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It was at that moment that Daniel knew he was prey.
Nick was going to gobble him up no matter what. The glimmer in the mercenary’s
eyes was all Daniel needed to see to realize it didn’t matter if he were
skinnier, or fatter, or the same size—it didn’t matter if he was going to
playfully resist, or talk about how badly he felt about himself—Nick was going
to consume him like the predator he was.

And that was really, really hot. So much so, that it
made Daniel’s cock twitch to life, among other parts of him. His pulse raced.
He took a deep, ragged breath in excitement, and looked Nick straight in the
eyes, daring him without saying a single word.

Nick seemed to get the hint. He immediately wrapped
his arms tightly around Daniel, and his lips were mere millimeters away from Daniel’s.

Daniel gulped audibly. “Be gentle,” he asked softly.
“I haven’t … done this in a long time. Almost two and a half years, even.”

Don’t worry. You didn’t even have to say a word.”

Nick immediately took the large tube of lube—
he-he, that rhymed
—from his nightstand.
Daniel, of course, while appreciative of the lubrication, had to stifle his
smile at the fact that Nick just had one of those lying around. Oh, and that
box of condoms inside the nightstand, too. That piqued Daniel’s interest.

Always ready for someone to traipse into your room and rock your world,
eh?” Daniel said, lightly running his fingers up and down Nick’s side. Nick
chuckled as he flipped the cap open and slathered his pointer and middle finger
with lubrication.

I certainly haven’t been living like a priest these past two years like
you have,” Nick admitted. “But you’re the only one I’m doing this to. Making
love, I mean. Everyone else was just fucking.”

Oh? This isn’t just a fuck, then?” Daniel asked, immediately going back
into that self-deprecation he was so familiar with.

Oh, trust me,
, there’s
plenty of time to just fuck in the future. Tonight I want to make love. Get to
know how to please you.”

That self-critical part of Daniel told him that Nick
was just buttering him up. He couldn’t really believe the compliment. Nick
could find a hotter man outside by throwing a pebble at the nearest person. But
considering he was in the guy’s arms right now, Daniel couldn’t exactly voice
things out without putting a stop to whatever fun they were about to have.

Which was going to be
a lot
of fun.

Daniel gasped when he felt a pair of fingers press
against his pucker. He took a deep breath—thanking God he hadn’t eaten a lot
and stuck to being a good bottom with his fistfuls of salad, date eating was
—and felt the fingers push
into his entrance and started to slowly thrust in and out.

Just relax yourself for me,
Nick said, placing a soft kiss on the tip of Daniel’s nose. “We’ll get you
stretched and ready in no time.”

First a finger, and then two, slowly sliding in and
out. When Nick said he was taking his time, he was
taking his time. His touch was slow, gentle, and Daniel
could really feel Nick’s desire to not hurt him. Even when he gasped and his
toes curled, and those fingers pressed a part of Daniel he hadn’t touched in a

Nick started to make slow, scissoring motions as he
laid Daniel onto the bed and moved himself on top. He was a little heavy, but
he wasn’t pressing the entirety of his weight down on Daniel. His other hand
grabbed a tight hold of the lube, squirting out more every few strokes.
Engrossed in his task, Daniel couldn’t help the long moan that came out of his
mouth, especially when those fingers started paying extra attention to that small
part of him that was making his erection twitch in pleasure.

You like that,
” Nick
asked, yet again. Daniel kind of liked that Nick was taking control, but also
taking the time to check in with Daniel every step of the way. There was also
the sound of the pet name resonating inside of him, which sent a little
shockwave of pleasure through Daniel’s system.

He didn’t think Nick would get that familiar with him,
to call him something so affectionate, but to hear the word come out of his
mouth made Daniel yearn for more of the man above him. Enough so that he
wrapped his arms tightly around Nick’s neck, until both their bodies were
pressed against each other and Daniel could feel the weight of Nick’s form
against his own, and drew him in for a kiss.

This, of course, earned a third lubed finger into his
rear. Daniel gasped once more, rocking his hips in time with the slow, sinuous
touch. Their tongues entwined, and things were getting even more heated. That
kiss felt like everything Daniel needed, and more.

Daniel never felt so full in his life. Those fingers
were rather thick. Nick had large hands, after all. They were thicker than he
was used to. Then again, maybe they were just thick because he hadn’t been
touched in a while. Except for some bi-weekly bouts of masturbation, Daniel had
basically lived like a monk all his time overseas.

So when Nick finally pulled away from their kiss, and
there was that tiny, silvery strand of saliva that connected their mouths,
Daniel felt his heart hammering so hard in his chest. It was time. They were
going to be connected in
now, too.

In excitement, Daniel could actually feel his rock
hard cock begin to drool pre-cum, like he was some kind of blushing virgin. He
felt the heat rush up his face.

I think you’re ready.” Nick’s words were decisive. The one hand not
inside of Daniel brought the condom up to his mouth, and with a quick yank of
his head, he ripped the wrapper apart without tearing the rubber. Nick was
definitely familiar with this.

Nick had managed to roll the condom down his cock with
one hand, slather lube all over his dick, and as soon as he pulled his fingers
out of Daniel, he brought the tip of his now rubber-covered shaft against
Daniel’s entrance. Not before slightly angling Daniel’s body upward so that
Nick’s shaft could be flush with his pucker, however.
“But don’t worry,
, I’ll go gentle.”

Daniel managed to nod through his anticipation. Nick’s
hands grasped him tenderly, and in that moment, it did feel like all of his
insecurities managed to fade away. In the crook of this badass, ex-Marine
mercenary’s arms, Daniel actually started to feel like he was attractive again.

Wasn’t that kind of fucked up, but in a good way?

The corners of Daniel’s lips quirked into a smile when
he gasped and felt Nick finally take the plunge. That shaft pushed in easily,
after being stretched, but even though Daniel was stretched that cock was still
pretty big. It felt like a heavy battering ram pressing into him, and it wasn’t
showing any sign of stopping.

Inch after inch after glorious inch pushed into Daniel
until he arched his back into the pillows. He exhaled, his breath hitching as
he pressed his fingers against Nick’s shoulders. Nick was taking his sweet time
pushing in, but it was only a little while longer for Daniel to feel that soft,
smooth, slightly hairy sac against his inner thighs.

That was a
And Daniel had just gotten all of it inside him. He would have patted his own
back if he wasn’t feeling so full.

If it hurts, cling onto me, okay?” Nick whispered against his ear. When
he was sure his cock was inside Daniel enough, he grasped Daniel’s thighs
securely. His chest was flat against Daniel’s, each inch of that hairy, muscled
body abrading his smoother frame.

Okay,” Daniel managed to say. Nick smiled, pressed a kiss against
Daniel’s neck, and then started to pull out. Slow, smooth strokes pulled that
shaft out an inch or two at a time, before sliding back in. Nick was even
angling himself slightly differently with each thrust, gyrating his hips.

Daniel bit down on his lower lip, but couldn’t help
the cry of pleasure that he emitted from his lips. He gasped, moving along with
each thrust when a spike of pleasure coursed through his body. “Ah!”

Nick grinned. “Have I hit a sweet spot,
? Shall I do it again?” His voice
was soft, silky, and sensual as he smoothly pulled his shaft out, and aimed yet
another thrust right
single spot that made the lights behind Daniel’s eyes explode—and he gave a
harsh, yet happy sigh of pleasure. It accompanied a little spurt of his
pre-cum, even, that now glazed over a bit of his stomach and a bit of Nick’s,

In a matter of moments, Nick
started to get going. Suddenly the world was focused only on
that one part of their bodies that connected one to the other.
Smack, smack, smack.
Daniel was focused
on the feeling of Nick’s manhood thrusting inside of him over, and over, and
over, and it felt really good. Maybe it was the product of not having done this
for so long, or having only a few points of comparison, but this felt
good. Like, even better than when
he did it in the past.

Maybe it was a combination of all of it, and maybe it
was because this felt like it was leading to something. When Nick leaned down
to actually kiss him, it felt like a kiss that could rock Daniel’s entire
existence. There was no other way to describe it. Making love with Nick felt

And it didn’t hurt at all. Daniel really liked that
part, especially considering he had what felt like a softball bat inside of his

What was probably a few minutes felt like mere
seconds. Each rhythm, each thrust, felt much quicker than it actually was.
Daniel was so caught up in the moment, and when Nick’s hand wrapped around his
cock to pump it up and down in time with their thrusts, he knew he was a goner.

Ah, N-Nick!” The ex-Marine’s name felt like a prayer slowly lifting from
Daniel’s lips. He could feel each bead of sweat that cascaded down his temple.
He could feel the zing of pleasure with each thrust Nick made, and the steady
cacophony of wet skin smacking against skin filled the air around them, making
it feel all the more passionate. Lewd, even.

And then there was this feeling of levity that burst
through Daniel’s body. His thighs and legs quaked. His pulse quickened. In that
moment, he felt like he and Nick were one.

He arched his back and felt his balls move up closer
to his body. Thick ropes of white seed painted between their torsos, and Daniel
swore he could even feel his cock splash seed on
his chest.

It didn’t take long for Nick to follow suit. A string
of Spanish words became louder and louder until Nick grasped Daniel’s body and
held him tight in his grasp, almost crushing Daniel from the tightness of their
embrace. Daniel could feel every twitch of that shaft filling the rubber, and
with a shaky, breathless moan, Nick toppled on top of Daniel and panted.

Nick’s heart thundered. Daniel could feel the throb
against his chest.

Minutes passed like hours. The only thing the both of
them did was to entwine their fingers and move to their sides, so that Daniel
was nuzzled up against Nick’s chest. There was also the pulling out, tying the
condom and dropping it into the nearest trashcan, and of course, the gentle rub
of Nick’s palms against Daniel’s ass.

You have a big booty,” Nick finally said after a few moments, earning a
smirk and a roll of the eyes from Daniel. “I wanted to say so earlier, but I
didn’t want to say anything.”

I’ve been running my mouth the entire day. You can throw in a zinger or
two anytime you want. Besides, aren’t I your
? What does that even mean?”

Damn right you are,” Nick said, nodding. “It just means that you’re
precious to me. You’re my darling. Someone beloved.”

Daniel made a face, raising a single eyebrow in
question at the mercenary. “That’s a little deep for someone you’ve only known
for two days.”

Sometimes you can just tell when someone is going to be an important
part of your life. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re in love just yet.” Nick
answered right back, before giving Daniel’s rear a right good smack.

Daniel laughed. He couldn’t disagree with that.
Sometimes, you just absolutely
the person in front of you was going to feature prominently in your life
somehow. You could just feel it.

It’s surprising that you haven’t made a deprecating comment about what I
just said,” Nick suddenly commented, earning another chuckle from Daniel.

It’s because I felt the same way. Besides, I had other questions I
wanted to ask,” Daniel replied sincerely.

You can ask me anything.”

Daniel looked up at Nick, before pressing his head
against the larger man’s chest. “So what is up with Langham and Durr, anyway?
There’s something going on, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

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