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HeVans to Becky

Nephilim Series

Book Three




Author:  Lucy Kelly

Edited by:  Victoria Novack




Artwork by:  JK Publishing

Published by:  JK Publishing






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Dear Readers,


This is the third book in my Nephilim of HeVan series and the third book I’ve ever written.  It was a real labor of love for me and I believe it’s the best book I’ve written so far.  I keep learning as I go and when I look back, I see where I could have improved.  So for you my readers, I’m going to be re-writing my first book HeVan Sent and those of you who’ve already purchased it will get the updated copy automatically when my publisher uploads it.  I’m adding a lot of new things, especially a long prologue that takes place on HeVan.  I want to thank my friend Victoria for all her hard work; I know this book wouldn’t be as good as it is without her help.  Don’t forget to check my website to get the latest news and updates on the series.

I’d also like to thank my family for all their support; it’s great when your mom calls wanting to know when your next book comes out because she’s wants to read it, how many people can say that?


Lucy Kelly




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Table of Contents



Chapter One              5

Chapter Two              9

Chapter Three              20

Chapter Four              27

Chapter Five              31

Chapter Six              35

Chapter Seven              39

Chapter Eight              45

Chapter Nine              54

Chapter Ten              58

Chapter Eleven              65

Chapter Thirteen              74

Chapter Fourteen              77

Chapter Sixteen              85

Chapter Seventeen              93

Chapter Eighteen              99

Chapter Nineteen              101

Chapter Twenty              104

Chapter Twenty-One              108


Chapter One




Becky fell back on the bed.  The straining and flexing muscle over flesh was almost too much for her.  Her breath became labored as she reached down once again with her hands.  The pull…the push…the sliding in… and…there…yes! 
Oh, oh, my,
she thought, as she looked down.

I’m wearing the same pair of jeans I wore in college!  Of course, I’m not going to be able to sit up, walk, talk, or obviously breathe well,
she thought, as she now struggled just as much to unbutton and unzip as she did to put the jeans on. 

A sweaty ten minutes later, Becky was once again staring at her closet trying to decide what to wear to the special event at the Sci-Fi Convention on Saturday. 

So much had happened to her college pal Addie that it seemed like six months instead of the two it had been.  Now Addie was planning to leave Earth in a couple of weeks and wouldn’t be coming back. 

Becky stopped staring at the closet.  Nothing looked right.  She’d have to go out and buy something new.  Walking over to the mirror, she took a long look at herself.  A hundred and fifty-two pounds this morning and size twelve pants. 

She ran her hands down her frame and thought of the six pounds she’d struggled to lose over the past two weeks.  They were the same B-cup boobs and wide hips as the last time she looked.  She could get away with a medium shirt but figured she would need to lose another six to ten pounds to fit comfortably into size ten pants.  She bent forward to get a close-up look at her skin.  She’d been using the skin repair cream Addie’s Nephilim Doctor Rapha had provided, and her skin did look fresh, clean, and as clear as a baby’s. 

Her light-brown eyes looked clear.  They were usually a little bloodshot from being on the computer all-day.  She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to decide whether to stay blonde or go with a temporary dye, when a news item on the radio caught her attention. 

“…one hundred percent success rate in fertility.  The scientists are saying it's a statistical impossibility.  I think there must be something in the water,” joked the Deejay.  

“More at the top of the hour – tune in for the possibility of another baby boom generation."

Uh, oh,
she thought,
Goddess of Fertility strikes again.

She turned off her radio, reached up to the Bluetooth in her ear, and selected four on the speed dial.

“Hello,” answered a yawning voice.

“Addie?  You awake?” asked Becky.

“Yeah, I was just dozing.  I seem to be doing a lot of sleeping lately,” said Addie.

“Well, I’ve got something that will wake you up.  Have you been watching the news lately?” Becky asked.  

Snatching up a cotton robe along the way, she walked downstairs to her office in her bra and panties.

“What?  Is something wrong?  Is it Grace?”

“As far as I know, Grace is fine.  She and her
are still stashed away waiting for the trial to start.  I don’t think you have anything to worry about there. 

“Between all the different law enforcement agencies bringing charges and seizing assets, the Kadyrov organization is broken.  Vasily Kadyrov and his grandson, Anton, and his niece, Olga, are going away to jail for a longtime,” she said, as she wiggled her mouse to bring up the monitor on her computer from sleep mode.

“Then why are you calling?” asked Addie.

“Addie, have you been paying attention to the news lately?”

“Actually, I’ve been trying to distance myself from Earth events and politics because we’re leaving for HeVan so soon now.  The Gate is nearly complete.  They just have to finish calibrating the Space Folder.  At least, that’s what I’m told; I wouldn’t know a hyper drive from a four-wheel drive. 

“If all goes as scheduled, we’ll be launching the test probe through the Gate in two weeks.  We’re closing on the land in Wisconsin in two days.  Anyway, you know all that. 

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been spending my time going over the dossiers of the current Governing Council.  You know I have to be letter-perfect in all customs and etiquette before I arrive. 

“Anyway, I haven't exactly watched any television.  So what’s on the news that you just had to share at eight-thirty on a Tuesday morning?” asked Addie.

All the time Addie had been talking, Becky was busily scanning medical web sites and current news media.

Oh, wow,
she thought.

“Um, Addie?  Remember how Arjun is always calling you Aditya—Goddess of Fertility and Wisdom?  Well, I don’t know about the wisdom part, but it looks like you’ve got the fertility part down cold.

“It's all over the news, Addie.  Women are getting pregnant faster and more often than at any time in history.  Successful fertility treatments have shot up to 100% across all age groups in the Midwest and Canada.

“Record numbers of women have reported failures of any hormone-based contraceptives.

“Basically, Addie, if anyone within a thousand miles from you has sex without a condom, IUD, Diaphragm, or other related birth control, they had better start knitting baby booties.  It's been - what?  A little over three months since Tamiel, the last Ruling Queen of HeVan, passed her powers on to you.  Well, this is what happens when you get taken to a space ship and agree to marry three alien hotties.

“The medical community has already realized this pregnancy phenomenon is localized to this area.” 

Becky clicked and scrolled through a few more sites and articles.

“It also appears to be spreading.  They first started noticing a trend here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, with an increase in fertility success rates and early pregnancy tests selling out in many pharmacies.  And now they’re seeing the same things happening in pretty much all the Southern States except Louisiana and Florida; East to New York, North into Canada, most of Ottawa and Southern Ontario, and West from North Dakota down to Oklahoma.

“Basically, Addie, you’re a baby time bomb,” concluded Becky.

“Oh,” whispered Addie.

“Oh?  Is that all you have to say?  Addie, I know you intended to stay on Earth as long as possible, but I really feel you should head up to Far Star Station as soon as you can,” said Becky. 

She waited for a response and didn’t hear anything.

“Addie?  Are you there?  Addie!  ADDIE!” she shouted. 

She could hear something - a shout, running feet and - voices. 

Kai, one of Addie’s four personal guards, was standing outside the Queen’s bedchamber when he heard a thump.  He didn’t feel he could just barge in, so he sent a signal to her
and then turned and knocked. 

Knock, knock, knock.  “Lady Aditya, are you all right?”

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