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BOOK: No Strings Attached (The Pink Bean Series Book 1)
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“You… are…” Micky stuttered. She was aroused, oh yes, but also too intimidated to speak, let alone pull her top over her head.

Robin took a step toward her. “And you are beautiful,” she said, her voice serious. “And you need to get out of your head.” She kissed Micky gently on the cheek. When she started to undo the buttons of Micky’s blouse, Micky couldn’t keep her eyes off Robin’s upper arms. “Let me help you with that.” Robin slipped Micky’s blouse off her shoulders, and before Micky had the chance to even start feeling self-conscious, she ran her hands over Micky’s sides, flooding her with lust instead of self-doubt. “Let me take care of everything,” Robin continued. She unsnapped Micky’s pants next while peppering her neck with kisses, her breath hot on Micky’s skin.

Robin easily kneeled and tugged Micky’s pants off her, getting rid of her shoes in the process. Every time Micky caught sight of Robin’s gorgeous body and tempting smile, she felt a little less self-conscious because desire was starting to get the upper hand. Micky had only waited her entire adult life for this moment. A moment she had long believed she would never experience. Besides, Micky took good care of herself and there was no use comparing the state of her body to someone who was clearly a great deal younger
a fitness fanatic.

Robin had asked her out and brought her here. Surely a few stretch marks weren’t going to make the difference now.

“May I?” Robin asked, and brought her hands behind Micky’s back.

Having Robin’s hands all over her made Micky’s breath come faster, and she panted a little when she gave Robin permission to unhook her bra.

Then there she stood. Naked but for a pair of underwear in Robin’s bedroom. Micky had no more considerations about how odd life can be or any of that. Her mind was saturated with other thoughts. The first and foremost issue at hand was getting Robin’s bra off. But Micky didn’t have to lift a finger. Robin was doing all the work, giving Micky the opportunity to shamelessly gawk at her very gawk-worthy body.

Micky did make a mental note to later ask why Robin had asked her out. Why Micky Ferro of all the women in Sydney? But that thought soon got pushed to the side as Robin let her bra drop to the floor.

Micky’s mouth started watering. Robin’s breasts were so perfect that Micky’s first thought was whether they were real, then that thought was substituted by the prospect of touching said breasts with her very hands, her lips, her tongue. Micky’s insides were smoldering with a desire she had pushed away for too long. But this was it. This was happening. One-night stand or not, no strings attached or not, after this night, Micky’s life would be forever altered. She would be a new woman.

After she got rid of her jeans and she was just as scarcely dressed as Micky, Robin pulled Micky onto the bed with her. When their skin met as they tumbled onto the mattress, more fire ignited in Micky’s belly. She was all in now. She was ready to cast away the most persistent doubts, fears, and everything else that had held her back for so long. In this bed, Micky was not a divorced mother. She was a woman truly finding herself for the first time in her life.

Robin slipped on top of her, kissed her neck, her cheek, her jaw, then her lips for long, long moments, while her hands let loose in Micky’s hair, and her knee pressed against her panties.

Micky rode the wave of sensory overload happily. Despite her hard muscles, everything about Robin was so soft. Her touch insistent but light as a feather, her skin taut but smooth.

Micky’s breath came faster as Robin’s caresses intensified. Micky let her own hands roam across Robin’s back, digging her fingertips into her flesh, pushing her pelvis against Robin’s knee. Oh, what it would feel like when her panties came off.

Micky would have to wonder about that a little while longer while Robin took her sweet time kissing every inch of Micky’s belly before stopping and gazing down at her breasts.

Ever so slowly, on those strong arms of hers, Robin lowered herself until her mouth was hovering over Micky’s nipple, then she planted the most gentle of kisses on it. In response, Micky’s skin turned into a plane of goose bumps. Good God. If she wasn’t actually there witnessing this, feeling this, Micky wouldn’t believe it was really happening. The effect of just a small touch of lips on her nipple. How was it possible to feel so much from that?

Robin repeated the action on Micky’s other nipple, and again the sensation shot through her like an arrow made of liquid lust. The entire expanse of Micky’s skin was throbbing now. But Robin was far from finished with bestowing attention on her breasts.

Robin’s hard nipples pressed into the flesh of her belly, while Robin let her tongue dart around Micky’s nipples and sucked them into her mouth.

An involuntary moan escaped Micky’s mouth. Her entire body was turning into desire. Micky was being reduced to just pure want, raw lust, and the excruciating desire for Robin to rip her panties off and do what she was going to do.

It felt as though Robin was all over her, kissing her everywhere at once, while she kneaded her breasts, grasped her buttocks, and now… Oh, now Robin’s hands were dangerously close to Micky’s panties. Micky couldn’t take it anymore. She brought her own hands to her panties and, together with Robin, pushed them off her, baring herself.

As if by instinct, and as though this was all she’d ever done in life, Micky’s knees fell wide, allowing Robin to take in every last inch of her. Robin’s gaze on her body aroused Micky beyond belief. The desire coursing through her was unparalleled. All of this was new, but felt so familiar at the same time—so right.

For a brief moment, Robin painted a small but wicked grin on her lips, then she ducked between Micky’s legs. She kissed Micky’s inner thighs; she kissed the line of skin above her pubic hair, then let her lips wander down.

Micky’s muscles tensed with anticipation. This goddess of a woman was about to go down on her. Just the thought of it happening, seconds before it actually did, made Micky’s pussy lips pulse wildly. The pulse seized her entire body. Micky had been reduced to one giant pulsing mess of extreme need.

Robin inched her lips closer to Micky’s pussy. Then… touchdown. It was soft and excruciating and exhilarating all at the same time. Most of all, it was the most erotic sensation Micky had ever experienced. Lying in Robin’s bed like this, spread wide for her, with Robin skating her tongue along her lips. It was also almost unbearable. So much heat and pleasure traveled through Micky’s flesh. It was just too much. Soon, it would all erupt.

Robin danced her tongue around Micky’s clit while—oh goodness—she circled a finger around the entrance of Micky’s pussy. Robin slipped her finger inside, high and deep, while she kept dancing her tongue about.

Then it all came crashing down.

Years of pent-up lust, of denied emotions, of unmet desire exploded out of Micky in a series of high-pitched groans. Her muscles cramped, her toes curled, and her belly tingled with the most exquisite fire.

“Oh fuck,” Micky said when she came to.

Robin wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and climbed up to her. “I guess you really needed that, huh?” She had a silly smirk on her face.

“You have no idea.” Micky was finally able to fully relax, her head sinking into the pillow, as she looked into Robin’s face. Who would have thought that the woman who had spoken to her in such a rude manner would, only a week later, be giving her this sort of pleasure? Life was funny that way.

Micky should be exhausted, what with that obliterating climax just having taken the last of her energy, but she felt as though she could do this all night long. Yes, she had to get up early for work the next day—a blessing and a curse right then—but pouring people coffee wasn’t exactly rocket science.

Robin kissed her on the cheek, then on the nose, and Micky could smell her intimate aroma on Robin’s lips. This night was far from over. They’d already sort of agreed it would be a one-night stand, so Micky had to make the most of it. She was not leaving this bed before she’d had a taste of Robin.

“Don’t feel as though you have to,” Robin said, when Micky wiggled her way from underneath Robin’s toned body.

“Try to stop me,” Micky replied, emboldened by the orgasm she had just experienced, and spurred on by getting another good glimpse of Robin’s
hot bod
. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to run their hands and lips all over that?

Robin scrunched her lips together and nodded. “I wouldn’t dare.”

Micky looked into her eyes and wondered how she would react the next time Robin came into The Pink Bean and ordered her wet cappuccino. Micky certainly wouldn’t be able to serve it to her with a straight face—she’d probably burst out into a chuckle at hearing the word
. All jokes aside, and having laid their cards on the table from the very beginning, Micky did like Robin a lot. She liked her easy confidence that bordered on arrogance, but also the tenderness with which she had coaxed that orgasm from her, and the banter they had engaged in before. And this body. Good grief. Not even in her wildest dreams had Micky ever imagined finding herself in bed with a woman like this.

Micky ran a finger around Robin’s belly button, then dragged it up to in between her breasts. Again, while admiring their perfect shape, she wondered if they were entirely natural, but there was no sign of scars, and when pressed against her earlier, they had felt very soft and natural. She traced her finger up the slope of one breast and circled it around Robin’s nipple.

Between her legs, Micky went wet like a river again. Oh, to have the weekend to explore Robin to the fullest. Yes, an entire weekend, two full days, that sounded good. Should she suggest that later? Or would Robin not be up for that? She guessed that would depend on Micky’s upcoming performance.

Speaking of, Micky took Robin’s perfect nipple in her mouth, and as she did, her own arousal grew bigger once again. This was no time for performance anxiety, though Micky guessed it was only normal for her to feel a bit nervous. Should she ask Robin what she liked? Robin hadn’t asked her, but she had experience on her side. Micky couldn’t imagine asking Robin that. She would have to trust her gut—and do what she’d imagined doing many a time.

As hard as it was to tear herself away from kissing Robin’s breasts, from the way her own clit was throbbing, Micky derived it was time to go in search of Robin’s. She kissed her way down Robin’s belly, around her belly-button, migrating to her inner thighs, repeating what Robin had, with great success, done to her.

Once she was settled between Robin’s legs, and looking—really looking—at a woman’s private parts for the very first time in her life, swoop after swoop of desire rushing through her, Micky strangely felt as though she was exactly where she needed to be. This was it. She had arrived.

She kissed Robin’s outer lips, slowly moving inward, and trailing her tongue along her inner lips. Robin’s musky, earthy scent threw her a bit at first, until it became intoxicating and Micky started to lose track of what she was doing exactly. It was as though her tongue had taken over from her brain, and she licked and sucked, and to her great relief, Robin was squirming underneath her.

When Micky paused to catch her breath, Robin grabbed her hand and found her gaze. “Fuck me,” she said. Two short words with a grand effect on Micky. A fresh wave of arousal shot through Micky, while she brought her hand to Robin’s pussy. Licking Robin had been one thing—a glorious, exquisite thing—but to be inside her would be reaching another level of divine bliss.

Micky watched as one of her fingers disappeared inside of Robin, marveled at the wonder of it. Robin reacted instantly, groaning a little louder and, in between, murmuring, “More, more.”

So Micky gave her more. She fucked Robin with three fingers and watched, in wonder, the effect her very fingers were having on her.

“Lick me,” Robin urged.

Micky quickly complied, grateful for Robin’s instructions. She stroked deep inside of Robin while she let her tongue dart around her clit. It was one of the most amazing experiences of Micky’s life. To do that to another woman. To have another woman spasming with pleasure at the touch of her fingers and tongue. Micky was ready to quit her job at The Pink Bean tomorrow, if only she could repeat this a few more times.

“Oh, Micky,” Robin moaned. “Oh, yes.” Robin’s inner walls clamped around Micky’s fingers, sucking them deep inside of her.

Micky was so overwhelmed and aroused by everything that was happening that she felt she was right there with Robin, riding the height of her climax. Because it was her, Micky Ferro, having this effect on another woman, making her come at her fingertips. Micky knew there and then that this very act was the most powerful aphrodisiac she would ever encounter.

Instinctively, she knew when to withdraw, and let her fingers slide out of Robin. They were a wet and sticky mess, and Micky had no idea what to do with them.

But Robin urged her to come up. “Come here,” she said. Micky had no choice but to plant her wet hand on Robin’s sheets, probably leaving a nice memento.

“Not bad for a beginner,” Robin said and kissed her on the cheek.

Micky didn’t know what to say to that. She had many answers at the ready—“Just following your expert example.” “We’ll have to do that again some time very soon.” “I’m so so wet again.”—but she didn’t utter any of them, because she questioned their appropriateness. She was also riding a wave of extreme satisfaction at what had just taken place.

No one could ever take away her first time with a woman. She also knew it wouldn’t be her last.

Robin pulled Micky into a hug and whispered, “Trust me, I could do this all night long, but it’s late, and we have work in the morning.”

“Hm,” Micky groaned, wondering if it was all right for her to stay, but too lazy to ask. If Robin was the kind of person who wanted her to leave after what they’d just done, she would have to tell her very clearly. Micky just sank into her embrace, and then she knew she was welcome to stay. “And you have to do CrossFit,” she said, just to make conversation and keep her mind off the ungodly hour she would have to ask Robin to set the alarm.

BOOK: No Strings Attached (The Pink Bean Series Book 1)
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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