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She lifted her head and glanced over her shoulder. His narrow nose widened to flared nostrils, making him appear to have a wolf-like expression as he inhaled. He held his mouth tight, in a cruel, yet sensual way. “I’m going to fuck your ass the way you’ve always wanted me to.” Nicholas said.

“Too much talking, not enough action,” she hissed in frustration. She groaned when he delivered another hard slap on her ass. She gasped as the tension continued to build within her core and cried out when he pushed the plug inside her anus.

“You’ll do well to learn some patience, princess.” With his free hand, he delivered another swat to her backside.

“Oh, fuck Nicholas!” She grit her teeth when he rotated his wrist, pushing the plug deep inside her.

“Perhaps I should have gagged you before inserting this inside your ass.”

Slowly, he pulled the plug out, before pushing it back in as it started to vibrate. Nicholas smiled when she whimpered in pleasure.

Her moans heightened, becoming shouts of ecstatic pleasure as he swirled his tongue over an ass cheek while twisting the plug deep inside her. The delicious, savage combination forced her to try and pull away, but she couldn’t. He nibbled and bit the flesh, making her cry out.

The building ecstasy he was creating with his mouth was ferocious, yet passionate.

Moments passed, allowing Pearl to realize how the pained pleasure of his anal probing continued to escalate her enjoyment. Each thrust led her to building pleasure, forcing her inner muscles to tighten.

As her body detonated, she thought she saw stars before her eyes. Pearl’s cries filled the room as her climax flashed up her spine like fire while Nicholas continued pleasuring her. She buried her face into the sheets while the last of her orgasm ebbed.

Collapsing, she continued to pant as the light-headed feeling consumed her. Her body felt like liquid jelly as he removed his fingers and the plug. She sighed when he pushed himself from the bed and went into the bathroom to wash.

Nicholas returned with a triumphant smile upon his face. “So looking forward to fucking that sweet ass of yours, darling.” He crawled over top of her, allowing his cock to brush against her body. She groaned at the connection.

“Please put your cock inside me.”

“I’m going to fuck your pussy, soon enough,” he growled roughly.

Pearl swallowed hard and nodded in agreement. “You’d better.”

“Oh, so we’re giving instructions now? Better behave yourself, little one or you’ll

regret those words.” Nicholas growled.

Pearl reveled in the primal promise lurking deep within his eyes. “Now, let’s sample these delicious tits,” he groaned deeply before rolling her over onto her back and gathering the large globes in both hands and squeezing them together. “So sweet and ripe.” His eyes twinkled when he pulled both peaks into his mouth, sucking them hard.

Hands still above her head, she clenched her teeth as he nibbled her diamond hard nipples.

She trembled as his long tongue snaked from his mouth, lapping at the bites he’d just inflicted.

He paused to look at her. “You like this, don’t you? Knowing that I’m in control, and can do anything I want to you.” His eyes drilled into hers before he bent down to bite a nipple.

He paused. “You’d better answer me, Pearl or I’ll stop.”

“Yes!” Pearl’s hips jerked upward against his body. “Yes, I love this. Just don’t stop.” She tried to squirm but couldn’t. He pressed half his body weight against her. The feeling of helplessness engulfed her as she tossed her head from side to side against the silken sheets.

Nicholas released her breasts. “You’re mine baby, all mine,” he purred darkly, bracing strong forearms on either side of her chest.

She reveled in the feeling of the large, thick bulb of his head brushing against her soaked pubic hair.

“You’re so fucking wet and I want nothing else more in this moment than to plunge my dick deep inside you.” He continued while rubbing his cock against her clit.

She bit her lip as she witnessed struggle for control on the man’s features. “Do it!” she demanded. “I’ve had enough of your teasing.”

“As you wish,” Nicholas said with a smile. Reaching down he guided his dick inside her needy cunt. His stroke should have been a swift one, as wet as she was. Nicholas was long as he was thick, and it had been a long time since she’d had sex.

She watched as he bore down, forcing himself inside her, inch by delicious inch,

stretching her.

“Mmm,” he purred huskily. “You’re very wet, and so mother fucking tight!” He added.

Gasping, she stared into his face as he continued working his way deep inside her, his body trembling. Every inch of his cock incinerated her body with need from the inside out. Finally, to her satisfaction and relief, Nicholas sank balls deep inside her.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been wanting to do this every time I’ve laid eyes on you.”

Slowly, he pulled out and pumped in hard. “Every time I’ve seen you passing by, I looked at you, craved you, knowing your pussy would be sweet as fucking nectar.” He thrust

deeper than the first few times, tearing a cry from her throat.

“Ah Nicholas, you feel so fucking good inside me.” She brushed her lips against his, enjoying his hot breath against her skin.

Pearl shivered as he closed his mouth down onto hers and thrust into her long and hard.

She continued shuddering with the mindless pleasure invading her body. The pleasure

heightened, growing stronger with every stroke of his dick.

Abruptly, she came apart and moaned against his lips. Mindlessly, she bucked as he

continued riding her to his orgasm. As he came, he bit her neck so hard that she lifted her hips up against his.


Releasing her neck, he reared his head to the ceiling, crying out her name. “Pearl!” Body shaking from her orgasm, she watched, all starry-eyed as the veins in his powerful neck bulged while his large hand bunched the silk sheets in his grip. She whimpered as he collapsed on top of her, showering her with soft kisses. His large hand cupped and

stroked her jaw-line as he planted more kisses upon her lips.

“Sweetheart, what have you done to me?” He gasped as he slid off the bed to free her from the cuffs. She watched as his soft gaze turned hard. “Oh, I believe I’m straying from our fantasies. I owe you a good ass fucking now.”

“Yeah, you do,” She agreed, turning over onto her tummy. “Use the plug on me, please.”

Pearl licked her lips in anticipation. “And don’t forget the blindfold.” She snapped.

Grinning, Nicholas reached into her dark chest of wonders, retrieving a black blindfold.

“Now, on your knees, ass up in the air,” he demanded.

She did as she was told, thrusting her ass out to his hungry gaze.

“Mmm,” he hummed while squeezing the flesh of her ass after covering her eyes and

tying the fold. “Say my name.”

Her senses tingled. Pearl knew what was to come. After all, she’d confessed her innermost fantasies to him. She bit her lip in pained pleasure as his large hand connected with her ass. After ten good hard smacks, she finally called his name.


Grasping her hips, he dragged her to the edge of the bed, along with the silk sheets.

Quickly, he smoothed lube over the butt plug and inserted it inside her, making her tight opening ache with delight.

She heard him move, reaching into the nightstand again. “Cat-o’-nine- tails.” She thought to herself. A shrill of excitement slithered up her spine, raising the hairs on the back of her neck.

The lashes stung as he cracked them against the fleshy part of her ass, making her wince.

Five stinging lashes made her whimper as her legs trembled violently. Pearl writhed in sweet torment as she contemplated begging him to stop.

Five more lashes caused her to cry out, almost bringing tears to her eyes and her legs trembled as she felt him lean in to lick the stinging sensations along her ass. She sighed in relief as his tongue stroked the sensitive area. Even as he continued this, she was still aware of the plug humming inside her ass. Soon, he’d replace that with his large cock.

“Kiss me baby,” he demanded as he dropped down beside her, grabbing the back of her

head. He sucked, nibbled and licked her lips until she opened her mouth for him. With long, mating thrusts, his tongue claimed hers, swirling around in her mouth.

Wanting to do nothing else, she returned his savage kisses. Her tongue chased his, begging for more. Quickly, he ceased his actions, his lips still close to hers.

“How’s that tight little ass of yours? Are you ready for my dick?”

Pearl panted as he twisted her nipple. “You really don’t care if I’m ready or not, do you?” She winced as he gripped the bud harder between his fingers and whispered into her ear.

“You’ll pay dearly for that assumption,” He nibbled her ear. “Mind if I take a peek at that sweet little hole, darling?” He rose and stood behind her vulnerable ass. His finger explored the crevice of her spread cheeks, down to her labia. With ease, he slid through them, before circling her clit. “I can’t get over how fucking drenched you are. You

enjoying yourself, darling?”

“You know I am, you bastard.”

Nicholas’s hand connected with her backside, making her yelp. “That’s Master Bastard to you, sweetheart.” His fingers reached inside, retrieving the plug from her stinging anus. Ultimately, he replaced it with a thick, middle finger.

Pearl jerked her hips back, fucking his finger.

“How does that feel?” Nicholas pulled out slowly added another finger despite her


“Relax, darling,” he cooed. With his other hand, he slid two fingers inside her cunt.

“Yes, Nicholas, fuck yes!” She howled in pleasure as he simultaneously

fucked her pussy and backside.

Nicholas removed his fingers and leaned against her, forcing his large cock inside her ass.

Pearl whimpered as he painfully stretched her.

“Now push out, slowly, baby.”

Obeying, she moaned as his cock sunk in her ass, inch by inch. “Mmm, fuck you,


“No, darling,” he growled. “Fuck you.” He said before reaching around and stroked her clit. He continued impaling her on his cock, slowly rocking his hips against hers until they were melded as one, his dick buried deep inside Pearl’s virgin ass.

“Nicholas!” She cried as he pulled in and out of her ass. She loved the feeling of being totally dominated. The dark pleasure rolling up inside her from the combination of his cock pumping inside her ass and his fingers manipulating her clit and pussy made her eyes roll in the back of her head. She writhed in pleasure as he squeezed the engorged button between his rough fingers.

“Ah, that tight ass is milking my fucking cock!” He bit out fiercely. “Am I conquering your ass the way you fantasized?” He fisted a handful of her hair.

“Answer me, darling.” He said through clenched teeth, while rendering her helpless with long ruthless strokes. “Is this how you dreamed of me, violating every fucking hole in your body?”

“Yes!” She groaned, enjoying the pained pleasure her lover was giving her. The tight knot of pleasure gathered and pulled in core, making her groan as Nicholas’s cock rocked in and out of her ass.

Finally, she screamed and bucked into his muscled body as her orgasm shook her to the pits of her soul. Soon after, she felt him climax as long streams of steaming cum spurting deep inside her ass.

She collapsed flat on her belly, as he gently withdrew from her backside. He lay beside her, strong arms drawing her against his body so they were now facing each other. A

feeling of satisfaction ran through her when he kissed her with passion and fire, rekindling feelings she’d thought had burned out long ago.

She fixed her lips to speak, but Nicholas smiled, before pressing his lips against hers.

“Shh, darling.” He squeezed her tight. “Won’t you let me hold you for a while?”

Pearl sighed as she relaxed against her lover’s broad chest. It had been so long since she’d been held.

“Just so you know, this isn’t over,” Nicholas spoke before kissing her on top of her head.

“You belong to me now, do you understand?”

She looked up into his eyes and nodded. Not only had Nicholas fulfilled her fantasies, he’d also filled that dark void that had taken up residence in her soul, quite some time ago. He kissed her on the cheek and stroked her hair until they fell asleep in each others arms.

Chapter Eight

Pearl woke to find Nicholas’s arm draped possessively over her body. When she tried

struggling free, he tightened his grasp and growled.


“Where do you think you’re going?” He rolled his hips, pressing his erection against her sensitive ass cheeks. The man had spanked bitten, and spanked her some more until she swore her ass had turned several different shades of red.

“Downstairs for a snack and a soda.” She said with a giggle when her protective male began nibbling at her neck.

“Soda is bad for your teeth, stay here with me,” he said with a groan. “If you’re thirsty, I’ve got a protein packed drink that’ll quench your thirst. Much healthier for you too.”

“Nicholas.” She jabbed him in the ribs.

He laughed huskily. “You have twenty minutes,” he said jokingly. “If you’re not back in that timeframe, I’m coming after you.”

Pearl turned to give him a quick peck on the cheek, but he had other things in mind.

Nicholas grasped her chin in the palm of his hand, his tongue slipping through her lips, dueling with hers. She moaned against his mouth while his hands roamed along the

length of her body. Finally with a quick pat on the ass, he released her.

“Hurry back.”

“Do you want anything?” she asked as she slipped from the bed and wrapped herself in a robe.

“Yes, but you’re leaving me for soda.”

“I’ll be back.”

He growled and rolled over on his back, a faint gleam of moonlight flashing on his fang.

Golden orbs stared at her through the dark of the room. “I’m waiting.”

BOOK: o 90a29c48d0ad7f81
8.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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