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Obama Zombies: How the Obama Machine Brainwashed My Generation (2 page)

BOOK: Obama Zombies: How the Obama Machine Brainwashed My Generation
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You know who you are, you inane celebrities who helped popularize the meaningless yet catchy slogans of "hope" and "change" and "yes, we can."

Yes, we can? Yes, you did . . . become hapless tools used to remake America in ways that breed unemployment and multiple job losses, create further economic collapse, embrace weakness, cling to pacifism, and trample on every freedom we possess. Congrats, fools. This is our generation. It's a clarion call to all those who don't want to see our future flushed down Nancy Pelosi's and Barney Frank's toilets.

If you want to see just how creepy the Obama Zombie cult has become, go YouTube a video called the "Obama Military Youth Brigade March in Formation." Pledging fealty to any man is, well, scary. But this takes it to a whole new level. Around ten young men enter a room, bopping back and forth while chanting "Alpha, Omega . . . Alpha, Omega . . . Alpha, Omega." One after another, these clueless runts talk about how Obama inspires them to be the next this and the next that:

"Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next doctor."

"Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next lawyer."

"Because of Obama, I aspire to be the next chef" (says the fat kid, of course).

The pledges were all there: to be a fireman, engineer, mechanic, you name it. They then turn to face each other, chanting "Yes, we can!"

"Take core responsibilities of our own lives--yes, we can!"

"Have our own dreams--yes, we can!"

"Demand that more fathers spend more time with their children--yes, we can!"

The madness all ends with a shout of "Aooo!"--whatever the hell that means.

Seriously. Do you need Obama to inspire
? You need Obama to inspire career dreams? Really? And if Obama is a misera
ble failure as a president, which he's shaping up to be, will then your dreams be dashed? Will it then be okay to revert to being a deadbeat dad with no direction or ambition? Wouldn't it make more sense to invest your energy in, say, core values, not a man? Isn't that, after all, the American way?

* * *

in Manchester, New Hampshire, during the primary, Kimberley, a young volunteer, introduced B.H.O. to a crowd of young supporters. She captured the essence of the Obama Zombie: "Hope is an idea, it's a feeling, a belief, a revolution, a role, a possibility," she said before Obama took to the stage. Obama then delivered what
writer Andrew Romano called "pure millennial uplift."
Obama said:

It's time for us to put aside the partisan food-fighting. If you know what you stand for, if you know what you believe in, if you know who you're fighting for, then you can afford to reach out to those who don't agree with you on everything. We can create the kind of working majority that we haven't seen in this country for a long, long time. If I've got the American people behind me, I fear no man. Nobody can stop us. We can do everything that we want to get done.

Now, back to reality. What the hell are you going to do about radical Islamic jihadists, sir? How many billions of dollars are you going to confiscate from me and my grandchildren to pay for your redistributionist schemes and political kickbacks to your ACORN and SEIU cronies? How many banks and car companies are you going to seize? How many police officers will you call "stupid," all
while race-baiting? How many speeches will you deliver to the hostile regimes begging and pleading for forgiveness for America being . . . well, America?

"But how can you blame Generation Y?" you say. "After all, look at the slobbering lovefest they were subjected to by the most in-the-tank liberal media in presidential history." Fair enough. And, indeed, the media-driven marketing marvel that was the Obama campaign created Obama Zombies with lightning speed.

Take Luke Russert. On election night he was in Bloomington, Indiana, on the campus of Indiana University. This is what he told NBC's Brian Williams:

I think what the significance of this evening means comes through in a text message that I received from a childhood friend of mine, is that it's our turn now. And he's referring to our generation, the millennial generation, who really invested their time and effort in Senator Obama, President-elect Obama, and
view him as this blank slate where all their hopes and dreams and aspirations will be put upon
. . . . For the first time in their political lives they feel like they have their own leader, somebody that understands them, feels their concerns and will fundamentally bring a difference to Washington, something that we've never seen in our lifetime. And I think just on the face of it, a lot of young folks never thought they'd see an African-American president. And these are the young people, these are the romantic people who are supposed to be optimistic. And it happened tonight. (Emphasis added.)

Ah yes, the good ol' racist canard of voting for a man because of
the color of his skin, not the content of his character. Only this time the color is black not white. Fixation on one's skin color is just wrong. It's antithetical to everything good in America. It is anything but postracial. Indeed, we won't truly be a postracial society until we vote against Barack Obama in 2012 because he is on course to be an abysmal failure as president, not because he happens to be biracial. That will be the moment when we have truly transcended race in America, as our liberal race-baiting friends like to say.

And yet . . . still we get these whimsical, postracial words of harmony and healing from two celebrity Obama supporters, rappers Young Jeezy and Jay-Z, at a D.C. election celebration:

I know ya'll thanking a lot of people right now. . . . I want to thank two people. I want to thank the motherfucker overseas that threw two shoes at George Bush, and I want to thank the motherfuckers who helped them move they shit up out the White House. Get it moving, bitch! My president is motherfucking black!

Well now. Can't you feel the postracial unity in the air? Nothing to do with skin color here. Nope. Not in the least.

But the fact is that young people are the biggest suckers for the diversity hustle. During the primary, a student at Tennessee State University couldn't decide whom to vote for. Her diversity radar was going off the charts. She told an MTV reporter she couldn't decide between voting for Clinton or Obama: "It is a big issue with black women, whether we want to [vote for] a woman or an African-American. I would love to see a joint ticket."

Here's an idea. How about vote for the one with the best ideas. Groundbreaking, I know. Let it be said, I don't care if your name
is Juan Carlos, John Smith, or John Wong, I will vote for you if you have the right ideas. Diversity is, um, irrelevant. The best thing about multiculturalism is the food.

Hans Riemer, national youth director for Obama, and former operative for the--ahem!--"nonpartisan" Rock the Vote, confirmed just how postracial (snort) this election was: "This is the most diverse, multicultural generation ever; they embrace diversity, they think differences are cool. Young voters are turned off by anyone who is repulsed by differences."
In another interview, Riemer admitted that there's more fascination with B.H.O. because of his skin color, or as Reimer put it, "the chance to elect a black president."

It is significant that a country where blacks were once slaves now has a black president, but rooting for and ogling over a candidate because of his skin color is one mighty backhand to the notion of a color-blind society--the true intent of the civil rights movement. Our support for or against a candidate should never be determined on the basis of race. Millions of truly postracial young people in this country didn't cry and weep like babies when Obama was elected. We mourned for our nation's future.

Here's some more puke-worthy racialist thinking from other Obama Zombies: "The youth have come out in droves like we've never seen before," said Kathryn Lavelle, a Rutgers University student, "and I think it's because it's an exciting election. It's the farthest an African-American has come, it's the farthest a woman has gone."

Writing for the leftist toilet paper magazine the
American Prospect
, beta male extraordinaire Paul Waldman captures the diversity fascination with the left and Obama:

If Obama were to become president, the symbolic value of him taking the oath of office--a multi-racial man who was partly raised overseas in a Muslim country--would provide such an extraordinary contrast with his predecessor, the very embodiment of what many see as the worst of America in all his ignorance, arrogance, and parochialism, that it would instantly suck the life out of a good portion of the anti-Americanism that has presented such an obstacle in recent years.

Obama's advisers, notably David Axelrod and David Plouffe, knew that the youth vote, steadily increasing since 2000, could play a major role in the '08 election. And they guessed right, creating the most coordinated, directed, interactive youth effort in modern history.

Team Obama set up "camps" around the country to train students to engage the youth vote on their campuses, equipping them with "the nuts and bolts of presidential campaigning."
So complete was the Obama campaign's obsession with lobotomizing the youth demographic that the cash-flushed Obama campaign even bought ads in video games, such as Guitar Hero and Madden NFL 09. As one campaign staffer bragged, "when you're buying commercials in video games, you truly are being well-funded."

But the truly big money was spent on dominating college campuses with an unprecedented youth outreach effort. Team Obama's "youth consultants" soaked university campuses with radio and television advertising.
They had more than five thousand paid field organizers overall, in addition to the Obama boot camps that were organized around the country.

Barack's mastery of new media and technology created an online presence that did far more than release campaign talking points; it
was an interactive hub that identified and connected supporters with each other, encouraged community blogs, generated field material for door-to-door peer interaction, and stacked volunteers to man phone banks. Then there was the cutthroat community organizing and the Students for Obama chapters that sprouted up on every major campus nationwide (one thousand in all). And how about those youthful gestures--"brush the dirt off your shoulder" reference comes to mind--which included the fist bumps, the three-on-three basketball tournaments, the DJs, and the ubiquitous assumption that Obama was, well, one cool cat. After all, Dear Leader uses a BlackBerry, we were told! Stop the presses! All the components were assembled to churn out the Zombies.

And churn out the Zombies they did. When Obama appeared before Super Tuesday outside the MTV studio, eighteen-year-old Michael Madison confessed his bro-mance with B.H.O. "I am a straight man completely in love with Barack Obama," he said. "In 2004, I heard him give a speech at the Democratic National Convention. I fell in love and I've been in love ever since."

A student from Garden City, New York, who was also outside the MTV studio said, "The way he makes you feel, it's like when you're going to pick up a girl for a date."

Most of us would agree that a politician shouldn't make you feel like you're on a hot date.

But tell that to blogger Michael Whack, at the College of Charleston in South Carolina. On O's website, in the community blogs section, we find this bit of reportage of Michael's encounter with Obama's radiant aura during a rope line appearance. After seeing a gentleman shake hands with Obama, Michael experienced the following:

As the guy drew back his hand I asked him, "You shook his hand didn't you?" Happily the guy said "Yes." I then said, "give me some of that" and the guy shook my hand with the same hand he had just clasped with Barack's. A woman friend of mine who was standing next to me saw me shake hands with the guy. I turned to her and said "He [the guy] just shook hands with Barack," to which she responded . . . "Hey, give it up." We then shook hands. . . . This chain of hand shakes went on for about five or six more persons. . . . I felt some solidarity with this stranger, consummated by a handshake and signifying some unspoken agreement presumably about Barack Obama and his core message of UNITY!

Nauseated? If so, you're probably one of those conservative racists. Either that or you're just not stylish and down with the coolness, yo.

Mark Buhrmester, young Obama supporter, had an honest observation: "Having a hip candidate like him makes it difficult to support someone else. Barack Obama is in style, so if you don't support Barack Obama, it's like you're not in style."

And there's the rub. For Obama Zombies, it's all about style over substance. It's all about feelings, not facts. Young people become liberals through osmosis today, whether it's on campus, through the media, or even with allegedly chic MTV programming. In this book we will analyze and demolish the liberal conveyor belt that spits out Obama Zombies, a machine that has robbed brains by the bushel. And what you see will make your jaw drop.

But make no mistake. We are on a collision course between government control and individual freedom, between the empowerment
of people and the empowerment of massive and sprawling bureaucracies. This administration will shackle our generation to the whims of Washington if we don't get our act together and shake off the Obama hangover. "Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope," said Aristotle.

BOOK: Obama Zombies: How the Obama Machine Brainwashed My Generation
9.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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