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It was clear he was being gentle with her a
s he held her chin between his fingers. But the sting from her tender lip speared through her, and a gasp of pain left her. Malice pulled away instantly, and lowered his gaze so he was looking at her lip.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” He still hadn’t moved away from her, and his minty breath from the gum he had been chewing moved along her face.

“Why?” She breathed that word out.

“You’re hurt, and I shouldn’t have been so forceful. I shouldn’t have even kissed you.” He went to pull away
, but as if on instinct she reached out and placed her hand over his that was still holding onto her chin. He stilled, glanced into her eyes with his gaze, and she swore he stopped breathing.

“I don’t want you to stop.” Licking her lips and feeling the tender spot
on her mouth, she wanted him kissing her again so that discomfort could be erased with how good he made her feel. Malice leaned in close and pressed his mouth to the corner of hers. The kiss was gentle, comforting, and not at all how it had been just seconds before—how she actually wanted it. He pulled away far too quickly, but she knew it was for the best. This was not the time or place for any of this, and although she didn’t want to let go of these feelings moving through her, or away from Malice for that matter, things
moving so fast.

He let go of her chin and shifted in his seat so he was facing out the front windshield. “I’m sorry about that again.”
When he ran his hand over his hair and breathed out, she felt very uncomfortable. Of course she didn’t want him to be sorry for what they had done, because she wasn’t.

He looked at her then, and she saw the way his
throat worked as he swallowed. “But I’m not sorry you did it, or that I really enjoyed it.” They stared at each other for several seconds, and then he breathed out and climbed out of the van. She sat there alone and in silence, watching him through the front windshield as he walked around the front of the vehicle and stopped at the passenger side. Grabbing the handle and twisting it, she pushed it open before he could, because she knew that was what he had been going to do. Malice wrapped his hands around her waist when she went to climb down, and easily lifted her off the seat and set her on the ground. For a second he kept his hands on her, and stared down at her with this half-lidded, barely restrained look on his face.

After we have rested up we can talk about that job and where you can stay until you get on your feet.”

wasn’t what she wanted to do, but she nodded regardless. In fact, she was still aroused, even though he had gotten cold so quickly.

Come on. You have to be beat.” He turned and stared walking forward the front of the cabin, and she had no choice but to follow. Even after everything that had happened, and the sudden arousal and awkwardness, Adrianna knew that this was still the best choice she had made. At least that was what she kept telling herself. Even though she felt this very good sensation because she was moving on with her life, she also knew that jumping into all of this with both feet and her eyes closed could very well end in disaster.

Chapter Nine

Kink pulled his Harley into Sarah’s driveway, cut the engine, and willed himself to calm down. The last thing he wanted to do was piss her off, because she was a mega bitch as it was, and he was willing to talk this out with her instead of going ballistic like he wanted to. Taking off his helmet and hanging it from his handle, Kink sat there for a moment and stared at the small ranch style house on the outskirts of River Run. He thought about the conversation he
’d had with her a few days ago, the one that had sent him into a ballistic rage and had him taking out three guys before Lucien stepped in and told him to take it easy. It wasn’t just about kicking those fuckers’ asses, but making money for The Brothers. Those bare knuckle fights might have helped relieve his anger and tension, but it didn’t help his MC if no one bet against him. He pushed those thoughts out of his mind and made his way toward Sarah’s front door. He hadn’t called and told her he was coming over, because the cold hearted bitch would probably leave just so he couldn’t see Callie. Seeing his kid every other weekend and once a week was a load of horseshit, but he had toed the line and kept straight with the agreement. Seeing her those few days a month was better than nothing at all.

Once in front of the door he brought his closed fist down on it three times. He was still pissed, and being here, so close to Sarah—the woman trying to keep him from his child—didn’t help his anger. He was about to pound on the door again when it swung open. Sarah stood on the other side, her clothing looking like she was heading out to the strip club to make a few bucks. But then again that
was where he met her out, where he’d fucked her, and what her entire life had been about.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” She leaned against the frame, her willowy frame doing nothing now but making his balls crawl into his body.

“Who is it, Sarah?”

Her douche ass boyfriend called out, and it took everything in Kink not to holler out for the fucker to come out and start shit with him in person.

“Dale, just go back to watching your show.” She stared at him with this fucked-up look on her face. “Seriously, you know you can’t just come all up in here without talking to me first. I should call my attorney and let him know the stunt you’re pulling.” She smiled smugly. “Guarantee that will ensure me moving to California is in the best interest for Callie.”

He breathed in and then breathed out, reining in his anger and annoyance for the mother of his kid. “Yes, Sarah, I should have called first,” he gritted out,
“but you and me both know you wouldn’t have answered. I needed to talk to you, to try and work this out.”

She didn’t respond.

“Waiting those few months for Callie to turn eighteen isn’t going to fuck with your goddamn happiness. What you are doing is selfish.” Kink was not the type of man to work out his problems with conversation. He took what he wanted when he wanted, and didn’t give two shits about the outcome as long as it was in his favor or in the favor of the MC.

“Listen, when she turns eighteen she can do whatever the hell she wants to do. Hell, good riddance. If she wants to talk to a judge after I get the all clear to go,” she shrugged, “
she can do that, too. It’ll take her a long time to speak to someone in River Run about getting emancipated if that’s what she wants. I’m not an expert in the legal system, but I know the rules of this town and what my lawyer drafted up during the custody hearing, and what you signed.” She gripped the door, intent on shutting it. “That’s it, Kink, okay?”


He glanced over Sarah’s shoulder and saw Callie standing at the top of the stairs. She looked worried, and he hated that she was feeling that way over all this shit going on. “It’s all right, baby.”

She made her way downstairs
, and he felt his anger fade—slightly. When Sarah stepped in front of his vision of Callie he glowered at her and forced himself, once again because she knew how to fucking push his buttons, to remain calm. “Clearly this isn’t going to work out, Sarah, but I told you on the phone once that you’re not talking my fucking kid. I’ll be contacting my lawyer as well.” He didn’t know shit about legal standings, but he had a feeling she was blowing smoke up his ass. No way in hell did she get all of this approved right from under him, and in such a short time. He also had this sick feeling that she assumed he’d roll over and do what she said so not to rock the boat, but she clearly didn’t know him very well. He noticed the way her smug expression morphed marginally to annoyance and then worry. Yeah, the bitch was crazy, and he’d bet his left nut that her real plans were to hightail it out of her with her POS boyfriend right from under his nose.

“You want your daughter to go through the trauma of a court hearing, of having to talk to a
judge and all that?” She was grasping at straws, that much was clear.

“Using guilt to make me back down isn’t going to work. I didn’t get a notification from my lawyer about any of this shit, but clearly trying to work this out with you on an adult level isn’t going to work. I’m not a genius in law, Sarah, but I know enough that you can’t just up and move to another state.” He had been
so livid after talking to her earlier in the week that all he could think of was trying and talking to her about it all. And then when he cooled off enough that he realized that none of this even sounded right, and that she might make a run for it—even if it was illegal on so many levels—pissed him off even more. Douche-bag came out from the living room, looking good and drunk with a beer in hand and smelling like he hadn’t showered in a week. Kink curled his lip in disgust.

“Hey, get the fuck off my doorstep, asshole.”

Kink turned and looked at the fucker that was half his size and sporting a beer gut. “You better shut your old man up, Sarah.” He spoke to her but kept his gaze trained on her boyfriend.

“Dale has every right to be here. Once we get married he’ll be Callie’s stepfather.”

“Oh hell no,” Callie said from the stairs.

Yup, she was his daughter all right. That had him grinning.

“Callie, shut up and let the grown-ups talk.”

Fuck. No. “Callie, baby girl, head up on stairs, please.” He kept his voice low and his focus trained on Dale. He saw Callie head back upstairs through the corner of his eye, and once she was gone he reached out and gripped Dale’s collar. Lifting him easily off the ground Kink yanked him closer until they were nose to nose. “You ever talk to my daughter that way again and I’ll rip your motherfucking balls off and roast them on my grill.”

“Kink, get out of here before I call the cops,” Sarah said in a slightly wavering, but still high pitched voice.

Kink stared at Dale right in the eyes for a few more seconds, and then tossed him aside as if he were a bag of potatoes. “You don’t want to fuck with me, Sarah, because I will bring the wrath of The Brothers of Menace down on your ass.” With that he turned and stormed back to his bike. Once on it with his helmet on his head, he glanced up at one of the second floor windows. He saw Callie standing there, and it broke his damn heart having to leave her. She blew him a kiss goodbye, and after a lift of his hand to tell her he was leaving, he cranked the engine and pulled out of the driveway. He was even more feral then he had been when all this shit started. What he needed was a good, hard drink, maybe a fight, and a fierce ha
rd fuck to get his mind off of the shit-storm that was currently his life.

An hour later and he was at the bar, good and drunk, and playing darts with Rock. The other biker had already been at the local Brothers bar in River Run. Kink threw back another shot, but there was no burn from the harsh, but smooth
flow of the alcohol. His throat was numb, his vision was blurry, and he was wearing a thick frame of beer goggles.

He turned toward the bar and slammed the shot glass on the counter. “Another shot of Jack.”

“Kink, dude, how about we call it a night, or at least go back to the club and drink there?” Rock said right behind him.

He turned only his head and glanced at the other Brother.
“Why, because I’m kicking your ass at darts?” He cocked a brow, knowing that he had slurred those words out, but wanting to be so drunk that he couldn’t even walk let alone speak.

“In your dream
s, asshole,” Rock said through a grin. “But you’re drunker than piss right now, and I know how this will end if you keep slugging them shots back.” When Kink didn’t respond, just stared at Rock, the other man continued. “You’re going to get in a fight and fuck someone up, the cops will be called, and then I’ll have to bail your ass out of jail.”

Kink shook his head and snorted at that thought. “Yeah, that will probably be the outcome tonight.”

“Hey, baby.”

He turned to his right and saw one of the bar flies that frequented this place regularly.

“You wanna take me home tonight?”

She had been rubbing up on him for the last hour, but he hadn’t nearly been drunk enough to take her slutty ass home. Now though? Now he was good and wasted and she looked like she could handle one hell of a pounding. The bartender set another shot down in front
of him, and he glanced at Rock, who still stood toward his left. But Rock wasn’t bitching about him drinking and starting a fight, and instead was busy picking up the young waitress. Kink grabbed his shot and tossed it back, and when he slammed the glass on the counter for a second time the skank rubbed her tits up against the side of his arm.

“Come on, Shuga, take me back to your place and show me how a real man fucks his woman.”

He pushed her away enough that he could turn and stare at her face on. “You’re not my woman.” He continued to stare at her. The make-up she had one was thick and looked suffocating, and her fake ass eyelashes made her look like she should be standing on the corner of Colfax. But she had a good body, didn’t smell like booze or stale cigarettes like the rest of the women at the bar did, and he needed to fuck tonight. “You’re just a body I’m going to use to get off tonight.” He wanted her to know exactly what this was between them, and make no mistake that there would be anything more than a few hours of hot, sweaty sex involved. She was silent for several seconds, and he could see the sliver of her anger at his coarseness, but he knew she would still go home with him. She was the type of woman that was desperate for attention, and he was willing to give her that attention, but only on his terms.

“Whatever you need, baby.” She lifted her arm and ran her hand over his cut.

He grabbed her wrist in a loose, but secure hold. “Don’t fucking touch the leather.”

She took her hand from his hold and cradled it to her chest. He knew he hadn’t hurt her, and if she wasn’t use
d to his type of breed of male than she could turn her ass around and find a pansy ass drunk that was loitering around. They stared at each other for several seconds, and then she plastered on a smile he was sure got her a lot of shit from these lowlifes that surrounded them.

“I’m ready when you are.”

It would take him a minute to get hard once he had her back at his place, thanks to the alcohol and the fact she was a butterface, but he’d deal with it. Right now he just needed to lose himself in a warm, female body, and forget about all the negative shit surrounding his life.

BOOK: Malice's Possession
11.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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