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Passion Light

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Passion Light
By Danielle Elise Girard




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Chapter 1


He was from a planet called Terra, similar to Earth, but not identical, in a different star system similar to the one our planet occupies. Unlike Earthlings they were capable of space travel, some mind control and planet wide peace.


But they shared a sort of connection to Earth, having a common origin. Terra was aware of Earth and checked in regularly usually through mental means, occasionally visiting for research or to help people, mostly just monitoring the planet. Sometimes they chose to welcome some Earthlings to their planet.


Terra had, unlike Earth remained true to the God and Goddess traditions they had shared when the planets were initially settled from a star system even further away. The tradition of male-female religion where the two partners were equal and compatible and necessary to each other had survived on Terra. Neither dominated the other. In fact the planet had enjoyed a peaceful and productive existence that had rarely if ever been experienced on Earth because there were no religious conflicts. Politics wasn’t a rush to gain power and money. It was a way to govern the planet and to serve others unselfishly. But there was another reason that the planet enjoyed a more peaceful existence than Earth. They were surrounded by enemies within easy distance of the planet and had to be constantly on guard from all of them. They had to be battle ready at all times, not from threats among their own population, but from mortal enemies that surrounded the planet within easy space travel distance.


Because of these threats Terra’s society had developed differently from Earth. People lived in both large and small underground housing that was easy to heat, cool and defend. Cooking and heating and fuel were all accomplished through means similar to mind controlled magnetic resonance that did not pollute Terra or use up its resources. Space travel was a sort of collective mind game played by the passengers of space ships. Transportation on the planet was similar except it occurred on underground trains that could carry many people anywhere they wished to go without much fuss or bother. In local areas most people traveled and shopped nearby and walked wherever they wanted to go, pulling small carts with them when necessary or having larger items delivered to their homes.


Everyone on the planet, men women and children trained so that if necessary they could fight. Most were armed most of the time. Most were both tall and strong, with black hair, dark eyes and bronze skin.


Women had real power they did not think to abuse and men thought women were necessary to a good life as much as air was to breathe. Neither sex tried to rule the other without recourse or fairness, and their cooperation together was magical. The awareness of each sex’s contribution to any problem or discussion made dialogue essential so that all aspects of any issue were considered before any decisions were reached. Their shared ability to feel each other’s thoughts tended to make discussions more honest and much more to the point. It made it tough for anyone to manipulate anyone else, too.


The government generally stayed out of domestic arrangements, but did not allow any couple to reproduce until they had completed a parenting training program satisfactorily. No unplanned or unwanted pregnancies happened because women didn’t ovulate and men did not produce viable sperm until they took a stimulator that caused it, issued by medical workers. If a child lost a parent, then a new parent was appointed and took up the slack with the child until it became a functioning adult. No child was abandoned for any reason. They had lost too many people to wars with other planets to ignore any child.


Businesses thrived by doing manufacturing for local areas and selling to people nearby, often using recycled materials. In such matters creativity was both encouraged and required. Food was also produced and sold locally and many people made a good living doing such work. Shipping costs were always avoided as wasteful for a society where minds needed to be occupied elsewhere doing something more productive. Workers built homes and buildings within certain guidelines that included needs for power and sustainability.


Credit and banking were tightly controlled, allowing bankers only to hold money in a safe place for people and for which they could charge small fees. Lending also did not exist, but people starting businesses could seek investors among those who could afford some risk. Most people opted for independence because it was their nature to wish for control of their own lives and business.


Families were made with dreams and connections that came during adolescence. They saw their true love or mate in dreams and visions, which everyone took very seriously. One’s mate was very important in life and the children from such unions were considered sacred. When the right mate was found it was recorded in a registry and a marriage generally occurred after people reached adulthood and had a few adventures, usually in about their 50
year. Adventuring was considered an important aspect of becoming a seasoned adult. As adults Terrans were often busy having sex a lot and considered that activity as very important to a fully satisfying life. Mated Terrans could have sex all the time if they wanted to do so. Sex for Terrans had certain aspects that were magical and passion did tend to make life interesting and exciting.


When couples became parents they also spent a large amount of time nurturing their children throughout their first twenty years of growth and education and family time was their first priority. Sex between married couples was of vital importance and also took a lot of time. Recreational time usually included this necessary pleasure for married couples.


Evan Wolf was only 44, still a bit young for marriage, but he had had plenty of adventures, and at nearly seven feet tall he was full grown and well educated, both in life experience and academics. He was a warrior and had many other skills that helped him contribute to his society and to his own needs for mental stimulation and the generation of income. He had excellent mind skills and could connect telepathically to almost any living being and his fighting skills, when he had to use them were deadly and efficient. He was also a good strategist, as was his future mate.


He was becoming more and more concerned for the woman who was to be his, if fate treated them kindly. He was starting to have doubts about the kindness of fate in her life and his. She was an Earthling, a planet that had recently gone through a world war. She was in a relatively safe place but still threatened by some bad people, having only a few supporters who were ready to take her side. He had been checking on her more frequently because she seemed to be more and more anxious and strained.


It was not unusual for him to see her in dreams and visions. She, as his future mate appeared frequently in his visions and had since he was a child. She had long reddish brown hair and practical ways. He thought she was sexy, beautiful and very accomplished. She had an obsession with growing and producing food. It seemed wonderful to him and to all the people he with whom he talked. Food was recognized on Terra as the most strategic of needs after water, as both were essential to most life forms.


But this vision was different. She was surrounded by blood and fire. It had not been as bad even during the Earth Wars.


He rose from the floor of the meditation room and hurried to meet with the wise couple, Raya and her partner/spouse Anai.


They waited for him at the door of their underground house. Of course they expected him and knew somehow he was coming to see them.


“Something bad is happening to the woman,” he told them. “She’s stopped smiling.” He described the vision to them in all its appalling detail. “I feel she is in deadly danger, actually life and spirit threatening. It is time for me to go to her. I know I am still a little young for mating but I can’t risk losing her any longer.”


They wise couple linked hands and then raised them in a blessing. Light flashed between them as they touched his chest with their other hands. He braced himself for the impact and he saw into their minds. “This person is to be your mate…if she lives. Make her life better, more positive, before bitterness kills her heart.”


“She isn’t bitter,” Evan said.


“No, she isn’t,” Raya agreed, “but someone is and he will hurt them all, perhaps destroy them. Destiny calls to you and to her.”


Evan nodded in agreement, but more called to him than destiny. He wanted to remind her that life was more fun than she had been having. He wanted to see her smile again. Desire called too, his desire for her. His wishes would soon be fulfilled.


The distance between his planet and hers was vast, but they could travel it easily with their mind-powered ships.


He made plans to contact her uncle and offer him precious metals for the woman. Soon and he and his supporters were on their way.

Chapter 2


The first contact by Evan’s party to Earthlings was his coworker, Brian. He arrived with messages and an offer…actually a bribe of precious metals for the chance to meet with Evan’s future life mate. Bribes were an easy and safe way to get what they wanted without bloodshed. Earthlings were notoriously greedy when it came to their wish for precious metals of which Terra had a ridiculous amount just laying around everywhere on the planet. The stuff was basically dirt on Terra, but on Earth it was what could make anything happen a good Terran wanted. It was so very convenient and avoided fights and battles that attracted too much attention.


The Earth wars had pretty much eliminated any kind of governmental authority. It made Terran forays into Earth territory pass nearly unnoticed. No one on the planet cared where they came from or if they might be a threat. They were all mostly too busy trying to survive in a much-damaged world with very few surviving humans.


Upon approaching the castle Brian discovered some sort of sexual orgy occurring. It was not entirely unexpected. That was currently the way most people in the castle were making a living.


Evan had described what was happening that was causing so many problems for his future wife. He was concerned for her because she was being required by her uncle to be…well, just say it…a brothel keeper or manager.


It was not a real recommendation for one’s future wife, but most of the people who had come from Terra to rescue her knew she had other skills, too. Plus she was not working the bedrooms. She was managing the castle keep and making sure everyone got fed and stayed as healthy as possible. Few places on Earth were doing as well after the wars.


Brian was welcomed inside after most of his weapons were confiscated. He paid an admission fee in precious metal and was escorted to a bedroom occupied by a very fat couple, a man and a woman who were nearly naked.


The fat man asked him, “What’s your pleasure? Many things are available here this weekend.”

BOOK: Passion Light
13.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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