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Sizzler/Submission Bondage

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"You've been nursing the same drink for the past thirty minutes.

Will you please just down it so I can get you another one?" Dancing

up to the table, Rosa urged in a sing song voice. Her hips continued

to sway to the music playing in the small club.

"I'm fine, really." Paige sat with her hand cupping her drink.

Lifting the glass to her lips, she took a sip and set it back down on the

table. It was now warm and didn't taste as good as it did cold, but she

wasn't much of a drinker.

"We came out for you to relax. So come on, relax and have some

fun!" Rosa's rounded hips continued to undulate while she took a big

swig of her own drink and danced away once more.

Paige shook her head with an envious smile, wishing she could be

carefree like Rosa. But she wasn't as confident about her looks. She

knew her long blonde hair was nothing spectacular. She kept it curled

so it framed her oval face. The light makeup did little to hide the

freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. Standing

five foot two and a half, she was average looking, a little on the

heavy, full bodied side. Nothing compared to Rosa's amazon good

looks and her perfectly flawless skin. Releasing a sigh that blew a

lock of hair across her forehead, Paige pushed the stray strands back

in place.

It didn't matter that she was out there dancing by herself. Rosa

twirled around the floor, swaying from side to side, running her hands

up and down her form. Her long lean body floated across the room,

drawing the attention of the men who had just walked through the

door. It didn't take long for one of the new comers to down a shot and

saunter over to her and begin dancing in front of her. Not quite

touching her, but giving the illusion of his hands running up and down

her body. Rosa threw her head back and laughed. Her long black hair

fell in waves down her back. Turning around, her body moved in

rhythm with his. The short, tight mini skirt she wore emphasized her

rounded butt and long, lean legs.


Paige wondered how the hell she could keep from falling over in

the four inch heels that made her five foot eleven frame that much

taller than she already was.

The man in front of her was tall with dark blonde hair, broad

shoulders and a narrow waist. Paige guessed he had to have been

nearly six foot four or five since he stood taller than Rosa. Her darker

Latino complexion contrasted against his lighter skin tone. They

made a striking couple while they danced. His body matching her

movements, his hand came up and rested lightly on her waist while

her forearm rested across the top of his shoulder, her hand dangling.

The only parts of them touching, but it looked as if they were making

love while their bodies moved in a synchronized dance with the slow


While he danced with the amazon goddess, his friends laughed and

talked, crowding around the table behind Paige. Alone, she sat rigidly

at her table and watched Rosa with an envious half smile on her face.

Rosa had never met this man before tonight because they had just

flown into town the day before. But the way they moved so smoothly,

it looked like they had danced together many times. To be so carefree

and comfortable with her body, it just didn't seem fair. Glancing

down at her drink, her mind wandered back to the last couple of

weeks and the strange dreams she had been having.
Vampires, yeah

Taking a deep breath, releasing it slowly in a heart-felt sigh,

Paige tipped the glass and drank the rest of the warm liquid.

Suddenly, Rosa appeared next to the table as if she was just waiting

for Paige to take the last drink. "Good, now we can get you another

one." She tugged her hand and pulled her towards the bar in the

corner. Surprisingly, a line of men waited for drinks. The single

bartender flipped the shaker in the air, caught it and smiled when he

saw Rosa. The men in front of them turned and to Paige's surprise

they parted, allowing the two of them to move to the front of the line.

What the hell?
Paige couldn't believe what was happening. Guess

being among the few civilian females in the military club on an

overseas base had its advantages.

* * * *


They had made it to the club early, so the night was still young and

from the looks of it, the evening was just beginning. Rosa was

smiling brightly when took the drinks from the counter, her fourth in

less than an hour. Paige accepted her second drink, gave the bartender

a demure smile and followed Rosa. Being in a strange place unnerved

her a little, especially with all the testosterone in one room. Paige

wanted to relax and have fun, she just didn't know how. Her life

consisted of work, work, and more work. Since childhood she had

done nothing but work to support herself and then her family.

It was so easy for Rosa. She was open, outgoing and friendly.

Making their way to the table took a few minutes since everyone

wanted to stop Rosa and talk. Even though she was married, and

wore her ring proudly, men naturally gravitated towards her. The man

Rosa had been dancing with and his group had disappeared while they

were getting their drinks. Paige gave a slight shrug of her shoulders.

She was hoping to have gotten a better look of the guy.

Taking a quick drink, Rosa barely had the glass set down on the

table before one of the men, who stood in line, grabbed her hand and

pulled her to the dance floor without even asking. She laughed and

went along with a smile and a shrug in Paige's direction.

The DJ played a mixture of music from all genres to satisfy all

tastes. The song playing now was a slow crooning country song, and

Paige watched the man wrap his arms around Rosa's body.

She melted into him. Rosa was so carefree and easy with the

people, especially with men. When she danced with them, they had

her undivided attention. They were the center of her universe, the

only man alive.

Looking around the room, Paige noticed everyone was watching

the lone couple moving across the floor. Her eyes stopped when they

came to the first man Rosa had danced with. Her eyebrow arched

slightly when she saw that he had slipped back into the room without

her noticing. It surprised her that he watched her instead of Rosa.

Lifting his glass and his chin in her direction, a charming smile

showed his straight white teeth and cute dimples in his cheeks.


Paige felt heat rise up her neck and into her face. Men didn't smile

at her the way they did Rosa, especially not the sexy little number

watching her from across the floor. Raising her glass slightly, she

responded with shy toothless smile, taking a sip. She fought to

maintain eye contact with him over the top of their glass. Glancing

down at the table, Paige took a deep breath to steady her nerves. It

was just a look, she reminded herself. It's not like he was ravishing

her right then and there, but boy did she feel like he was. She forced

her gaze to Rosa instead of looking back at the blonde hunk of a man.

But she could still see him out of the corner of her eye when he got up

and ambled towards the door. A disappointed feeling settled in her

stomach. She picked her glass up and took a big gulp.

How did Rosa do it? How did she have all the men falling over

themselves to dance, to talk to her, just to be around her? When the

song ended, another man was already waiting to pull her into his arms.

The DJ turned the volume of the music up when a large group of

men and women walked through the door. Paige could tell by the way

the women walked, they were military. A few of them hung onto the

arm of the man they were with while the others were boisterously loud

like their fellow comrades. The group moved into the room, some

heading towards the dance floor while others went to stand in line for

their drinks.

In her career, Paige had been to several military bases and had gone

out for drinks, playing a few of the slot machines in the small casinos.

Men had struck up conversations with her as she played, but she

always went back to her lodging alone.

Now Rosa was a different story. Even though she was married, she

always had a willing man to make sure she made it back safe. Paige

didn't know firsthand if the men were invited to her room or not.

Though, she was pretty sure a few had made their way there a couple

times. They were friends, but never talked about those kinds of


Rosa and her husband had a different kind of relationship. He was

a marine and as a military spouse, she was used to him being gone.

From what Paige had heard in passing, Rosa had an affair after her


husband had cheated on her and the lifestyle seemed to stick. They

both had their things. The military had just passed the law 'Don't ask,

don't tell.' Rosa and Lamar's relationship was based on that rule.

While she continued to watch Rosa, Paige wondered how it would

be to let her guard down and not have to worry about the

consequences. She wanted to know how it would feel for her to allow

the barriers in her mind to fall, to be so carefree and not worry about

everything all the time.

Rosa swung by the table a couple times throughout the next few

songs, grabbed her drink, took a long swig and was off again, until she

finally returned. Out of breath, she still smiled, "You doing ok? Why

don't you come out and dance?"

"I'm good." Paige gave her a half smile and lifted her almost empty

drink. She was bored to tears and wanted to escape the loud music.

The beginning of a headache was forming at her temples. All military

base buildings were smoke free. She couldn't claim she needed a

breath of fresh air, so she thought of the next best thing. "I'm going to

run to the bathroom. I'll be back in a few minutes." Tossing the

remaining liquid back, Paige stood and felt her watching her walk

away. Paige knew Rosa would be distracted for only a moment

before heading right back out on the dance floor with another guy

before she even made it through the exit. Glancing over her shoulder

4.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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