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The Men of Treasure Cove 3

The Sheriff’s Jailbirds

As the sheriff of Treasure Cove, Braxton Connelly has lived his life by the book. Harboring a deep secret, he ignores his heart’s desire and puts on a brave face for friends and family. Only behind closed doors, hidden rooms, and towns miles away does he give in to what he wants most.

Charlotte Ann Brooks is on the run. Hiding out in Celestial, Montana, she spends her days pecking away on computers, preferring the solitude to her loud waitressing job at the Rainbow Room. Her only saving grace is her roommate and confidant, Jordan.

Jordan Whitmore has built his little IT business from scratch. Putting everything he had into his business, he is finally comfortable and making money. That is until his roommate’s past comes barging in.

When the three worlds collide, chaos ensues. Tempers rise and all hell breaks loose in Treasure Cove. They must work together to fix the past, right the present, and save their futures.

BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys

38,445 words



The Men of Treasure Cove 3






Rebecca Joyce










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To Sage Marlowe and Gregory Payne, thank you for lending your ears when I needed guidance.

I dedicate this book to anyone who has ever had to struggle with acceptance. May you find happiness and love wherever you can. May your lives be blessed with love, hope, and understanding. May you endeavor to achieve your hearts’ desires.


The Men of Treasure Cove 3



Copyright © 2013








Tossing and turning, he couldn’t sleep. His mind wouldn’t shut down. Every time he closed his eyes, he remembered that night.

It was his living nightmare. That night he gave into his Achilles’ heel and there was not a damn thing he could do about it. The feel, the smell, and the taste, he remembered well.

His body was too hot.

His cock was so hard it ached.

His balls begged for release, but nothing he did seemed to ease the pain.

Grabbing his stiff dick, he began stroking his meat rapidly, praying tonight he could bring himself a quick release. Closing his eyes, he imagined the feel as his cock slid deep in that tight molten hole. The heat seared him, and suction was constricting as he plowed aggressively into that forbidden place.


He wanted to jump in his car and drive the two hours to the heaven he knew was waiting. But the first time was a mistake. He was never going to do that again. He couldn’t do that again.

He promised himself.

Jerking his cock hard, he grabbed his balls and rolled them in his hands as he applied more pressure to his cock. If only he could come quickly.

Please let me come quickly!

The bouncing of the bed was helping his cause as he continued the furious pace of spanking his dick as he only got harder and harder.

He was so close.

He could feel the tightening.

That glorious release was within his reach.

Then like always, he remembered who he was fucking.


* * * *


“What do you want me to do?” the sultry husky voice asked.

“I want you to give me pleasure,” he responded. “I want to make out with you, to kiss you. I want your body next to mine. I want you to lick me all over and suck me off.”

The sultry smile before him had his cock straining against his uniform. For so long he had denied himself this pleasure, but for tonight and tonight only, he was giving in. Just once, he wanted the taste of the forbidden, just a single touch, a hot, searing kiss and the intimacy of love.

He watched as the sexy blond walked forward, running hot hands over his short hair. For the first time he wished his hair was longer, wishing it could be pulled. He liked it rough and always had, but right now there was nothing he could do about it.

With their faces so close, he could smell the coffee as a soft tongue licked his neck. Closing his eyes, he shivered at the pure sensation of touch and smell. Then without warning, the warmest lips he had ever tasted were on his. The hot tongue invaded his mouth, making him moan.

He had never felt anything like this, and he loved it. He responded, thrusting his own tongue into the hot cavern. Aggressive hands started moving up and down his back, pulling at his shirt until he felt the first touch of warm hands on his bare skin. Lifting his shirt out of the way, the assault on his mouth was momentarily interrupted and then vigorously began as if it never stopped. The tantalizing hands began groping his hard pectorals, pinching his stiff nipples and pulling at them.

Shivers of ecstasy ran up his spine.

This was actually happening.

He couldn’t wrap his mind around it, nor did he want to.

It felt so right, so wrong, and so fucking fantastic!

Breaking the kiss, those soft, warm lips slid down his throat, nuzzling it and rubbing their way down his chest.

All these new sensations flooded him. He had served and surrendered his body so many times, but to receive this type of pleasure was out of his control. He thought he just needed this one night of passion, just this one taste to sate his needs. But as those hot hands and wicked mouth moved on him, he was quickly realizing that just maybe he had awakened something so deep within him that nothing was ever going to come close.

He was learning what his soul truly wanted, needed, and craved for.

“Clothes off, lover,” the sultry voice demanded.

Quickly dispensing with his pants, he was left standing naked. His hard cock jutted out as those hot hands grabbed his dick and began the slow, torturous movement of jerking him off. He watched as the sexy blond smiled and kneeled before him. Working every square inch of his cock, he moaned, “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

“Wait, baby, I’m not done with you yet,” the blond whispered, licking the head of his cock.


Licking the crown of his dick, he groaned as that wicked tongue twirled around his head.

“Come on, lover. You’re wound too tight. Lie down and let me ease some of your stress.”

Doing as requested, he lay face down on the bed.

He felt the warm body climb on his back and begin to knead the tightness out of his shoulders. He relaxed as the blond worked, manipulated, and massaged every muscle. Meticulously working every square inch of his body, the blond started with his toes and worked those devilishly capable hands all the way up his body.

He had had massages before and had been to exotic spas. Hell, he even had a Japanese woman jump on his back one time, but nothing prepared him for what this blond did next.

So when that wicked hot tongue rimmed his ass, he thought for sure he had just come all over the bed sheets. The fireworks in his ass had him writhing in pleasure.

That was until he felt the hot tongue slide in.

! Yes, baby.”

“You like that, lover?” the blond asked.

The loud growl grew deep within him. Quickly rolling, he pinned the blond beneath him. “I need to fuck you now.”

Not giving the blond time to answer, he hooked an arm under a leg and lifted it. Grabbing his throbbing cock, he placed it at the moist entrance and surged forward into the tightest hole ever.

! Oh fuck, you’re so Goddamned tight,” he yelled as he began slowly thrusting in and out of the tight hole. Leaning forward, he couldn’t resist those lips. Kissing the blond’s soft, full lips as he pounded in and out of that hot channel, for the first time he felt everything in his life was right.

The feel, the touch, the intimacy was right. Nothing could have prepared him for that revelation as he plowed deeper in the hot moistness.

BOOK: Rebecca Joyce
13.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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