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Nicholas hoisted her up in his strong arms and began kissing her. When he finally

released her, he pressed his forehead against hers. “You should know that you’re not getting rid of me that easily. You’ve really got to do some major damage to chase me away.” He laid a palm against her cheek and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“I couldn’t bring myself to speak last night. I felt paralyzed.” She admitted, as she took the roses and baby breath from him. She inhaled deeply. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He followed her into the kitchen and leaned against the counter

while she found a vase and filled it with water. “Pearl, I left because I thought you needed your space.”

“I shouldn’t have let you go. Guess I was more embarrassed than anything.” Pearl

slipped the flowers in the vase and arranged them before turning to face him.

“That’s okay, together we’ll deal with everything,” he assured her.

He looked at her through narrowed eyes, his nostrils flaring. “Anything worth having is worth fighting for Pearl Marie Gordon. I’m not giving up on us, do you understand me?”

Placing her hands on his forearms she nodded. “I’ll do my best to share my feelings.”

“Just take your time and tell me what’s on your mind. You shouldn’t have to worry

about upsetting me.”

She glanced up at him. “Upsetting you?”

“Well, yes. I waited for you to give me an answer several times this morning and you just sat there, so timid and afraid to speak. When you become nervous, you pick at your nails, look at the floor, any place except here.” He pointed to his eyes. “Woman, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me what it is you want or what you’re thinking despite what you think I’ll do. There’s nothing you can do or say that’ll cause me to want to ever want to hurt you. You don’t have to live in fear anymore,” he assured her. “You never had too. Why can’t you see that?”

“You’re absolutely right,” she nodded, finally realizing her worth for the first time in years as they held hands and strolled from the kitchen to the living room sofa. “It’s time for me to move on with my life. I can’t keep spinning my wheels like I’ve been doing.”

They both sat down, facing each other.

The one thing she’d figured out was the many times Danny would accuse her of having

an affair when in fact it was he who’d been sleazing up with any bar cow who’d found him attractive.

Pearl tensed at the old memories flashing back. Danny was long gone, and yet she still remained a prisoner inside her own head. She deserved the kindness and warmth of

someone who’d actually cared for her and she was bound and determined not to throw it away.

Nicholas stroked her chin. “What are you thinking about?”

“Freeing myself from my own mental prison,” she assured him with a smile. There’s so much to work on and I just hope you’re patient with me.”

Nicholas kissed her slowly, passionately. Making her heart flutter. He stopped to gaze deeply in her eyes. “A real man knows when he’s got a good woman at his side and he’ll go through hell and high water to keep her.” Before she could respond, he gripped her tight and kissed her again. Releasing her, he pressed his forehead against hers. “Now, I really need to tend to your basement. If I don’t do it now, it won’t get done and that wouldn’t be very professional of me, would it?”

“I suppose not,” she whispered breathlessly.

He rose from the sofa. “Shouldn’t take me long,” he assured her. “Why don’t you go get comfortable and wait upstairs for me, hmm?”

Her breath caught when he trailed a finger from cheekbone to chin. His touch ignited her body. The passion under his stroke gave her goosebumps and her heart raced.

His eyes narrowed. “Remember that little dark chest of wonders you showed me in your bedroom?”

“Yes?” Her voice cracked and she scarcely breathed as she imagined Nicholas using her sex toys on her.

“Get them ready for us.” His face was a pure mask of unadulterated promises as he

swooped down to plant another kiss on her lips. With a growl, he tugged at her bottom lip before breaking the connection. He turned and disappeared into the basement.

Panties soaked, Pearl rose from the sofa, her knees knocking together. His touch still lingered on her skin. Mr Wolford certainly knew the right buttons to push, she decided as she journeyed upstairs to her bedroom.

Chapter Seven

That evening, a feeling of excitement coursed through Pearl as she exited the shower stall and stood in front of the full-length mirror. She paused to listen to Nicholas hammer away in the lower level of her home.

She glanced toward the open bathroom door and smiled. Slowly, she dried her body

before applying lotion. As wicked thoughts flooded through her mind, she began

imagining Nicholas’s large hands exploring her curves. With a sigh, she wrapped the

towel around her body.

Closing her eyes, she spread her legs as she stimulated her clitoris and thought of the tall, broad shouldered man.
Her man.
Suddenly, the hair rose on the back of her neck as the first wave of her orgasm crashed into her core, ripping a strangled cry from her throat.

Opening her eyes, she gazed into the mirror. Pearl’s heart ceased beating for one long, endless moment when she saw Nicholas standing in the doorway, his brown-eyed gaze

locked on to hers. Turning to face him, she willed herself to breathe. A powerful,

energizing force gathered in the air as he moved toward her.

“Don’t stop on my account.” His baritone voice caused a gush of cream to cascade from her pussy. As if she wasn’t wet enough. “I was enjoying the show.” He smiled before adjusting the large bulge in his faded blue jeans.

Pearl’s nipples drew into tight peaks as he closed the gap between her and the door. His tanned, muscular chest heaved with excitement. “Pearl, you’ve been holding out on me,” he breathed.

She smiled playfully while securing her tresses in a high bun. “Didn’t see you standing there.”

“Oh, but I think you did.” He quickly yanked the towel from her body and tossed it to the floor.

“I’m loving this game of cat and mouse,” he murmured. “I just watched you make yourself come and you think I’ll just let it go?”

Pressing his body against hers, he rolled his hips against her in a slow, suggestive grind.

Pearl’s breath hitched as he slipped a large denim-clad thigh between her legs. Before she could react, his mouth claimed hers in one fluid motion. She thought she heard him growl as his tongue impatiently thrust between her lips.

“Let’s take this slow, shall we?” He whispered in her ear.

His thick-fingered hands caressed her full breasts while gently teasing her taut nipples.

His touch was filled with the promise of a lengthy, passionate filled love-making session.

The hot bloom of pleasure swirling inside her forced Pearl’s eyes shut.

“Mmm, don’t stop,” She murmured breathlessly.

“Sensitive?” Nicholas purred.

Pearl nodded.

“Answer me.” He demanded.

“Yes!” She tried to moderate her rough breathing, but the sensations of Nicholas’s work-roughened hands were pushing her to the brink of climax.

“Good.” He tugged the sensitive tips, tweaking them gently until she cried out in hot pleasure. “Take me to your bed, now.”

Eagerly, Pearl led Nicholas to the bedroom. Halfway to the bed, he gently nudged her against the wall.

“I’m going to enjoy torturing you,” He breathed huskily before catching her by the back of the neck and forcing her against the bedroom wall. “Place your hands up against the wall.” His dark baritone voice caused her pussy to clench. “You like to be dominated, don’t you?”

She didn’t answer or lift her hands to the wall.

“Answer me Pearl.”


“Just as I thought. Spread your legs and lean into the wall.”

Eagerly, she carried out his demand.

Nicholas nudged her feet apart, almost knocking her into the wall. “Let me see that

beautiful ass.”

Shaking, she waited as he lightly brushed his fingertips down the deep cleft of her back and to the crevice of her ass cheeks. She was so wet that the liquid crept along the crease of her inner thighs.

“You’ve got such a beautiful, fucking ass worthy of licking until the full moon rises.” His large palm connected to her left cheek, making her bounce up on her toes. The sharp, unexpected pain caused her to curse.


“Now turn around,” he commanded softly. He watched her carry out his command. ,

Grabbing her thick hair, his lips met with her neck. Softly he sucked he flesh before grazing his teeth against her skin.

Closing her eyes as he sucked on her neck, Pearl spread her thighs when he slipped a hand between her legs.

“Do you know I can smell that sweet, wet pussy of yours?” He asked, before removing his hand.

He leaned against her so she could feel his straining cock against her stomach. Pearl’s breath hitched in anticipation when he encircled his arms around her. She shuddered as the exquisite heat from his embrace poured over her flesh. She bit her lip when his hands slipped down to caress her ass.

“You are so very wet for me, aren’t you?” His voice rumbled with dark male anticipation.

“So tight, slick, and ready to be fucked. Are you eager for my cock?”

Defiantly, she refused to answer.

He gently squeezed her ass cheeks. “Answer my question.”

“Yes.” she gasped. “Fuck, yes!”

“You’re not getting it, not yet. Not until you allow me to explore that beautiful body of yours. Do you want me?”

Heat flooded Pearl’s face. “Yes, of course I want you.”

“That’s good darling. Every nasty little fantasy we’ve discussed will get played out tonight, right here in your bedroom. We’ll start with the little chest of pleasure you told me about.” He gestured to her nightstand containing all kinds of naughty little toys.

Licking her lips, Pearl gasped at the juicy visions dancing in her head. “This moment had been a long time coming, and she wanted to thoroughly enjoy.

He leaned against her body, nuzzling his lightly bristled jaw against her neck. “I’ve been wanting to do this to you for such a long time, Pearl.”

“Stop teasing me,” she pleaded. He was driving her crazy. “I want you so much, it hurts.”

“Come over here and let me soothe that ache.” He commanded as he sat on the bed.

She walked over to him and stood. Quickly, he pulled her between his legs, apparently mesmerized by her body. His ragged breathing enticed her as his hands roamed along her flesh. With two fingers, he parted her lips, bent down and kissed the swollen bud between her thighs. Almost losing her balance at the sensations fluttering through her body, she clutched his shoulders and threw her head back, enjoying the tingling sensation on her clit.

“Nicholas.” To give him better access, she propped a foot up on the side of the bed while he kissed and licked the soft tender areas between her legs and her cunt.

With a groan, he slid off the bed and onto his knees as he continued worshipping her pussy.

Entwining her fingers in his hair, her eyes connected with his as he lapped her cream and gripped the soft flesh of her hips.

He slowed his actions and glared at her. “Set your own pace, darling. Ride my face.”

The sight of her juices clinging to his face made her core tighten. Pearl melted and ground her cunt against his face as he softly nibbled her clit. She cried out as she felt the tip of his tongue exploring her pussy. She hissed in pleasure when she felt it slither just inside the opening of her lips, top to bottom and back again.

“I want to come,” she whispered.

He delivered one last sizzling kiss to her clit and stopped. “No.”

“But I’m so close,” she pouted.

“Didn’t you just make yourself come in the bathroom? This is your punishment for starting without me,” he teased. “Now lay face down on the bed. I need to shower some attention on that ass of yours.”

Licking her lips, she obeyed and laid down to give herself in offering to the man who invoked such delicious, dark passions deep within her soul. She sighed as the cool silk sheets caressed her sensitive skin.

She looked over her shoulder when Nicholas opened the nightstand and pulled out cuffs.

His gaze met hers, and he smiled. “We’ll get our fair share of use out of these tonight,” he promised her.

Pearl moaned when she felt the warm brush of his fingers as he stroked the inside of her legs, then the cool metal snapping around her left ankle, then her right. He knelt beside her and arranged her arms above her head before snapping the cuffs around her wrists. When he finished, he stood directly in front of her.

“You’re creaming again. I can smell you.” His voice was a dark, sexy rumble. Ridges and slabs of muscle flexed with his exertions as he peeled the clothes from his body. The brown hair dusting his chest stretched from one nipple to the other, ultimately snaking down over taut stomach muscles to his pubic area. Her breath caught at the sight of his muscular thighs.

His massive, hard cock saluted her, and just below it, she witnessed large tight balls constricting tighter against his strong physique. Taking his cock in a large hand, he stroked it teasingly. “Tonight, I’m going to live out every fantasy I’ve ever had about you.”

Pearl smiled as her eyes connected with his. “Paybacks are a bitch, Mr. Wolford.”

“True. But right now, I’m in control. You’re even more beautiful naked than I imagined,”

he said in that low, masculine tone that melted her insides. “Those beautiful thick, brown thighs and delicious, full tits of yours drive me up a fucking wall.” He stroked his cock, as if he were unable to suppress his own hunger.

“What are you waiting for, wolf? I’m naked and vulnerable to you.” she teased before laying her head down on the bed.

She heard him chuckle as he walked around the bed, prolonging her agony, leaving her anticipating his next move. Nicholas retrieved a bottle of lube and Pearl’s unused butt plug from her dark cabinet of secrets. He generously coated the instrument with the gel before delivering a hard swat to her ass.

BOOK: o 90a29c48d0ad7f81
10.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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