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Mrs. Jones’ Secret Life



Christopher Maddox



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This work contains content which includes graphic sexual acts. All characters in this work are eighteen years of age or older. This is a work of fiction intended for adults 18 and over only. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.


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Chapter 1


Mrs. Jones was a highly respected, well-liked English teacher at Westminster High School, located in a quiet suburb of Charleston, South Carolina. She was a true southern lady who had been teaching creative writing classes for a number of years. Since her classes were advanced placement, college prep courses, not everyone in the senior class could qualify to take them. Because of this, there were usually only enough students to make up two or three classes each semester. For reasons that will become clear later, this worked out fine for Mrs. Samantha Jones.

Samantha was
forty-one and in her prime. She was, by far, the prettiest teacher in the school. At about five-ten, her slender frame gave her a youthful, athletic appearance. She had captivating green eyes with dark-brown specs scattered lightly throughout. Her dark-brown hair curled down around her shoulders ending about half way between her shoulders and her breasts. Her breasts were not large, but on her small frame, they looked luscious and abundant. Her hips were narrow. However, she had one of those bottoms that men just couldn’t take their eyes off of whenever they thought no one was watching.

Unfortunately, she
lost her husband three years previously in an automobile accident. He had been a very successful criminal defense attorney who left her quite well off with a combination of investments and a large life insurance policy. Actually, Samantha really hadn’t needed to work for a number of years now, not since about the third year that her husband established his law practice. She taught because she felt that it gave her a sense of purpose, and she really loved her students, many of whom stayed in touch with her for years.

She lived in her family’s ancestral home in one of the nicest neighborhoods in the community.
Her parents were both deceased, so she lived in the big old house by herself, as she could not bear children. Her father had been the town’s physician for nearly thirty years. He had sent her to several top specialists, and all of them concluded that she would never be able to conceive. Her natural beauty was enhanced by the way she dressed, not provocatively but tastefully, in designer outfits that most people simply could not afford.

She could have
had nearly any man she wanted. She certainly had plenty of offers, but at this point, she simply was not interested in sharing her life. She was gorgeous, intelligent, and a highly respected member of the community who gave generously to its various charitable causes. All things considered, she was the height of southern propriety.

The two or
three classes that she taught each semester suited Samantha just fine because she really didn’t want to work full time. She was able to schedule her classes for the first thing in the morning, which gave her the rest of the day to pursue her other interests. At eleven o’clock, she would gather her study materials, and she would return home to her downstairs office, which was more like a library, and spend the rest of the day working there.

Her house was a
two-story structure that had been built by her grandfather, who, strangely enough, had been an attorney. The front of the house had a covered veranda that spanned its entire width. The double, crystal-inlaid, front doors opened up into a large foyer with a sweeping, curved staircase leading up the second floor.

To the right, through double
-sliding doors, which were never closed, was a large family room with a newly remodeled modern kitchen to the rear. The dining room was off to the right in an area that resembled a solarium because it was surrounded by windows on all sides. To the left of the entry foyer, through another set of double-sliding doors, which remained open, was a formal living room with a magnificent, hand-carved, deep-red, marble fireplace.

To the rear of the formal living room through another set of double doors was her
library. It had another fireplace that was almost the same as the one in the living room except it was adorned with hand-carved black marble. There were two more doors located in the library. One opened to the rear veranda, which again, covered the entire width of the house. The other one was connected to a hallway located behind the stairs that lead to the kitchen. This hallway went past a huge pantry and a wine cellar situated below the grand staircase.

though the rooms were large, closing the doors gave her a claustrophobic feeling, and besides, who wants to open and close doors all of the time. To the rear of the kitchen, under the veranda, was an outdoor dining area that seated eight people.

The upstairs had a large central gathering area from the stairs to the back of the house where a
nother fireplace was located in the center of the wall. All of the walls around the gathering area were covered with bookshelves containing photographs, family mementos, and of course, lots of books. There were four bedrooms up there, each having its own fireplace.

master bedroom was to the rear of the house on the right side of the gathering area. There were two more bedrooms to the front of the house. They were guest bedrooms used whenever family or friends from school visited. Again, all of the doors remained open. There was no reason to close them as she lived alone. The bedroom opposite of hers on the left side of the gathering area always had the door closed and locked. It had been a bedroom, however, Samantha now used this room to store some of the things that she didn’t use every day, and since it was used for storage, the housekeeper did not need access to it.

arriving home, she would usually change into something more comfortable, go downstairs, and fix herself something light to eat. Her lunch usually consisted of a sandwich, a salad, or perhaps a cup of soup. Upon finishing lunch, she would fix herself a cup of hot tea and proceed to her library to work. She always read and graded her student’s efforts before getting to anything else, but once she was finished with that she opened her dedicated laptop and began typing away at a book under the pseudonym, Crystal Summers.

She smiled each time she saw her pseudonym and
the reason why she used one .She was, in fact, a very successful author with a huge following having sold thousands of books over the years. However, the reason she used a pseudonym was because her genre was erotica. “If they only had a clue,” she mumbled, aloud with a chuckle. She thought for a moment about all of the times that her friends and fellow teachers would comment about one of her books or some erotic sex scene that she portrayed.

“Yea, that’s right Crystal. E
veryone thinks that you have such a great sex life, and you haven’t been laid in over three years, some sex life,” she said with some sarcasm in her voice. She would go insane, she thought, if it weren’t for her fingers and the several sex toys that she had at her disposal. The fact was that she stayed horny most of the time. When you write erotica, you have to live the scene you see in your mind, and when you describe the action in detail, it can get you pretty well turned on. She had, in fact, vibrators both upstairs in her bedroom and downstairs in her library. Downstairs they were locked away in the bottom drawer of her desk. Thank God, she thought, you could order anything you wanted on line these days and have it delivered in an unmarked package.


Nicholas Adams was a tall, handsome, well-built young man. He was not a sports jock or muscle bound, but he had a good physique. He was a serious student who was well liked by almost everyone because of his friendly, outgoing personality. His loosely brushed, blond hair, blue eyes, and broad smile, made him a favorite with the girls. Having an outgoing personality, he was not shy around them, and as a result, he had an active social life.

He remembers, as if it were yesterday, the
first time he saw her. It was during his second year of high school. She had been walking across the schoolyard with a couple students, and the sight of her simply took his breath away. She was tall and thin, athletic looking. She had long brown hair that came down and curled around her breasts, which looked as if they were just about the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. She was wearing a tight, emerald-green skirt, a red blouse with red high heel shoes and a belt to match. She was walking briskly, and apparently, she was unaware of how much her breasts were bouncing.

It was, however, her emerald green skirt that Nicholas couldn’t take his eyes off of. It was covering what he thought was the most incredible ass he had ever seen
, and at sixteen, he looked at all of them. He had no idea who she was, but he certainly wanted to find out. He would eventually determine that she was Mrs. Jones, a senior class English teacher.

Over the next two years
, he would take every opportunity he had to watch her as she went to and from her classes. To say that he was hot for her would be an understatement.

He lost his virginity
during his senior year to a girl who graduated the year before, and was now in her first year of college. It happened when she was at home visiting her parents during the Christmas break.

Margaret Cooper had wanted to have sex with Nick for the longest time. She dated him in her senior year
and tried to get him to have sex with her at that time. He was still a virgin, however, and wasn’t quite ready to take that plunge. After being away at college, Margaret was more experienced, certainly more aggressive, and decided that she was going to be his first.

The net of it is
that she went out with him and virtually laid her pussy in his lap. After a movie, they went out to park and neck for a while. She proceeded to get in the back seat, completely naked, and proceeded to show Nick what parts went where. Nicholas, being a bright boy, it didn’t take him long to figure it out, and he didn’t have to be shown twice. After having sex with her that first time, he was hooked, and they made love every day while she was home during the holidays.

When Margaret
returned to school, he resumed dating some of the girls that he had previously taken out, but now, he was willing to go all the way with them if they were receptive, and they usually were.

He was an excellent student, straight A’s in fact. The las
t B he received was back in his sophomore year, and he still thinks that he got ripped off. Obviously, he was going to college, he just didn’t know what he wanted to do as far as a career was concerned. He was, in fact, in one of Mrs. Jones’ creative writing classes this semester. He had been waiting to take her class for two years now. He sat in the center of the front row, which is where he sat in most all of his classes. He wanted to be able to see and hear everything in class without worrying about distractions.

In Mrs.
Jones’ class, however, his motivation was a little different. He wanted to be able to see her as closely as he could because, as you know, he had a huge crush on her. He thought that she was the sexiest woman alive, and he had daydreamed about making love to her on many occasions. He has had a crush on her, in fact, for the past two years, ever since he first saw her in his sophomore year. He still took every opportunity he could get to watch her walk across the school grounds. His desire for her was so great now that he couldn’t help but get an erection every time he watched her incredible ass sway back and forth with each step. There were many times when he would go home after school and relieve himself thinking about her beautiful face, her breasts, and that perfect round ass.

’s parents were quite open when it came to sex, and they were always willing to talk with him about it, especially his mother, Susan. She was the one who taught him all about sex, how it works, and she showed him how to do it. Not physically, but descriptively, very descriptively pictures, drawings, and books. She was smart enough to advise him to use protection if he felt that he just had to do it. Have sex, that is. She knew that eventually, he was going to become sexually active if he was going to mature normally, and she wanted him to be prepared. Oh, yes, she knew that he had sex with Margaret Cooper and that he was sexually active now. It appears that some boys will tell their mothers everything.

Susan was an avid reader and liked erotic romance. Nick became curious about on
e of the books she was reading one day, and asked her if he could read it when she was finished. It was the cover, actually, that caught his eye. She explained what it was and decided to let him go ahead and read it. They even discussed it after he finished the book. They talked about what each of them liked and disliked about it. They didn’t discuss it in lurid detail, but they talked about it more in general terms.

“Not much to dislike
, Mom, some of the scenes really got to me.”

“I agree, Nick
,” she said calmly, “the book has several places where the detail gets so explicit that it is almost impossible not to get turned on by it,” she smiled. “Crystal Summers is one of my favorite authors,” she said. “I like the romance and the spice that goes along with it. After all, Nick,” his mother told him, “sex is part of life. You know I would never go out on your father, but he actually likes me to read her books because it makes me horny,” she said, laughing.

many of her books do you have Mom?” “Oh, jeez, I don’t know, probably thirty, at least, perhaps more.”

“Can I read them?”
he asked.

“I don’t see why not
, Nick. I just don’t you to wear yourself out,” she laughed. “Just be sure you keep them here in the house, and for God’s sake, don’t tell anyone that I let you read them, or for that matter that I read them. Not everyone likes erotica and some might even ridicule you for reading it, okay, sweetheart?” she smiled. “No problem, Mom, it will be our little secret,” he said, as he gave her a hug.

BOOK: Mrs. Jones' Secret Life
13.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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