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He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her against his chest. She sighed and put her arms around his waist. Somehow she’d known this was coming. And now that it had, it felt completely right.

His voice lowered. “My sole desire is to find you that day, then mate with you over and over until you scream with the pleasure I give you.”

Arousal washed over her at his words. “And if that happens, does that make me your wife?” She pulled back, looking up into his face.

Sorrow darkened his expression and she turned cold inside.

“Taddus marked you for his own today. He will claim you as his Bride, don’t doubt it. I’m a secondus, he is a primus. I must yield to him.”

“And I have no choice in the matter?”

“That’s not our way.”

“Then how is that different from rape?” Jan demanded.

“Because on that day, your body won’t resist him. During the Spring Running, our bodies crave sex the way our lungs crave air. He’ll mate with you and you’ll find great pleasure in it.” Jan sensed that Delos was telling the truth but he looked down as though the words pained him.

“You can’t know that for sure,” she argued. “Maybe that’s how it works with your females. But I’m from Earth. And if I don’t like a guy, I don’t mate with him. I kick him to the curb.”

“The genetic overhaul is making you more like our females every day. Don’t you have a saying on Earth, ‘biology is destiny’?”

“Not in modern times it isn’t,” she retorted.

He frowned. “Are you always this sarcastic? Our females never spoke like this.”

“Too bad you didn’t kidnap some other species.”

For a moment their gazes locked. Then Delos’ mouth quirked up in a smile. “No, I’m happy with the way things worked out. Earth females are fascinating creatures. We’re all counting the days until the Spring Running.”

Jan took a deep breath. It didn’t help to clear her head. His proximity made her feel dizzy and intoxicated. The longer he sat close to her, the more her arousal increased. Tempted to grasp him around the waist and pull him down on top of her, she dug her nails into her palm.

Don’t get carried away. He’s an alien and a kidnapper. Even if he says they had to do it, even if you like him, what they did was wrong.

If you have to, let him give you pleasure. But don’t get emotionally involved.

“The Brides have questions about what you Terilians are like when you mate. You said intercourse is forbidden. But on Earth, we do many things to please each other aside from intercourse.”

He gently cupped the side of her face. “I could talk about these matters for hours. But I’d rather show you.” He gazed into her eyes, waiting for her answer.

“Then show me.” Her voice shook with fear and anticipation.

“Lie on your back. If you think you’ll enjoy it, I’ll demonstrate a loving pleasure that husbands do for their wives.”

Trembling, Jan stretched out on the bed.
I’m the guinea pig here. I’m going to let this stranger touch my body. He’s not even a human man. He’s an alien.

And I can hardly wait.

Every breath flooded her with the scent of him, a scent that made her nipples tighten and her pussy swell with arousal. But she didn’t want him to know. She didn’t want to give him that much power over her.

With a mocking note in her voice, she said, “I guess you people don’t believe in pillows.”

Delos smiled. “Bed!” he commanded. “Make a pillow. And incline the female’s back at a twenty degree angle.”

The bed shifted, the mattress forming up underneath her so that her back was raised and a “pillow” form elevated her head.

“Much better.” She licked her lips. Her heart pounded.

He leaned over her, passion blazing in those pale-blue eyes. “What have you done to me, Janis?” His voice was husky with emotion. “No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about you. Even my dreams are filled with your scent.”

“It’s just biology, Delos.”

“You think so?”

“You said it yourself.”

He brought his face closer. She wondered if he would kiss her but instead he rubbed his cheek against hers. His scent filled her nostrils. She gasped as her pussy throbbed with sudden, desperate need.

His hand stroked slowly through her hair.

“Your ears are unusual,” he murmured. “So funny and round and hairless.” He took her right earlobe in his mouth and ran his tongue over it. Her stomach quivered as she enjoyed the slightly wet roughness. It wasn’t enough to hurt but enough to provide a pleasurable contrast as he sucked on her earlobe and then licked around the whorl of her ear. She threw her head back, breathing hard, positioning herself to give him easy access. She’d had lovers who’d kissed her ear before—she’d always adored the sensation—but no one had ever taken such leisurely time to lick, to suck, to taste.

He brushed her hair back from her face, his fingers tangling in the long strands. “Black hair like yours is highly prized by us. It’s partly what makes you so very beautiful.”

Would she ever have the nerve to tell him she wasn’t considered beautiful on Earth?

He buried his face against her chin and again his tongue caressed her as he licked his way down her neck. His tongue was soft and slow, taking long licks as though he savored a particularly delectable dessert. She closed her eyes in enjoyment, stretching her neck. A soft “Oh!” escaped her as he explored her right shoulder with his warm mouth and tongue. His hands moved sensually down her back.

She wanted to lie there for hours, melting under his fingers, thrilling to the gentle, teasing scrape of his tongue on her sensitized skin.

He switched to captivating soft nibbles, letting her feel just a hint of his teeth. Her pussy felt heavy, slick with liquid. Would he touch her there?

He’d talked about demonstrating loving pleasure. What did that mean to a Terilian? Did their females have orgasms like human women? Would he continue licking her until she expired from unfulfilled arousal? Or would he satisfy her?

Suppose she did something that shocked him or offended him. Something taboo.

“Janis—is something wrong?”

“I don’t know what’s expected, what’s permitted.”

He gazed into her eyes. The expression on his face was serious and concerned. “Don’t worry. I’ve learned a great deal about human sexuality. Terilians and humans, we’re much alike.”

That was reassuring. And so far, everything he’d done had made her shudder with delight.

She wanted more—more licking, more touching. She wanted that lovely sandpaper tongue on her breasts.

He flicked the nape of her neck. She moaned.

“Am I pleasing you?” he asked.

“Yes!” She stared up at him, enjoying the dreamy, lust-filled expression on his face. “What about you?”

“When the plan was first proposed, I never imagined finding a female who smelled and tasted so wonderful. How will I ever bear to leave your bed?”

She didn’t want to think about it either. “Let’s just enjoy the moment.” She touched his cheek, watching his eyes half-close in satisfaction.

She knew what she wanted and she was going to ask for it. He’d implied he wouldn’t be offended.
So let’s put it to the test.

“Delos? Did your females have breasts like Earth women?”

“Yes but not so round.”

“Did they like to be touched there?”

“With permission. Are you granting that to me?”

“Oh, yes.” She arched her back and lifted her tunic.

Chapter Four


Weeks ago, Delos had brain-linked with the ship’s computer and absorbed millions of words uplinked from Earth computers about human anatomy. Intellectually, he knew what would sexually stimulate Janis. But would she really respond to a nonhuman?

He’d realized a year ago that his people wouldn’t survive the journey without wives. After he’d made his report, the astrogation team went into overdrive, searching for planets with females who could fulfill the need to mate.

They’d all wanted to survive, to save their lives. They hadn’t expected more than that.

They’d never thought to find enticing females who would stir their very souls.

Delos gazed down at the achingly beautiful human, entranced by her soft white globes tipped with dark pink circles. While he’d seen many of the Brides naked, it was one thing to treat them professionally, quite another to lie beside his chosen one in bed.

He’d been longing to touch her breasts, feel their softness, stroke those enticing nipples. But he’d held back, not wanting to startle her.

Now she’d told him she
his touch. Excitement raced through him.

He took her right breast in his hand, caressing the nipple with his thumb. She murmured deep in her throat and his organ stirred.

He slid down on the bed. Still toying with her right breast, he took her left breast in his mouth, savoring the warm, slightly salty taste of her skin. Flicking the tip of her nipple with his tongue, he growled with satisfaction. She gave out a little cry that excited him beyond bearing. He licked her nipple again while his thumb and forefinger rolled her other nipple between them.

“Yes. That’s good,” she gasped.

He closed his lips over her left breast and sucked, drawing her nipple into his mouth. It was hotter than the rest of her flesh and as he licked and teased, the tender flesh grew and lengthened. He raised his head, fascinated by the way it had doubled in size in a few moments. Her engorged nipple was as deeply pink as the berries on a
plant—and tastier.

“Are all human females as responsive as you?” he asked.

She stared back at him for a long moment. Confusion crossed her face. “I’ve always enjoyed sex…but I’ve never felt this way before.” Her fingers slid into his hair, caressing his scalp. “You’re not going to do this with anyone else?”

“Don’t worry about that,” he said fervently. He had the distinct feeling she’d already spoiled him for any other female. Enticing as some of the other Brides had seemed at first, now he knew he’d found his true mate.

And that would be a problem, if Taddus claimed her.
Taddus claimed her.

He didn’t want to think about the big primus now. His only aim was to give Janis such pleasure that she’d never forget him.

He licked the soft skin between her breasts. “Don’t stop,” she gasped. She stroked his neck and shoulder, her fingers trailing desire wherever she touched. He shivered.

Remember your vow. No one mates until the Spring Running.

But he couldn’t help imagining how it would ease him to plunge his throbbing penis into her slick channel.

This is for her tonight, not for you.
But he’d never wanted to mate so badly before. Doubt shook him. Could he keep his vow?

He wanted to caress her female pelt until she parted her legs. He’d breathe deeply, inhaling more of her fragrant arousal. Then he’d rub the head of his organ against her labia. Would she moan? Beg him to mate with her? Nothing would feel better than that first hard, hot thrust.

Stop thinking about mounting her. Concentrate on pleasing her.

“Do you enjoy it when I suck your nipples?”

“Yes, Delos—more!”

He put his arm around her shoulders and turned her toward him. The bed shifted slightly to brace her in this new position. He closed his lips over her right breast, already swollen from the caress of his fingers and sucked hard. Her breathing changed.

She moved her hips restlessly. “Delos. Touch me.”

He looked up from the tender flesh of her nipple long enough to give her a curious look. Wasn’t that what he was doing?

She steered his fingers to her female pelt. He was eager to caress that part of her. Terilian females had a small curve of fur surrounding their sex that matched their back pelt. Janis’ pelt was unique, a riot of tiny curls that matched the black hair on her head. He ran his fingers slowly through her curls, rewarded by her moan of approval.

She raised her knees and parted her legs. Exactly as he’d imagined. The intoxicating aroma of her arousal thrilled him. He desperately wanted to bury his face in her sex, breathe deeply, lap the sweet cream that was already flowing from her.

Not too fast, Del. Don’t frighten her.

What beautiful legs she had…rounded knees, plump thighs. He stroked them, seduced by the softness of her skin. She whimpered as his hands moved upward, his fingers teasing the creases between her thighs and vagina.

Much like her nipples, her labia were bright pink and swollen—eager for his touch. Tentatively he brushed his hand lightly against her sex. She moaned, raising her hips wantonly as though begging to be mounted.

He caressed her slowly, his hand moving in a gentle rhythm that soon had her arching toward him with every stroke. Enjoying the hot wetness that drenched his fingers, he raised his hand to his mouth to savor the fascinating taste of her.

The words broke from his throat. “I wish I could mate with you.”

Her fingers closed around the head of his erect organ. Growling with startled delight, he moved against her hand, knowing he couldn’t achieve release from a caress but unable to stop himself. Her firm touch was both a delight and a torment. If only he could take her now. He’d give her a mounting she’d never forget—plunge his engorged organ into her over and over, a wild, passionate mating. The memory of it would flood her mind whenever she saw him or inhaled his scent.

But he knew what would happen to him if he broke his vow. The thought cooled him long enough to gently remove her hand.

“This is just for you,” he said. “Let me give you pleasure.”

“But you look like
all ready.”

“I’ve been ready for weeks.” Ever since she’d appeared on the transport slab, her mass of black hair stark against her white garment, he’d ached for her. He remembered the way her dark eyelashes lay against her pink skin, her round breasts half-revealed by the low neckline of her garment. In the middle of directing his orderlies, he’d stopped and thought,

Her voice came low. “Are you sure we can’t have sex?”

BOOK: One Thousand Brides
4.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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