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No Way Back

BOOK: No Way Back
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No Way Back

Elayne S. Venton

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No Way Back

Elayne S. Venton

Hiding in a narrow pit from savage carnivores, Jake Santos is not too
happy about the chest-to-thigh contact with the male who jumped in
after him. Yet his body is reacting strangely to the friendly humanoid.
Forced to rely on one another for survival, Jake is drawn to the hunter
in ways he never imagined. Now he fears there may be
No Way Back
Trapped with a virile male Earthling until the Great Wallabuska
migrate through the plains, Drum can’t believe his good fortune. His
mate had prophesized about another male entering their lives whose
immune system could help not only them, but future generations.
Could this Earthling be him? She’d warned him to expect a challenge,
and she’d been right about that too. Drum has to seduce Jake into his
bed and then convince him to stay with him and his mate. He hopes
he’s chosen the right male because once he follows this path, there’s

Way Back


“Touch me.” Suva grasped the Earthling’s hands and drew him between her spread knees. She sat on her dining table, her legs dangling over the end, her pussy wet with desire.

“I…” He swallowed hard. The shy man with the olive skin and jet-black hair, so similar yet worlds apart from the people on her planet, looked over his shoulder at Drum.

Ah yes, it was good he sought permission from her mate. In the realm of their lovemaking, Drum would rule. The Earthling learned fast. She threw Drum a smile of approval. The gift he’d brought her today surpassed everything he’d ever done for her before. The Earthling represented life, hope, a new exciting future for them all. Eager anticipation glowed in Drum’s eyes, too. As naked as she, his golden brown cock jutted out from his smooth, brown-speckled skin. The tips of his pointed ears twitched with excitement, shuffling through strands of dark shoulder-length hair. Without a word Drum ripped the Earthling’s loincloth from his hips.

The man’s lips parted, but he said nothing.

Drum stepped to the man’s side. One hand caressed Suva’s leg and the other reached for the human’s low hanging sac. “I have claimed you both,” he said solemnly.

At Drum’s touch, the human sucked in his stomach and hitched his breath. His eyelids fluttered to half-mast, quickly hiding the burst of passion in his eyes. Drum slid his hand up the length of the thick cock, pressing it against the man’s belly, and let it fall, a little plumper than before.

Suva smiled at how willingly the Earthling succumbed to her mate. Without a doubt, the man was infatuated with Drum. Affection warmed her heart. How could anyone
love a strong yet tender Alishon like Drum?

Her mate played with the Earthling’s cock, stroking the silky skin until it thickened and elongated into a stiff, meaty shaft. “That’s good,” he said in a deep rumbling voice. He bestowed a loving lick on the Earthling’s ear. A needy groan whispered through the man’s lips.

“Now you must claim each other,” Drum said softly, taking a step back out of their way.

Suva stared at the man’s veiny cock, so different from the smooth rods of the Alishon males. The tip had a thick knob like a melted arrowhead, and the slit leaked his passion. What would it feel like having all that
inside her? Instead of being put off, the thought excited her. She leaned forward and licked the man’s nipple.

The Earthling gawked at her in surprise. Now that she’d regained his attention, she helped him skim his palms over her breasts in a sensual glide. The man watched his fingers flow over her curves as if they didn’t belong to him. His palm centered over her nipples and his strong fingers slowly squeezed the full mounds.

She inhaled deeply. Heat flowed from his hands into her chest. Her nipples peaked beneath his grip.

A languid twist of desire swirled low in her belly. Their gazes met and a connection flared. Tears of joy welled in her eyes.
Oh, we will all be so happy

Aquitash benine
,” she told him softly. “I belong to you.”

A spark of hunger flashed in his eyes. Uncertainty fled. His calloused palms gently squeezed and rolled the fleshy mounds. Her lips parted on a silent gasp.

He stared into her eyes and tweaked her nipples into hard buds. Tiny shocks skittered from her breasts to the tip of her clit. Lust burned through her core, hot and sticky, pulsing with primal need. Her fingernails bit into his wrists.

She’d never imagined she’d react so strongly to the human. Warm slippery fingers stroked between her legs, brushing over her dewy folds, making her hips jerk.
. He must’ve dipped his fingers into the ceremonial oil when she wasn’t looking and now he caressed her with the spicy ointment.

“So luscious,” he said in a voice dripping with arousal. “I couldn’t resist.”

Two fingers slid deep inside her pussy. “Soft and velvety.”

The ointment warmed and tingled inside. She clenched her muscles at Drum’s probing fingers, burning for fulfillment with each dip and swirl.

“Lie back,” Drum whispered.

As if under a spell, Suva reclined on the table. The human’s hands skimmed down her belly as she did so, lifted away, and resettled on her inner thighs. He nudged her legs wider. Without looking, she could feel his gaze on Drum’s teasing thrusts in her cunt. Did he like watching her mate penetrate her with his fingers? Did he long to bury his shaft within her glistening cunt?

She almost sobbed when Drum’s slick fingers left her and he moved behind the Earthling. The man looked pleased, however, to be Drum’s object of desire. He rolled his neck and spread his legs, pushing Suva’s thighs so wide her muscles burned. She lifted her legs up and set her heels on the table’s edge, out of the way, releasing the musky scent of her desire into the air around them.

Momentarily distracted from whatever Drum was doing to his ass, the human dipped down to her pussy and sniffed like an animal in heat, which Suva supposed he was. He looked up at her with a predatory smile. Then his eyes widened in surprise and he dropped his head lower to see what Drum was doing to his cock, his head and broad shoulders blocking her view.

The muscles in the human’s arms bunched and the fingers clutching her thighs dug into her flesh. After a few minutes, he raised his head and arched his back, allowing Suva to see Drum’s arm wrapped around his hip, his fist stroking him. A cock ring now encircled the base of his penis, holding that incredible erection for her.

Desire slowly glazed over the man’s eyes.

“We are ready, love.”

So intent was she on the Earthling’s rapt expression, it took a few seconds to understand Drum’s words. She lifted her shoulders off the table and watched him guide the human’s thick shaft toward her drenched pussy. She groaned with delight as the cone-shaped head spread her pussy lips open and penetrated her, dipping past the ring of muscle that would help stroke him to completion.

Drum gripped the man’s shoulder. The human paused, waiting for his lover to align behind him.

Oh, she’d waited so long for this moment. Drum had deposited his sperm many times into the Earthling, and the transformation had already started. When the human’s slightly pointed ears flushed pink, Drum would release the cock ring and Alishon-Human semen would rush into her womb, enriched with essential immunities.

The baby they created together, unlike so many Alishon children, would live.

She cried out in joy and excitement as the human and Drum both pressed forward.

* * *

Her mate inched across the narrow bed and snuggled up to her backside. With a determined nudge, he slipped his long smooth cock between her legs. “You’ve had another vision, haven’t you?” he mumbled sleepily. Hot and damp, Suva flung off the sleeping sheet. “Yes.” She lifted her leg and moaned as Drum pressed into her throbbing pussy. He began to thrust as a matter of course, but soon the hand that had been resting on her hip roamed over her belly and breasts. “I love the feel of your satiny skin,” he said, puffing warm breath past her earlobe. “And the smooth curves of your pussy.” He cupped her and then slipped a finger between the plump lips. “I love how wet you are, even though it was not I who made you so.”

“Drum --”

“Shh… It’s all right.” He pressed his teeth into the rim of her ear, making her suck in her breath. The bud he teased with his finger swelled. Rolling languidly on top of her back, he pressed her stomach flat against the bed, still rubbing her clit and pumping into her slick center. Then he pulled her up onto her knees. He drove into her harder now, his fingers abandoning her pussy and digging into her hips. Her breasts jiggled with each lunge.

“Does your dream lover take you like this, Suva?”

“Sometimes,” she answered, panting for breath. The pang of arousal stabbed low in her belly.

“You like it?”

“I like… to be fucked… in the same positions… you take him in my dreams.”

He growled and shoved deep.

The burn from his plunging cock made her wetter. He thrust faster and faster. The sound of slurping juices and slapping skin bounced off the walls of her small bedroom, spiking her desire. Her ears warmed and the tingling tips fluttered.

“Oh. Oh. Ooooh!” She pushed back against him, every muscle in her body constricted, holding him tight. Her inner walls clenched and unclenched as a hot orgasm rolled through her.

She thought she couldn’t take any more, but he heaved into her, stuffing her full. “
Equitash… benini
,” he snarled. His upper body curved over her back and shuddered, jabbing his cock into her again and again.
Yes, oh yes. I am yours, Drum

” Her orgasm burst wide open, flushing him with cream. Her heart beat like Vasser wings against her ribs.
Great pulsars!

After a few moments, she relaxed. The muscles in her legs quivered. With a long moan, Drum pulled his cock from her slick pussy. Suva slumped onto the bed, her cunt still contracting with little orgasms. Drum slid down beside her, his perspiration-slicked arm draped over her back.

Suva turned her head and smiled at him. As much as she loved Drum, wished she could bear his children, she knew it would never be. Not this way, at any rate. Both their family lines had gone too many generations without an Earthling among them.

Her lover smiled back, but it was a sad smile. He licked her ear in a show of affection and she purred at the prickly sensation his tongue left behind.

“I love you, Drum.”

“I love you, too,” he said, his eyes serious. “That is why I must find the Earthling of your dreams… for you, for us.”

Chapter One

Jake Santos ran across the grassy plain, dashing forward, then turning around and scuttling backward as he fired at the behemoth chasing him. The ground shook from the plodding weight of the beast. Each step closed the distance between them.

He’d never outrun it. Panic stabbed his chest. He ran backward firing again and again, barely aware of his boot heels connecting with the soft ground until he stumbled over a root, and the ground swallowed him. Dirt sprayed over his head, along with pebbles and twigs. His back bounced off a dirt wall and he was thrown forward into the opposite wall. A heartbeat later, he landed in a contorted heap at the bottom of a coneshaped pit. Two men could easily fit side-by-side at the top of the opening, but the walls tapered at the bottom, giving him little room to untangle his limbs. Up above, the creature’s thudding footsteps halted. A thunderous bellow vibrated Jake’s eardrums.

Death plagued Jake’s mind as he waited for the beast’s next move. He scrunched down as far as he could, his broad shoulders grinding against narrow dirt walls eight feet below the surface. He picked up the laser gun that had fallen from his hand and pointed it toward the opening above. How intelligent were the creatures on this planet? On his travels through space he’d learned not to underestimate any being, whether it looked frail and defenseless or colossal and invincible. The memory of two of his fellow scientists writhing in the massive jaws of one of these beasts, splintered bundles of blood and shredded flesh, burned his throat with bile. He
would not
die that way.

BOOK: No Way Back
8.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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