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Never Say Never

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Never Say Never

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This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has been rated


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Jenna Byrnes


To Janice for patience, and walking me through this one. I appreciate it!


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Jenna Byrnes



Chapter One

The buzzer on Adam Reeve’s alarm clock sounded extraordinarily loud. He slapped at the box to silence it then laid his arm over his face, covering his eyes.

When it buzzed again, he sat up with a jolt.
Snooze button
. He must have fallen back to sleep. Sure the alarm was really shut off this time, he settled back onto his pillow and glanced across the bed.

. At some point, Nick had slipped out.

Adam sighed. Part of him felt a pang of regret, sorry his lover had gone, but another side of him oozed relief. After a long night of rakish sex, every inch of his body seemed used and abused.
In a good way.
Even after catching a few winks, he was still exhausted.

With one hour until I have to be at work
. Adam crawled out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom. He stood under the shower spray and let the water soothe his aching muscles.

Nicolas Fontana had excited him from the moment they’d first laid eyes on each other at Full Throttle Fitness, the gym where Adam worked as a personal trainer. Lots of great looking guys exercised there, and plenty of them made no secret about the fact they were gay.

Adam had only been employed there a year and a half, following his graduation from college with a kinesiology degree. For the first six months, he’d been in a committed relationship. Or so he’d thought. When his long-time lover, Mitch Silver, had left after almost five years together, Adam had been too hurt to think about dating anyone else. It had taken months to get over Mitch and several more months to realise he loved his job and didn’t want to jeopardise it by having sexual flings with clients.

Until Nick.

The new member’s muscular physique had been hard to miss. Adam had checked out his body first then his handsome face with its sharply chiselled nose and cheekbones. The stranger wore his black hair cut very short on the back and sides and longer on top. He started each workout with it slicked away from his face, but after an hour of stretching, straining, mind-numbing exercise, his black muscle shirt would be soaked with sweat and his bangs would hang in his eyes. The look twisted Adam’s shorts into a knot. The first time NEVER SAY NEVER

Jenna Byrnes



Adam had noticed, it had been all he could do
to follow the guy into the locker room and join him in the shower.

For two days, Adam had stolen furtive glances and tried to control his burgeoning hard-on. On several occasions, he’d thought he’d caught the man checking him out, as well.

Finally, Adam had taken the first step and initiated gym talk.

Nicolas had jumped at the opportunity, chatting up a storm. After a few minutes listening to his sexy voice, Adam had been hooked. He would have bent over and let the man fuck him on a treadmill if that had been the only way to get him. Fortunately, Nick not only had felt the same, he’d had a little more self-control. They’d arranged to meet for drinks after Adam’s shift and had made it as far as a secluded corner of the bar’s car park before they’d been all over each other.

They’d been intimate as often as possible those first two weeks. Nick was a busy executive for an organisation whose main objective seemed to be raising money for a local children’s hospital. Fundraisers sometimes required him to work late into the evenings, but he’d made time for Adam each day.

Balancing his schedule with Adam’s rotating shifts at the gym was still tricky.

Occasionally, it meant tugging off his jacket and necktie and meeting over the back of Adam’s sofa just long enough for a quick, yet satisfying, fuck.

Merely thinking about sex with Nick had Adam’s cock throbbing in the shower. He stroked the skin back and forth a few times before remembering Nick had asked him not to masturbate. He’d made the request nicely, and Adam hadn’t questioned it. He understood his new lover wanted to be the one to satisfy his desires. After squeezing his shaft once more, he grinned and released it. Waiting was better. Nick would give him all the pleasure he needed, whenever he asked.

He rinsed and left the glass enclosure then used a thick, plush towel to dry off. The friction caused his sensitised erection to twitch.
I’m such a slut! Sex all night long, and I’m horny
again. Only for Nick.

Adam tossed the towel over the rack and looked at himself in the mirror. There were several dark hickeys on his lightly tanned skin, including one on his neck he was sure his friends and co-workers would see—and mention. He had a turtleneck shirt which would delay the teasing for a day, anyway. Perhaps the mark would lighten.


Jenna Byrnes



He ran his fingers through his curly, blond hair and untangled it. It was getting shaggy, but when he’d mentioned a trim, Nick had discouraged the idea. Nick said he liked to run his fingers through the curls, and Adam couldn’t argue. He liked it when Nick did that, too.

Adam dressed and got out the door before he could fall into any more fantasies. It was almost a relief to be out of the small house which reeked of sex. He’d go home after work and wash the sheets, unless he went home and had more sex. Then, the sheets wouldn’t bother him.

He grabbed a bagel and a small cup of coffee on his way to the gym. He usually shied away from caffeine, but some days he needed the jolt to get him going.

A series of personal training clients would fill his morning, beginning with seventy-year-old Joe Neely. Joe was in great shape—and one of the dirtiest old men Adam had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone who arrived early knew to watch out for Joe, who teased about his bark being worse than his bite, and he only bit when invited.

Adam spotted Joe’s truck in the car park and downed his coffee before going inside.

After the little amount of sleep he’d gotten last night, he definitely needed the jolt today.



Despite his sex hangover, Adam’s morning flew by. He ate a chicken salad from the closest fast food joint on his hour break then got back to work so the other staff members could grab a bite. The gym hit a lull mid-afternoon when the lunchtime exercisers had gone back to work, and the employees had time to clean up the place.

Adam was bent over the lat pull machine, sanitising the equipment, when someone stepped close behind him and pinched his bum.

“Nice ass. I’d bet it tastes as good as it looks.”

He took his time standing up then slowly turned to face Nicolas and smiled. “So I’ve been told. What are you doing here? Don’t tell me you’re taking off early. I didn’t think the esteemed McAllister Foundation allowed anyone to leave before 6:00 and only then when you had a written excuse.”

Nick grinned, an endearing, lopsided expression that caused Adam’s cock to stir.


Jenna Byrnes



“Or a doctor’s note. I’ve faked a few of those. No, I found out this morning I have an event tonight, and I’ve no idea what time we’ll finish. To top it off, there’s a board meeting early tomorrow morning.”

Moving a step closer, Adam pouted. “How early? Tomorrow’s my late day. I get to sleep in but have to work until close.”

“I know.” Nick nudged his arm affectionately. “So unless I’m able to show up here sometime after my meeting to pinch your ass, it’ll have been a whole day, and that’s entirely too long to wait.” He glanced around the nearly vacant room then back at Adam. “I need to suck your cock, babe
I need you to suck mine to get me through this hellishly long day.”

Adam coughed and laughed at the same time. It was hard to deny Nick when the man spoke to him in such an engaging tone. “O-kay. Sounds great, but I’m working, right now.”

Nick looked around again. A lone woman huffed and puffed on a stationary bike. A female employee sat behind the desk up front. “Not too hard.”

“Sure, but I can’t just leave. We’ll get busy in a little while when people start getting off their jobs.”

Nick cupped Adam’s cock through his sweats. “In ‘a little while’, I’ll be back at the office, slaving away. I’m talking about now.” He motioned towards the front counter where the perfectly proportioned woman sat in her matching pink leotard and leggings. “Tell Barbie you’re cleaning the bathroom. We’ll be in and out in fifteen minutes. I’ll suck you so hard, it might only take ten.” He squeezed the growing erection and grinned.

“Shit.” Adam thought of a dozen reasons why a bathroom quickie was a bad idea and only one reason why he should do it.
He closed his eyes for a moment and enjoyed the hand caressing him then opened them again. “Five minutes. Ten tops.”

The wicked grin nearly split Nick’s face. “I can do five. I can do you in another five. Ten minutes will be perfect.”

Clutching a cleaning rag in front of his groin, Adam sighed.
I’m such a slut
. Only for Nick, who seemed to have Adam’s heart wrapped around his little finger. He took a few steps towards the front desk and called, “I’ll be right back.” His voice was a raspy squeak.

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