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Mark of Distinction (Price of Privilege)

BOOK: Mark of Distinction (Price of Privilege)
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“An intrepid heroine falling for two different men; a plot brimming with secrets, scandal, and suspense; and a richly atmospheric setting are the key ingredients in the first novel in Dotta’s Price of Privilege trilogy. Readers who miss Victoria Holt will swoon with delight upon discovering this retro-gothic winner.”


“With crossover appeal for mainstream historical romance fans of Victoria Holt, Dotta’s debut novel will have readers demanding book two immediately.”


“I was delighted, enthralled, and utterly captivated by the way Jessica Dotta cleverly mixed a cast of Austen-like characters into a creative Charlotte-Brontë-meets-Victoria-Holt setting. . . . With twists, turns, and a hopeful ending that leaves so very much to be resolved,
Born of Persuasion
will no doubt make my list of top favorite debuts this year.”

USA Today

“Dotta’s new series . . . has something for all fans of this time period: romance, family secrets, overbearing guardians, and even a little laughter. The characters are well-rounded and the author’s research on the setting shines through.”


“The best Christian fiction I’ve read in a very long time. . . . [It] perfectly blends mystery, drama, heartbreak, and romance
with just a touch of sermonizing. I believe this book could be in the running for one of my favorite Christian books of the decade.”


“Absolutely entertaining and brilliantly written, with lovable flawed characters. Jane Austen fans will love this instant classic that dropped me into all the richness of the Victorian era. I highly recommend this book for a great read and a book club pick.”


Born of Persuasion
is the sort of book in which readers of historical fiction long to lose themselves: rich with period detail and full of intrigue and deception. Fans of Philippa Gregory and Sarah Dunant will fall in love with this arresting story.”

New York Times
bestselling author

“With a voice you’ll love, Jessica Dotta paints a vivid portrait in words, drawing her readers through an unexpected maze of plot twists.
Born of Persuasion
is a story of betrayal and perseverance, rich with unforgettable characters.”

New York Times
bestselling author of
The Winnowing Season

“A fascinating cast of characters and breathless twists and turns make this story anything but predictable. Mystery and romance, sins of the past and fears of the future all combine for a page-turning experience.”

New York Times
bestselling author of
Mine is the Night

Born of Persuasion
is among the best novels I’ve ever read. This allegory is beautifully developed and the story descriptive, suspenseful, and absolutely captivating. Not since
Jane Eyre
have I wanted to reread a story again and again.”

bestselling author of
Crossing Oceans

“Filled with romantic twists, social intrigue, and beautiful writing, Dotta’s
Born of Persuasion
is an alluring debut that will leave fans of Victorian fiction clamoring for more.”

New York Times
bestselling author

“Jessica Dotta is this generation’s Jane Austen but with a twenty-first-century voice, and
Born of Persuasion
is a riveting saga that will keep you turning page after page.”

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Novel Rocket

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Scripture quotations are taken from the
Holy Bible
, King James Version.

“Can a Maid That Is Well Bred,” by Martin Peerson, is quoted in chapter 16.

Mark of Distinction
is a work of fiction. Where real people, events, establishments, organizations, or locales appear, they are used fictitiously. All other elements of the novel are drawn from the author’s imagination.

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Dotta, Jessica.

  Mark of Distinction / Jessica Dotta.

    pages cm.—(Price of Privilege Trilogy ; 2)

  ISBN 978-1-4143-7556-4 (sc)

1.Heiresses—Fiction. 2.Upper class—England—London—Fiction. 3.London (England)—History—19th century—Fiction. 4.Christian fiction. I.Title.

  PS3604.O87M37 2014

  813’.6—dc23 2013050943

ISBN 978-1-4143-9586-9 (ePub); ISBN 978-1-4143-8458-0 (Kindle); ISBN 978-1-4143-9587-6 (Apple)

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  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Chapter Three
  4. Chapter Four
  5. Chapter Five
  6. Chapter Six
  7. Chapter Seven
  8. Chapter Eight
  9. Chapter Nine
  10. Chapter Ten
  11. Chapter Eleven
  12. Chapter Twelve
  13. Chapter Thirteen
  14. Chapter Fourteen
  15. Chapter Fifteen
  16. Chapter Sixteen
  17. Chapter Seventeen
  18. Chapter Eighteen
  19. Chapter Nineteen
  20. Chapter Twenty
  21. Chapter Twenty-One
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight
  29. Acknowledgments
  30. Discussion Questions
  31. About the Author

THE EIGHT MONTHS following my arrival at Maplecroft have been called one of the greatest cozenages of our age. My father and I have endured endless speculation as to the number of hours poured into its plan and execution.

Truth comprised of bare facts is rarely more flattering than legend. In reality, our sham was little more than a mad-dash scramble of one improvisation after another. Events kept unfolding, forcing us to take new action, making it impossible to steer from collision.

BOOK: Mark of Distinction (Price of Privilege)
8.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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