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Authors: Adrianne Byrd

Tags: #Adult, #Arranged marriage, #California, #Contemporary, #Custody of children, #Fiction, #General, #Loss, #Mayors, #Romance, #Social workers

Lovers Premiere (Kimani Romance)

BOOK: Lovers Premiere (Kimani Romance)
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Lovers Premiere (Kimani Romance)
Adrianne Byrd
Kimani (2010)
Adult, Arranged marriage, California, Contemporary, Custody of children, Fiction, General, Loss, Mayors, Romance, Social workers

Limelight Entertainment is Sofia Wellesley's whole life. So she's fit to be tied when she discovers her agency is about to merge with Limelight's biggest rival—run by none other than Ram Jordan. Sofia had a major crush on gorgeous Ram growing up…until her childhood friend became her worst enemy. So why is her traitorous heart clamoring for the man she hates most in the world?Ram knows what caused the rift between the two Hollywood families, and he's determined to protect Sofia from the truth. But now…he wants more. He wants all this lovely, sensual woman has to give. But getting Sofia to trust him will take his most persuasive powers of seduction. From L.A. to Vegas, the spotlight's on passion as Ram fights for a future together—and the love that could be theirs at long last….

“So maybe I haven't done anything that's technically inappropriate or spontaneous. Big deal. It doesn't mean that I'm a prude or anything.”

“Alright. If you say so.”

“It doesn't,” she insisted.

He shrugged his shoulders and started to walk off.

Suddenly hit with a burst of inspiration, Sofia grabbed Ram by his hand and pulled him back. When he turned back, laughing, she cupped both sides of his face and laid a kiss on him that was so powerful he couldn't help but let out a grunt of pleasure. He raked one hand through her thick hair and settled the other against the small of her back.

Ram couldn't believe how sweet she tasted or how soft her small curves were. Was this a dream?

Sofia pulled her lips back all too soon but he chased after them for another intoxicating dose. It only lasted for a few extra seconds before she pushed back.

“There,” she whispered, while gulping in air. “Is that spontaneous enough for you?”

Before he could answer, she stepped past him on wobbly knees and quickly rushed toward her room before she spontaneously ripped his clothes off.

Behind her, Ram watched her go with a widening smile. Things were finally moving in the right direction.

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is a national bestselling author who has always preferred to live within the realms of her imagination, where all the men are gorgeous and the women are worth whatever trouble they manage to get into. As an army brat, she traveled throughout Europe and learned to appreciate and value different cultures. Now she calls Georgia home.

Ms. Byrd has been featured in many national publications, including
Today's Black Woman, Upscale
Heart and Soul.
She has also won local awards for screenwriting.

In 2006 Adrianne Byrd forged into the world of Street Lit as De'nesha Diamond. In 2008 she jumped into the young-adult arena writing as A. J. Byrd, and she is just hitting the women's fiction scene as Layla Jordan. She plans to continue creating characters that make people smile, laugh and fall in love.

Lovers Premiere

This book is dedicated to A.C. Arthur, Ann Christopher and Brenda Jackson.
It was a pleasure working with you talented ladies.

Dear Reader,

It's time to step back into the Limelight!
Lovers Premiere
is the final book in this passionate, glamorous Hollywood series, and this time around we are getting the scoop on Sofia Wellesley and Ramell “Ram” Jordan. Ram's had a crush on Sofia since they were both just kids, but the journey to love can be full of obstacles, and somewhere along the way they became the worst of enemies. When a business assignment forces Sofia and Ram to work together, it will cause them to reevaluate just what they mean to each other. And it will become difficult to deny the passion that's been steadily building between them.

The sensuality meter has been turned all the way up in this sizzling story, and the couple's romance brings the Love in the Limelight series to a scorching close. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Be sure to look for my Kimani Romance novel
My Only Desire
in April 2011.

Wishing you the best of love,



Los Angeles, April 1983

ofia Wellesley, will you marry me?”

Ten-year-old Sofia's amber-brown eyes sparkled at the bundle of wild daisies Ramell Jordan thrust toward her. Daisies were her favorite flower and always put an instant smile on her face—which he knew very well. As for his ridiculous question, she just rolled her eyes and pretended not to have heard it.

“For me? Thank you.” She took the flowers and shoved them under her nose so she could inhale their fresh spring scent.

Ram waited and then his wide smile crumbled into a frown when his girlfriend walked away. “Aren't you going to answer my question?” he asked, as they strolled through the back gardens of the Wellesley Estate.

“What question is that?” she asked absentmindedly, still drifting away from him in her bubble-gum-pink sundress.

“C'mon. You know.” He stopped following her and folded his arms under his chest. “I've only been asking you every day for the last two weeks.”

Sofia kept walking and smelling her flowers. About a minute later, Ram ran and caught up with her just like she knew he would.

“Well?” he tried again.

“I told you that I needed to think about it. Marriage is a very important decision in a girl's life and it's not something to be taken lightly,” she said, quoting her mother perfectly. “And just because I've known you all my life doesn't mean that we're destined to be together. We may grow up and want to see other people.”

Ram frowned. He didn't like the sound of that. “See other people like who?”

Sofia shrugged her thin shoulders. “I don't know. There's like a gazillion people in the world.”

“You want to date a gazillion people?” he asked with his eyes practically bugging out. “Do you have any idea how long that would take?”

“I don't know. Probably like five years.”

“Well, five years is a looooong time.”

Finally, she stopped walking and turned toward him. “Momma said that if a boy really liked you then he would wait, no matter how long it takes.”

Ram tossed up his hands. “That's ridiculous! What am I supposed to do while you're out dating a gazillion people—play Atari and drink juice boxes?”

“Oh stop being overly dramatic.” Sofia rolled her eyes. “You're going to do what all boys do: work and save a lot of money.”

“Wait a minute. I work while you date other people? That hardly seems fair.”

“Oh, I'll work too,” she said, beaming. “I'm going to work with my dad and Uncle Jacob. I'm going to work with movie stars, directors, writers—you name it.”

“You're going to do all that
date a gazillion people?” He rolled his eyes and then shook his head. “All of that is going to take forever. We'll be
—like thirty or thirty-five.”

Sofia's brows stretched upward. “Are you saying that you won't want to marry me when I'm old?”

“What? No. I didn't say that,” Ram backtracked. “I'm just saying that I want to marry you while you're young, too.”

“Well we're young now. And we see each other every day as it is so what's the problem?”

“I didn't think we had a problem until you said you wanted to date a gazillion people. If you can lower that number down some then maybe…”

“Okay. How about a bazillion?”

He crossed his arms and gave her a stern look.


“A billion.”


“A million.”


“Umm…a thousand?”

Ram shook his head. “No.”

“Lower than a thousand?”


“A hundred.”



He paused as if it was a number he could work with but then started shaking his head. “Lower.”

“Oh, I give up. You're being totally unreasonable.” Sofia turned and stormed toward the sprawling mansion.

“Fine. If you're going to start dating other boys then I'm going to start dating other girls—starting with Twyla Henderson.”

Sofia stopped in her tracks and turned around. “What did you just say?”

Pleased to see that he'd finally gotten her attention, Ram thrust his chin up and puffed his chest out. “You heard me. I'm going to date Twyla Henderson. She's pretty enough and I know for a fact that she likes me.”

“And you also know very well that I don't like that big bully. All she does is talk bad about people and think that everyone should kiss her butt because her father knows a bunch of famous people.”

“Whatever. She's always nice to me.” Ram turned and started to stroll in the opposite direction, mimicking one of Sofia's slick moves. He smiled when he heard her stomping up behind him.

“Ramell Jordan, I
you to go out with that knock-kneed cow.”

He turned around, laughing. “Knocked-kneed?”

“You heard me.” She pushed up her chin. Her anger made red splotches on her smooth brown skin.

“I don't know.” He shook his head. “Hardly seems fair that you can date millions of people but I can't see
girl that goes to our school.”

“You can date anybody but her!”

“Okay. How about Jill Marshall?”

Sofia's face twisted in disgust. “The girl that makes bubbles in her milk every day at lunch? Why would you want to go out with her?”

“Connie Woods?”

Sofia opened her mouth but then closed it. She liked Connie. Everybody did. When she hesitated, Ram took her silence as a stamp of approval.

“Great! I'll go over to her house right now. Maybe she'd like to go to the arcade or the roller rink.” He started to march off.

“Ramell Jordan, you'll do no such thing!”

He had her now, but he quickly fixed his face so that he looked confused. “Why not?”

“Because I forbid it,” she said, as if it made all the sense in the world.

A smile ballooned across his face. “Admit it. You don't like the idea of me dating other girls just like I don't like the idea of you dating a

Sofia pressed her lips together like she wasn't about to admit to any such thing.

Seeing that she was going to continue to be stubborn about the issue, Ram shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fine. I guess I'll go see what Connie is doing.”

He took one step forward and Sofia grabbed his wrist so fast that she dropped half of her fresh-picked daisies. “Don't go!”

Ramell cocked his head and waited for the words he wanted to hear.

“All right. Fine.” She snatched her hand back and folded it across her chest with her other one. “I don't want you to date other girls. There. Are you happy?”

“Extremely.” He turned toward her. “So how about getting married?”

“Sofia! Dinnertime! Time to come in!”
Gloria, the Wellesleys' housekeeper, hollered out through the French doors.

Sofia's face split into a smile. “See you tomorrow!” She turned and shot off toward the house.

“Wait!” Ram called after her, but it was no use. She was already running as fast as her long legs could carry her.

He crossed his arms dejectedly. “Women!”


Sofia raced into the house, laughing because she had managed to get away from Ram once again without having to answer his proposal. Of course their game would resume tomorrow and she'd have to come up with a whole new set of stall-tactics. Heaven knows that she wasn't opposed to marrying Ramell. The two times that he'd managed to sneak a kiss from her from underneath the oak tree in her backyard she actually thought it was rather nice. Sofia liked Ram. She especially liked how his dark brown eyes would shine like two new marbles
when she'd let him. But they were only ten years old. What was a girl to do?

“Go on and wash up,” Gloria said, pulling her from her reverie. “Your parents are busy with something in your father's study, but when they're done they'll join you and your sister in the dining room.”

Sofia nodded and then ran through the house and up the long spiral staircase to her bedroom. Once inside, she hurried over to the pink vase on top of her chest of drawers and added the four remaining wild daisies she clutched in her hand with the other ones Ram had given her this week. It was starting to look like one of the huge bouquets her father usually sent her mother.

“Mrs. Sofia Jordan,” she practiced saying the name a few times in the mirror. “Mrs. Ramell and Sofia Jordan.” It had a nice ring to it, she decided. After standing there and admiring her wildflowers for a minute, she sighed and then turned toward her adjoining bathroom to go wash her hands for dinner. On her way back down the hallway, she stopped by her sister's bedroom to peek inside.

A year ago, when her parents first brought Rachel home, Sofia was absolutely not in favor of the whole kid-sister idea. But the moment her mother had put Rachel into her arms for her to hold for the first time, things changed. Sofia didn't expect the new baby to be so cute and adorable. It was love at first sight. She knew from that moment on that she would be like a second mom to her sister. And so far, that's exactly what she turned out to be.

Seeing that Rachel was still fast asleep, Sofia carefully tiptoed backwards and continued to head back downstairs. However, she hadn't even reached the middle stair before a tide of angry voices rose from her father's study. If she had been told once, she had been told a million times not to go into her father's study when the door was closed. But given the amount of yelling that was going on, her curiosity took over and the next thing she knew she was creeping into the room.

As she poked her head in, the first thing she noticed was her father's handsome face distorted and inflamed with anger.

“You think that I don't know what the hell is going on in my own house?”

“John, John. Calm down,” Uncle Jacob, her father's twin, tried to pull him away from Emmett Jordan.

“No, Jacob. Wait until you hear about this…this low-life son-of-”

“JOHN,” Sofia's mother yelled.

” he yelled, “has been sneaking around here with my own wife!” His narrowed gaze shifted to his wife. “Isn't that right, Vivian?”

“No, John!”

“Don't lie to me!”
He charged toward her, but once again Uncle Jacob jumped in and blocked his path.

Vivian gasped and stepped back.

“I know what's going on! I've seen you two with my own eyes!”

Her mother dropped her head into her hands and sobbed.

Her father's rampage continued. “Fine! You want
her…you can have her. But it'll be a cold day in hell before I let you take my children and my company away from me!”

“John, please,” Sofia's mother wailed.

Uncle Jacob kept his hold around his brother. “Everybody just needs to calm down.”

“Calm down?”
John questioned wildly as he twisted his way out of his brother's arms. “You know what?
Everybody get the hell out of my house!

A hand landed on Sofia's shoulders and she nearly jumped ten feet into the air.

“What are you doing in here?” Gloria hissed.

“I was just…I was…”

“Sofia?” Vivian Wellesley turned her stunned, tear-stained eyes toward her and the housekeeper. “Get her out of here!”

“Yes, ma'am.” Gloria grabbed Sofia's arm and dragged her out of the study and shut the door.

“What's going on, Gloria?” Sofia asked with panic settling in her bones. She'd never seen her father so angry before.

“Don't worry about it,” the housekeeper said, escorting her to the dining room. “That's grown folks business. None of that concerns you.”

Doesn't concern me? Her father had just yelled at her mother and Ramell's father for sneaking around and then accused him of trying to steal his company—a company that he and Uncle Jacob had poured blood, sweat, and tears into. Everyone knew how much her father worked and loved that company. And her mother…how could she?

Sofia plopped down at the dinner table and folded her arms in a huff. She knew how. Emmett Jordan was every bit as much of a charmer as his son, Ramell. Clearly, neither one of them could ever be trusted.


And that belief would be held for a long time, because Sofia's parents were killed in a plane crash two days later.

BOOK: Lovers Premiere (Kimani Romance)
2.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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