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Luther's Property

By: Laurie Burrows

Luther's Property


©Laurie Burrows, 2016 – All rights reserved

Published by Steamy Reads4U


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This is a work of fiction.
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This book contains graphic content intended for readers 18+
years old.

If you are under 18 years old, or are not comfortable with
adult content, please close this book now.

Chapter 1

Ivy shifted the weight of her backpack on her shoulder as
she stopped at the edge of the sidewalk. Reaching forward she pressed the
button for the crosswalk and waited.

“Hey! Wait up!” Noelle came barreling down the sidewalk, her
overstuffed backpack bouncing up and down as she ran. Ivy couldn’t help but
giggle as Noelle’s ran clumsily in her high heeled boots, her long blonde hair
whipping against her face.

“I’m waiting, I’m waiting!” Noelle slowed down and swiped at
the strands of hair that stuck to her lips.

“Jesus! God, I think I’m dying.” Noelle came to a stop and
leaning over, she grabbed her knees and attempted to catch her breath.

“You didn’t have to run, I would have waited.” Ivy continued

“Yeah,” Noelle gasped, “but I didn’t want to miss the
crosswalk thingy.”

“You mean the light?” Ivy asked. Noelle nodded her head
breathlessly as she stood up.

“Yeah, that’s the word.” Noelle gripped her sides with her
hands. “Man, I’m out of shape!”

“I think trying to run in stiletto boots has something to do
with it.” The crosswalk light changed and the girls began to cross the street.

“They are not stilettos! They’re just heels. But yeah, I
think…” Before Noelle could finish her sentence a pack of motorcycles came roaring
through the sidewalk, barely missing the girls.

“Noelle!” Ivy pulled Noelle back to the centerline of the
road to stop her from getting hit by one of the bikes. Noelle looked at her
with wide eyes and an open mouth as the formation of bikes flew past noisily.

“They must have ran that red light! What the hell? They
nearly killed us!” The girls continued crossing the street.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to ride near campus, they’re
always so dangerous. At least twice a week they fly through this crosswalk,
although I’ve never seen them almost run someone over before.” Noelle rolled
her eyes.

“Must be our lucky day…” As the two reached the sidewalk on
the other side of the street, Ivy stopped to sweep her long brown hair up in to
a ponytail.

“At least we didn’t get hit, my parents would freak.” Noelle

“I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t be too happy if I got
hit by a motorcycle either…” Ivy joined her in laughter.

“You’ve got a point there.” Pulling her ponytail tightly,
Ivy began walking again. “Are you working tonight?” Noelle shook her head.

“Nah, I have a physics final tomorrow so I have to get home
and hit the books. I’m not convinced I’m going to pass the class, let alone the
final, but at least if I try to study then my parents can’t be too mad.” Ivy

“I hated physics, I ended up dropping out after the first
two weeks. It’s too much math and formulas for me.” Noelle’s eyes widened as
she jerked her head forward.

“Right?! It’s required for my major though so I have to take
it and I have to pass which means if I don’t make it this time through, I’ll
have to take it again next semester.” Ivy scrunched up her nose.

“I’m sorry, that really blows.” Noelle shrugged as they came
to a stop outside Ivy’s dorm.

“I take it you’re working tonight?” Ivy nodded.

“Yeah, I don’t have any finals tomorrow and I could use the
cash anyway. I sorta hoped that you’d be on shift too though, finals week is
always awful for the drunk college boys.” Noelle leaned over and pulled Ivy in
to a tight hug, stroking her back for effect.

“There, there, you can handle a drunk college boy or two…at
least that’s what I’ve heard.” Noelle pulled out of the hug with a smirk and
Ivy slapped her arm playfully.

“Liar!” Noelle looked surprised.

“Have you forgotten JaimieVanderbeck at the beginning of the
semester?” Ivy frowned as she remembered the skinny fraternity boy who had
drunkenly seduced her to accompany him home.

“No,” Ivy lied, “I don’t and anyway, let’s not get started
on telling stories about our conquests because I’m pretty sure you’d come out
looking worse than me!” Ivy laughed and Noelle pouted before bursting in to

“True, true. Anyway, I’m headed home to start studying, if I
take a break later I might drop in to work for some wings or something?” Ivy

“Deal! Good luck!” Ivy turned and walked in to the dorm.

Ivy had spent all three years of her college career living
in the dorms, but Noelle hadn’t been so lucky. During her freshman year in the
dorms she had been busted for underage drinking and since then, her parents had
insisted that she live at home. Ivy didn’t think that she would particularly
mind the hot meals and free laundry that came with living at home, but the
interference of her parents was something she could live without.

Since Ivy was born her parents had treated her as though she
was breakable. Not in the precautious first-time-parent way that might be
endearing, but in the overprotective neurotic way that gave Ivy a rather warped
view on what it meant to be loved. Had they been able, Ivy was quite convinced
that her parents would have wrapped her in bubble wrap and led her around on a
leash. She was an only child and they were the type of parents who never could
and never would cut the umbilical cord.

“Hey!” Ivy threw her backpack on the floor beside her
built-in desk as she greeted her roommate who was stretched out on her own bed.
“Can’t stop, I have to pee really bad and then I’m off to work!” Her roommate
waved a hand and went back to reading the oversized hardback textbook that she
had balanced on her lap.

“Hi, bye!” Felicity said as Ivy ran back out of the door and
down to the communal bathroom. Moments later as Ivy sat in a stall in the
bathroom she heard someone else come in. “Hey?” Felicity’s familiar voice came
through the stall door. “Are you working late tonight? Cause my boyfriend wants
to come over and…well, you know…” Ivy laughed.

“Yeah, I’ll be there until close so you guys can have the
room. I’ll be back about 12:30 or 1.”

“Great! Thanks!” Felicity turned to leave.

“Just do me a favor and stick something on the door handle
when you’re…umm…busy so I know if it’s safe to come in when I get back.”
Felicity’s nervous laughter echoed around the bathroom tiles.

“Sure, no problem.”

Felicity had been a quiet, shy girl when she and Ivy had
been paired as roommates during their freshman year. As the years passed
however, the shy eighteen year old had discovered the joys of sex and Ivy had
watched her transform. There had been a few disagreements, mostly stemming from
Ivy’s walking in on Felicity and her first boyfriend more than once, but since
then things had been settled with a few simple rules. Ivy hadn’t been as eager
to explore her sexual awakening. Sure, she imagined what it would be like when
she found the perfect guy, but she wasn’t entirely sure that she had yet.
Felicity had tried to convince her to ‘jump in’ as it were, to get the first
time over with so that she could enjoy the ‘best days of her life,’ but Ivy
still approached the topic of sex with some trepidation.

Chapter 2

The restaurant was already packed, something that wasn’t
unusual for five o’clock in the college town. Everyone wanted their early
dinner special and plenty of them wanted to take advantage of their 2-for-1
beer specials until 6pm. Heading in to the back, Ivy clocked in.

“Hey girl!” LaTisha flashed her a smile as she walked past
in her short orange shorts.

“Hey!” Ivy tugged on her tight white shirt, making sure that
her plump breasts looked presentable. Tugging down on the bottoms of her short
orange shorts she made her way to the bar to check in.

Ivy had never imagined that she’d end up working at a
restaurant like this, one that exploited women by making them dress in tight
fitting clothes showing off their breasts and barely covering their asses. She
had imagined that she would work on-campus at the bookstore or maybe the
sandwich shop, but when she found out just how little those jobs paid she had
had to think outside the box. Of course, her parents still believed that she
was working in the campus bookstore. For the past two years she had let them
believe the lie, not willing to risk her freedom to tell them that she was
working at “Busties.”

“Hey doll, I’ve put you on section three tonight, I hope
that’s okay?” Ivy hated working section three because it covered the back
section of the restaurant where the pool table stood and where most of the
drunks convened.

“Don’t you have anything else?” Ivy pleaded with LaTisha.

“Sorry hon, Sierra got in early and she took your section so
all we have is section three.” Latisha gave her a look of apology as one of the
other waitresses handed her a check.

“Table six,” The waitress said. LaTisha took the credit card
and the check and ran them through the computer. Ivy took a steadying breath as
she turned around to face section three.

The back section of the restaurant was always dark and dingy
and all of the tables had a permanent film of sticky beer over them. More than
once waitresses had quit over having to work the more questionable customers
back there, the ones who took the short uniforms as free license to play
grab-ass. Fortunately for Ivy no one had tried those games with her yet, but
she dreaded the day that they did and LaTisha had promised her that the day
would come.

Most of the tables in section three were already well
stocked with food and drink, just leaving two for Ivy to tackle immediately.

“Hi guys, I’m Ivy, I’ll be your server tonight. Is there
anything I can get to start you off?” The group of six younger students
continued to talk over Ivy as she gave her spiel. Ivy stood at the side of
their table impatiently. “Hello?” Again, the kids ignored her as they continued
talking noisily. “Fine.” Ivy turned around to head to the second of the two
waiting tables and as she did one of the college boys grabbed her wrist.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going? We’ve been waiting
five minutes to get someone to take our order!” The guy had obviously been
drinking, Ivy could tell as he slurred his words together. She tried to pull
back her wrist from his grasp. When she realized that the boys grasp was too
tight to pull out of, she grimaced.

“Let go! You’re hurting me!” The boy sneered at her and
turned back to see if his friends were watching as he put their waitress in her

“Guys, she says I’m hurting her!” There was uproarious
laughter for thirty seconds until a large pair of hands slammed down in the
middle of their table.

“Let her go.” The college boy faces turned to face the owner
of the two large hands on the table. “NOW!” The voice boomed. Ivy felt her
wrist come free and with her other hand she rubbed it gently. “Now,” the
gravelly voice said, “you’re going to leave and you’re not going to come back
in here again.” The boys all looked at each other in protest but when the large
hands slammed down on the table once again, they all jumped up nodding.

“I never liked it here anyway!” One of the boys protested as
he rushed towards the front door.

“Yeah, the beer is always skunky!” Another added.

“And the wings suck!” Another added.

Ivy turned back to thank the man who had chased the boys
away, but when she looked up he had returned back to a game of pool. She tried
to catch his attention without interrupting his game, but when he didn’t see,
she walked over to him. The man was dressed in a pair of dirty ripped jeans and
his oil stained white t-shirt was covered by a black leather vest. When Ivy
walked over, he and his friends all stopped talking and stared at her

“I…umm…just wanted to say thank you.” She paused. “For your
help.” The man nodded.

“Hey Luther, looks like you’ve got a fan!” One of the man’s
buddy’s said loudly. Three more of the guys in the group started to laugh and
Ivy began to feel just as uncomfortable as she had with the college boys.

“I’d better get back to work.” She murmured and turned

Walking over to the college boy’s table, Ivy straightened up
the stools and reached for the glasses but as she did she noticed someone
standing behind her. Turning around she found Luther standing there in silence.

“Yes?” She asked, trying her best not to sound too rude but
wanting to let him know that he and his buddies were definitely getting on her

“I wanted to apologize for my friends.” He offered. Ivy

“Thanks, but I’m used to it.” As she turned to walk away
Luther reached out and touched her wrist gently.

“Are you okay?” Ivy turned back and he took her wrist in his
hand to examine it. She nodded.

“I’ll be fine, thanks.” Luther rubbed the red marks on her
wrist with his calloused fingers before letting go and looking at her with a
pitying smile.

“Sorry I didn’t come over sooner.” Ivy gave him half a

“Don’t worry about it. Thanks for coming over at all. Most
guys back here wouldn’t have done anything, they get kind of engrossed in their
own worlds.” Luther couldn’t help laugh.

“You mean we’re asses?” Ivy offered a full smile this time
before shrugging.

“Hey, you said it, not me.” Luther looked back at his
friends and then back to Ivy.

“Can I…uhh…get you a drink or something?” Despite having the
exterior of a bad biker boy, Luther seemed more than unsure of himself around
Ivy. Ivy shook her head.

“Sorry, I’m not allowed to drink on the job.” Luther nodded

“Well, maybe some other time?” Ivy nodded.

“That’d be nice, thank you.”

BOOK: Romance: Luther's Property
12.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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