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‘…Visited the renowned public school, when last night, three of its students were abducted. The three girls whose identities are being withheld until family members can be notified were apparently in detention when the attack came. The teacher monitoring them has been killed, his body taken away where an autopsy hopes to learn more.

In the meantime, forensic teams are scouring the hall and surrounding school premises for any sign of what happened to the girls, and early reports suggest that clothing and possessions were left behind. This is…’

Kira turned and started to head home. With school cancelled and her arch nemesis gone, she was free. It was not long until school finished with her for good, and no doubt more oppressors awaited her in college and in the public sector, but surely none could be as bad as Sabrina.

Perhaps she should have felt a hint of regret, of guilt about being so elated at someone’s possible death, but at that moment she was only hoping that Sabrina, Tracy and Susan never be seen alive again.

Kira stepped forward, accepting the chain leash that connected to the naked form of Corin. Looking to the queen she then peered down at her pet, the woman regarding her with a happy grin. Corin was obviously amazed to have found a way out of her doom, to have escaped her dreadful fate and found a mistress more powerful than any other she could have hoped for, one who appreciated her for what she was, and could understand her better than any other.


The returning smile of satisfaction turned to one of callous conjuring as she looked to the girls, chuckling softly to herself as she contemplated all the dark deeds she would perform in revenge for their spite.

‘Congratulations Kira,’ added the queen, reverently kissing her on the cheek. It was almost maternal, a loving event that made Kira’s thoughts suddenly develop a new theory. She was not here as some arbitrary slave, or a mistress, she was not another faceless piece of the machine that was the palace, another cog in its gears, she was being groomed by the queen, tested, drawn through experience, carried somewhere for a reason.

The door closed as the queen departed, and Kira suspected more fully that she was here as the prodigy of the queen, an adopted daughter to carry on her legacy when the time of changes came.

The apocalypse was looming, the end of days, the beginning of eternal night, and Kira was ready to face whatever her destiny might be with distinction… after she had taken suitably apt revenge on the three miscreants before her, of course.


BOOK: Moonslave
12.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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