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Night Bites

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Night Bites



By Amber Lynn

Copyright © 2013 Amber Lynn


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.  The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


Warning: This book is the musings of a foulmouthed female assassin with Violence for a middle name. Reader discretion is advised due to language, violence, and sexual content.


Usually, I take a chance to thank my husband, best friend, and anyone who takes the time to download one of my books here. I do thank everyone, but this time I want to thank somebody extra special.

I want to dedicate this book to my own little Hellhound, who passed away this last year. She was a treasure and will always be missed. A new character's haughty attitude was inspired by her in this book and writing it while thinking of her brought back some good memories.


For Brigette

You will never be forgotten



Chapter 1

There was a truck and it was big


“Oh shit, anyone get the license plate on the truck that ran me over?” I think, and probably say audibly, coming alert once again. My body feels like it has been through the meat grinder five times too many. If anyone was wondering, one time is too many.

To imagine, I thought today was going to be a good day. Technically, for all I know a month could have passed, but for me it is all the same day. The same horrible day that I really wish was over.

Without opening my eyes, because I am horrified to see what is going on now, I take stock of my situation. My arms are no longer strapped against my sides, definitely a good thing. I am also no longer on a cold, hard table. It feels like I am on a bed. A nice bed and the sheets have a decent thread count.

Even better, I have clothes on.

Opening up my sniffer, I smell Alex, Jonas, Jake, and Smitty nearby. Sebastian is noticeably missing, which is too bad because he is the person I need most right now.

Behind all the lingering pain I feel, hunger is surfacing and I am not talking about an order of steak with bacon on the side. I need his blood and I need it soon.

“He is on his way back,” I hear Alex say from near my head. “He had a prisoner to secure and you know what a perfectionist he is.” If they are securing someone, I am surprised Alex isn’t there to supervise as well. The two of them are pretty particular about that type of thing.

I slowly open my eyes to see him kneeling beside the bed, my bed in fact. I should have known. Nothing feels as good as my own bed.

Alex’s face is marred with worry. I know he hates pain, and if he felt even half of what I was feeling via our connection, he is probably not very happy. It’s not really something I can apologize for, so I let it slide.

“The drug Tommy originally gave you made it so not only could I not contact you, but I couldn’t feel you anymore either. I knew something was wrong even before Marcus made the call. It was like you just dropped off the face of the earth.” That must have been loads of fun for him.

“Marcus wasn’t there,” I say hazily remembering that fact. “Jonas was though. Did Tommy do any lasting damage to him?” Taking Jonas down permanently probably would have taken longer than Tommy had, so I am hopeful he is still kicking.

“Jonas is fine. He was just paralyzed for a few minutes. Just enough time for Tommy to drag you away to his torture chamber,” Alex replies taking my hand.

I imagine Jonas isn’t thrilled that I was abducted under his watch. I will have to try to figure out a way to make that up to him. To think, I thought I was getting close to him forgetting about me wandering off one day. This won't help the cause.

For now, though, there are more pressing issues on my mind. Namely, where is that shithead Tommy?

“Oh Buttercup, it is good to see you awake,” Ben, also known as Demon Boy, says popping in sending a waft of strawberries my way. “You weren’t looking too good the last time I saw you, but here you are fit as a fiddle, and mostly no worse for the wear.”

I remember his red eyes flashing right before passing out the last time. Being incapacitated with a demon that wants me to be his incubator does not leave me with warm and fuzzy feelings about what may have happened.

“You aren’t pregnant,” Alex says answering the thought before I work myself into a panic. “He found you and brought you straight to us.”

I glance over at Ben a little surprised. He shrugs and says, “I told you I was giving you time. As pretty as you were all set up like a present, I want the mother of my children not to totally hate me.” Alex growls softly and Ben sits himself down on the edge of the bed, smiling at his taunt. “I did get to see the cutest little purple puppy head on your thigh. I didn’t even have to drop in on you in the shower.”

I imagine that isn’t the only thing he noticed, since I was lacking any and all clothing. Sadly, him seeing me naked is the least of my worries at the moment. I will have to scold him for not covering his eyes later.

“So, what happened with Tommy? You did leave him at least breathing so I can skewer him slowly, right?” I ask sitting up a little in the bed. Being laid out flat around two alpha males makes me feel too vulnerable.

“He is roughed up, but yes he is still breathing. Ben walked him through the front door here and we used the straps he had on you to get him into a cell and secure him there. We haven’t had time, but are hoping to get some information out of him before you go crazy on his ass,” Alex remarks.

Well, they had better make sure I don’t see him because once I do, nothing is going to stop this crazy train. Another jolt of hunger curls in my belly. I need food.

“I have done my part on checking in on the patient. Fangy mate is coming down the hall, so I will bleep out, for now. Two emotionally charged boyfriends are a bit much to take,” Ben says moving to lean closer to me. “I will see you soon,” he whispers softly.

“I cannot say I am exactly looking forward to that, but I do have to say thank you for rescuing me,” I tell him.

“Anytime. Next time, though, why don’t you think of calling a little bit sooner? Messages relayed through your boyfriends aren’t nearly as fun, and I could have saved you a lot of pain,” he says grinning and then disappearing in a puff of smoke. The smoke must be for dramatic effect because he hasn’t done that little trick before.

As the smoke clears, I look to the doorway and see Sebby standing there. Alex had just looked worried, Sebastian is clearly distraught.

He is wearing a nice, or would be nice, if it didn’t have splashes of blood on it, button down shirt. His hair is rather disheveled and altogether he looks very unkempt. It is probably a first for him.

He rushes to me and wraps me in a rib-crushing hug. It is good to feel him again, but I am still a little sore, so I try to pull back without losing all contact. Why my outside is aching when it was my insides that were destroyed, I have no idea. I just know it hurts.

“Sorry, love. I just need to touch you right now. I thought I had a little while longer or I wouldn’t have been down securing Marcus.” He pulls back to look down at me. I actually see red tears running down his cheeks.

“Oh Sebastian,” I say wiping his tears away. “I am fine now, so please don’t cry.”

“She is also hungry. Why don’t you go ahead and let her feed?” Alex says leaning back a bit from the bed.

“I imagine you are, love. Where would you like to feed from?” Sebastian asks. In our relationship, the person being fed on is usually the one that makes that decision. It is a little odd that he is giving me a choice, but I figure it has to do with the fact I am still pretty beat up.

“Is wrist okay?”

“Of course,” he says rolling up his sleeve. I feel a little awkward because this will be the first time either of us has fed with Alex in the room. Just seeing Sebastian’s bare wrist is enough to make me forget to ask Alex if he wouldn’t mind stepping outside.

I grab Sebby’s wrist and bring it up to my lips. The girls, Lil and Bebe, have descended and are ready for action. I sink them into the waiting vein and feel the rush of blood pour over my tongue.

Oh, so good. I continue sucking until I feel my hunger pains erode. The rest of my aching body feels rejuvenated. It’s amazing what a little blood will do for you. The girls start disappearing into their hidey-holes and I release the wrist.

Looking up at Sebastian, I see him crying even more. I know our feedings have never hurt before; in fact usually they are…

“What just happened?” I ask jumping up and out of bed. The happy ending we usually find was noticeably missing.

“Although the combination of drugs Tommy gave you didn’t have any effect on our bond,” Alex starts and I know I am not going to like the end of this at all. “The bond between you and Sebastian was severed. He is hoping it is just a temporary side effect, but only time will tell if it returns.”

“Why don’t you just recreate it? You just have to say some words, right?” I ask Sebastian as I tilt his face up so I can see his eyes.

“The vampire bonding that I invoked is a once in a lifetime kind of thing. It isn’t something you can do twice, even if it is with the same person,” he says grabbing my wrists as I hold his face.

“But that’s not fair. Why didn’t the drug sever the other bond?” I ask Alex, but refuse to stop staring at Sebastian.

“Best we can tell is the original bond blocking shot you got also blocked the second drug from doing it any harm. Well, at least any harm to a werewolf bond. The vampire bond is different and something must have gone wrong there,” Alex explains.

“It’s okay, Sebby. We will get it back and it will be stronger than ever when we do,” I promise and mean every word of it. “Just think, without it I am still certain I love you. I always thought that was part of the bond, but it can't be if I still feel it. We are going to be okay,” I tell him stroking his hair. I don’t really know how you comfort a centuries old vampire, but I will do my best.

“Without the bond, you two aren’t forced to feed from each other. I think that is weighing on his mind a bit,” Alex says. Since when did he become Sebastian’s mouthpiece? In normal circumstances, Alex would be getting smacked for speaking for the vampire.

“He hasn’t been very rational the past few hours. I admit I was pissed that Tommy got to you, but he took the anger to the extreme,”
Alex explains so no one else can hear. I imagine if the werewolf bond was gone, he would be in a similar state.

“He has nothing to worry about on my part. I guess, if he wants to feed from other people that is up to him, but I find the idea of trying my fangs out on anyone else very distasteful. I hope you don’t mind still being my one and only.” I really don’t want him going out to find other snacks, but the choice is one he has to make for himself.

Sebastian visibly relaxes and sighs under my grasp. “Thank you and no, I don’t want to find sustenance elsewhere. It would be like living for years on steak and lobster, and then being forced to eat one of those wretched Big Macs I tried once.”

I laugh remembering the face he made as he took a bite of his first brush with fast food. It was hilarious. I am pretty sure fast food went on his list of things to not even consider eating if you were starving and it was the only thing left. Being a protein rich diet girl myself, I would probably agree.

My brain travels back over the conversations I have heard since waking up and something sticks as important in my mind. Well, there are many things, but one in particular. Alex mentioned Sebby has been on a rampage and Sebby mentioned something about securing Marcus.

“I want to see Marcus,” I say in a very clear, authoritative voice.

The looks I receive back don’t look promising for a happy reunion. Nevertheless, they both stand to lead me out of the room.

Chapter 2

Who thought I would have to be the voice of reason?


We make our way down into the dungeon under the building. I still don’t know how long I was out, but I am obviously missing some important things. As one can imagine that makes me just a tad bit cranky.

“Why do you have Marcus locked up?” I ask. My dad has been dropping me clues that there is a traitor among us so I wonder if some big reveal happened while I was taking my little nap.

Alex is walking in front of us to lead the way. Sebastian seems to be afraid to leave my side and he's gripping my hand tightly. Too much harder and we may be having a few words about it.

BOOK: Night Bites
4.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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