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Legacy Series: The Beasley’s Book








Leila Lacey


This book is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is

Copyright © 2014 by Leila

All rights are reserved in
accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. The scanning,
uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without
the permission of the publisher is unlawful piracy and theft of the
author’s intellectual property. If you would like to use material
from the book (other than for review purposes) prior written
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author’s rights. Editing by: Geri Hansford who may be contacted
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Dedicated to my best friend and Sister Lacole
Rose. You gave me wings to fly even though you don’t realize it and
I will be forever in your debt


Love Ya



Dr. Beasley, Dr. Beasley!” Sarah
Miller, one of Shelby’s students was saying as she ran after her.
Shelby was still getting used to her new position at the
university. It had been 2 months since she was offered the
position, and a month sense she had accepted. Shelby had initially
thought about not taking the position at Hiram Revels College.
Thinking about it now she could not believe that she had almost
given up the chance to run her own department here. Hiram Revels
was an independent undergraduate college Shelbyville Georgia,
nestled inside the perimeter of the bustling metro-Atlanta area.
The college was founded in 1889 by a group of Presbyterians. In
1890, the name was changed to Hiram Revels Institute to honor Sen.
Hiram Revels, the first African American to serve in either house
of Congress. The name was changed again to Hiram Revels College in
1906, and remains today a liberal arts college for women. The
college offers 34 undergraduate majors and 31 minors and is
affiliated with numerous institutions. Hiram Revels College
educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the
intellectual and social challenges of their times.

Shelby’s class was Ancient to Medieval Art:
Students are introduced to ancient artworks, beginning with
Egyptian and proceeding through to Gothic art. Throughout this
undergraduate course, sculptures and paintings from these historic
eras are discussed with an emphasis on cross-cultural, political,
religious and economic issues. This was the starts of her dream
job. She had almost let it go because of all that was going on with
her sister’s wedding that never was. After the confrontation with
her family Shelby had decided, it was time for her to put herself

“Sarah, slow down. How can I help?” Shelby
said. Shelby was a favorite professor at the school already and she
had only been teaching there a month.

“Some of my sorority sisters and I are going
to that knew art exhibits and Chandler art gallery tonight and we
wondered if you would like to go with us.” Sarah said

Smiling and hugging her student Shelby said
“Thank you so much Sarah normally I would love to, but I have some
papers to grade and I am trying to wait and get some news about a
friend. But thank you so much for the offer.”

“Oh! Yeah anytime! You know you are our
favorite professor” Sarah said pretending to look around and
whisper it to make sure no one heard her.

Leaning in and pretending right along with her
Shelby whispered “I won’t tell if you won’t.” They both laughed and
said there good buys.


By the time Shelby got to her car her cell was
ringing. “We’ll all of a sudden I am as busy as a stump-tailed cow
in fly time” Shelby was thinking. Not looking at her caller ID she
us answered the phone.

“Hello” she said distracted by the rose that
was on her windshield.

“Hey Shel! It’s me” Lance said. Shelby was so
glad to finally hear from Lance. It had been a month since the last
time she had saw or even spoken to Logan. She could remember that
day like it was yesterday. When Logan had gotten the call that Gia
had been kidnapped he had gotten dressed and ran out of her house
so fast it was almost like he was never there. Shelby had not known
what to do she had just known that she needed to do something. So
she had called Lance and told him what was going on.

“WHAT?” Lance had said to her “Where is Logan

“I don’t know he ran out of here without two
words to me. What do I do?” Shelby was not sure if it was her place
to do anything.

“DAMN IT!” Lance said in the background she
could hear his moving around in the back ground, probably packing.
“Shelby I know where he is going, I need you to do me a favor”
Lance finished

“Of course! Anything” Shelby said to

“I need you to contact the best criminal
defense attorney your family knows and have him go with you to the
address I am about to give you.” he finished. He gave Shelby an
address that she knew was in a very bad part of town where there
was a lot of crime and danger. She felt her stomach do a flip in
fear but she had to help Logan.

“Lance what is this place?” Shelby

“It’s the location of the crack house that if
I am not mistaken, Gia’s mother took her to sell her for drugs”
Lance said

“OH MY GOD!” Shelby said slapping her hand
over her mouth. Tears automatically welled in her eyes. What kind
of mother could sell their child for drugs? Dear God poor

“Shelby I need you to be quick if I am right,
Logan is about to kill someone” Lance said to her.

“Ok, Ok, I will get it done right now.”
Hanging up from Lance, Shelby ran to her bedroom to get dressed all
the while waiting for her father’s attorney to answer the

After two hours a HUGE retainer Shelby was
almost to the address that Lance had given her, that he said Logan
would definitely be at. She took the corner of the street that she
needed to be on at 60 mile per hour almost on three

“That takes the cake Shelby!” her family
lawyer Richard Brownstone said from the passenger seat of Shelby’s
Mercedes clutching his briefcase like it was a life vest. “I
realize you need to get where you are going in two shakes of a
lamb’s tail, but we cannot do that wrap around a tree, SLOW DOWN
young lady!” he finished. Shelby had known Mr. Brownstone her
entire life he was like an uncle to her.

“I am so sorry Uncle Richard but I have to get
you to Logan” Shelby said. As she came down the street she saw
several police cars with light flashing. Officers were standing
around outside the house with their guns drawn and some were just
waiting. There was a woman standing near a minivan at the corner
looking very official. Just as Shelby got to the corner that the
van was parked on she stopped the car and went to jump

“SHELBY, SHELBY!” Mr. Brownstone said to her
climbing out of the car, he was excited and flustered and concerned
for her safety. “Shelby, come back here he said trying to keep up
with Shelby. Just as she was getting to the crime scene tape that
the police had set up on the street to prevent anyone from getting
to close to the old run down brick bungalow. She saw a woman that
looked very malnourished worn down, and well smelly out of the
house she was handcuffed. There was a uniformed police officer that
followed with a small beautiful girl in his arms crying and
reaching behind the officer as he headed toward the woman standing
by the minivan. Shelby assumed that was Gia. She has only ever seen
pictures of her. She was a gorgeous little girl, and Shelby’s heart
broke for her. Shelby then saw two paramedics wheeling a man out of
the house on a gurney. Shelby could plainly see that his face was
beat bloody there was so much swelling and blood she almost
couldn’t tell his nose from his eyes and mouth. Very close behind
Logan was being escorted out, by two armed officers with his hands
handcuffed behind his back. He had a cut above his eye and his
hands were dripping blood. The officers were telling him he was
going away for a long time.

“I do not care what you do to me!” Logan said
to the officer. “Take my daughter to my mother” Shelby heard him
say. That was when the officer said something that Shelby could
still not really believe she was hearing “Why so she can raise her
to be like you?” Shelby could still remember the sinking feeling
she got in her stomach when she heard that. Right away Logan head
butted the officer and bloodied his nose. The officer started to
hit him in his back and head, once he hit the ground Shelby could
not be quite anymore.

“STOP IT! You stop that this minute!” She
yelled at them. Another officer helped Logan off the ground and
just before he was shoved in the back of the police car Shelby said
“Logan I am here I will meet you at the police station!”

Logan stopped and looked back at her saying,
“Go home daddy’s girl! Nobody wants you here!” He was then pushed
into the car. Shelby was heartbroken, she had not expected that
response from him she was not sure what to do. As she turned to
walk away from this scene. Mr. Brownstone said to her, “Shelby you
have to know these people live like animals there is nothing you
can do for them”

Stopping dead in her tracks Shelby turned to
him and said “What people Uncle Richard? What people? You know not
so long ago some of these people”. She said looking around at the
lower middle class neighborhood with her arms out. “Would have said
the same thing about you and me, because we are black.” She
finished looking at him in disappointment.

“If you cannot help Logan, and keep this
between us then I will find someone else who will” she said to the
lawyer as she walked back to her car. Following behind her he said
“Oh don’t be so dramatic! I will help him” he said as he climbed in
the passenger seat. “You think we can take the scenic route home? I
kidney is still trying to catch up to us from driving here.” He
finished in that deep southern gentleman drawl. Smiling and kissed
him on the cheek, Shelby said “Thank you Uncle Richard”

“Shelby are you there?” Lance said to her
jarring her back to the present. “Did you hear what I said?” he

“What? No I am sorry Lance I was distracted
what did you say?” Shelby said trying to shake off her

“I said that mother is having a get together
to welcome Logan home and we would like you to be there” Lance said
to her.

“Wasn’t Logan released a week ago?” Shelby
asked confused as to why she would be invited to a celebration for

“Yes he has, but I was out of town so we
postponed it. If it was not for you and that killer lawyer Logan
would have spent much more time in jail than 17 days for assault.”
Lance said to his friend. He has not seen her much sense Logan’s
sentencing and it was starting to worry him. Shelby had distance
herself from her family and still had not really talked to him
about it other than saying that it was time for her to stand on her

“You know Lance I have a ton of papers to
grade and I am really behind. I do think Lance would want me there
anyway.” Shelby said to him. “But tell you mother thank you for me
and give her a big hug.

“Alright Shelby what is going on? We have not
had lunch in weeks and we have barely spoken. Now you don’t want to
come to Logan’s celebration what is going on?” Leaning her head
back against the head rest Shelby closed her eyes. She was almost
in tears, being strong these past few weeks and not being able to
talk to her best friend in the world had really taught Shelby a lot
about herself. But knowing what Logan was going through Shelby, had
kept it all to herself. Not wanting to burden Lance, now he was
pressing her for answers that she was not ready to give. Just then
there was a knock on her car passenger side window.

“AHH!” Shelby screamed startled she had not
seen anyone approaching her car because she had her eyes closed.
When she looked out the window she saw her father.

BOOK: Loving Logan
12.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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