Party Favour (Lusty Landlords Book 3)

BOOK: Party Favour (Lusty Landlords Book 3)
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(Lusty Landlords #3)

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Adult Reading Material

All characters depicted are over the age of


Since agreeing
to pay her boyfriend’s rent with her body, Lisa had been kept busy by her
landlords. She had been taken in every way she could imagine and more by Mr and
Mrs Marshall, together and separately. Tonight she was due to wait on at one of
their house parties as she’d agreed. She was not so naïve as to think all she
would be doing was handing drinks around. Clearly she was going to have to
flash her tits to the dirty old bastards and she would probably get groped
within an inch of her life. After what she’d already experienced though, that
would be a breeze.

Arriving just
after five as directed, she sat down with the Marshalls to eat a light tea
before Mrs Marshall took her upstairs to get ready.

In the big en
suite bathroom, Helen had Lisa completely disrobe and then showed her how to
thoroughly cleanse herself with an enema kit.  “Is that really necessary,” the
teenager complained. “I’m only doing some topless serving.”

“Let me be the
judge of that,” said Helen with mock sternness, “I want you perfect, outside
and in. When you’re finished with that, have a shower and wash your hair and
then come into the bedroom for a waxing,” she rubbed Lisa’s pussy a couple of

When Lisa came
through about twenty minutes later, Helen sat her down at her dressing table to
style her hair. Standing behind her with hairdryer and brush, she worked
efficiently; as she ogled the bare-breasted young woman in the mirror. Once
done, she laid her down on the bed, spread her legs and began to spoon hot wax
on to her pubic hair.

“Oooh!” Lisa
cried as the wax strips came off with blonde fuzz. Helen had to admit to a
certain amount of sadistic pleasure in causing her pet a little pain and
discomfort. When the last one was done she gently stroked the girl’s silky
smooth mound of venus, causing a little shudder. That was enough, she had to
have her. Bending down between her legs, she ran her long tongue right along
Lisa’s slit, from her tight little bottom hole to her clitoris. “Hey!” Lisa
shouted out. “I thought we were getting ready. Not getting dirty!”

“Don’t worry
sweetheart,” called Helen from between her thighs. “You’ll be completely clean
by time I’m done.” She lapped hungrily at the teenager’s sweet juices, making
her squirm and moan. The waxed pussy was a real turn on and she knew her
friends wouldn’t be able to put this girl down tonight. Pushing her middle
finger into the warm, velvety quim, she curled it upwards to rub gently against
the girl’s g spot.

“Oh my fucking
God!” Lisa shrieked. “That’s absolutely incredible.” Helen laughed to herself.
She knew exactly how to hit the spot every time. She worked methodically;
licking, sucking and thrusting into the tight little twat as Lisa screamed the
house down.

“That’s a sight
for sore eyes,” said Steve from the bedroom as Lisa writhed and wriggled on the
bed. “I hate to break up this party but need to remind you that the actual
party starts in less than an hour and you haven’t done your make up yet.”

Helen lifted her
face from the steaming hot pussy for a moment to speak. “Nearly there darling,
give me two more seconds.” She curled her finger hard against Lisa’s pussy
wall, sucked her clitoris into her mouth and was rewarded with an intense
orgasm from the helpless teen.

“Oooooh!” Lisa
completely lost control of herself for a good half a minute. Panting and
moaning, she put her hand down to stroke her landlady’s head. “Thank you,” she
sighed. “That was incredible!”

“I think another
shower is in order,” laughed Helen to her husband. “We’ll be down in time if
you get out the way!”

Steve went back downstairs
to put the finishing touches to the party area. The bar was naturally well
stocked but he had set up a number of play areas that he wanted to get just
right. The main lounge had a low, padded bench in the middle of the room that
had been designed only for one purpose. Little Lisa would be discovering that
purpose soon, he smiled to himself. The snug was equipped with a variety of
toys and his playroom, down in the cellar, was as usual a fully-equipped

At two minutes
to eight, Helen was putting the finishing touches to her make up as Lisa sat on
the bed, idly chatting about her college life. Helen snapped the lid on her
lipstick and turned to face her. “Okay sweetheart, it’s show time. Stand up and
let’s have a look at you.” She had dressed her young sex slave in a skimpy pink
cami top that laced down the front and frilly French knickers. “You won’t keep
these on for long, you know,” she warned the girl. “They are just designed to
be a little titillating!”

When the two
women made an entrance, the guests had already started to arrive. Lisa was surprised
to see a wide variety of people. She had naively assumed they would all be the
same as her landlords, people in their fifties and older with too much time and
money on their hands. The reality was that the only thing that these people
seemed to have in common was sex. More specifically, Lisa thought wryly, sex
with other people’s partners. The oldest looked around fifty and the youngest
was a girl no older than her. There was fat, thin, short, tall, muscular,
skinny and everything in between. Steve led her to the bar with a hand on the
small of her back to show her where everything was and Lisa cracked straight on
with serving champagne.

She had been
briefed carefully to address the men only as ‘Sir’ and the women as ‘Ma’am’ and
she was careful to be ultra-polite as she mingled through the crush of people.
The party had started like any other, with small groups nervously chatting and
getting to know one another. The guests were polite back to Lisa and she began
to feel like any other waitress, although she was being groped considerably
more the girls would have tolerated in Hooters and more intimately.

After about an
hour of fetching and carrying drinks, Lisa found herself in conversation with a
very sophisticated woman in her mid-thirties. She was keen to know all about
the younger woman and Lisa found herself completely captivated by her. She was
tall, slim and had very pale, flawless skin but Lisa just couldn’t tear her
gaze away from her eyes. They were emerald green and totally hypnotic. “I’m
Madam Isabella,” she said, extending an elegant hand. “You need to go back to
your duties, there are many thirsty people here but I will get to know you
better later.”

Lisa tore
herself away. That sounded like a statement of intent and she was intrigued at
the idea. She hadn’t got half way back to the bar though when Mr Marshall
grabbed everyone’s attention with an announcement. “Ladies and gentlemen, if
you’d like to gather around here, we’re going to start the first of our games.
Where’s little Lisa, we’re going to need her for this one.” Lisa was pushed to
the front and found herself standing next to the padded bench in the middle of
the main lounge. Steve continued to speak. “This game is own our version of
Tequila slammers and Lisa is going to look after the salt and limes but she is
going to need to be naked. Is there anyone here who would like to undress her?”

There was a bit
of a jostling in the crowd and Lisa found herself looking into the eyes of
Madam Isabella again. “I would be honoured,” she purred, slowly unlacing the
camisole and slipping it off before pushing her long fingers into the knickers
to cup Lisa’s firm behind, before pushing them down her thighs. The older woman
drank in Lisa’s naked loveliness for a while, along with everyone else in the room
and Lisa didn’t feel intimidated in the least. In fact, something about the
woman made her want to show herself off and she instinctively sucked in her
stomach and puffed out her breasts.

casually stroked the young woman’s soft skin. “Just perfect,” she said to no
one in particular. Then, taking her by the hand, she led Lisa to the bench and
helped her to get comfortable on her back. “You’re going to like this game,”
she winked, before re-joining the crowd.

Several tables
were brought up and piled high with Tequila bottles, shots glasses, salt
cellars and bowls of quartered limes. “Let’s have the first volunteer,” called
Helen, approaching the bench. As a young man came forward, she bent over Lisa
and licked her on the belly, carefully pouring a little peak of salt on the
damp spot. Then she offered a lime quarter to the girl’s lips, rind first,
waiting patiently until she held it firmly in her mouth. The volunteer then
bent over her body, steadying himself with a hand on her pubic bone and licked
the salt off in one. Helen passed him a Tequila glass; he banged it on the
table, drank it in one and then bent over the bench again to drunkenly take the
lime from Lisa’s lips with his own.

Lisa was left
reeling. The foreign touch on her body, followed shortly afterwards by lips on
her own, leaving a heady musk of man and Tequila behind was intoxifying. As she
tried to clean her head, she was aware of Helen licking her stomach again and
the next person stepped forward. This time it was woman in her early twenties.
This was really hot.

After numerous
people had licked and kissed her, Lisa’s head was spinning and she desperately
needed release. Things were, however, about to get a lot worse. This time Mrs
Marshall made the announcement. “Okay. Now pair off in couples and we’ll up the
ante.”  People started to move around, pairing up with others wife’s and
husbands for the first time as the landlady bent over the bench again. This
time she sucked the teenager’s right nipple into her mouth before piling a little
salt on it and then leaning over further to repeat the procedure on the other
one. She then had two limes in her hand. Placing the first in the girl’s mouth
as usual, she then pretended to be at a loss as to where to put the other one.
The crowd was not short of suggestions and sure enough, she drew Lisa’s knees
up, to spread her open wide and then wedged the fruit in the entrance to her
pink little pussy.

The first couple
stepped up and took their time in sucking the salt from her erect little
nipples. Lisa was already feeling out of control and when the man took the lime
from her lips while his partner seemed to take forever between her thighs; Her
body began to involuntarily wiggle around the bench. The next hour was
purgatory for the young woman. Couple after couple stepped up to briefly suck
on her nipples, lips and pussy, before leaving her cold and confused.

Around the room,
the erotic performance was having the desired effect. Clothes were being shed
and people were coupling off at a heck of a pace. Between Tequila couples, Lisa
looked around and could see blow jobs, sixty nines and even trains starting to
form. The queue of people wanting to lick salt off her was getting smaller as
the guests made their own entertainment and before long she was lying back on
her own, waiting. She didn’t have to wait for long though, as she became aware
of a hand idly stroking around her pussy. She looked up to see it was a very
fat man in his late forties, naked from the waist down to display a semi-hard
penis of gargantuan proportions. He was speaking to Mrs Marshall. “You’ve found
yourself a rare gem there, Helen. Mind if I fuck her?” he asked casually.

“Someone has to
be first, Cedric and she’ll be grateful it’s you,” the landlady answered with a
smile. “Just don’t ruin her for everyone else!”

Cedric grunted
and climbed between Lisa’s spread thighs, finding her sloppy cunt with the end
of his cock and pushing his way in. He didn’t waste any time with the
pleasantries but then Lisa was so hot, it didn’t matter. The big cock burrowed
its way into her tight and warm teenage pussy, every bit as snug and moist as
it promised to be. Cedric grunted and drooled as he humped the pretty little
thing as hard as he could.

Lisa was
struggling for air, crushed as she was beneath the man’s huge bulk. He would
not have been her first choice of lover but Cedric was really hitting the spot.
His chunky rear was like a pile driver, hammering his big cock into her over
and over again. When he snorted, stiffened and chucked his load up inside her,
Lisa had lost count of the number of times she had come. Her life had become
one endless orgasm. The big man was replaced by a fluffy ginger head, lapping
away at their combined juices. She just lay back and enjoyed the sensations as
person after person enjoyed her body.

The attention
eventually stopped and Lisa was able to lie back again and come down from her
orgasmic state. She was left alone for a while and just closed her eyes to
enjoy the sounds and smells of sex all around her. After about ten minutes, she
got up and started to wander around. No one was paying any attention to her now;
the guests were all making their own entertainment. Following a giggling couple
through a door she had never been through before, she went down some stairs and
found herself in the Marshall’s playroom. There was bondage gear all over the
place, a huge crucifixion cross, benches and beds.  Couples were trying the
gear out on each other all over the place and there were playful spankings and
bondage penetrations happening all over. In the middle of the room, however,
was another show and Lisa was drawn towards it.

BOOK: Party Favour (Lusty Landlords Book 3)
12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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