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Authors: Jessica Ashe

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Redemption: A British Stepbrother Romance

BOOK: Redemption: A British Stepbrother Romance
8.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub
Redemption: A British Stepbrother Romance
Jessica Ashe

Copyright © 2015 Jessica Ashe

Redemption is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons or their likeness is entirely coincidental.

This book contains mature content, including graphic sex scenes and adult language. Please do not continue reading if you are under the age of 18 or if this content is likely to offend you.

All characters in the book are 18+ years of age, not blood related, and all sexual acts are consensual.

All Rights Reserved.


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There’s something special about Laura. Something mind-blowing. Something… familiar.


Laura Chapman made it up to my hotel room, got naked, and then bailed, leaving me with a serious case of blue balls.

There is more to Laura than just a nervous virgin, and I soon find myself coming face to face with an emotional blast from the past.

I can’t let Laura go, but the minute I’m back in her life everything goes to shit. I’m going to protect her, but who am I protecting her from?


Alex Garland was the boy next door, and we played together as kids. Then my mom was nearly killed by a stalker, and we had to move away. New name, new address, new school, new everything. No more Alex.

That is, until I met him in a club and went back to his hotel room.

Alex is back in my life, but so is my mom’s stalker. The stalker wants to pick up where he left off and destroy everything we’ve built in the last ten years.

What is Alex’s connection to my mom’s stalker? Have I ruined everything by hooking up with the boy next door?

A Note on Language

edemption tells
the story of Oliver and Michelle. Oliver is English and therefore his chapters are written with British English spelling and idioms. Conversely, Michelle is American and therefore her chapters are written with American English spelling and idioms.


hat the hell
happened last night?

I couldn’t remember anything after eleven o’clock which was when me and a few of the lads were escorted to the VIP area of a club.

Time to retrace my steps

A nearly empty champagne glass stood on the chest of drawers next to the bed. That went a long way to explaining the headache. I could drink beer all night and get up to play rugby in the morning without so much as an upset stomach, but mixing beer with wine or champagne always left me feeling like utter shit the next morning.

I leaned slowly over the edge of the bed, as I resisted the urge to throw up over the pearly white carpet. The bottom drawer was open, and so was the box of condoms I’d bought just yesterday.

I’d had sex. Or perhaps just a posh wank.

I stretched further and looked in the bin. Three used condoms. I’d definitely had sex then. I had no objection to tugging one off after a long night, but I wouldn’t have bothered doing it three times.

There was a very satisfied woman doing the walk of shame right now.

Then I spotted the bra on the floor, and a thong that was so thin that my headache got worse as I tried to focus on it. Whoever the owner was, she must still be in my house. Either that, or she was doing the walk of shame with a nice breeze between her legs.

Nope, she was still here. Her leather fuck-me boots were by the bedroom door.

I reached out behind me to the other side of the bed. Empty but warm. The on-suite bathroom door was closed.

Okay, mystery over. All I needed now was to see what she looked like, and then get her the hell out of my apartment. I heard the toilet flush and a few minutes later the door opened.

Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all

I didn’t often wake up next to anyone below an eight--even drunk, I had high standards--but this one was a comfortable nine. She might even get half a bonus point for striding out of the bathroom completely buck naked except for--

“Why do you have that around your neck?” I asked sternly. I tried to convey some anger, but my voice was weak, and I ended up just sounding tired and groggy.

“The better question is, why do you keep it in your bathroom? It’s a World Cup runner’s up medal. You should display it somewhere, not shove it in a bathroom cabinet.”

“A bathroom cabinet that you had no business going through.”

“Oh calm down. I needed some paracetamol. I’ve got a splitting headache.”

“Fine, just take it off. I don’t like looking at it.”

I could have shoved it in a box and placed it out of sight, but then it might look like I was trying to keep it safe. Leaving it in the bathroom cabinet showed an appropriate amount of contempt for the medal that signified my failure eight years ago.

The woman walked towards the bed and climbed on, quickly straddling me over the duvet. “Why don’t you take it off me. You undressed me quick enough last night.”

I reached up and grabbed the medal from between her pert breasts and pulled forward. Her head came down to mine, but we didn’t kiss. I slipped the medal over her head and threw it to the floor like the piece of crap it was.

“What’s your name?” I asked. She didn’t seem like the type who would be offended that I’d forgotten. Hell, I might never have asked in the first place.

“Candy,” she replied.

Of course it fucking is

Candy rocked her hips on my crotch to get the attention of my penis. He woke up in a better mood than I had.

“These lips performed magic last night,” she said softly, before nibbling on my lower lip. “No wonder you have such a good reputation among the local ladies.”

“I aim to please.”

Candy lifted her ass into the air to get the duvet out from between us, but I used the opportunity to grab her naked ass and bring it towards my face. She quickly took the hint, and lowered her wet sex to my waiting lips.

My tongue darted inside her, as I remembered just how sweet and succulent she tasted. Candy moaned, holding onto the headboard for support, and rocking slowly on my face, fucking my tongue and leaving my face covered with her slick wetness.

My hands gripped her ass firmly, as I pulled my tongue out and started exploring her folds, before working my way up to the swollen bud at the top. Candy gasped and grabbed my hair with one hand to hold my head in place as she rubbed her clit into my eager tongue.

Suddenly she swivelled on top of me and bent down to take my hard cock into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” I moaned. Now I remembered how we’d gotten through three condoms last night. Candy hadn’t been one to allow a man any rest after sex, and when she sucked cock that enthusiastically, it was hard to resist.

I kept my tongue inside her, but it became impossible to concentrate as she devoured my cock with her mouth. My hips thrust upward, gently at first, but then harder, as I fucked her mouth much like she’d been fucking my tongue.

“Stick your fingers in me,” Candy demanded, when she came up for air.

“There’s something I’d much rather stick inside you.”

I pushed Candy off and grabbed another condom from the drawer. I felt a touch guilty for cutting the foreplay short, but I wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway when she sucked me like that. Besides, Candy was already dripping between her legs. It wasn’t my fingers she really wanted inside her.

I sheathed my cock, and turned my attention back to the beautiful woman lying on her front, sticking her ass up into the air like a peacock. I’d done well picking up this one.

“I’m not in the mood for gentle,” Candy said. “And I’m assuming neither are you. Have at me.”

Definitely a nine point five. Maybe even a nine point six.

I got on my knees behind her and grabbed her small ass in my large hands, before pulling it towards my waiting cock. Candy was dripping wet, but her pussy was tight. My cock stretched her wide, as I pushed deep into her core until my heavy balls were pressed against her slit.

“Oh fuck,” Candy screamed. “I need to fuck more rugby players.”

“I’m your first?”

I gripped her hips firmly as I pulled out and slammed back in again.

Candy whimpered as I filled her. “Yeah. Plenty of football players though.”

“In that case, I should warn you.” I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Rugby players are rough.” With that I grabbed her hair, snatching her head up into the air, as she let out an animalistic scream that probably had half the dogs in the neighbourhood barking.

“I like rough,” she pleaded. “Rougher the better. Treat me like the slut I am.”

I couldn’t fuck her hard enough. My balls slammed against her arse as I pummeled her pussy like it was the last one I would ever have.

Candy reached back between her legs with one hand and started rubbing her clit furiously. I saw and felt her sex getting wetter and wetter until it contracted around my cock as the orgasm pulsed through her.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she moaned, as her body collapsed and she fell forward onto the bed.

She was spent and so was I. I pulled my cock out and flipped Candy onto her back.

“Open wide,” I commanded, as I whipped off the condom and moved into position above her chest.

Candy’s mouth opened just in time. I could kick a rugby ball wherever I wanted it to go, and my aim with my cock was just as good. A thick stream of my cum went straight to the back of her throat and disappeared just as quickly as she swallowed.

The next two jets splashed into her face, leaving a trail from her nose, down to her chin, and then dripping down to her neck and chest. Quite the work of modern art, if I do say so myself.

Candy made quick work of my masterpiece, and went back to the bathroom to pee again.

All of a sudden my head didn’t feel quite so bad.

y the afternoon
, the headache had come back with a vengeance, as if reminding me that it would take more than a good shag to get rid of a night spent destroying my liver.

I laid on the sofa trying to block out all noise, but this was London. I’d have to drive for at least a mile to get any kind of peace and quiet.

And I’d have to turn off my phone.

The phone vibrated loud enough on the glass table that I wanted to throw it out the window. I nearly did, but it was Aziz calling and I’d been desperate to hear from him.

“Aziz, I hope you have good news.”

“I do. The board went for it. They’ve agreed to bring in a few recruits from overseas for the summer.”

“So you’ll go to the states and recruit Maisie?”

“Already booked the plane ticket. You absolutely sure about this?”

“Positive. If Maisie comes here for the summer then so will her older sister, Michelle. I’m sure of it.”

“You’re going to a lot of effort just to see your stepsisters.”

“What can I say, I’m a family man. Besides, Maisie is an excellent rugby player for a fourteen year old. She deserves to be here.”

“I’ll watch her play,” Aziz said. “But if she’s not up to par, then I’m not offering her a place on the course.”

“Fair enough,” I agreed.

“You really stuck your neck out to get the course expanded to include international players. I hope these girls are worth it.”

“They are,” I said.

I hadn’t been lying. Maisie really was a brilliant rugby player, and she deserved to be on the course I’d helped organize this summer. If I was going to spend three months training young girls how to play rugby, then I wanted the best selection of players available. Maisie was one of them.

The fact that her older sister Michelle would come with her was an added bonus. A pretty big bonus. Okay, it was more like a lottery win.

I hadn’t seen her for eight long years.

Maisie had shown me pictures of what Michelle looked like now. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. If Candy had been a nine point five, Michelle was an eleven. No doubt about it.

And soon she would be in England with me.

BOOK: Redemption: A British Stepbrother Romance
8.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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