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BOOK: Mona Hodgson - [Hearts Seeking Home 01]
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Praise for
Prairie Song

“Mona Hodgson pens a wonderful story of love and self-reflection in
Prairie Song
. Touching on elements of real life that are relevant to today, Mona weaves in a loving message of hope and forgiveness that gives the reader cause to pause and think on the blessing we have in grace. I enjoyed reading this story and definitely recommend it to readers who find pleasure in a tender historical romance.”

, award-winning author of over ninety books, including the Land of Shining Water series

“Writing with great sensitivity, Mona Hodgson has crafted a beautiful story of family loyalties, loss, and forgiveness. Out of the pain of addiction springs new hope and strength and a chance for love.
Prairie Song
is a heartfelt journey you won’t want to miss.”

New York Times
best-selling author of
Dawn Comes Early
Waiting for Morning
, and
Gunpowder Tea

“As hearts and lives are still healing from the effects of the Civil War, the colorful cast of characters in
Prairie Song
will take you on an adventure where love is as unpredictable as the journey west. With a quilting circle of friends all seeking new beginnings, and a group of charming soldiers yearning to win their hearts, sweet romance abounds in this first installment of Mona Hodgson’s Hearts Seeking Home series.”

, author of
Be Still My Soul
Though My Heart Is Torn

“I fell in love with Caleb and Anna from the first page, and as their journeys led them down the path of love and faith, I followed happily.
Prairie Song
is a novel that will stay with me long after the last page has been turned. Mona Hodgson has done it again with
Prairie Song

, best-selling author of the Secret Lives of Will Tucker series and the Rocky Mountain Heiress series



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Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

All Scripture quotations or paraphrases are taken from the King James Version.

This is a work of fiction. Apart from well-known people, events, and locales that figure into the narrative, all names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Hodgson, Mona Gansberg, 1954–
   Prairie song / Mona Hodgson.—First edition.
       pages cm.—(Hearts Seeking Home; novel 1)
   eISBN: 978-0-307-73117-3
 I. Title.
   PS3608.O474P73 2013



In loving memory of
William Bert Gansberg
my earthly father
A man who had an infectious
sense of adventure
Thanks, Dad!


Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the L
thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.



1866, April

nna Goben’s bedchamber spun about her.

Hattie Pemberton, a friend from the Saint Charles quilting circle, stood behind her at the dressing table, weaving Anna’s golden-brown hair into a loose chignon. A cord of hair hung on either side of Anna’s face while Hattie worked on the back. Anna’s stomach felt like it had taken in boarders with fluttering wings, and seeing herself in the mirror above the table wasn’t helping matters. Closing her eyes, she gripped the wrought-iron handles on the bench as if she could brace herself against the wave of nausea. Was her sudden decision to marry Boney the reason for the jitters, or did all women feel sick to their stomach and lightheaded directly before they wed?

She’d probably feel less nervous if more of her quilting circle friends had been able to come, especially the married ones. Emilie and Maren had planned to attend the wedding, but then Emilie’s father fell ill that morning and Caroline needed Maren’s help in the dry goods store.

A twist of hair bounced free, tickling Anna’s ear as Hattie’s tender hand rested on her shoulder. Anna opened her eyes and made herself look in the mirror. Concern etched her friend’s blue-gray eyes.

Hattie tipped her head, causing the wide brim of her yellow hat to bobble. “You look as if you’ve seen an apparition. You’re nearly as white as the frame on the mirror. Are you feeling well?”

Anna slowly turned her head to the right, then just as deliberately to the left, all the while looking into Hattie’s reflection in the mirror. No, she was not all right. Nothing had been right since her brother’s death. The void Dedrick’s absence left in the family was wrong, and she’d been unable to make anything right since the letter from the Department of War arrived nearly a year and a half ago. She patted the hand on her shoulder. Her friend also knew about the high cost of the war. Hattie’s brother had come home last year spared, but her father had died in battle in ’63.

BOOK: Mona Hodgson - [Hearts Seeking Home 01]
8.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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