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“…… Didn’t I just pass by here earlier?”

I muttered this in front of the ad banner of a distinctive e-book site.

Leaning against the ad, I sighed loudly.

“To think that I’d even forget the way back to my own house…… I’ve really gone and messed up.”

This world, which continued to become more complicated with each passing day, changed completely with a blink of an eye.

The gardening site that I had gone by yesterday had suddenly turned into a shady cosplay site.

And the band homepage of a young musician who continued to post soulful lyrics, had changed into a strange ranking site.

I understood, painfully, that this was a common, everyday occurrence, but as one would expect after two years of this, it was still hard to accept.

“Uuu~ …. Isn’t there any kind of good idea?”

Even when I tried flapping my arms, no good ideas came out of my sleeves.

Before I’d even noticed, I had completely turned into Ene.

My constant desire for sleep had entirely disappeared. I was cheerful 24/7, and spent my days as Master’s idol, Ene-chan. However……

“It seems like it was really true. That story, I mean. It’s only that imposter who’s so confusinggg!”

I tried shouting in frustration.

Floating on my back, the limitless space around me was, as usual, filled with electrons.

“Well, this world is the real ‘imposter,’ though.”

Saying this, I spun around once, and finally truly focused on finding the way home.

Extending my index finger, I wrote the URL in midair.

“Is it a hit, or is it a miss~?”

Leaving it to luck after I’d written it, a familiar window popped up.

“Yes! It’s a big hit~!”

Making a splendid peace sign, I leapt into the window, and arrived in a small, square space.

“Wow~ This sure brings back memories~ Although I don’t have many good ones.”

It was a place where I had spent a lot of time crying.

So of course I wouldn’t have any good memories from that.

On the side of the space, there were various items lined up, such as “Received Messages” and “Sent Messages.”

From within those, I chose “Favorites,” and opened the e-mail at the very top.


“Sorry that it’s gotten pretty late.”


Saying this, I touched the “Reply” button that I hadn’t been able to choose two years ago.



Subject: Although it’s late…


I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long to reply.

I couldn’t believe it, and not knowing what to do, I just kept running away…. Sorry about that.

It was just as you’d said.

Everyone’s here now, and I’ve even gotten pulled in as well.

Although it might be too late, starting now, I’ll try my best with what I can do.

Also, he’s gotten involved, too.

Although it was the same with Momo-chan, I was surprised……

But, it looks like it’ll be okay.

He’s moving forward by his own choice. He’s a boy, y’know, as expected.

Ayano-chan, you’re over there, aren’t you? I’m sorry. I’ll definitely come to save you.



Well then, I’m off.

We’re going to beat that “clear” guy, definitely……


Let’s meet again, for sure!


     Enomoto Takane



BOOK: Missing Children
8.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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