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BOOK: Recourse 2 (The Arrangement)
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I closed my eyes and felt myself starting to float off the ground.

She pulled back and smiled as she looked at me with those cat like green eyes. “What about now?”

“Uh, I think I still want that drink.”

She chuckled and said, “I’ll be right back,” as she walked away.

Chase was inspecting the remote control in his hands. “Come here I’ll show you how it works.” I sauntered closer to him and wrapped my hands around his big arms. I could feel the rock hard biceps underneath the shirt. I squeezed them lightly, imagining that hard body against mine. He lowered his head and his eyes met mine. I felt the fluttering in my chest and my clearly resonating heart beat give my emotions away as I looked into those blue eyes. His strong eyes contact melted me as I listened to the increasingly loud thumping in my chest.

I muttered “I want you so bad.” but only in my head.

He shifted his eyes and turned the box towards me. I saw the two rotating knobs, with the inscriptions underneath, vibration and rotation.

“That thing looks serious.” I said.

“I’ve read the outside surface by the most sensitive part vibrates as well, so you are getting double the stimulation inside and outside at once. When I’ll start the rotation, it will also pass over the front wall of and massage the G-spot.”

“That’s stimulating alright.” My lips curled up, “Not afraid of competition?”

He shrugged, “The way I see it you girls get the incredible orgasms and learn to have multiple ones, which will translate well into the bedroom. A woman who knows she will be satisfied is the best partner.”

I licked my lips and glared up at him, drinking in his confidence.

“We are still ways away from the bedroom.” I said quietly.

He reached his hand behind my back and moved it towards my butt. Feeling his firm squeeze sent jolts of electricity up the spine as my lips parted. He lowered the controls on the table and slid the other hand under my dress. His fingers found my warm, already moistened slit as he explored my lower lips. He gently caressed the skin around my lily and ran his index finger slowly up, parting my wanting loins and feeling my wet.

“Mmmm.” He murmured with satisfaction. “What an excited girl.”

He gripped my ass and guided me closer to him as the teasing finger slipped inside me. I welcomed it with a soft moan as my warmth engulfed his intruding hands. He glided himself deeper in and slowly curled the finger back, with the ‘come here’ motion. The pleasurable sensation resonated through my abdomen as he found my G-spot and stroked it just the right way. I whimpered as I caught my breath and lifted my leg on the couch, helping him with better access. His lips curled up as he leaned in, stifling my moan as his warm mouth hungrily took mine. Our tongues united and danced as I felt myself tremor with pleasure. Chase slipped another finger in and increased the tempo, working hard on bringing me to an orgasm. I shifted my hips to edge closer and plunge his fingers deeper in. His hand was covered in my wet as our hot mouths devoured each other, echoing the wetness below. Chase started to rotate his fingers inside me as his tongue followed suit. The doubled sensation shot me into overdrive as I sensed the waves of pleasure rock into me. I wiggled my hips in frenzy as my breath turned quick and shallow. He groaned and sucked in my lips as I whimpered and surrendered to the ultimate joy.

I opened my eyes and leaned my head back. The room came back into focus. I lowered my leg and felt his throbbing hardness against my thigh. I reached down and brushed the outside of my hand against the protruding outline. The eager flesh pulsated back in anticipation.

“My turn.” I licked my lips and started to lower myself. Chase caught my arm and pulled me back up. “Not yet.” His eyes glistened at me. “I want you to get more aroused than you’ve ever been before.” He picked up the remote control walked me over to the Sybian. Chase unzipped my dress as I arched my back, in one smooth motion my dress slipped down to the ground. He helped me step out of it and position myself above the seat.

“Get yourself comfortable. I’ll start at low levels first.” I parted my legs and lowered myself down, guiding the extension inside me. It slid easily through my soaked lips, fitting snugly against my inner walls. I felt the rubber part of the mat press against my sensitive parts in the front. Chase’s lips curled up as he said “Liftoff,” and pressed the switch on the controls. My body jerked forward as I let out a loud moan. I felt the phallus start to vibrate inside me. The overwhelming sensation against my nerve endings spread through my core as the sweet wave of pleasure come over me. I drew sharp breaths again and again turning them into hissing through my clenched teeth. My eyes shut as I tried to ride the wave of sweet torture. I reached in front of me and grabbed a hold of the saddle. Leaning slightly forward I felt the mat vibrate without mercy against my sensitive knob. I grinded down hard into the vibration, eager to get more.

I heard Chase let out a satisfied chuckle. My moans grew louder as I lifted up my hands and started rubbing my aching breasts.

Without warning I heard the buzzing grow louder as a shock of electricity pierced me, stiffening up every muscle in my body. The vibration grew stronger as the pleasure receptors grew overwhelmed by the rapid fire. I let out a deep moan as I drew my brows in and concentrated on the feeling. I gasped for breath through my wide opened mouth as I vigorously rubbed my nipples. “Oh my god.” I cried in sweet agony as my abdomen quaked. The weed whacker like sound kept growing higher in pitch. I tried to concentrate on containing the pleasure as I bit my lip to stop from exploding right there and then.

“Good girl.” I heard Chase’s voice a mile away. All of a sudden the shuddering contractions caused me to leap forward again and grab a hold of something as the vibrations encompassed every part of my hot pool, stretching the inner walls. I convulsed in sweet agony as I fell further down with my elbows on the carpet, the sweet rotating torture not letting up. I echoed back with an deep groan as I felt the incoming orgasm wash over me. The wave after wave of rapture shook me as I whimpered and gasped for air. I dropped my head and prayed for sweet release, as the pleasure blasted through me.

I felt someone’s soft hands cup my breasts and bring me back to upright position. I leaned back and felt soft kisses on my neck and the sweet smell of perfume. “You are so beautiful.” Said Amy as she ran her hand down my body. She edged me back a bit more as I felt the pleasure maker escape me with a wet pop. It kept slowly rotating between my thighs as it brushed against my trembling loins with each passing.

“Did you like it?” Amy whispered in my ear.

I nodded back looking straight down as I felt myself still trying to recover from the massive sensory overload. I slowly filled my lungs with air, letting it pass through every atom in my body.

“Have a sip.” she put a glass up to my lips. A cool, slightly sweet alcohol spread down my chest. I licked my lips and stretched my mouth into a smile. “You are going to love it.”

She let out a soft giggle and kissed my cheek.

I opened my eyes to find Chase missing. I raised my eyebrows and wondered if I could make it to the couch. Chase appeared a second later from the hallway and walked towards us with a giant smile on his face. He handed me one of his t-shirts and surveyed the scene with a pleased face.

“Laura went just above the half way on the dial. I am curious if I run out of room before you’re satisfied.” He smirked as he shot Amy a wink.

“Only one way to find out.” She wiggled her eyebrows. I put on the shirt and grabbed onto his strong arm as Chase lifted me up in one smooth motion. He picked me up and carried me to the couch, shooting my a playful smile. “Did you like it?”

“Yes.” I bit my lip. “Very much.”

“I bet you are curious to see what it looks like from outside. This should be good.” He sat down next to me.

Amy already dropped her dress and was standing over the machine rubbing the aching area between her inner thighs. She let out a small moan as she closed her eyes and kneaded her voluptuous breast with the other hand.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Chase grabbed the controls. She lowered herself, licked her hand and moistened the knob that disappeared inside her a moment later. I perked up and edged closer to Chase ready to see her experience what I just have. Amy closed her eyes as Chase started to slowly rotate the left knob. She let out a muffled groan and dropped her head down in front. The sound of the toy propeller plane grew louder as a shadow of a smile ran across Chase’s lips while he slowly added more vibration.

Amy sat silent with her head down. Her long black hair dropped over the bountiful breasts and the hardened peaks. Chase and I looked at each other as our eyebrows went up. The steady buzzing grew loud as it filled the otherwise quiet room.

“OK.” He chuckled and inched the other knob clockwise to start the rotation.

Amy’s reached out slowly and put her hands in front of her on the saddle without making a sound. She sat there as a statue as I edged closer to Chase.

“Give her more.”

He spun the first knob and whispered. “This is where you reached your peak. Let’s see what she does.”

The much louder buzzing started to turn into something haunting as Amy sat still on the black saddle. My eyes narrowed as I watch her contain the force that drove me to brink of insanity.

“Jesus, I don’t have much more here.” Chase reached up his hand toward the other knob.

“Wait,” I pushed his hand away. “Look at her hands.”

He turned his eyes towards her and smirked. Amy’s hands were white with tension. She dug her nails into the leather exterior of the saddle and clenched them as if she was holding on for her dear life.

“Gotcha.” Chase let out a soft laugh and turned the other knob all the way up.

It sounded like a wounded animal pierced the silence as Amy jerked her head back and drove the air from her lungs. She drew a sharp breath and another raspy groan shook the room as her body convulsed on the seat. She started gyrating and moving her hips so vigorously I thought if not for the carpet she would have made it halfway across the room by now.

“More!” she commanded as her abdomen quaked.

“I am out.” Chase shrugged.

“More!” Amy demanded louder as she now bounced up and down in the seat.

I got an idea and quickly got up. “You nasty bitch," I laughed impressed once again with her insatiable sex drive, “You’re going to get what you deserve.” I walked up behind her and wrapped my hands around her convulsing body. I squeezed her tight and lowered myself.

“Oooohh!” her ringing moan pierced the room. My lips curled up in satisfaction. She thrust her chest out and tried to buck, but I held her firm. She reached behind her towards me trying to ease the tension but I just drove her harder against the vibrating parts. Her body jerked as she let out deep choppy grunts. She ran her hands up to mine and then let go and surrendered. I kept her still as her mouth grimaced in agony and then turned into a sweet smile of release. She cupped her breasts and started licking her quivering tips, mumbling something inaudible.

Chase gave me thumbs up from the couch as I held on for my dear life. Amy must have been close to her peak. In desperate rhythm she fought for more oxygen as he hips grinded faster and faster against the vibrating rubber mat. I tried to let her go but she grabbed my hands and held me close as her groans grew deeper and culminated in a loud moan as she thrust her chest forward and started to fall over. I caught her and brought her body back just as she had done for me. Her moist skin glistened in the light as her chest rose and fell. I felt her blazing body heat against mine. Wherever Amy was, it was no longer in the room with us.

Chase’s blue eyes watched as we sat embraced in front of him. Two souls mended through the passion once more.

“What do you think?” I lifted up my brows.

He stroked his chin, then the corners of his mouth curled up. “I think this is the best present I’ve ever given anyone.”


“Hey.” Amy sat on the corner of my bed as I awoke from my sleep. She smiled at me as she looked into my eyes through those deep green eyes, causing my ears to burn a little.

“I had a strange dream.” She said. “I was wandering through a thick jungle and I needed to deliver something important. Only I couldn’t find my way through the thick vines. I kept looking back because I felt something was following and creeping up behind me. As I started to lose hope something suddenly tore apart the jungle in front of me and your face appeared through the opening. You reached out and pulled me through, and we ended up on a motorcycle, that had a very loud exhaust pipe and kept fluttering in this loud repetitive noise. I was riding with you along a small ocean road and you held on tight to me as the wind breezed by.”

She furrowed her eyebrows and tapped an index finger on her lips. “Strange, I wonder what that means.”

I looked at her with my eyes slightly wider than they were a moment later, the deeply seeded reflex of guilt kicking me right in my stomach. Then I relaxed my tense stomach as I realized that Amy and I had shared some of our most intimate moments before, and she was one of the most darling people I’ve ever known. I snickered, “I can guess the motorcycle part pretty easily. I’d say you were as close to taking off as ever.”

Her mouth stretched, exposing the picture perfect smile. “Then I have to thank you for getting me there. That was quite a rush.”

I let out a nervous laugh, “I’d say Chase deserves most of the credit for discovering that thing.”

“Indeed.” She looked away and bit her lip as her face changed. “Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think the two of you had a chance to fully enjoy each other?”

My cheeks flushed as I attempted to recover. I cleared my throat, but she intercepted, “I hope it’s not because of me.”

“I think that’s just a matter of time,” I said and took her hand in mine. “I have to be honest, it is a little different. But Amy,” I looked right in her emerald pools. “You are doing nothing but adding to the experience.”

BOOK: Recourse 2 (The Arrangement)
11.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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