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Lover's Delight

BOOK: Lover's Delight
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Lover’s Delight

Soul Mates (Book 3)

Published by Diana Persaud at Smashwords

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My Darling Sugar Drawers,


In my darkest moments, you were the light
that kept me going. Your love and consideration saved me from the
despair of our devastating loss.


Love Always,

Pumpkin Head



Summary for Lover’s Delight (Soul Mates Book 3)

Nicolai finally meets his mate, only to find
she has been abused by a male she was forced to accept as her mate.
Can Nicolai, her true mate, earn her trust or will fear keep her
from true love and happiness?

Delia, formerly of the Lost Souls werewolf
pack attends a mandatory meeting by her new Alpha, Lucien of the
Last Hope pack. Delia is shocked to find her true mate is a Last
Hope soldier. After years of abuse by a male she was forced to
mate, Delia is afraid to hope that her true mate won’t abuse her.
Will Nicolai’s love and kindness reach Delia or will she allow her
painful past to taint their relationship?


Lover’s Delight

Soul Mates (Book 3)

Chapter 1

Lucien, the Alpha of the Last Hope werewolf
pack, looked around Billy Rae’s Bar and Grill at the males and
females gathered before him. At his request, all of his single pack
mates, male and female, were gathered along the restaurant walls.
All of the former Lost Souls pack members were gathered in the
middle. In front of him, a handful of females stood in front of
their males. Not a single male reached out to comfort his female,
though their distress was evident in their stance as well as their

He shook his head and sighed. They had been
in his pack for six weeks and
they acted as if they
were members of the Lost Souls pack.

“We are gathered here tonight because we need
to discuss the issue of mates. I realize that your previous Alpha,
Murdock, rewarded males by giving them females as mates. This is
not done in our pack. Only true mates are recognized and allowed to
live together. As of this moment, your relationship with the person
you call your ‘mate’ has been severed. You no longer have any duty
to that person.”

He heard surprised gasps and murmurs.

“It is my sincere hope that you will all find
your true mate. That is why my pack is in attendance. I am hoping
that some of you find your true mates tonight. This will help you
assimilate into our pack.”

The crowd parted from the back, allowing
someone to pass through. Lucien swore as he scented his mate.

“Didn’t I expressly
you from
coming here tonight?” he asked his mate as she stood before

Shaking his head, he held his hand out to

Lanie smiled mischievously as she responded,
recall such a conversation.”

She placed her hand in his and he pulled her
up onto the raised dance floor. The females in the front row
cringed, fully expecting him to beat her for her disobedience.
Surprised gasps were heard as Lucien pulled Lanie into his arms and
kissed her softly. His love for her was evident to all of his pack

Lanie stroked his face and replied, “They
don’t understand, Lucien. They probably think you are going to give
them to other males.” Lucien swore as he realized she was

“You’re right, as usual, My Love.”

All eyes were glued to him. He turned to his
pack and addressed the newest members.

“No one is going to force you into a
relationship. When you find your true mate, it will take your
breath away. You will just know he or she is
The One
.” He
held Lanie close to him.

“You will want your mate more than the air
that you breathe. You will do
it takes to make your
mate happy. It is impossible to deliberately cause your true mate
pain. If you have ever felt pain or caused your mate pain, they are
not your true mate. You do not have to stay with that wolf.” He
paused to let that information sink in.

“You are all part of my pack now, so please,
socialize with your new pack mates.”

No one moved. Lanie stepped off the raised
dance floor and walked towards the females in the front row. Being
human, she couldn’t smell their fear or distress, but their body
language spoke volumes.

“You are safe here,” she addressed them
softly. “As your Alpha’s mate, I promise you, you are
I will not allow
to hurt you.” A male laughed behind
one of the females.

“How are you going to protect anyone? You’re
a mere
,” he said with contempt.

“She is
my mate
,” Lucien growled as he
stepped down. “She might be a human, but she is as fierce as any
wolf. In fact, she took down one of
young wolves while
two others held her. She did this to protect one of our younger

They looked at her in astonishment. She
fought a
? And

“Lanie has me, has the
entire pack
enforce her wishes. If she says you are protected, then rest
assured, you

“Did you have a question?” Lanie asked the
female next to her who was biting her lip.

In a voice so low, she barely heard her, the
female asked, “is…is he going to pu...punish you later? You
disobeyed him.”

Lanie laughed, shaking her head. “Punish me?
Lucien loves me. He would rather die than cause me any pain. No, he
punish me later.”

“I don’t know, My Love, I think you are in
need of a spanking,” Lucien said wickedly as he reached
for her.

“Lucien! BEHAVE!” She laughed and stepped out
of his reach. “I’m trying to
here, so stop distracting
me, or I’ll give
a much deserved spanking.”

Lucien laughed as he pulled his mate into his
arms. “Promises, promises….” He nuzzled her neck and his hands
moved down her back to cup her bottom, pulling her closer to

Lanie wrapped her arms around his neck,
enjoying the feeling of his hard body pressed up against hers. Her
body reacted instantly to his touch. Her nipples pebbled and her
channel tightened suddenly. Six weeks had passed since the birth of
their daughter and she ached for him.

“Socialize damn it, so I can take my mate to
bed!” he ordered and they moved. Lanie just shook her head. Her
mate was incorrigible!


Chapter 2

Delia stood quietly in the corner, knowing it
was best not to speak to anyone. Her male would beat her badly if
she so much as made eye contact with another person, male
female. He enjoyed causing her pain. She thought about what her
Alpha’s mate said. She wished it were true, that her male would
stop hurting her.

Nicolai wandered around the room, stopping to
look at each new female. None of them were his mate. He had hoped
that one of them would be
. Disappointed, he turned
around and saw
, huddled in the corner, hugging herself.
Her dark brown hair hung past her shoulders. Her head was lowered,
her face partially obscured by her lovely brown locks. He was
inexplicably drawn to her. As he neared, she looked up at him and
the air left his lungs. Her brown eyes widened as her wolf
recognized him.

Nicolai heard a threatening growl and turned
his head.

“Delia, you cheatin’ BITCH! I’ll teach you to

The room became silent as everyone turned to
look at them. His fists were closed and he moved towards the small

Nicolai scented her fear and stepped in front
of her, protecting her from the advancing male. The angry male
stopped, clenched his fists as he assessed Nicolai.

“Get away from my female!” the male

my mate
. I claim her as my own.
Smell her fear. If you were her true mate, you would never threaten
her. Nor would you cause her fear,” Nicolai said angrily.

Lucien stepped closer to them. He had
expected this to happen.

“There will be no fighting here. Nicolai, I
know you wish to injure him for causing your mate pain, for causing
her fear. You forget that he was following his Alpha’s lead. He is
no innocent, but he is not entirely to be blamed. For them to feel
safe and assimilate into our pack, we have to forgive them their
past deeds.” Nicolai shook his head in disbelief.

“If it were your mate—”

“I would want revenge. I would want to tear
him apart with my bare hands. But think of this,
someone’s mate. Would you deny
a chance to be with her
mate? IF he finds a mate, he will learn very quickly that to hurt
her is to hurt himself. He will learn, Nicolai. Would you rather
fight him or care for your mate?”

For Nicolai, the choice was clear. Caring for
his mate was far more important. Nicolai relaxed his stance but
remained standing in front of his mate, offering her protection
against her former mate. Lucien turned around, loudly addressing
all of his pack mates.

“You are forgiven for your past…misdeeds. You
didn’t know better and followed your Alpha’s poor example. As of
this moment, you all have a clean slate. It is the only way to move
forward, to make you feel safe. You will not be punished for your
past. Listen well. To threaten
female is to court death.
If she is mated, her male will kill you. If she is not,
will kill you!” His wolf eyes flashed brightly.

They believed him.

Nicolai turned to his newfound mate. He
didn’t need to ask how she had been treated by her former male. In
the six weeks since they joined his pack, Lucien and his soldiers
learned from Zane how the females had been abused at the hand of
their alpha and their ‘mates.’ All of them had been horrified at
the way Lost Souls females had been used by the males in their
pack. Not wanting to scare his mate, Nicolai buried his anger at
her mistreatment.

“You still scent of fear. May I hold you?” he
asked softly.

Delia was terrified. Her small frame shook
slightly as she faced her mate.

Nicolai was tall and muscular, held the
confident stance of a soldier. He had powerful arms that could hurt
her. His blond hair was trimmed neatly and he had kind blue

Delia was afraid to hope that her painful
life had ended. Afraid to hope that she had found her true mate,
someone who would care for her, make her happy.

Because he asked instead of demanded, she
decided to take a chance. Very slowly and almost imperceptibly, she
nodded. Nicolai pulled her gently into his arms and held her,
stroking her hair. She trembled in his arms, unable to believe he
offered comfort instead of pain.

“My name is Nicolai and you are my mate. I
promise you, I will never harm you.” His powerful arms held her
until her fear subsided.

Lanie walked up to the couple, carrying two
plates loaded with food. She indicated a nearby table and Nicolai
lifted his mate and carried her there.

Fear gripped her and she worried that Nicolai
planned to harm her. Nicolai sat down and placed her on his lap.
When she realized he wasn’t going to hurt her, she relaxed
slightly, her fear dissipating. Lucien sat across from them, pulled
Lanie onto his lap and began feeding her. Nicolai did the same to
his mate.

Delia enjoyed the feel of her mate’s arms
around her. It seemed that he enjoyed feeding her. The male that
she had been with would eat his fill, only giving her scraps. This
male, her
, she corrected, fed her the most delicious
things. He ate nothing himself. She noted how the Alpha’s mate fed
him and wondered if her mate would mind if she did the same.
Cautiously, she picked up a strawberry and held it to his

Nicolai opened his mouth and bit into the
strawberry. His eyes never left hers. When he bit into the
strawberry, some juice ran down her fingers. He held her hand and
licked her fingers.

The slightly rough tongue on her fingers and
hand shot a spear of desire through her. Her womb clenched
unexpectedly. His blue eyes darkened and he smiled knowingly.

Nicolai nuzzled her neck, placed small kisses
along her neck as she squirmed against him. Enjoying the feel of
her bottom rubbing against him, he held her even tighter.

BOOK: Lover's Delight
2.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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