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Prying Eyes

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Prying Eyes


©Copyright Imari Jade 2011

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Edited by Stacey Birkel

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This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.

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Published in 2011 by Total-E-Bound Publishing, Think Tank, Ruston Way, Lincoln, LN6 7FL, United Kingdom.

This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers.
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Summer Spectacles


Imari Jade


To Tracee Thomas: Thanks for laughing, buying my books and putting up with me while I’m world building.

Chapter One

Michael Richards waited on the side of the road for his friend Amelia Wilson to come out from behind the bush she was using for privacy. They were in the middle of nowhere in Florida with the nearest rest stop about twenty miles away.
He caught a glimpse of her melon-sized breasts straining against the neckline of her dress as she bent over. “Oh shit,” he moaned as his pants got tighter. At this rate, he was going to come inside his briefs if she didn’t hurry up and finish.

“You are such a prude,” he called to her. It was hard to believe she was one of America’s hottest models. Sometime in her seven-year career she must have taken her clothes off in front of someone. So why was she making such a big deal?

Amelia came out of the bushes just seconds after he turned away and faced the highway. “I’m ready.”

So was he. Ready to get off, that is. Michael glanced over at her. Amelia looked exquisite as usual with her tall, perfectly proportioned body and thick shoulder-length chocolate brown hair. She was casually dressed in a pretty blue frock, probably bought off the rack, even though, like him, she probably had hundreds of designer outfits in her closet. She reminded him of the girl next door—peaches and cream complexion, wholesome personality and an
I get along with everyone
attitude. A cheerleader, homecoming queen and girl you would certainly like to take home to meet the parents.

Michael sighed. All of that was fine and dandy but somewhere in his vivid little imagination he knew no one could be that perfect. Amelia had to have some kind of quirk, and he was bound and determined to find out what it was before he did a damn fool thing like propose to her. That’s why he’d suggested that they drive to Florida instead of flying. After a day or two on the road together some little idiosyncrasy was bound to rear its little head. So far he’d learnt that she liked Latin music, she couldn’t hold her bladder after drinking soda and she was thinking about auditioning for a small part in a movie when they returned to New York.

Michael helped her into the fancy red sports car he had rented for their trip and then walked around and got into the driver’s seat.

Amelia smoothed out the creases in her dress, adjusted the top to cover the little skin that was showing and then flipped her hair over one shoulder so she wouldn’t lean back on it.

Michael watched it all with interest, envisioning her naked, reclined on the seat next to him. He started up the car and peeled away from the side of the road to get back on the highway. They were headed to the airport where they would finally board a plane and take off for Kamalame Cay, a private beach in the Bahamas. Both of them were taking part in a big promotion for a new line of summer wear designed by Ralph Newman to be featured in several department stores around the country. He had high hopes of seeing a lot of Amelia during their one-week stay, since he’d learned that she would be modelling Ralph’s latest swimsuit fashion. Michael grinned inside. Boy, he couldn’t wait.

* * * *

Amelia pushed her key card into the door of her bungalow and stepped into her room, dragging her luggage behind her. She flipped on the light and gawked. “This place is gorgeous.” She shut the door soundly behind her and locked it, pulling the luggage through the living room and into the bedroom. She turned on the light and then rolled the luggage over to the closet and left it there. Amelia yawned. She could sure use a nap after the long flight. Later she was to meet up with Michael and the rest of the models for dinner, but right now all she felt like doing was resting.

Amelia walked over to the patio window to draw the curtains. She stopped, gazing at the fantastic view of the turquoise blue waters and the white sandy beach. Michael had told her about the view before they had left New York, but she’d thought he was just exaggerating. She reached for the cord and was about to pull it when she heard a feminine giggle, followed by a masculine, “Come here, baby.”

Amelia had a thing for guys with deep voices and just
to see if the face matched the voice. She peeped from the right side of the drapes so she wouldn’t be spotted. “Eek,” she said, slapping her hand across her mouth. “He’s naked.”

A normal person would have moved gracefully from the window, but she wasn’t normal by any stretch of the imagination when it came to watching a naked man. She’d been that way ever since she’d seen a neighbour who lived in the house behind her doing his wife in the backyard by the pool when she was a teenager. She remembered her body getting all hot and sweaty and her nipples expanding. At the time she hadn’t known what it meant…all she knew was that it had felt good when she’d touched between her legs while watching them.

The giggling woman appeared. She was also naked with heavy, brown breasts, wide hips and very shapely legs. Amelia wasn’t into girls, but she could appreciate a fantastic body and this girl was stacked. “She’s even got a great ass,” Amelia said as she watched her and the man run towards the water. Suddenly she was no longer sleepy.

The man picked the woman up in his muscular arms and playfully dumped her down in the water then pulled her back up again. Amelia pinched one of her nipples and it budded and strained against the fabric of her dress. The man cupped the woman’s breasts and she squealed with delight. Up until now, Amelia hadn’t caught a glimpse of the front of the man’s body but he did have a nice, tight butt. “Oh my God,” she said as the man turned around and headed back on to the beach with the woman. “He’s got an erection.”

Amelia ducked back behind the curtain as the couple came closer to the bungalow. The giggling continued and then everything went silent. Amelia peeped back out of the curtain again only to find the man and woman making out on a sun lounger very near the window. The woman was seated atop the man facing the water and he had his hands on her hips, moving her body up and down. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they were screwing. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be anyone else on the beach.

Amelia moved away from the window, kicking off her shoes and shimmying out of her clothes on the way over to her luggage. She unhooked her overnight case, opened it up and fished around until she found her vibrator and a fresh set of batteries. Thankfully, it had passed through airport security undetected, because she would have been quite embarrassed if the inspector had pulled it out in front of Michael. She could just picture the look of surprise on his face, and he would not then want to have anything to do with her.

But all of that didn’t matter right now. The couple’s moans and groans grew louder, turning her on. Amelia crawled onto the bed, opened her legs and guided the plastic vibrator inside her dripping hole.

* * * *

“You look well rested,” Michael said to Amelia when they hooked up later for dinner. She was dressed quite prettily in a pink, yellow and white floral sundress with a hem that landed just above her knees. Her feet were encased in a pair of brown sandals, exposing ten pink, perfectly painted toenails. Amelia had pulled her dark brown hair into a ponytail, which gave him the opportunity to see all of her oval-shaped face, thick brown eyebrows and haunting brown eyes. She had full lips to die for that begged to be kissed. Her skin was makeup-free.

Amelia stretched. “Yes, I just woke up from my nap. I think I was pretty exhausted. What about you?” she asked as she followed him down the walkway just outside their bungalows.

“I didn’t get much rest,” Michael confessed. “My neighbours were making a little too much noise.”

“Were they fighting?” Amelia asked.

“No,” Michael answered, not quite sure how to finish. “They, uh, were making love.”

“Oh!” Amelia replied. A rosy blush stained her cheeks. “The walls must be very thin.”

“They weren’t in their bungalow,” Michael replied. “They were outside on the beach. I’m surprised you didn’t hear them since they were closer to your bungalow than to mine.”

Her cheeks grew even rosier, indicating that she had likely heard but was too embarrassed to say so. “That must have been awful for you and quite embarrassing.”

“Not really. I’m all for healthy sun and fun.” He chuckled. “I guess they just got a little carried away by the beautiful decor and the gorgeous scenery.” He couldn’t tell her that he’d enjoyed every minute of it, watching through a pair of binoculars the interracial couple frolicking nude on the beach and in the water until they had settled down on the lounger to make love. And there was no way he could tell her how turned on he’d become and that he’d had to give himself a hand-job to get relief. Oh no. If he told Miss Prim and Proper that, she’d think he was a perv and would probably never speak to him again.

“Wow, look at this,” Amelia said as they came upon a heavily populated area of the beach. “I wasn’t expecting to see so many people.”

“Most of them will be leaving tomorrow,” Michael informed her. “Ralph and his people have rented the entire beach to film and photograph the models undisturbed. He’s throwing this barbeque mainly to welcome us and also to say goodbye to the tourists.”

Ralph reminded him a lot of Elton John in his younger days, Michael decided as he waved to him. Ralph was a bit eccentric and dressed flamboyantly, but was a talented craftsman. All of the models were taller than him but he never let his height bother him. He just fitted in no matter where he went.

The designer seemed to have gone all out for the occasion. A disc jockey span records on a make-shift stage, centred between huge billboards that advertised Ralph’s fashion logos and company brand. Three huge barbeque pits were manned by a good-sized crew of veteran chefs who obviously knew their way around a fire. There were several booths passing out beer and soda, a couple of long picnic tables holding condiments and paper products and several portable johns were strategically placed away from the food but close enough to be convenient.

Models danced barefoot in the sand with the guests, while others reclined in loungers, soaking up what was left of the evening sun. Michael waved to a couple of male models he knew as they stood at the end of the beer line. He then changed his mind and instead pulled Amelia behind him towards the food line, planning to keep an eye on her and keep her away from the wolves until they were all safely back in New York. The last thing he wanted was to lose her to some hot young stud after he had put in so much effort to get to be alone with her. He secured a couple of plates and handed one to Amelia.

“Everything looks so good,” Amelia said when they finally got close to the table. “And fattening.”

“Live a little,” Michael replied, sweeping his eyes over her slim frame. “It’s not every day we come to the Bahamas.”

“So true,” she said, scooping fresh fruit and salad on to her plate.

“It’s okay to eat meat,” Michael told her, spearing a Polish sausage and putting it on her plate.

Amelia used both hands to balance the plate. “Ooh, it’s so big,” she replied with a little giggle. “I don’t know if I can eat the whole thing.”

Michael gulped, thinking sinful thoughts about Amelia wrapping her lips around the meat. It was too much for his imagination. “Just give it your best shot,” he replied, adding a sausage to his own plate. “Once you start eating it, you might not want to stop.” They continued down the line until they had filled their plates, then Amelia found them two seats at a vacant table. Michael got up to fetch two cups of beer and then returned to her. He found her watching something near the water.

“What are you watching?”

Amelia drew her attention away. “Nothing. What were you saying?”

Michael cast his eyes near the water. “Oh, that’s our neighbours.”

Amelia blushed. “Oh, are they leaving tomorrow too?”

“I don’t think so. They’re on their honeymoon.”

Amelia picked at her salad. “You sure know a lot for a person who arrived at the same time I did.” She placed a bite of the salad into her mouth and chewed.

Michael chuckled. “That’s because I’m nosy. They were checking in when I went over to the reservation desk to see if they had some beach towels. Someone forgot to put some in my room.”

“Oh,” Amelia replied, toying with the Polish sausage with her fingers. “Are you planning to swim while we’re here?”

“I thought about it,” he replied, watching her stroke the meat.

Amelia picked up her plastic knife and fork, cut the meat into tiny bite-sized pieces and then raised one piece to her lips.

BOOK: Prying Eyes
8.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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