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“Give it to me, Mason. I need it really

But he didn’t.

Not in her pussy and not in her ass. In fact, Mason never touched her at all. When Sarah turned to see what was going on, she saw that he’d stepped out of his jeans and underwear. His penis was getting soft and he was walking over to sit down on the edge of the queen size bed.
What the hell?
she thought. This wasn’t like Mason at all. Not the Mason that she knew anyway. Never in all the time they’d been together had he ever turned down sex.
Was he sick? Was he having trouble keeping it up? Doesn’t he want me anymore?
All those questions and more rushed through her head but Mason just sat there looking down at the floor, not saying a word.

“Mason?” she tried. “Are you…okay?”



Mason sat in silence, not even willing to look at his girlfriend, much less talk to her. Was he okay? No, not really. Other than the nasty cut across the bridge of his nose, there was nothing physically wrong with him but as he’d hovered above Sarah, looking down at the way she was offering herself like that, something inside of him had simply shut off. Something deep within his psyche had just whispered to him that enough was enough, the game was over. Sure the sex between them had always been good. Hell, it had been
, but for some reason lately he just hadn’t felt quite as into it as he normally was.

He’d met Sarah a little over two years ago, picking her up in a bar in downtown Colorado after an Avalanche hockey game. She’d looked incredible that night, dressed in skintight jeans and a V-neck t-shirt that left little to the imagination. She’d been way out of Mason’s league, of course, but he’d been drinking all-night and decided to say hi to her anyway. Turned out she’d only recently moved to the United States from Australia. As luck would have it Mason had recently been over there on holiday and it had given them something in common to start talking about. With her smoking hot body, beautiful face, and exotic accent, Sarah could have walked out of that bar with any man in the joint that night but she hadn’t. She’d come home with Mason.

Sex had been good right from the start but in all honesty, if all he had to offer Sarah was a big cock and some run of the mill vanilla-flavor missionary sex their relationship would have crashed and burned after the first few weeks. No, it wasn’t until an accident happened in bed one night that they first began to realize they were kindred spirits whose thoughts and desires ran much deeper (and darker) than most. Mason had been on top of her, pumping away, and had pulled out so he wouldn’t cum too fast. To buy some time, he’d been kissing her neck, slowly moving down to her breasts, and intending to kiss all the way down her stomach until he was between her legs. When he was sucking on her left nipple he’d decided to give her a little pinch with his teeth but she’d been writhing with pleasure below him and moved at the exact second Mason clamped his teeth. He’d inadvertently bit her harder than he’d intended.
harder. So hard, in fact, he’d drawn blood. Sarah had screamed and nearly bucked him clear off of their bed.
Even as Mason was realizing he’d liked the taste of her blood and was really turned on by the site of the thin line of crimson juice draining off her full breasts and funneling down toward her belly button, he was sure that he’d just ended their relationship. No woman would want to be hurt like that; especially not
beautiful woman who could have her pick of men. He was wrong, though. Mason’s accidental bite had hurt Sarah, sure, but she’d admitted that the pleasure he’d given her in that moment had been unlike anything she’d experienced before in her life. She said she’d never cummed so hard in her life.

And she wanted more of it.

From there, the sex had become rougher. Stranger. Nastier. They progressed further and further toward the dark side of eroticism: massages turning to scratches, pinches turning to bites, spanks turning to slaps, pleasure turning to pain but that same pain multiplying the pleasure into ecstasy for both of them. It had been wonderful for a while. They’d each found a partner who they could trust with their deepest secrets and play out their darkest desires. When Mason wanted to tie Sarah up with an electrical cord and have his way with her, she’d said yes. When Sarah wanted to pretend a burglar was climbing into her room late at night to rape her, Mason had put on the black ski mask and waited outside her window, pouncing on her when she least expected it. For the most part it had all been fairly clean, innocent fun. They’d give each other the occasional bump and bruise and the odd scratch, but overall things had remained fairly tame.

And then Mason had brought the first knife into their bedroom.

They’d been role-playing a lot lately and it had just seemed more realistic for a thief, or a mugger, or a kidnapper (whatever role he happened to be playing) to bring a weapon along with him to intimidate his potential victim. Sarah loved the idea, the fear of the sharp blade raising the stakes and making her all the more excited. Once Mason actually crossed the line and cut her with it, all bets were off and things had escalated to the point where they were at now — sitting in a hunting cabin in the remote woods near Chasm Lake, Colorado both of them with cuts to their faces and not exactly sure where their relationship was heading at this point.

Nowhere good,
Mason thought.

It wasn’t that he didn’t love Sarah anymore; he certainly did. He’d never had feelings like this for any other woman and didn’t know what he’d do without her. The trouble was deeper than that. He’d told her earlier that she was starting to get on his nerves and that had been half true. The real problem wasn’t the way she’d been acting lately, but rather the way she
been. Things had kind of flattened out for Sarah, her escalating appetite for their desires having hit a speed bump and stopped. She’d taken things as far as she wanted them to go. Or at least that was the way Mason thought, at any rate. Maybe he was reading her wrong but lately he’d been noticing that look of fear in her eyes whenever he brought out the knife. He was losing her, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. She might not even realize it yet, but as he sat on the edge of their bed gazing down at the floor Mason was convinced that he was right.

That was what had made him stop what they’d been doing a few minutes ago. Those were the thoughts that had been running through his mind that had smothered his lust and wilted his penis. And the really fucked up thing about all this was that Mason wasn’t sitting feeling sorry for himself or for the love he felt slipping away from him. No, what he felt more than anything was boredom. And anger. He didn’t want to lose Sarah. He didn’t want to lose his playmate. In fact, he wanted to keep this train moving, to keep pushing their love further and further into the darkness. It was royally pissing him off that Sarah didn’t seem to feel the same way.

Flat out honesty: Mason wanted more than Sarah was giving him.

More sex, more games, more blood, more pain. Perhaps even a
more. Lately he’d had some bad thoughts running through his mind; thoughts of taking these role-playing games of theirs to a whole new level. The ultimate level, even. Not just cutting and biting and abusing Sarah, but killing her and maybe fucking her while her life bled out onto the floor. He knew that it was a dangerous idea, a
idea, but that was what made it so appealing. So
Death was the logical next step in their abnormal relationship and most days he truly believed that. Did that make Mason crazy? It was a question he’d been asking himself a lot lately. Maybe. Probably. Seriously unstable, at the very least. Had he brought Sarah out to these desolate woods, way out in the middle of nowhere for a reason? Was today the day to take that next step down the ladder?
Mason still wasn’t sure.

He looked on the bed beside him and saw the knife lying on the blanket a couple of feet away. He saw that its six inch blade was painted red with their combined juices and couldn’t help but think that was the way things were supposed to be. Nothing said love like a blood-smeared knife, right? Just the sight of it started to make his cock hard again. He looked over at his girlfriend, still looking at him from over by the desk, and he couldn’t find that same erotic feeling from her. That same spark. Sarah was a sexy woman, naked and willing to satisfy his every need; practically every man’s dream come true, but Mason just wasn’t feeling it. The knife turned him on more than the girl. There it was; the moment of truth. When push came to shove, he’d chosen cold steel over hot flesh.

At peace with his decision, Mason knew exactly what he had to do.


“What’s wrong?” Sarah tried again for the third time. The first few queries hadn’t gotten any response at all. At least now her boyfriend was looking at her. Maybe that was a good sign. “Why aren’t you answering? You drag me all the way out here and now you’re ignoring me. What the hell have I done?”

“Nothin’,” Mason mumbled. “You haven’t done anything wrong, babe.”

“We were gonna get in touch with nature, you said. Run around naked up here in the woods where no one would bother us. You promised we’d be able to play some fun new games this weekend.”

“I know, and I meant it too.”

“Well, I’m not having a hell of a lot of fun yet. I’m about ready to go home, to be honest. What’s the matter with you?”

Mason looked at her long and hard, sighed, and then reached over to pick up the bloodstained knife. “Nothing’s the matter with me…and you’re not going

“The fuck I’m not. Who do you think you are anyway? You want to know something, Mason? You’ve really been messed up lately. Have you lost your bloody mind? I’ll go anywhere I damn well please, and if you don’t like it you can cram it up your ass!”

“Oh yeah? Fair enough. Better start walking then. Main road’s about a mile and a half east of here. Two miles, tops.” The roads into this part of the woods were really nothing more than narrow dirt trails, and at this time of the year they’d been useless. Earlier today they’d been forced to park Mason’s Ford F-150 pick-up just off the main road and hike the rest of the way in.

“Are you serious? You’d actually stay here and make me walk back to the truck alone? But I don’t know the way. I was just following you.”

“That’s your problem, not mine. You said you wanted to play games, right? Here’s a good one for you. It’s called
! You make it to the pick-up before I can track you down and catch you, you win. You get to drive away and go home safe and sound.”

“And if I lose?” she said, but already had a sinking feeling in her gut where this was going. She needed to hear him say it though.

“You lose and I’m gonna slit that pretty little throat of yours from ear to ear then drag your dead corpse back here and fuck you all weekend. Sound like fun?”

For a moment she was terrified, but then she burst into nervous laughter. “Oh man…you had me going there for a moment. Jesus! Wow, you seriously need to see a therapist, mate!”

Mason walked over to his jacket that was hanging on the back of the bedroom door. He pulled out his truck keys and tossed them to her. He was smiling, madness dancing in his eyes, way past the point of no return now. “You’re putting on a good show, but wanna know something I’ve figured out about you, babe? You revert to your Australian roots when you get scared. Know what I’m saying,
And that’s good. You should be scared because I’m not kidding. I’ll give you a five-minute head start. Starting now!”

The half-grin dropped from her face. She looked closely at Mason’s eyes, then down at his knife. Then back up at his eyes.
He’s serious!
She thought.
This isn’t a game.

“Wait, Mason. Back up a minute. I don’t know what I’ve done to make you so pissed off, but whatever it was I’m sure we can—”

“I said get moving,” Mason interrupted. “You’re wasting your time.”

“But this is crazy. I mean seriously. I just want to—”

“GET OUT!” Mason screamed, “Or I’ll kill you right where you stand!”

He advanced on her then, the sanity in his eyes completely gone now. He held his knife down low moving in for what Sarah could only presume was the kill. His mistake was in thinking that she was too scared to defend herself. He’d forgotten that in many ways, she was exactly like him. She was afraid, for sure, but part of this whole scenario was still turning her on as well. This was role-playing taken to the extreme, and as fucked up as that was, a small part of her liked it and relished whatever was about to happen.

She feigned total terror and acted like the proverbial helpless woman but as soon as Mason came into striking distance Sarah went into attack mode. She was a huge fan of the Mixed Martial Arts fighting that was all the rage on TV these days and had spent countless hours in the gym hitting the heavy bag and taking cardio-kickboxing classes. If her psycho boyfriend had ever wondered how a twenty-four-year-old woman had kept her body so lean and mean these past few years, he was about to find out. Sarah launched a savage front kick to Mason’s naked groin, connecting solidly with his exposed testicles with a loud “
”. Mason screamed out in agony and toppled to the ground like a fallen tree. His bloodstained knife dropped to the hardwood floor beside him and he used both hands to gently cup his genitals. A thin line of fresh blood ran from the corner of Mason’s mouth and he coughed up a large wad of sticky bile and blood onto the floor. He was gasping for breath and on the verge of going unconscious but Sarah never spared a second’s thought for the pain she’d inflicted on him.
Fuck him!
She’d gladly kick him again if she had more time. Instead she quickly scooped up the dropped knife, made sure she still had the truck keys, and ran for the cabin door.

BOOK: Mine
3.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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