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stepped up behind me, his hands reaching around to massage my breasts
and his mouth on my ear. “That's a good girl,” he
whispered. “Just play with her cunt. Make her moan, Mags,”
he said with an edge to his voice, his teeth nipping at my earlobe
while his fingers pinched hard on my nipples. I moaned loudly.

the dildo back and forth over her clit, I lowered the toy, and began
gently pushing it into her pussy. Her back arched automatically, and
without thinking, I pushed hard, burying the toy up to the hilt
inside of her. “Yes,” she panted. “Please, Miss
Wells, more.”

pumped the toy in earnest, letting my other hand drop to her core and
play with her clit, lightly pinching the tiny nub between my thumb
and forefinger as I fucked her with the fake cock. There was
something so erotic about the way her breasts jiggled while I roughly
shoved the toy inside her. Unsurprisingly, her screams built in
intensity, and I realized with a deep sense of satisfaction that she
was about to cum. Leaning down, pressing my body against hers as my
hands continued to pump the toy and rub her clit, I latched my mouth
to her breast without the clamp, sucking as hard as I could. Her
pleasurable screams filled the room, her moans finally quieting as
she smiled widely.

directly into my eyes, she stretched up and kissed me firmly on the
lips. “Thank you, Miss Wells.”

no problem,” I replied. I was surprised not only by the fact
that a random woman was thanking for me for bringing her to orgasm,
but that I'd given her one in the first place. I didn't have too much
time to think on it, though, because Jake was pushing me from behind,
angling me towards another platform.

turn,” he growled, his hard cock pressing against my ass as he
guided me towards the polished wood.

around, I realized that a small crowd had formed, and that most of
the other people in the room had come to watch the Master and his
His woman
. My core throbbed at the thought.

me around, Jake scooped me up and placed me squarely on the platform,
pulling metal stirrups from the bottom of the station and tucking my
feet into the holders. They were almost like the ones at the
gynecologist, except these were padded with cushy satin, and
surprisingly elegant. Taking it all in, about 10 or 12 people circled
around me, most of them stroking their already-hard cocks or burying
their hands in their cunts.

walked around to my head, trailing his fingers down my arms before
capturing first one wrist, then the other, snapping them into
handcuffs already attached to the platform. Reaching into one of the
shelves, he pulled out a long rectangle of deep pink silk, draping it
softly across my eyes. I squirmed a little, my panic-level rising as
I realized I would be blindfolded and tied down in a room full of
strangers. I felt Jake bend next to me, his voice directly in my ear.

okay, darlin'” he soothed, his hand cupping the side of my face
as his thumb slid back and forth on my cheek. “I'm not going to
let anything happen to you, and I'll be right here, right where you
can hear me, the entire time. Okay?”

sighed and nodded, knowing that if Jake said he'd stay with me, he
wouldn't so much as take a single step back.

kissed me firmly on the lips, his tongue dipping to tangle with mine
before pulling back. “Good, Miss Wells. Now, lift your head for
me so I can finish tying on your blindfold.”

raised my head in obedience and felt the silk cinch around my eyes
before Jake's hand on my forehead gently urged me back against the
platform. “Just so you know,” he said again in my ear,
this time making me jump, “I'm still the only one who's allowed
to make you cum.” I moaned at the idea as the first wet mouth
began to suckle on my breast, joined immediately by another, biting
on my other nipple. I cried out loudly in ecstasy.

Chapter 11

don't know exactly how long I was tied down for, but it felt like an
eternity. Hands would glide slowly from my feet up to my core, then
slide around my thigh and barely brush my swollen pussy lips. Mouths
would suckle on my breasts before kissing a wet path down my stomach,
purposefully avoiding my dripping mound. As another tongue traced the
outside of my cunt but wouldn't delve inside, I whimpered.

Master,” I begged. “Please touch me. Someone, please
touch me!” There was a moment of silence as the hands and lips
on my body stopped roaming.

may proceed,” Jake said, his voice clearly laced with

hands started up again, except this time, there were no rules. Before
I could process what was happening, lips clamped down hard on my
breasts while two or three fingers, all seeming to belong to
different hands, pumped slowly in and out of my sopping cunt. As
quickly as the fingers entered me, they were gone, replaced instantly
by an eager mouth, lapping at my pussy as the man moaned in
appreciation. After ten or fifteen seconds of his mouth lavishing my
core, his disappeared, a pair of full, soft lips taking over,
suckling on my swollen clit with loud, wet noises.

cum yet, Miss Wells,” Jake ordered, his hands sliding down the
sides of my neck to pinch my nipples hard. I arched sharply, a new
tongue delving into my pussy.

I panted, so wonderfully lost in the sensations, “I don't know
how much longer I can...hold out.” Fingers joined the mouth on
my cunt, and my body was being openly ravaged.

bent down and kissed me roughly on the mouth, sliding the blindfold
off my eyes and tossing it aside. “I was hoping you'd say
that,” he grinned. I looked down to see a beautiful woman with
big blue eyes staring into mine, her mouth buried in my pussy and
licking eagerly. The other observers had gone to Jake, removing his
suit jacket, unbuttoning his shirt, and stripping him naked. I felt
my mouth fall open at the sight of his gorgeous cock, all thick 8
inches erect and rock-hard.

woman between my legs gave my pussy one last sloppy kiss before
standing up and moving out of the way, letting Jake step between my
parted thighs. Looking up, I saw two people unlocking my handcuffs,
and I stretched my arms, rolling my wrists to wake up the muscles. My
hands immediately found Jake, gliding along his muscled chest and
raking my nails down his arms. He bent down to kiss me, his cock
pressing against the opening of my pussy. “Jake,” I
whispered, “you're fucking gorgeous.” He chucked against
my neck, his mouth sucking on the delicate skin and nipping lightly
on my shoulder.

straight, he grasped his length in his hand, lightly slapping his
hardness against my clit before slowly easing his thick cock inside
of me. I'd never felt anything so absolutely delicious. My pussy
stretched slightly, taking him inch by inch into my tight wetness,
both of us moaning loudly as we stared into each other's eyes.
Finally buried to his balls, Jake began rocking back and forth,
almost sliding his cock out completely before slamming it into my
cunt. I was screaming in pleasure, my breasts bouncing with each
thrust as his hand slid between us to flick against my clit.

stood by and watched. It's as if they knew this was a moment for only
Jake and I, and while they could look, they absolutely couldn't
touch. The room had fallen entirely silent with the exception of our
bodies, our moans and yells mingling with the incredibly wet sounds
of his cock sliding into me.

I gasped, barely aware enough to use the name, “please.”
I was openly begging, my entire body alight with pleasure. “Please.
Please, Master. Please let me cum. I-” I couldn't speak
anymore, the moans taking over as my best friend pounded into me.

for me, Miss Wells,” Jake said, looking intently into my eyes.
“Cum on my cock.” With that, he ground his thumb against
my clit, his thrusts deepening. I came instantly, screaming as my
back arched off the platform, my pussy clenching his dick, slamming
deep inside of me.

I came back to reality, Jake was standing over me, still thrusting
slowly. His brow was shiny with sweat, his expression one of complete
control and concentration.

he moaned, “That's my good girl.” Tiny aftershocks of the
orgasm rippled through me, and Jake groaned at the tight spasms in my

down, he scooped me up, letting my weight slide down on his cock for
just a moment, his hard length hidden completely inside of me, before
lifting me off and setting me on the floor. My legs were shaky, and I
laughed, too satisfied to be embarrassed.

you take anymore, Miss Wells?” Jake teased, looking to the
gorgeous blue-eyed woman from before, spread on a platform while a
man roughly sucked her tits. I gave him my best seductress smile
before striding over to the woman in what I hoped was a confident
fashion. Instead of reaching into the shelves and grabbing a dildo, I
sank to my knees before her spread cunt, marveling in the soft
wetness. Looking down, I saw my knees resting on a firm pad,
undoubtedly there to provide comfort in just this sort of situation.

forward, I took a slow, tentative lick up her pussy, letting my lips
linger over her clit. I'd tasted myself once or twice before, but it
wasn't nearly as erotic as the taste of this woman on my tongue. Jake
knelt down beside me, a smile on his face.

sure about this, darlin'?” he asked. “You know you don't
have to.”

licked me so well, I want to return the flavor,” I said easily,
before burrowing my face again in her cunt. The woman writhed on the
platform, her fingers sliding down to tangle gently in my hair. I
licked eagerly, loving the rush of power at knowing I could get her
off. The man left her breasts to come behind me, pulling on my hips
until I got on all fours, my mouth on the woman and my ass to the
sky. I felt his fingers slide into my sopping pussy, pumping quickly
and curving enough to rub against my g-spot. I moaned in

fingers left, replaced instead by the head of his cock, pressing
against the opening of my core. Feeling the man roughly jerked away,
I looked over my shoulder to see Jake pinning the man against the
wall, his forearm against his throat before dropping the man and
stepping away. Two men in black tuxedos approached, bouncers by the
look of it, and grabbed the man in question, leading him towards the
exit. “I'm sorry,” Jake called after the man, “but
you knew the rules.” With that he turned back to me, apologies
in his eyes as he ran his hands through his hair. He knelt next to me
before kissing me softly.

woman on the platform continued to squirm, her fingers taking over
where my mouth left off.

sorry, darlin',” he said. “Everyone knew not to push me
with you. They can touch, but they can't...” his voice trailed

me?” I teased.

you in that way.” Jake's face was incredibly serious. “Make
love you to. Take you.”

heart stopped for a split-second, and in that moment, I knew I was in
love with Jake; I knew I was in love my best friend. The intensity of
the emotion made my heart ache.

then, Master,” I said, winking at him jokingly, trying to hide
the new flood of emotions racing through my body. “Will you
please do the honors of making love to me?”

smiled, looking briefly at the woman who's pussy was still inches
from my mouth. “You bet your ass, Miss Wells. Plus, by the
looks of it, it seems you've got a job to finish,” he teased.

easily positioned himself behind me, and I licked the woman's finger
that was gliding slowly over her clit. She moaned and pulled her hand
away, letting me have free-reign of her delicious cunt. Jake's cock
pressed against my wet slit before slamming into me, each hard pound
of his dick pushing my mouth against the woman's core. I sucked
eagerly, slurping at her pussy as Jake grabbed my hips and drove his
cock so deeply inside of me that my toes curled. His balls slapped
against my clit with each thrust, causing a tingling to start deep
inside. Feeling another orgasm building, I gasped between pussy
licks. “Master!” I yelled. “Please!”

voice was frantic, his thrusts growing deeper and harder while his
hands dug into my hips, pulling my pussy against him. “Cum. Cum
now. Cum for me, darlin!” he screamed, sending me over the edge
as I sucked hard on the woman's cunt. Feeling her clit throb and her
muscles tighten, I knew she was cumming too, and I moaned into her
pussy while mine milked Jake's cock, an untamed yell coming from his
lips as he spilled his seed inside me. He collapsed against me,
curving his sweaty, muscular body against my back and kissing my
shoulders. Pulling away, he stood and helped me to my feet, his cum
running down the inside of my thighs.

of the people who'd been watching the scene approached and fell to
her knees in front of me. She looked up and ran her finger through
Jake's cum, sucking it off her finger with a moan. “May I?”
she asked, looking up sweetly. I just nodded. She gently nudged my
legs apart until I stood with them spread slightly, her mouth licking
Jake's seed off my thigh before beginning to lightly suck it out of
my pussy. I wasn't sure I'd ever seen anything so intimate in my
entire life. After the girl was satisfied with my cleanliness, she
smiled up at me. “Thank you, Mistress.”

was silent as the girl got to her feet and walked away. Turning to
Jake, he smiled down at me.

I asked.

shrugged. “I thought you'd be okay with it. You
equal, after all. My partner. Plus, you still need a job right?”
he teased, pulling me into his chest and kissing the top of my head.
I laughed against him.

BOOK: Mastered
11.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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