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‘Mmmm, now that’s quite a sight!’ complimented the woman. The two-fingered hands of the beast took hold of her buttocks and ran along them, testing the surfaces, 173

examining her more physically after her visual assessment of Kira’s merits. ‘Very nice,’ commented the female, and with a tug Kira’s underwear was drawn down, exposing her in full to the bizarre and fell form.

A warm tip laid upon the base of her spine, and moving back the woman trailed the rigid length through the valley of her rear. As it was about to fall free she shoved forward, drilling into Kira’s belly. The sudden rude filling of her womb by a massive penis made her jump in response, hurling a startled wail into her seneschal’s tracts. The acute sensation continued, the woman having sorcerously changed sexual organs, creating a monster of a manhood that pounded into Kira. Her eyes flashed wide, her mouth working in fits and starts, her senses scrambled by the sheer volume she was accepting. Even Thanos had not proven this titanic a burden.

The thrusts lifted her knees from the divan, the tip pushing to her very limits, and the size of the intruder by no means distracted from its skill. It was being used with an expertise that would have had her in bliss had it been a faction of the size, but coupled with perfect dimensions and sterling skill she was almost losing her mind from the rhythmic stab deep into her.

Her head jerked up as she howled, the talons of the woman having drawn apart further, pulling at her cheeks and sliding thumbs against her, etching two shallow grooves, the sudden pain exquisite in its intensity. During her yell she clapped her hands to her own breasts, squeezing them, massaging them as her song merged with the multitudes of groans and cries that spilled through the air of the hall, forced from dozens of stressed throats.

Taking advantage of Kira’s unauthorised break in duty, the seneschal nimbly flipped over onto her front, casting 174

her legs wide, the tendons of her inner thighs taut as she offered her rear to Kira’s moist lips.

The hands of the female went to new work, her left grabbing Kira’s hair in the seneschal’s stead, the other reaching under to play Kira’s clitoris with the back of a nail. The grip in her hair forced her face into the milky valley of the seneschal’s rear, her lips kissing the smooth sphincter of her owner. Her tongue spilled recklessly forth, sliding in, the ring tightening against the organ, making Kira fight to keep going as the demonic lover continued to dig deeply into her. Forcing her tongue in as far as she could, Kira threw it back and forth in imitation of meagre penetration, the slippery saliva dripping from her chin, the scent of the seneschal’s sex rising as thin lines of fluid started to mark the fur beneath them.

The female started to draw out her attentions, slowly gliding her full shaft into Kira until she met resistance and then hauled back with more speed before conducting another leisurely drive. Kira moaned with every plummet into her, the penetration making her quake and realise now that the other succubus was not wearing an imitation phallus. It was not an artificial construct being driven into the sobbing maid beside them, but a conjured embellishment of real flesh and blood.

Kira’s hands deserted her breasts and reached to the seneschal, continuing her play of the woman’s loins, her fingers working into the humid sex of her owner as her tongue continued to feast on her rear. Kira could feel herself building towards climax in leaps and bounds.

Every thrust brought her closer and closer, her body shaking as it tried to ready itself for the maelstrom.

‘No, not yet, slave,’ warned the demonic partner, continuing her relentless drives, aiming into new regions 175

to tax every part of her insides. ‘Don’t dare come before I let you!’ Kira tried to defeat the will of her body, to make her mind the more decisive force. ‘That’s it. Good girl. Now keep yourself under control,’ ordered the woman, flicking Kira’s clitoris, her other hand reaching down and snagging a nipple ring, manipulating the jewellery to tease her further.

‘Please, please let me have permission,’ Kira whimpered into her seneschal’s loins, her mind burning with need, unable to hold back the inevitable any longer.

She felt as though she were going to detonate. She had to orgasm, she could not hold on any longer, she just couldn’t.

‘Don’t talk with your mouth full, slave!’ berated the woman, clamping both hands to Kira’s breasts, compressing them spitefully, the wicked talons adding to the severity of the embrace. In addition she rotated and gouged with her length, using it as a weapon to have Kira cry out in sorrow.

‘I’m sorry, my lady, I’m sorry, I’ll hold on,’ she grizzled, her words panted through locked teeth, the venom having washed back her exaltation.

The hands became instantly gentler, toying with her teats as the length returned to a more satisfying method of insertion, restoring her undeniable ascent towards fulfilment. Between filling her mouth with her owner’s rear, her hands burrowing into cool, inviting sex, and being thrust callously into, Kira had no hope of obeying such orders for much longer.

‘Okay slave,
,’ growled the woman, breaking into thrashing drives. ‘I said now!’ she roared vehemently, the last drives causing Kira to break into wild throes, her body torn by exquisite ecstasy, carried upon the thrusts.

Her hindquarters seemed to liquefy, the burning battering 176

ram of a penis grinding into her, drawing out more pleasure than she would have ever thought possible, and screaming into her owner’s womb, the vibrating pitch of her holler carried the seneschal over into orgasm, the two of them riding a crest of delectation.

As soon as the seneschal had been fully pleasured the woman grabbed Kira’s hair and hauled back, removing her from the plate of her mistress, bringing her onto her knees. Upward thrusts continued to lift her up, stealing her breath, a lump in her throat, her arms being tightened from within by flashes of tension. A two-fingered hand clamped across her face, holding her head back, her body resting against the woman as the penis continued to batter her womb, her membranes feeling as though they were aflame. The other slapped to her stomach, pressing in to feel the shuffle of movement deep within her; the rounded tip of her phallus as it migrated within Kira.

The woman cast her off like a soiled garment, dropping her to the divan beside her owner, and screaming in rapture Kira almost fainted from the intensity removal brought. Laying curled into a ball, holding tightly to herself, her limbs spasming, her insides shaking, Kira battled to weather the hurricane of sensuality whirling within her.

‘Kiss,’ came a voice, and she managed to open her tear-filled eyes enough to see through a distorted pane of water and bear witness to the object of her ravishment.

Obediently she moved her head forward and kissed the head of the flushed length, before dropping back into her recuperative state.

‘Good girl,’ commented Hyrthuz, the raging shaft retreating, being absorbed into its owner and restoring her previous gender. ‘A fine specimen, seneschal,’ purred the woman, sliding over and exchanging a kiss with the 177

vampiress before rising and returning to her own divan.

‘Did my slave enjoy that?’ asked the seneschal, running the back of her hand over Kira’s temple, and while accepting the touch Kira pulled up her underwear, but before she could answer there was a shrieking cacophony of sound, a merging of tears and rupturing splits that polluted the air, paining the ears with screeching treble and bone-rattling bass.

Flicking her head up Kira saw her seneschal leap from the divan. A spherical plasmic cloud of reds and blacks poured bolts of power inward, the lightning issuing from the air and converging on a single spot. The air rippled and shook under the punishment of the streaks, slowly turning, gathering more speed until it was a tornado of colour and light, then the mystic gale broke away, dying instantly and revealing a group in the eye of the storm.

The seneschal bowed deeply as a mark of welcoming and respect, and Kira’s jaw dropped open as she saw the sorceress Kitjana for the first time in the flesh.

Her jagged crown of jet rolled with her mane of red hair, the shade almost unnatural in its shocking hue. Her sapphire eyes shone like stars, full of amusement and dark intent, bathed in hidden power and knowledge.

Serpentine earrings of silver dangled from her lobes, her features acute and severe, but of a beauty that was easily the equal of the queen. Clad in a silken cloak she flung open the dark folds with a theatrical gesture, revealing herself to the crowd in full.

A strapless bra embraced her torso, pressing her breasts together, forming a cleavage that had Kira aching to settle her features within. Intricate silver studs tipped the cups, and within the cleft of her assets hung a crystal as she had seen on the duke and all the shamanic followers of the Wyrm. The silver chain supported a clear crystal in a 178

thorned embrace. The artefact pulsated with a black and diabolic power, the esoteric creation throwing consuming lines of shadow across her divine physique. A thong of the same burnished fabric hooked straps over her shapely hips while flinging loose suspenders to snatch the black band of fine denier stockings. Regal patent thigh boots clutched to the contours of her succulent legs, setting the already imposing female atop skyscraper heels, the silver metal daggers carved with swirling patterns.

Behind her were several aberrations that may have once been men and women, but were now contorted parodies of their former shapes. Exaggerated of size with overlong limbs full of talons and wriggling cilia, the beasts were muscular and plated with sections of rough carapace, perfecting their image as guardians. Some had extra tentacles, or limbs that ended in serrated bone claws or wicked sets of pincers, the extra arsenal of natural weapons complementing their murderous visage.

‘I bid you welcome Lady Kitjana, may your time here be joyous,’ stated the seneschal as Kitjana stepped forward, lingering trails of acrid steam clinging to her billowing cloak. ‘The property of the queen is at your disposal.’

A set of claws reached forward from behind her and removed the garment, allowing her to simply walk from it, entrusting it to her monstrous servants. ‘Thank you, seneschal, I see that all are here…’ she began, turning her elegant gaze across the scene, acknowledging those she knew and accepting their bows and nods of fealty in response.

‘Except for my Dana… where is she?’ enquired the woman, taking subtle delight in Cassandra’s sudden tensing scowl, the familiarity with which she had addressed her beloved queen greatly riling the seneschal.


will no doubt attend shortly, my lady. If you would care to take your divan I—’ began the seneschal, indicating with her hand the allotted seat, but Kitjana again deliberately interrupted, dismissing her with casual indifference.

‘Later, I shall acquaint myself with those who are actually present first, seneschal,’ she stated, and walked off towards the other divans, greeting more personally those she knew well, leaving Cassandra virtually trembling with rage, her eyes flashing with resentment.

‘As my lady wishes,’ she spat, the woman already oblivious to the response Cassandra’s etiquette and station demanded she make. ‘Let the entertainment commence!’ she snapped, and with a huff of choler, Cassandra turned on her heel and marched back to her divan.

From the walls doorways opened up, stretching to let new flocks of people wander in and set up. The men and women arranged engines of restraint, and other erogenous devices, strapping down gorgeous slaves to be abused and tormented in ingenious ways, a spectacle for the crowd.

Fire dancers cavorted about the displays of algolagnic vice, juggling their brands, performing astounding feats of gymnastics. Shows of martial skill were also on offer.

Lethal combatants, enhanced by their undead status gave a more barbaric brand of entertainment to those who wished to enjoy the captivating show of combat ability and physical prowess.

The seneschal climbed up and dropped into the softness of her divan. Kira edged cautiously forward and kissed her boots, the act of obeisance failing to distract her owner as she continued to regard Kitjana with bubbling loathing. ‘May I get something for you, seneschal,’ she 180

softly offered, hoping to ease her beloved owner’s strife.

‘Did you hear me ask for anything,
?’ she barked sharply, making Kira flinch and retreat slightly. Tears started to well in her eyes from being scalded so, her wish being only to placate Cassandra’s wrath, instead she had only succeeded in annoying her further.

The seneschal saw Kira’s appalled reaction and her subsequent vain efforts to hide her distress, so she lifted herself, putting her hand to the face of her property and regarding her with an apologetic expression. ‘Massage my shoulders, my sweet slave,’ she said, unable to break her rigid shell of dominance by openly apologising, instead extending her regrets as best she could.

Kira offered a weak smile, sniffed back her sadness and crawled behind the woman as she sat upright, draping her arms over her knees, exposing her back to her servant.

Taking hold of the rubber-coated muscles and the mesh-sheathed shoulders, Kira began a gentle squeezing and rubbing.

‘Mmmm, that’s much better, slave,’ purred the seneschal, closing her eyes and drifting on the results of the tender care. ‘Once I’ve seen to the guests we’ll have to spend some time together, my little Kira. Would you enjoy that?’

‘Yes, seneschal, I’ll look forward to it,’ she said honestly, working her thumbs along Cassandra’s spine as her fingers continued to massage her neck. ‘Just you, me, and my demerits.’

‘Hungry for some discipline are we, slave?’ smiled the seneschal, letting her head loll forward for a moment before it jumped back up, her senses having detected something. ‘The queen!’ she exclaimed with glee, vanishing from beneath Kira’s hands and jumping back to the floor. With the sudden loss of her charge, Kira 181

dropped forward onto her hands, recovering her balance.

BOOK: Moonslave
4.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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