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Apparently Nina didn’t have a problem with that idea.
impaled herself on his cock and he grabbed her breasts, lifting them to his
hungry mouth.
He ate at her flesh as if she were succulent fruit and she
squirmed against him, clearly loving every moment.

Kelly sucked in a breath, unable to look away.
Unable to
remember why she didn’t want to be there.
She pressed her thighs together,
trying to ignore the persistent throb of her clit.
This wasn’t her scene, even
if her body said otherwise.

Nina dropped her head back, her long hair trailing over the
guy’s thighs as she rode him with abandon.
Her legs squeezed his and he sucked
on her nipples, making her cry out loud enough for Kelly to hear.
Squeal was
more like it.
From the sounds of things, she’d be coming in no time.

Spencer stared at them, standing close but apart.
touching anyone, just watching.
Kelly’s gaze dropped to the definite rise in
the front of his towel.
She gasped aloud as he undid the knot at his hip and
gripped his length, twisting hard, his face contorting with need.

God, she wanted to touch him.
To see and to taste.
If only
he would watch her the way he watched Nina and that guy go at it, as if he were
memorizing every movement, absorbing every groan.
What would she do to make his
jaw clench that way?
she do?

The guy palmed Nina’s ass and hauled her up and down his
cock, eliciting more of her cries.
They seemed to fill the room, rising above
the noises of the other couples.
The guy started swatting her ass, leaving red
handprints as he thrust up into her waiting pussy.
Waves of heat washed over
Kelly from head to toe.
She clutched her glass as flames licked at her sex,
arcing sparks into her nipples.

She couldn’t believe how turned-on she was.
Between the
rampant sexuality all around her and Spencer standing mere feet away, wearing
only a towel,
touching himself
, she couldn’t think.
She needed to come.
And from his restless pulls on his cock, he needed the same thing.

Nina released a long, broken moan and Kelly’s hold on her
drink faltered, her fingers slipping from her own sweat.

Glass exploded on the polished floor, the sound ricocheting
like gunfire.
Only the people closest to her noticed.
Or at least that was what
she thought until her gaze connected with Spencer’s.
He’d drawn back to stare
at her as if he were seeing a ghost.
Shock etched features that a moment ago
had been taut with lust and those heavy-lidded, dark eyes burned into hers
across the room.

Hey there, Spencer.
Remember me?

Awareness hummed between them.
His hooded gaze raked her
bare, left her shivering and raw.


It was all too much.
She’d come here to be with him when she
couldn’t even face herself in this place.
She couldn’t take those few steps
toward him, but she couldn’t turn away.

Her game had gone way too far.

“Jesus, fuck, look at all the glass!
I got a piece in my
ass!” The giggly blonde—not so giggly now—leaped to her feet and glared at
At the same moment, Kelly’s cell phone went off in her purse, launching
into one of the latest songs.

“Christ, turn that shit off!” Giggly blonde’s male friend
must not have been a fan of pop music.

Kelly grabbed her shoes.
Obviously, she’d overstayed her

She didn’t stop to slip on her sandals before running
through the door.
Just keep moving.
Hard to do when the hall suddenly
teemed with people.
Where had they all come from?

She waited for a break in the foot traffic to take a step
but her dizziness returned.
Better and better.
She had to get out of there.
her feet refused to work.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she tried to get hold of herself.
She could freak out later.
Much later, when she was safe in her bed at home.

She fought her way through the crowd, somehow managing to
make it to the shadowy end of the hallway.
The emergency exit loomed ahead.
But before she reached it, someone drove her up against the wall.
breath rushed out in a big whoosh as she realized a muscled male body had her

And not just with his hands.
A hard cock pressed against her
She went still.

“Don’t think you got what you came for,” he said softly, his
voice barely a hot whisper against her ear.
“Or do you just like to watch too?”

She’d thought she couldn’t breathe a second ago?
she’d been positively overoxygenated compared to this.
Her lungs squeezed and
she stared at the wall, sure she’d wake up in her bed any time now.
Alone, with
her hand between her legs as she’d awakened so many times before.
He always
visited her in her dreams, taunting her with what she’d never have.

Except he was right here.
And she’d be damned if she just
let him walk away.

She bucked against him, and for an instant he dropped his
guard and the arm he’d used to cage her.
Then she grabbed his hand and pulled
it down, pressing it against her belly.
Giving herself that extra second before
she took things to a place they couldn’t step back from.

His fingers flexed in her hold.
Go for it
, she
admonished herself.

But before she could, he went for it for her.
He slid his
hand between her legs, rubbing hard.
She jerked her hips against his palm,
desperate for more.
The friction of his brusque touch both soothed the ache and
intensified it.
As wet as she was, she barely needed any stimulation at all and
he’d already overloaded her.

Her heart pounded frantically and she opened her mouth on a
soft cry.
He ground his hand, circling, dragging it up and down until her cries
became one long, endless moan.

She tensed and stilled in his hold, the storm inside her
reaching the breaking point.
He covered her mouth with his
other hand and pulled her head back against his shoulder, muffling the sound of
her scream.
The resulting spurt of fear from his abrupt move only magnified her
Helpless, she bit his fingers as she came.

He gave her a moment to regain her equilibrium.
Then he
whirled her around.

As she met his dark, needy eyes, Kelly blushed clear down to
her kneecaps.
For once in her life, she was completely speechless.

“You bit me,” he said in an undertone.

She swallowed a dozen retorts.
I want to bite you
“Did you like it?”

Before he could answer, a group of people thundered past
them toward the exit.
Spencer tugged her against him as if he could shield her
with his body.
But from what?
Where was the fire?

“What’s happening?” she whispered.

Just then someone shouted, “Cops!”

Hell no.
She was not about to get caught with her boss
on her virgin outing to a sex club.

“We’re not sharing a jail cell,” she muttered, once again
stunned into immobility.
Her brain and mouth worked just fine but her shoes
felt stuck to the floor.

“Goddammit, Kelly.” He shook her hard enough to make her
still quivering belly revolt.
“We need to go.

Chapter Four


She stared at him.
“You called me Kelly.”

“It’s your name, isn’t it?” He didn’t wait for her answer.
Instead he clasped her wrist in his broad palm, squeezing until it felt as if
all circulation in her hand had ceased.
“Let’s go.”

When she still didn’t move, he yanked her forward and
barreled toward the exit, navigating the twisty staircase with ease.
Even in
the melee of people and noise, he knew right where to go.
The moment the door
thunked shut behind them, he gripped her chin.

His eyes were blacker than she’d ever seen them before.
fuck, he looked

“What the hell possessed you to go in there alone?”

Kelly sputtered, her mouth now as incapable of working as
her weakened knees.
Had he already forgotten the moment they’d just shared
against the wall?
“Where did she go?”


“Your girlfriend.”

“Christ, Nina’s not my girlfriend.
Didn’t we already have
this conversation in my office?”

“But where did she go?
I mean, she was in the steam room
with you before you, uh, came out to see me.”

He rolled his neck as if he were gearing up for a workout.
Or a fight.
“We just met up here.
And she probably left with the guy she was
I don’t know.
I had other priorities.”

Kelly blinked.
Did that mean
was his priority?
Since when?

“I asked you a question.
Why did you go in there alone?
you nuts?”

“I didn’t— My friend—”

“Get in your car and head home.”

“I didn’t drive here.
My friend could still be in there.”
Even as she said the words, she glanced across the parking lot to where Alana’s
car had been parked.

The slot was empty.

Her throat convulsed as her phone again went off in her
She dug it out, saw the caller was Alana and shoved it back in her bag.
She wasn’t interested in speaking to the person who’d ditched her right now.
Some friend.
“I’ll get a cab.”

“Great idea.
Stand here and wait for the cops to pick you
Put on your damn shoes.” He’d taken them out of her hands without her
realizing it and shoved them back at her.
“My car’s over there.”

“I know.” She slipped on her sandals and hurried after him,
feeling like a wobbly toddler.
People still weaved around them and cars peeled
out of the lot with loud squeals of rubber.

“Oh do you?”

His tone rankled even more than the perspiration beading her
face and sliding down the valley between her breasts.
Unrelenting desire did
tend to up the heat.
The orgasm she’d had a few minutes ago had only made her
eager for more.

“I make it my business to know things about people I work
with,” she said, trying not to study the faint patch of sweat blossoming on the
back of his T-shirt.

Wait a second.
Since when did Spencer Galvin wear
T-shirts, khakis and sneakers?

Probably since he started hanging out at illicit sex clubs.

Me too.” He stopped under the beam of a streetlamp
beside the Acura and unlocked the passenger door, turning just enough for her
to see the pinprick droplets above his upper lip.
She wanted to lap them up,
savor the salt explosion on her tongue.

She fought back a shiver and clasped her thighs tighter.
God, she couldn’t get in his car.
She’d ruin his seats.

“Get in already.”

Then again, she couldn’t
get in his car.
Up-against-the-wall orgasm aside, she was so freaking horny she’d die if she
didn’t get her hands on him.
His leather interior wasn’t her problem.

“Since you asked so nicely.” She slid inside and sucked in a
breath as he rounded the hood.
The car reeked of pineapple.
Her stomach burbled
a weak protest at the possibility of food.

“What’s that smell?” she demanded once he opened his door.

“Leftover pineapple chicken.” He folded his long body behind
the wheel with remarkable grace and jerked a thumb at the backseat.
“You can
have it if you want, since your tongue’s about to fall out of your mouth.”

She didn’t particularly like that comment but it was
sterling truth.
Though she wasn’t sure the lollygagging tongue was from the
Chinese or the sight of Spencer all rumpled and sweaty.
He wasn’t a tower of
nerves like she was but he also wasn’t his normal unflappable self.

She leaned into the backseat and grabbed the container,
relieved to find it was still vaguely warm.
“How old is this?
Am I risking my
life by eating it?”

“It was dinner.” He ground the key in the ignition and
roared out of the lot, stepping on the gas so hard she almost felt separation
anxiety from her head.
“Buckle up,” he advised a second before he turned the
corner on what felt like two wheels.

“You feeling left out that we didn’t get frisked by the
Cool the man theatrics.”

She clicked her belt and popped the top on the Chinese,
pleased to find a plastic fork.
The food smelled like heaven.
Tasted like it

“Where do you live?”

“Twenty-five and Beech,” she answered in between bites.
only were the rice, chicken and plump chunks of pineapple yummy, the more she
ate, the less drunk and stupid she felt.
“Haven Apartments.”

He drove silently and steadily, without any sudden
acceleration or rapid braking.
This was more like the Spencer she knew.
didn’t go for niceties, had no use for small talk.

Didn’t take time to kiss the woman he’d helped come in a
dark hallway of a sex club.

“Did you think you were going to get lucky?”

I sorta did.
She swallowed the rice wedged on the
back of her tongue and set down the fork.
“Did you?”

He didn’t smile and he didn’t look at her.
“In case you
weren’t paying attention, I was in prime position to get very lucky when all
hell broke loose.”

She swallowed a hunk of pineapple and tried not to glare at
It wasn’t easy.
“What do you guys do?
Play pass the pussy ’til the chick

“Jealous?” he asked, his tone infuriatingly mild.

You’re insane,” she said, huffing out a
She would never—could never—

“If I’d wanted to fuck her, I could have.
And I might’ve
when they were finished.” He glanced at her then away before she had time to
register his expression.
“I’m not used to someone watching me,” he added in an

You should be.
I’ve been watching you for three years.

Kelly wet her lips.
She had to keep him talking.
If she
didn’t, he’d shut down and she’d be back to square zero.
“That’s your thing?

“Only if there’s something worth seeing.”

She dropped the fork.
How could something that had tasted so
great a minute ago now turn her stomach sour?
She closed the takeout box and
put it on the floor behind Spencer’s seat.
“Thanks for the insider info.
I feel
like a regular sexpert now.”

Silence reigned until he asked which highway exit would
offer the quickest route to her apartment.
She answered mechanically, well
aware she sounded as if her cat had died.

Her last drop of bravado had fled with her buzz.
Not that
she’d had much to begin with.

She’d always thought she was fairly experienced sexually,
but what she’d seen at Kink made her feel like a virgin all over again.
couldn’t deny she’d been aroused.
But that didn’t mean she was ready to have
sex in front of strangers, with Spencer or without.

And she’d thought they had too many reasons not to hook up
Little had she known.

“Tonight never happened,” he said in a low voice.
“You never
saw me at Kink and I never saw you.
Tomorrow is business as usual.”

She stared at his profile incredulously.
Was that his term for what had happened between them?
And how dare he act
as if he hadn’t been the one bare-assed in front of a crowd?
As if he was in
the clear and
was the naughty little girl?

Kelly bit her tongue, literally bit it—this was still her
boss after all—but her annoyance spewed out anyway.
“You didn’t make me come
and I didn’t see your dick.

He clenched the steering wheel but he didn’t reply.
thing, because she likely would’ve said something else she might regret later.

being the operative word.

Five strained minutes later, he pulled into the parking lot
of her apartment building.
He didn’t say anything and the air conditioner he’d
turned on high did nothing to alleviate the heat drenching her body.

Was this it?
Was she going to let him just drop her off and
drive away?
Or was she going to stop penciling sex into the slots she’d
allotted on her calendar and for once in her life go for something spontaneous
and wild?

He stopped the car outside the building entrance, his eyes
directed straight ahead and his fingers tapping the wheel.
His posture screamed

She unclicked her seatbelt and put her hand on the door.
wasn’t the kind of woman he’d go for, obviously.
At least not once he’d had
time to think and they weren’t standing in naked central.

Because he wants Nina.
Or Leigh.
Not you.
Anyone but you.

“Where do you live?” she asked, her gaze on her lap.
It was
a cop-out but at least she hadn’t climbed out and run into her building.

Spencer took so long to answer she began to think he
Her cheeks burned but other parts of her ached with need.
She made
herself look at him, shocked to realize he was watching her.

Without thinking, she reached out to grip his hair and yanked
his face to hers.
Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered his hands
never left the wheel as she licked at the seam of his mouth.
He didn’t open for
her, didn’t give an inch, but she’d be damned if she would back off now when
she could finally taste the whiskey on his breath.

She slid her body against his as much as she was able to in
the tight confines of the front seat.
This close, his raw, masculine smell,
lightly overlaid with his aftershave, inflamed her senses.
His chest rose and
fell in rapid beats, proving he wasn’t unaffected.

If his arousal was left over from what he’d watched earlier,
she didn’t care.
He would remember who had started this, and who would finish

Her gaze traveled between his legs.
A thin shaft of light
illuminated just what she needed to see.
His khakis bulged around his hard-on.
For her or Nina?
Right now, she didn’t care.

She palmed his cock and he released a soft groan as she
tightened her hold around his hard length.
Feeling victorious, she scraped her
nails over him and watched the change in his expression.
From wariness to
desire to that same speculation she’d noted earlier in his office.
As if he
were gauging her.

This was one test she would ace.
She had to.

Pressing her advantage, she rolled her thumb along the ridge
around the head of his erection while she nibbled on his lower lip.
She yearned
to feel his tongue in her mouth, his wide fingers pinching her nipples rather
than digging holes in the steering wheel.
His steely control as she continued
her dual assault stunned and thrilled her, making her even more desperate.

God, what would it take to make him blow?

As if a switch had been thrown inside him, he pushed her
back with a growl.
“Five miles from here,” he gritted out.

BOOK: ProvokeMe
7.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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