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She laughed, “I think that can be said for either one of us.” She squeezed my hand, then let her slender fingers caress mine.

“We mesh well together.” She perked up, “I just wish we met a lot sooner.”

“Life can be like that.” I said, convincing myself with my own words. “We are here now though, let’s enjoy it the best we can.”

“I’d say we’ve been doing a great job so far.” A soft smile ran across her lips.

“It is interesting,” I said, “If Chase and I ran into one another sooner, he might not have met you. And then where would you be now?”

“Besides desperately trying to hide who I am from my father?” She shook her head. “I would probably dive head first into my hobbies and then botch every attempt at him trying to set me up with someone.”

“What kind of hobbies?” I looked up at her.

Her lips curled as her eyes lit up. “I am glad you’ve asked. Let me show you.”


“I’m going to die!” I screamed into the soft fabric of the helmet. My words reflected right back and just fogged it up more.

Amy jerked the throttle and the bike roared in echo, launching us forward with so much torque the front tire almost lifted off the ground.

I couldn’t believe I let her talk me into riding a sports bike. It sounded like a fun idea, and it was for the first five seconds before we reached the speed limit. Then it turned into one long session of stomach fluttering as my breath caught in my throat and declined to either stay or go. We were riding for no longer than five minutes but it seemed like years for me. May be that was just me measuring how many years I shaved off my lifespan through the nervous panic as I dug my fingers deeper into Amy’s leather jacket.

She slowed down and the bike screeched to a stop near a small brown building. It has with no windows or signs, but three cameras on each side looked serious enough. She took off her helmet and motioned for me to do the same. I looked at her like she was crazy, we were still in the middle of the road, but then muttered a swear under my breath and followed her lead.

“We’re here. Let’s go inside.” She nodded towards the structure.

I jumped off from the bike, and she swung her leg over the seat.

“Don’t you want to at least move the bike from the road?”

She pointed ahead. “See the barrier there? It’s our private road. No cars here.”

I looked at the red concrete blocks in the distance and shook my head, “No wonder you were flying.”

“Did I scare you?” She squeezed my arm and looked at me. “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Her eyes narrowed. “I didn’t take you for someone who’d be so easily scared.”

“Not any more than last night when you almost turned it into an exorcism.” I caught my tongue between my teeth and grinned back.

“Touche.” She laughed and wiggled her eyebrows. We walked over to the nondescript gray door and Amy entered a code on a keypad next to it. She turned to me with the earnest smile as the door revealed itself to be five inches thick with steel. “Laura, I do hope you’ll find my next hobby exciting.”

“What the heck is this, a weapons surplus?” My eyes adjusted to the halogen bulbs above as she flipped a switch, making the whole place come alive. There was a long counter top in front of us, and much further ahead a row of targets hung at various distances. The cases next to us and the walls to each side were filled with various pistols and rifles, each one reflecting the overhead lights menacingly on the cold steel.

“I do like to invest in my hobbies.” She smiled. “This one comes in handy for both practical reasons, and…”

“And?” I narrowed my eyes.

“And for blowing every last bit of pressure away.”

“I’ve never fired a gun.” I said as I looked over the silver and black gunmetal.

“Then I am even more excited.” She shot back. “I promise this will be unlike anything else you’ve done before.”

She picked out two handguns and placed them on the counter, then reached over for the ear protectors and said, “Never point them at anyone around you and always treat it like it’s loaded.” She started loading the bullets into the clips. “I’ll prepare your gun, so just pick it up, aim, firm your hands but bend your elbow and squeeze the trigger softly. Watch me, I’ll go first.”

She cocked the pistol and spread her legs to just past shoulder width. Slowly she lifted and stretched the arms in front of her chest. She gripped the weapon tight and softly squeezed the trigger as she rushed the air from her lungs. I heard a roar of thunder blast through the building as the fire exploded from the barrel. The target on the other side of the building jerked and a small hole appeared near the mark’s heart. I didn’t feel scared, but the muscles in my stomach tensed each time the loud bang lit up the room.”

Amy put the gun down and pressed the button next to the console. The target darted towards us, neat holes bunched together rendering the hypothetical attacker irrelevant.

She lowered her ear protection and after I did the same, smiled and said, “My alter ego must have come out. Kiya the assasin, I kick ass and never leave a trace. Nice to meet you.”

I raised my eyebrows. “You pretty much have me going at this point.”

She let out a light laugh, “A girl has to keep sane somehow in the world of boring business meetings and obsequious crowds. This helps with the tension quite a bit.”

I walked over and put my finger on the gun, feeling the cold steel.

“Give it a try.” She smacked my butt and moved back.

I carefully gripped my hand around the piece and lifted it up. It was much heavier than I expected, the weight adding to the the seriousness of what it was capable of. I clasped my hands as Amy had done, then pointed it toward a target much closer than hers. I slowly started to draw in the trigger in, but the gun declined to fire. As I kept squeezing, and watching nothing happen, I felt more anxiety to have it pop at any moment, the silence of the gun mocking my attempt at trying to control it. I drew a deep breath then slowly exhaled and pulled the trigger to the end. My hands jerked wildly up as I felt the gun almost fly out of my hands. The sudden loud pop blasted through the air tensing every fiber in my body. Only this time the release of tension came almost immediately as I realized I was still holding the gun in my hands. I did control what happened. I felt the confidence grow and the power to do it again. I squinted a little and squeezed the trigger again. Again the hands flew up and this time smoothly returned back to the original position. I tried again, pressing faster this time. I felt the cathartic release wash over me as the gun emptied. I had successfully tamed the beast. I carefully placed the gun down and took off my ear guards, this time the pounding of my beating heart adding to the atmosphere.

“Holy hell, that was fun.” I looked over at Amy.

“Welcome to the newest member of the assassin club.” She grinned. “I can see you have the fire to carry our name with pride.”

“I could never stay still through meditation.” I shrugged, “This seems much more to the point.”

“The path to nirvana is paved with empty shells.” She hit my arm. “We’ll come back here again, but for now let’s get back to the house, I have to go to a meeting in an hour. Hope you don’t mind being alone for a bit.”

“Not at all.” I said, “I am sure I could find something to do in that huge house of yours.”

“I can always show you where I keep the black case.” She grinned and looked at me, “In case you decide to go exploring more.”

I felt my cheeks blush as I mentally recalled the large variety of pleasures she kept inside it.


Chase walked in, muttered a quick ‘Hello’ and disappeared into the bedroom. I watched him return a few minutes later, changed into a pair of swimming trunks. He didn’t say a word as he slid open the glass door and walked out to the pool. He circled it a few times, swinging and stretching his arms, then lowered himself to the ground and started doing pushups. I watched his big muscular body rise and slowly drop to the ground again and again as his powerful arms bulged under tension. The triceps on his arms protruded and swelled up, defining the ridge of the muscle as it curled around to his bicep. Whatever happened at the office was getting dealt with here. His stiff body looked like a well running machine as he didn’t stop for a full three minutes. Watching him groan as he pushed himself to the limit my mind started to drift towards my own fantasies. I imagined myself underneath that powerful frame, as he plunged himself deeper and deeper into my core. I saw my legs wrap around his waist as I drove him deeper inside. My deft hands running up from his abdomen through the peaks of his rock hard abs, counting each one with my fingers as I reached the solid wall of muscle that was his chest. I would slide them over to his sides where the back muscles flared out from the tension, and reaching over them I’d dig my fingers deep into his flesh. I would draw him close to my tingling with pleasure skin as we would unite as one while millions of sparks exploded inward through my quaking abdomen.

I heard a splash of water and opened my eyes. I licked my lips and gulped down the daydream. Chase’s arms were flying over his body as his muscular shoulders rotated through the motion. I recognized the butterfly stroke, the hardest method of swimming and the most rewarding for both speed and fitness. It took a lot of strength to be able to pull yourself forward as both hands launched the body at once, yet for Chase it seemed effortless as he blasted through the water. After a few minutes of back and forth sprints, he lifted himself out of the pool and laid down on top of a lounging chair, letting the warm breeze and the afternoon sun do the work.

I bit my lip as I felt the butterflies come alive deep inside my stomach. Their tiny wings flapped around incessantly, echoing through and causing tension to resonate a little lower and deeper still. I put down the book and checked my outfit - a soft white blouse and ocean blue bikini bottoms. Deeming it perfect for the afternoon breeze, I ditched the sandals and stepped barefoot through the pool glass doors. The sound of them opening didn’t seem to affect Chase as he laid with his eyes closed at the pool’s entrance.

Step by step I tried my best impression of a runway modes as I put one foot in line with the other. I unbuttoned the top three buttons revealing just the beginning of that U between my breasts.

“Hey.” I said softly, raising the intonation just a bit at the end.

His face remained still as only his mouth stretched in a tiny smile. He murmured something and relaxed his lips again, the calm face reflecting the peace of sleep.

Realizing I was free to do what I wanted, I felt the excitement build inside. I carefully leaned over him and propped myself on the armrests, slowly inching closer to his face.

I tilted my head and let my hair fall on his beautifully sculpted chest as I moved my mouth towards the side that exposed more neck. I took a deep breath, inhaling his musk and his masculinity both, and felt the butterflies start a tsunami that quickly rushed down to between my thighs.

“Oh Chase. You sexy son of a bitch.” I whispered as lowered my eyes below his and looked at that perfectly chiseled face. He looked so calm and comfortable, I got the idea that maybe it was best not to disturb him.

I quickly pushed that thought aside, as the increasing arousal within me was making it hard to leave the Greek god alone. My hair fell down on his perfectly cut abs as I licked my lips and planted a soft peck in the middle of the strong, muscular planes of his chest.. Feeling his warm flesh against my mouth, the warmth spread from my abdomen towards every nerve ending in my body. I parted my lips a bit more and sucked on his sun-warmed skin, leaving a trail of moist kisses as I moved down past the solar plexus.

The increased heart beat rushed adrenaline through my body as my desire for this man turned into a wildfire. I felt the passion pulsate inside my core as my mouth slowly touched one of his cubed abs. I lifted my eyes and stared at his relaxed face, his mouth was slightly curled up but the eyes remained closed.

I carefully traced my index fingers down those curves that originated on each side of his stomach and trailed down through the hip towards his abdomen. As the curves inched closer together they disappeared into his swimming shorts. Hooking my fingers, I felt my heartbeat drum louder as I gently lifted up the edge up and inched it down.

I tilted my head and peeked inside. Chase might have been asleep, but his body had responded to my seduction and was now alert and ready for action. I forced the air slowly from my lungs as I imagined that hardened flesh in my hands. Thankfully it was erect towards me, as the tip tried to force its way past the wall of the fabric.

I dragged the trunks just a little lower, enough to free the tip and get it closer to me and my wanting mouth.

“Mhhmm.” I heard Chase murmur. I looked up and saw him let out a big yawn as he opened his eyes, squinted and then stretched his mouth in a wide smile as he saw me.

“Well, what do we have here?” his soft baritone was accentuated by the playful tone.

“I’m doing an exercise in anatomy.” I smiled.

I grabbed a hold of his shorts and pulled them down with force. Chase lifted up his hips helping me remove them. He sat up and scooted back to give me more space on the lounging chair. I pulled myself closer and gripped his throbbing shaft. It barely fit in my hand as I slowly stroked it back guided it inside my mouth. I closed my eyes and took in the big tip, my soft lips brushing past his hardened flesh. Chase let out a soft moan as he drew a chest full of air. I propped myself on my knees and reached up with my other hand, wrapped it around his manhood. Now stroking it firmer yet slower with both hands my lips hugged his throbbing shaft tight as I created more suction for his pleasure. I felt myself flood between my legs as the excitement built up. Chase let out a few grunts as I slowly but deliberately maintained the tempo. I felt my nipples harden as I lifted up one hand and unbuttoned my blouse. My breasts spilled out and brushed against his thick muscular thighs, my aching knobs tingling with anticipation upon impact. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my fingers on the piece of cloth that guarded my passion moistened depths. I inhaled deep as I concentrated on my sensitive bud and pressed firmer against it. Feeling the incoming wave of passion, I whimpered as I freed his pulsating hardness and shut my eyes trying to concentrate.

BOOK: Recourse 2 (The Arrangement)
6.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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