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My Soul to Save



Melissa Solis


Book # 3 Soul Keeper Series

My Soul to

Copyright © 2013

Melissa Solis


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This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The characters and story lines are created from the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

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Chapter 1
~ Safe and Sound


The world around me slows down in a dramatic sequence of events that I absorb slowly as if they were snapshots of what was happening in real time. There I stand, fully encapsulated by Sam’s solid arms as chaos engulfs us like a wild fire, licking its hot tongue on the peripheral of our existence.  He is blissfully unaware of any of this.

If I have my say, he'll stay that way, a virgin to the bitter truth of whom he is, and what he's destined for, and what he's already condemned for. Sam will live life to its full extent without the burden of truth. My heart beats solely for him, and I give it to him, knowing without a doubt in my mind that he will cherish it forever. 

A bold flash of lightning outside, turns Elijah's eyes an eerie shade of silver for a moment. He stares into my eyes as I meet his gaze, looking over Sam's back. It sends chills down my spine and spikes the hair on the back of my neck up. Water drips from his supple lips as he stares straight through me. I bury my head in Sam's neck as he closes his arms tighter around me. I take in his warm, woodsy scent and bask in it. My Sam, my sweet, beautiful man, what kind of hell have I led us into?

Inara stands fast by my side while Elena pops up beside Elijah outside in the storm. She pulls his arm
, guiding him away, urging him to leave. He explodes in a fit of anger and my body ticks towards them. I want to help her. Inara gives me a serious, don't-even-think-about-it glare. In an instant, they disappear from sight, and my eyes turn up in worry. A dark skinned man, roughly the size of Manhattan, bumps my elbow as he moves past me. He gives me a toothy smile as if he knows me, and quickly makes his way over to where Elena and Elijah stood moments ago.

"We need to get you out of here and quickly," Inara says to me from the red sky version of this world. I pull back and look at Sam. His sandy blonde hair is still damp from the rain. He gives me an easy smile. When I couldn’t reach him, my thoughts ran through the worst case scenarios. He must have been flying the entire time.

"Are you staying here?" Not to lead him on, but I have to get him somewhere a little safer. The murderous looks Elijah was throwing out, weren't directed at me, nope. If he had the ability to red-rum somebody with just his glare, Sam would be in a few dozen pieces on the floor of this lobby right now.

flashes his room card and tugs my hand toward the elevator. He grabs a small duffle bag with his free hand. I glance back over my shoulder just as Elijah and Elena barrel through the lobby doors. Shoot!

I hurry and press the up button and nervously glance up at Sam. Elijah sprouts a pair of glossy black wings and Elena
dons pure white. Are good and evil at odds, or is it simply a jealous ex-boyfriend out for revenge? The dark skinned man finally manages to tackle Elijah and puts him in a hold with little effort on his part.

Just because he fell from grace, is he automatically under the command of evil forces? Inara hurries me onto the elevator car before the doors are fully open. I hear Elijah yell at Elena from halfway across the room. "I just need to talk to her! You know I would never hurt her!" My heart bottoms out as his glaringly loud plea and my face fills with color all at once.

Something inside is tugging at my better judgment. I want to know what he has to say.  But I'm in no way going to risk getting hauled off to hell again, I hope he understands that. My hand rubs my neck, where just an hour ago, I had a knife wound, which had the potential to be a decapitation wound, if Elijah hadn't shown up when he did, I’d be dead right now. He saved my life, the least I can do is return the favor.

Inara grips my arm as I reach out to stop the doors from fully closing. “No Brennen, let Elena do her job and keep you safe.” Only I can hear her or see her. Sam only looks slightly bewildered at my behavior.

Sam squeezes my hand as the doors close, and I melt into him as the elevator ascends. He leads me down the long stretch of hallway and slips his card in the door. The green light signals a lump to form in my throat. He glances down at me. Those rich honey colored eyes ask if I'm sure I want to go inside. Inara folds her arms over her chest and glares at me from half closed eyes. It looks like Sam's chance at alone time just went to hell. I meet Sam's careful gaze with a look of longing and need that he could never mistake for a maybe. He swallows hard before allowing me to enter first.

"I can't believe you flew down here. I was worried sick about you." I push into his chest. Immovable. He’s spent four years in the pool and the rest bailing hay, both of which has sculpted his body into a fine honed piece of eye candy. He's dressed in a velvety soft button down from
Abercrombie that lures my fingers over his broad chest. I caress the little moose embroidered over his pectoral muscle. "You were supposed to stay home and miss me terribly, then decide Yale was a real possibility after all." Really, I am so relieved he’s here right now I could squeeze the breath right out of him.

"I'm sorry I made you worry. I just missed you so bad
ly that I when I went for my morning flight, I couldn’t bring myself to turn the plane around." He pulls me in so that our hips touch. Sam is magical like this. He’s able to envelop me into his world so that the drama playing out downstairs, becomes a distant memory. The pounding out of my heart lets me know that this is what’s real, flesh and bone that I can feel with my own hands, not some ethereal being that can spark in and out of existence. What we share could never be manufactured in the mind of a powerful Angel; it has to be real.

Last night
, the truth of who I really am was laid out in front of me like a giant A-bomb. Blowing my mind to smithereens. Everything I thought I knew vanished with the revelation that I’m not even fully human. They revealed someone had been messed around inside my head, slicing and dicing my memories like some cosmic infomercial. Last night I learned that I had a whole other life, a whole other mother, who is a real live angel of the lord our God. I’d yet been able to process any of this and Sam, the true angel in my world was the only glue holding me together right now.  

I want to tell my body guard to wait out in the hall, give us just one moment alone. I try and wave her off without Sam noticing. Her shoulders bounce as if she's humored by my attempt
, and she plops on the sofa like she's not going anywhere, ever.

"I can't stay long, the house moms check on us every hour or so."

"I knew I wouldn't get much time with you, but every second I can steal you for myself, I plan on making out like a thief," he says it slow and velvety, kindling something inside of me. I want to be his accomplice in any crime of passion he's on the lamb for.

"I'm glad you came. I missed you too." I reach up on my toes and kiss his yielding lips as slowly and softly as I can. His chest rises and falls as he sighs out a deep breath. He turns our kiss into something much more. Sam’s able
to play tug of war with my heart, only I am letting him win. He can take
the line, keep pulling at it until he has us tangled up into one damned knot. I'm sticking this time.

I lie across his bed and kick my shoes off. The room is
quiet, and I wonder how Elena is doing with Elijah downstairs. I'm guessing the big guy is with them. He must be Sam's Keeper. I can't remember what they said his name was. Emmagen restored my ability to see the Keepers again and filled me in on the two realms of my reality. I am not a fan yet, so far it just feels like one weird out of body experience.

A huge part of me is mortified knowing that the big guy has been watching Sam and I make out for months. An even bigger part of me is downright ashamed that Elijah had to watch as well. It must have killed him if he really loved me as much as they say he did or still does? Cheese and crackers, I'm a mess.

Sam is frozen, standing above me, hovering. Probably wondering what the heck he's going to do with me now that he has me here. I lick my lips and wonder what's taking him so long. The gesture breaks his spell and he finally sits down next to me.
Okay this isn't awkward at all?

Elena's comment seizes hold of me. “Elijah, could just possess Sam and kill you that way." Shit! Why did they have to tell me everything? Sam is marked and can be possessed by a demon at any time, and his Keeper is not here at the moment.

I need to get out of here.
Suddenly, I'm afraid for my life. Sam inches forward dying to make his move.

I sit up and hike my leg up under me as I face him, rubbing the non-exsistant knife wound on my neck. "So how was your flight?"

"It was uneventful, which is always excellent. How did you do today in your meet?"

I shrug my shoulders. God, this morning happened days ago here, and I'm s
till numb from the weight that’s been placed over me. "I'm my own worst critic, you know."

"Bren, you’re brilliant. I'm sure you did amazingly well up there. He takes my hands in his. His touch is as welcome as the rain in a summer drought and I bask in it. My fear slowly begins to subside.

"Brennen, it’s time to go," Inara says rising from the small sofa. I guess everything is okay with Elena. I hope she at least managed to speak to Elijah. What if all they did was fight until he finally gave up and disappeared? What if that beast of a man hurt him?

"I'd better get back. I'll try and slip out once they make their rounds. All three of these girls sleep like the dead. Maybe they won't notice if I sneak out after curfew."

Sam nods and pulls me up from the bed. I slip my flip-flops back on. He reels me into an embrace, dipping his lips down to mine. He taunts me with soft kisses that beg me to return for more.  He offers to walk me to my hallway but I tell him it’s too much of a risk. Besides that, I need to be alone so I can grill Elena on just what happened.

As soon as I'm alone on the elevator she appears next to me causing my heart to exit throu
gh my feet. "Bless me now, Elena! You scared me. Are you alright?"

"Of course, what kind of warrior do you take me for?"

? I still think of her as my psychologist. "Is he weaker now that he is in that state?"

"Elijah could never be described as weak Brennen. He wasn't trying to hurt me, just bypass me." I raise a brow at her comment.

"Well what did he say?"

"He just kept saying he needed to see you. I told him it was too dangerous."

"I don't see the harm in talking to him. There are three of you and one of him."

"Look, I know you had your memory stolen, but Elijah is a force not to be reckoned with. If he really wanted to kill you, the three of us would be no match f
or him. There is a reason he is – was, an Elite. We can't take the risk of what may happen Brennen. He has your phone number if he "just wants to talk"." She makes air quotes while rolling her eyes.

I scoot to the corner of the elevator, attempting to hold back the tears. Why am I even crying over this? I hate that I'm so emotional. Inara looks down at me full of compassion
, and back up at Elena, torn between the two sides. She's quiet. Inara’s short curls bounce once as the elevator finally reaches my floor. She gently guides me out as if the small gesture will help stave off the turmoil my life has erupted into, and give me some semblance of normalcy.

I walk back into my hotel room where I find Taylor and Caitlyn actually preparing for tomorrow's meet
for our Model Arab League.

"Hey Bren. We are just going over our stuff," Caitlyn offers.

I am so exhausted. I just want to climb under the blankets and sleep for two days. Taylor pops the top off a Red Bull and pumps it into my hand. I give her a smile and plop down next to her. Maybe it will help take my mind off of everything. Or maybe I'll just sound like a bumbling idiot trying to make two coherent sentences.



The girls fizzled
out after about an hour, while I am still wired from the energy drink. Mrs. Rycroft peeks in on us at eleven O'clock; she won't be back until the morning. I blink into the Keeper's realm and find Elena perched on the dresser like some deranged owl, Inara is seated at the desk writing in a book.

I ease off of the bed, noticing my reflection in the mirror as I speak. "I'm going to take a shower, you won't follow me into the bathroom will you?"

My lips don't move at all in the reflection, and I think it's rather creepy. I think I'll shy away from all reflective surfaces while in this state.

"There's no need." She says dryly. Well at least I have one place that is safe from prying eyes. I gather my things as quietly as I can. I lean against the long marble counter as the water heats up, thankful to be alone for a moment. I hope Sam's still up, I'll text him when I get out.


Someone whispers
my name so quietly, it takes me a second to be sure I heard it.

Shit! I whip around in nothing but my bra and panties and find Elijah mere inches from me. He has his hands up
, pleading with me to be quiet, and not scream for my life. My heart jack hammers into my throat, and I'm not sure if I could even manage to get out a scream. He backs up and mouths the word please. His eyes are so full of sadness I could curl up and drown myself in them.

BOOK: My Soul to Save (Soul Keeper)
9.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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