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My Dearest Naomi

BOOK: My Dearest Naomi
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Jerry Eicher is one of America’s most popular authors of Amish fiction, with more than 400,000 copies of his books sold!

Little Valley series…

Ella Yoder, a young, independent Amish woman, suffered a terrible loss. But now she must pick up the pieces of her shattered life and move forward. Will her faith in God and in her community survive?

Ella and Aden’s wedding and their move to their dream house is set for June. The beautiful wedding quilt is almost finished when tragedy strikes and the life they’d planned together is demolished.
Why would God take my true love home?
Ella wonders.

With Aden gone, Ella’s future is uncertain. Daniel, Aden’s brother, decides to finish Aden and Ella’s dream house. Should Ella sell the home and land? Or will she go against tradition and move in to the home alone?

Living alone for the first time, Ella ponders her options. How is she to make a living? How will she live without Aden? What is to become of her?

Two would-be suitors soon make their intentions known. Ella agrees to take care of Preacher Stutzman’s three motherless girls. Her heart is touched by their love for her. Could their affection be the answer for Ella’s shattered heart? Does God want her to marry Ivan so she can be the mother his three children need? But there’s the bishop’s offer of marriage to consider…and the unusual option of staying single and living in the home Aden designed.

Ella loves the widower Ivan Stutzman’s children. She is genuinely devoted to Ivan and keenly aware of his desire to propose, but her feelings stop just short of romance. Is her love for Ivan’s children enough to make a marriage work?

When a handsome
man seeks Ella out to ask about the Amish faith, Ella is wary but intrigued. She agrees to meet with him—but only with the bishop’s approval. Soon Ella is torn between her devotion to Ivan and his children and her growing feelings for the
. With dire consequences at stake, Ella must determine what her heart really wants, what God’s will is for her, and whether she will stay true to her Amish heritage.

Hannah’s Heart series

Jerry Eicher’s
Hannah’s Heart
follows Hannah Byler’s quest for true love within the traditions of the Amish faith. Although life in rural Montana is unfamiliar and at times dangerous, Hannah learns to thrive as she shoulders new responsibilities, deals with sudden hardships, and embraces her place in this small community of believers.

Hannah Miller’s Amish faith is solid and her devotion to family and the Amish community unquestionable. Yet her young spirit longs for adventure and romance. Troubling circumstances arise that provide a good excuse to spend the summer in Montana at a relative’s ranch.

Her heart awhirl with emotion, Hannah dreams about her future. Sam, the boy Hannah has known all her life, is comfortable and predictable. Peter is a wild card. And Jake is unpredictable and mysterious. Hoping for a dream come true, Hannah leaves the life she’s known and sets out for the wilds of Montana.

Hannah and her husband live near a small Amish community in a rough log cabin that is far from everything Hannah holds dear. Anxious about her new role as wife and soon-to-be mother, Hannah understands she must learn to control her anxious heart if her marriage is to survive.

When her husband loses his job and answers the call to ministry, they discover hardships will either drive them apart or draw them closer together. With winter pressing in and money scarce, Hannah is determined to find hope despite the fearful conditions.

Hannah is adjusting to married life. While her husband works long days as a furniture maker and minister, she stays busy keeping their home in order. Both anticipate their baby’s birth with joy.

When word of a Mennonite tent revival spreads and worry about losing church members mounts, Hannah’s sister arrives and quickly catches the eye of a bachelor whose brother left the church during the last revival. And when a neighbor—an
—announces his interest in one of the Amish widows, Hannah’s husband is caught in the middle of the controversy.

Will Hannah and her husband’s determination to stay faithful to God and the traditions of their church survive the turmoil?

BOOK: My Dearest Naomi
4.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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