident as she walked to the large window and stared into the
thick rain that beat against the glass. Her pretty brow wrinkled
into a frown as she turned desperately to Donna, her best friend.
“We decide to go out and have fun, and the weather decides to turn
out like this,” she said, sweeping a dainty hand towards the

“It won’t rain for long,” Donna replied,
not taking her eyes off the magazine she was reading. She lay on
the floor in front of the open fireplace, on her stomach, her legs
bent at the knees. Her bare feet tapped in the air in time to the
song that played on the large stereo in the corner of the room, and
she flicked silently through the magazine. Her shoulder length,
brown hair fell about her neck in long dark strands as she lifted a
smiling face to meet her friend’s. “Hey, don’t worry,” she said as
her pretty green eyes saw the look of anxiety painted on Lorraine’s
china doll face. “Who cares anyhow?” she said. “If it’s still
raining, we’re going into town no matter what you say.”

Lorraine smiled. “I’m being stupid, I
know, but it’s been fine all week and now it decides to rain.”

“Trust me, by four o’clock the sun will
be shining.” Donna lowered her face and continued to read the
article on Bradley Cooper that she had been reading.

Lorraine turned to the window and
bunched the lace curtains into her hand. Great tears of rain slid
down the glass to fall into a puddle below the window. The day
before had been superb. A temperature of 30 degrees had brought
blue skies and hot summer days, and the two girls had happily made
their way into the town centre for the day.

Having two weeks break from school was
bliss for the two seventh formers who were on holiday in
Christchurch. It had been hard for Lorraine to convince her father
to let her travel down from Blenheim, where the two of them lived
alone, but finally he had given in, realising she was no longer the
young girl he had so carefully raised as his daughter.

They had travelled by train and were
staying with Donna’s sister and brother-in-law in Spreydon. The
recently married couple had bought a house there and were only too
happy to give them a place to stay for the week they were to be in

Lisa had promised them the car for
Friday night, so they were going into town for a few hours.

As Donna predicted, by four o’clock the
rain had stopped. The sun was far from shining and the sky had
grown grey very quickly, but it wasn’t raining.

One point to Donna
, Lorraine
thought as she dried her freshly showered body. She could hear
Donna now, in the shower, singing at the top of her lungs, and the
radio as it blared from the living room.

She looked at her watch on the dressing
table. It was 4.35. Lisa would be home soon and she had more than
likely forgotten that she’d agreed to lend them the car.


“Shit, sorry, Donna, we need the car,”
Lisa tried to apologise as she made dinner.

“But you promised we could have it,”
Donna pleaded.

“I know. Listen, I’ll drop you into town
myself, that way I’ll feel better, knowing you’re safe on

Donna looked questioningly at Lorraine,
who smiled and nodded in approval. “It’s better than nothing.”

“Sure is,” Lisa agreed. She turned and
watched the girls race upstairs to their bedroom. “I’m leaving at
five-thirty,” she yelled after them.


They dressed quickly, Donna in a red
mini skirt, while blouse and a stone-washed jacket, Lorraine in a
pair of black skinny jeans, white tee and black cardigan. She let
her long black hair out of its clips and it fell to her waist.
Brushing it as she stood before the full length mirror, it was
obvious she was trying to decide how she would wear it for the

“Leave it out,” Donna suggested as she
stopped behind Lorraine and ran her hand through her shiny

Lorraine turned, brush in hand, her
glowing face framed with black. “Why not,” she said. Smiling, she
winked at Donna, who took the brush and placed it on the table.

“Come on, we’re going to be late.”

Donna had only lived in Blenheim for two
years and prior to that had lived in Christchurch most of her life.
She knew a lot of people around what had once been her home town,
and tonight she was dying to introduce Lorraine to all her

The guys will just love her
Donna thought as she studied Lorraine’s pretty face. She had
beautiful blue eyes with long black eyelashes and shapely eyebrows.
She had high cheek bones, a perfect nose, rosy red lips and a white
smile. To Donna, she was almost perfect. She tried to think about
who would be a good match for her best friend but came up blank.
Nobody was good enough for Lorraine. She deserved someone

Donna already had her man. Tony Pascal
was tall, part Italian, with crystal clear blue eyes and a thick,
deep voice. He was totally devoted to Donna and visited her as
often as possible while she was in Blenheim.

When Donna tried to think of all of
Tony’s friends (which were many), she couldn’t think of one that
would suit Lorraine.

She needed someone like Tony, but blond
– Lorraine went crazy over blond men.


“There you go, girls,” Lisa said as she
stopped the car near the town square.

“Thanks.” Donna slipped from the car and
Lorraine followed.

“So, where’s this boyfriend of yours?”
Lorraine asked. She had met Tony twice before, but never in

“He said he’d be here at six,” Donna
said, looking at her watch. “We’ve got twenty minutes.”

“Where does he live?” Lorraine

“Main South Road in Hornby,” Donna said
a she gazed about them. “He shares a house with another guy,
Scott.” She smiled. “Come on, let’s go see him.”

“Huh?” Lorraine followed Donna’s
swishing skirt to the glass double doors of a picture theatre. It
was obvious that the movie had already started as only a few people
milled around outside. “Donna, where are you going?”

Donna smiled. “In here. Come on, follow
me.” She led Lorraine up a set of dark stairs.

“Are we allowed in here?” Lorraine asked
in a low voice.

“No, silly. Shut up.” Donna climbed
another small flight of stairs, even darker than the first, and
knocked on a red door.

“Who is it?” A deep, male voice sounded
muffled through the wooden panel.

“Scotty, it’s Donna.”

A small panel in the door slid back but
Lorraine was unable to see the face on the other side.

“Shit, girl, you’ll get killed if you
get caught up here. What are you doing here?”

“You sound pleased to see me,” Donna

All Lorraine could see was Donna’s
backside and a small shaft of light that floated past the side of
her head. But the voice on the other side sounded friendly and
inviting, even though he was surprised they were there.

“Hey, I am pleased to see you. Tony told
me you were in town. I should have expected this, huh? Where is

“We’re just going to meet him now,”
Donna said.


“Yeah—uh—sorry, Scott. I’ve got a friend
staying with me. This is Lorraine.” Donna giggled. “You probably
can’t see her but that’s because my fat head’s in the way. She’s
there. Say hi, Scott.”

Lorraine heard a rumble of laughter from
within. “Hi, Lorraine,” he parroted. “Tell your friend here I’ll
get shot if I get caught.”

“Thanks, Scotty.” Donna took a step
back. “I get the message.”

“See you later,” Scott said as they
turned and raced back down the stairs to the safety of the

“I guess that’s Tony’s flatmate,”
Lorraine said.

“Sure is,” Donna replied as she lowered
her frame into a chair by the door.

“He sounds old,” Lorraine said as she
recalled his voice. It had been soft, yet deep and cheerful.

Donna laughed. “Wait ‘til you see him,”
she said.

From that, Lorraine expected a man in
his late twenties or early thirties.

They left the picture theatre
temporarily to go and meet Tony. Then they went back to the
theatre, as Scott was about to finish his shift.

Lorraine watched the large procession of
people rush out of the double wooden doors. She found it amusing to
watch people like this, bustling about and completely unaware that
they were being observed. A mother with three children struggled to
keep them all under control as the crowd tried to swallow them all
whole in turn. A young couple held hands and walked contentedly out
of the theatre, completely unaware that anything else around them
existed. Two dishevelled but good looking guys laughed and joked
with each other as they disappeared out onto the street. Lorraine’s
gaze followed them until they were out of sight.


But her concentration was soon

“Sorry I took so long,” said the same
voice that Lorraine had heard in the projection room.

Donna tucked a strand of hair behind her
ear, her other hand still gripping Tony’s. “Scott, now I can
officially introduce you. This is Lorraine.”

Lorraine looked up to stare into
chocolate brown eyes that smiled from deep within. Scott was tall
with sandy blond hair that faded to brown at the short back and
sides. He had a well-defined jaw and small dimples that cut grooves
into his smiling cheeks. His long eyelashes framed a good looking
picture, complete with broad shoulders and a thick chest. He was
much younger than she had estimated by his voice, maybe only a few
years older than her and Donna.

She recovered from her surprise and
smiled. “Hi, Scott,” she said.

“Lorraine, we didn’t get a chance to
meet before,” Scott said as he cuffed Donna lightly on the ear. His
eyes never left Lorraine’s face as he studied her carefully,
smiling at her all the while. “That’s funny, Donna. I don’t think
you’ve ever mentioned Lorraine to me before.”

“Well, I would have,” Donna said
mischievously, “but you were always too busy with all your other
girlfriends, that I thought—”

“Trouble is, Donna, you don’t think,”
Scott interrupted.

“Hey, watch it,” Tony said

“Come on,” Donna dismissed them as she
walked to the double doors. She and Tony disappeared hand in hand
and Lorraine was left with Scott.

They stared at each other wordlessly for
what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few

“Well, I suppose we’d better go,” Scott
said finally as he ran a large tanned hand through his short mop of
hair. He rattled a set of keys next to his hip and Lorraine turned
instinctively to the doors. Once outside, she waited for Scott to
lock the doors, then walked with him to the car.

“So, you’re from Blenheim?” Scott

“How did you guess?” Lorraine teased.
She looked up at him and smiled.

“You’re just as bad as Donna,” he said.
“I can see how the two of you get on so well.”

“How do you mean?”

Scott changed the subject quickly.
Despite what Tony thought of Donna, Scott was not fond of her. She
was pretty, he would give her that much, but she was also a flirt,
who was into dope smoking, drinking—anything under the sun as long
as it involved guys, her favourite past time.

“So, are you into the same things as
Donna?” He hoped his question was not too transparent.

“That all depends on what you’re

Scott looked down at the pretty girl by
his side, who was smiling up at him, her rosy cheeks sparkling
under the busy street lights.

She continued. “I drink, but doesn’t
everybody? As for drugs, which I assume you mean, I’ve never
touched them—never will touch them. Just because I’m Donna’s best
friend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we do the same things.
We’re two different people.” She dug her hands deep into her

Scott grinned. “I’m pleased about that.”
Then as though it was more an internal dialogue than anything else,
he added, “Finally someone with brains.”


BOOK: Summer Fling
10.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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