Nic's Devotion: An Endless Series: Book One

BOOK: Nic's Devotion: An Endless Series: Book One
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Nic’s devotion


One of An Endless Novel





Sara Hess





All Rights Reserved. No part of this book
may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or
mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage
and retrieval system, without permission in writing. This is a work of fiction.
Names, characters, places, and any resemblance to any actual person, living or
dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.













     “Damn, I’m starving.” Seth grumbled stepping out of my
black Escalade EXT. The truck rocked slightly as his two hundred and fifty
pound, six foot six frame disembarked. His dark brown hair was damp and shaggy
around his face from a recent shower. All five of us had slightly wet hair from
recent showers as we were just getting out of lacrosse practice. Seth was a
defenseman on the team. The biggest.

      Evan, one of our attackmen, jumped out of the back.
“Pit, you’re always hungry. You’re the equivalent of a human vacuum.” He
stretched his six foot-two body left and then right. Unlike Seth, Evan’s inch
length light brown hair was sticking straight up.

     I opened the driver’s door and stepped out. Landon and
Noah exited out of the passenger door behind me. The three of us were
midfielder’s on the team. While the defensemen were in charge of defending the
home net, and the attackmen stayed near the opposing teams net for possible
goals, the midfielder’s were allowed complete access to all parts of the field.
We ruled the field. However, we didn’t consider ourselves better than our
teammates because every player was important to the cohesiveness of the team.

     Seth growled at Evan’s use of the nickname, ‘Pit’. Evan
had given him the nickname two years ago in our freshmen year at the University of Virginia. Evan bequeathed him the moniker ‘bottomless pit’ (shortened to ‘Pit’)
because of his substantial appetite. Every time Seth heard it he said it made
him think armpit which left a bad taste in his mouth. I had to concur it would
for me too if I was called that.

     Landon stepped up beside me as I tapped the button on
my key lock. The truck beeped once telling me it was secure. This wasn’t the
worst part of town, but it wasn’t the best either.

     “Looks like another championship year for us.” He
stated, slapping me on the back. Landon was six-one with dirty blonde hair…with
touched up blonde ends…that was always perfectly coiffed. While the rest of us
were wearing jeans and t-shirts he was in an expensive pair of dress slacks,
button up shirt, vest and tie. However, underneath that buttoned-up businessman
apparel he sported one large badass tattoo. 

     Noah came up on my other side. His physique was the
same as Landon’s but his hair was brownish red. “Was there any doubt. We’ve
ruled the last two years, and this year is going to be another slam dunk. Don’t
kill me for the basketball reference.” He laughed and jogged ahead to escape
the head cuffs that were about rain down upon him.

     Our team has basically ruled Divisional I for the last
two years, but we did lose some good senior players this season while only
gaining rookie freshmen to replace them. It was a pain in the ass whipping
freshmen into college material players. They left their high schools as the
cream of the crop and came in thinking they were the shit, but we made them realize
that high school was over. They were in the big leagues now. We didn’t play; we
cut down the weak, stomped all over them, and then made something new out of
what was left. You either cut it or crawled away crying. We had all been there
at one time and we had all come away stronger.

     “As long as these freshmen keep shaping up we shouldn’t
have a problem. I’m not too worried about Craig and Jesse, but Matt, Trey, and
especially Curt could use more in-depth training. The three stooges can’t seem
to shake their high school mentality. Curt‘s attitude has been setting me
especially on edge lately. The next cocky word that comes out of his mouth is
going to earn him a fist in the mouth.” I gritted out in annoyance.

     Being made team captain this year had not been a
surprise. I was a natural leader and I’d been voted MVP the last two years, but
keeping some of these ingrates in line was really trying my patience.

     “Just make sure it’s away from campus grounds and we
can corroborate that he swung first.” Noah joked from up ahead of us. I knew he
wasn’t completely kidding though. If I was caught fighting on campus I would
get in serious trouble with the school and coach.

     “He’s a douche and a half. A few fists in the face is
the only way to beat the shit out of him. And when I say shit I mean actual
shit, because he’s full of it.” Seth muttered dryly.

     I laughed. “Well then you better stand back because the
shit will be flying.”

     Noah made it to the door of the restaurant ahead of us
and walked in while the four of us jostled each other to be next. Seth shoved
us all to the side and went in second as he was the biggest. I went next as I
was the second largest at six foot four, two hundred ten pounds. Landon and
Noah squeezed through together.

     This restaurant was a new one for us. I had gone a
different route so Noah could stop at a specialty store to buy a gift for his
girlfriend. We had all ribbed him about it until we saw the shop…a naughty
lingerie store. Piling out of my truck we had followed him in and stood gawking
at all the satin and lace. The sight wasn’t a new one for me or the other guys
as we got to see it on the female form regularly. Women came easy to
athletes…easy women who normally wore really nice lingerie. But to see a store
full of sexy underwear in all shapes and colors was a sight to behold.  

     The female clerk’s eyes had almost popped out of her
head when the five of us had walked in the door. She was early to mid-twenties,
stacked, and looked like she didn’t know who to set her sights on first, but
when her eyes had lit on me she’d began to sway towards me in that way women
do…not to sound boastful but with my athletic body and blonde good looks I drew
girls like bees to honey.

     Noah must have seen the intent in shop girl’s gaze
because he had intercepted and told her that he was the one in need of the
stores services. However, as we were leaving the woman had given me her number.
I wouldn’t call her though. I never called chicks. That raised expectations, and
it was like chasing. I never chased. They chased me. If I was interested I gave
them a little of my time and a lot of pleasure, but then I was out of there. I
didn’t have anything more to give them.

     The smells from the kitchen as we came through the
restaurant doors sent all of our stomachs rumbling. A waitress was walking our
way and had gone wide-eyed at the sight of us, but at the sounds of echoing
stomachs a small smile curved her lips before disappearing just as quickly. The
sound had been rather loud and reverberating.

     “Five for dinner?” She asked. 

     “Yes,” the guys chorused.

     I remained silent staring at her.

     Another small timid smile came and went over her face
at the guy’s loud consensus. Turning she grabbed five menus off the hostess
desk and then motioned for us to follow her. Leading us to a large round
mahogany table with six chairs the guys jockeyed for seats and another fleeting
smile crossed her face.

     I just stood and stared at her because,
this girl was gorgeous…a hit you in the gut how could anything be this perfect
gorgeous. Since walking in I haven’t been able to take my gaze from her. Her
eyes were an icy blue color that was almost mesmerizing, and there was a small
mole at the end of her right arched eyebrow that accentuated the effect of her
eyes even more. Women killed for those eyebrows. She wasn’t wearing any makeup
and didn’t need it, because her lashes were black and thick giving the allusion
of eyeliner and mascara, and her complexion was creamy taupe and clear. Her
lips were full, red and pouty like Angelina Jolene plushy, and there was
another small mole at the corner…the left side this time. Ohh, what I could do
with that mouth. Hair that was almost black, but not dyed, was pulled back into
a French braid that fell to the middle of her back.

     The girl looked to have some Spanish ancestry and
everything about her face was striking, but with a softness to it. However, her
body in a white shirt and black pants that were two sizes too big was hard to
rate. Even the apron tied around her waist hung slightly loose giving me no
idea on her waist measurement. She appeared tiny under all of it though.  

     “Dude, you sitting down or what?” Evan asked. The guys
had finally seated themselves in their chosen places, and were now staring at
me. Evan wore a smirk and looked from me to the waitress and then back to me.
The others were wearing identical expressions. The waitress was passing out
menus looking like she was doing her best to overlook my apparent ogling. There
was blush on her face and even though she wasn’t looking at me I could tell she
was uncomfortable. 

     Heat rushed into my face. What the hell! I never blush.
And I didn’t stare at women, they stared at me. Sitting down I threw a glare in
all their directions that conveyed ‘
not another
. A few
eyebrows rose, but they all refrained from going any further with what could
have been a good roasting on my behalf.

     The waitress walked by setting a menu on the table in
front of me and I found myself unconsciously rotating my body trying to catch
the scent of her perfume, but all I caught was a faint whiff of soap and
shampoo. Mostly she smelled like food.

That would be because she’s a waitress dumbass, and
you don’t do waitresses. So quite ogling the waitress!

     I didn’t consider myself a snob or anything, but my
family was extremely wealthy and if I hooked up with someone without money the
girl could set a lot of expectations on a relationship which was something else
I didn’t do. So I only had sex with those in my own class bracket who knew the
score that way when I moved on I didn’t feel like I was taking advantage of
them. Doing girls in the low income range just made me feel dirtbagish’. I’d
tried it a couple times and each time it had left a bad taste in my mouth. Even
though they’d known the score and went on their sated way having had their
orgasms, I still felt like a shit afterwards.

     The waitress whose name tag read ‘Carrie’ stopped in
front of the one empty chair and pulled out a pad of paper and pencil with a
yellow feather attached to it. For some reason the sight of it had my lip
twitching in amusement. The women I ran with weren’t that frivolous. They
wanted guys to see them as sexy not playful.   

     “Can I start you off with something to drink?” A
commercial smile curved her lips. I liked the others she’d flashed before more
even though they’d been small and fleeting. Her mouth still made this one look
damn good, but the other ones had been real.

     We all ordered water and then additional soda’s and
some chocolate milks…it does do a body good.

     “I’ll be right back with your drinks.” She pocketed the
pad and pencil and walked over to another table. Again, her clothes were just
too baggy to appreciate the rear view, but she had a graceful walk. 

     “Cute waitress.” Landon remarked in a deadpan tone.

     “Nice eyes.” Noah added.

     “Great mouth.” Evan commented conversationally.

     “Black hair.” Seth grunted.

     I held a fairly stoic expression until Seth’s comment.
The others guy’s also lost their cool at his remark. We all snorted with
laughter. The waitress looked back at our table curiously. I couldn’t seem to
stop checking her out.

     “Black hair, that’s all you could come up with?” Landon
gasped between snorts.

     “What? It’s black. It’s in a frick’in braid, what do
you want me to say about it. I could have commented on those orthopedic shoes
that she’s wearing. Now those are hot! But the hotness of them would have been
beyond your limited comprehension.” Seth grumbled picking up his menu. 

     “You got some kind of foot fetish we should know about.
Do I need to start covering my naked tootsies when you enter a room?” I asked
with a bogus concerned frown.

     Seth raised his menu in front of his face. “Boy, you
don’t want to know what my fetishes are, they would scare the hair off your
butt.” He voiced from behind it.

     We all raised our eyebrows at that statement but left
it alone to scrutinize our own menus. After all, a man’s inclinations were his
own affair.

     A giggling commotion erupted from the front of the
restaurant and we all instinctively lowered our menus to take a look. Four females
stood at the hostess desk. All of them were decked out in short miniskirts with
barely-there shirts, boots up to their knees, four blonde heads of hair
arranged perfectly, and makeup artfully applied.

     It was the Stepford omegas’.    

     There was a collective groan around the table. These
girls were alright for a one-nighters…no, make that fifteen minute quickies,
because anything longer than that was suicide inducing. It’s like the sorority
made a point of only pledging blonde, built, bimbo’s who held the minimum
number of I.Q. points enabling them the capabilities of speech. Unfortunately,
the conversations that came out of their mouths were equivalent to sticking a
chop-stick in your ear and then using it to jab at your brain over and over and
over again.

BOOK: Nic's Devotion: An Endless Series: Book One
11.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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