ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: CARSON (MC Biker Romance)(Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary Military Romantic Suspense Thriller)

BOOK: ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: CARSON (MC Biker Romance)(Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary Military Romantic Suspense Thriller)
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A Motorcycle Club Romance






By: Sabrina Riley



Chapter 1

“Cass! What happened?”

The older man was holding his chest and blood was pouring out from underneath it. He was already feeling weak and knew that he didn’t have long. The man had never seen it coming and that was surprising because he almost always saw everything coming. But he hadn’t thought that his second in command would shoot him. How was he supposed to know that Billy was only there to take everything from him?

“Billy shot me.”

Carson didn’t know what to say. Everyone knew that Billy had always been Cass’ favorite, but it was clear that he wished it hadn’t been that way. If something happened to Cass, Billy was set to take over. That was, unless Carson could get people to believe that the man had turned his back on the motorcycle gang.

The younger man looked to Cass as his father and he was in a panic on the inside. His hand shook as he went for his phone. Cass stopped him and told him that it was no use. “You just need to do me a favor Carson. I don’t trust anyone else but you.”

Carson nodded and waited for what it was that he was supposed to do. “It has to all go to Mandi and you have to protect her.”

He wanted to ask him to clarify. Surely he didn’t mean she was supposed to get the gang. Carson wanted to ask more, but Cass was gone. Carson stared at the man that he was touching and moved his hand away from underneath his neck. His hand moved and the blood was everywhere. He couldn’t be there and knew that he shouldn’t have touched him. It was just a crime scene then and he needed to get out of there before the police came. They were not supposed to be there.

Walking away from the abandoned building, Carson looked back once and felt the coldness going over him. Cass meant a lot to him and to think of him gone, was just too much to fathom. But he couldn’t lose it. He had things to take care of. Not only did he have revenge to get for Cass, but also a task that he was given until it was done. The man that had taken out the leader of their gang, may come back to finish the job and take out the last one in their line. Mandi.

Kicking off from his bike, he made his way back to the city and his mind whirled with everything that had happened. He looked down at his hands on the bars and saw the blood all over him. He knew he was covered in his blood and there was nothing he could do about it right then. He had to get to Mandi before Billy did. There was no way he would take over with her still alive. Men like Carson would carry their loyalty to her. The gang was started by her grandfather and it was to stay in the family, whether or not Cass ever had any boys. Carson had to make sure that he got to her before something happened. He would never forgive himself if something happened to her, not after the man asked him to protect her with his dying breath.

The twenty miles back to Miami seemed to take forever and it was another ten miles back to Cass’ house. Carson knew that Billy was more than likely on his way and he just hoped that Mandi wasn’t there. She was not of their world and there was no question in his mind that Billy would kill her. If he would kill her father, the boss, Billy would have no compunction to take out the delicate daughter standing in his way.

Carson had never really talked to Mandi before, but he didn’t want anything to happen to her. She felt like an innocent and no one deserved the betrayal that Billy was capable of. After a few minutes longer, he was finally at Cass’ house and his eyes scanned the area. He didn’t see Billy’s bike, but he did see the pink Volkswagon of his daughter parked out front. His heart skipped a beat and he made his way to the front of the house.

He pushed his way through the door and didn’t even bother to say anything to the maid that came towards him speaking another language. Carson moved up the stairs to Mandi’s bedroom and pushed his way in. He stopped for a moment, his eyes taking in the half-dressed woman in front of him. His blue eyes darkened for a moment and he forgot why he was there when she cursed at him and asked what he was dong there.

“Who the hell are you? Dad!”

Her last words snapped him out of it and he moved towards her. It was her eyes on his front wide that had him looking down, remembering he was covered in her father’s blood. There was going to be no easy way to tell her that, especially not as she didn’t know who he was. He stopped advancing and tried to calm her with his blood-speckled hands out in front of him. “Look I am sorry Mandi, but you need to come with me.”

“I am not going anywhere with you.” The young blonde was panicking and he could tell that she was scared. There was no other way to calm her down and she kept calling for her father that he finally had to just tell her.

“He’s dead Mandi. Billy killed him and he told me to come and get you, make sure that you are safe.”

Her fear turned into disbelief and then an overwhelming sadness that he could physically feel from her. There was no doubt that he had gotten through to her, but Carson almost felt bad that he had. She would have no doubt rather been kept in the dark about everything. While she may not be in the lifestyle and her father had always kept her away from the bad side of his occupation, she wasn’t stupid either.

When her eyes filled with tears, he was at a loss for what to do and reminded her that they had to leave. She wasn’t moving and he finally grabbed her arm gently. “Grab what you can’t live without and let’s go.  We really have to.”

She nodded that she knew what he was saying, but it was still several minutes until she got a move on. She grabbed something out of a small box on her dresser and then her purse and turned towards him like she was ready to go.

Carson opened the door and they left before Billy could get there. After he got her on his bike, he was thankful that she hadn’t really taken anything more substantial, because his pockets were filled with product that he had picked up earlier and was supposed to be bringing to Cass. His mind tried to pull away from him and what had happened, instead finding focus on the hard clutch around his waist a little easier.

He wasn’t sure where he was supposed to take her, but the only place that came to mind, where he knew she would be safe was at his house. It was a small place and surely not what she was used to, but there was only one way in and one way out without a boat and it seemed like the best place. It was a bit out of the city and they were almost there before she started to get antsy behind him.

As soon as he had the bike off, Mandi was off of the bike. They had been riding for what seemed like an hour and it had given her time to think. With the time to think came the questions that were burning inside of her that she just had to know. What was it that was going on with her father and why was she in the middle of the woods with one of his lackeys. Billy had been his second, so Mandi didn’t even remember hearing about the man in front of her.

“What is your name?”


“Why was it you that my father sent to get me?”

Carson didn’t want to talk out there. He had had a long day and really wanted to get the blood off of him.  It felt like it was soaking into his skin, just like the memory, never to be able to get rid of again. “We can talk about this in the house. I need a shower.”

She wasn’t expecting him to brush past her and she was slow to follow him. The house was small and she could see water coming up beside the back. The house was on poles and it made her realize that all of what she was standing on regularly became waterlogged. There was a boat tied to the porch to help with the rainy season that was much of the winter time.

It was not like anything she had ever seen before and even in the dark she could see that she was in the bayou. What she was doing there was still a question, but as he pushed in the door and held the door open for her, she realized that this was where she was going to be for the foreseeable future. 

Taking a deep breath and moving into the small house, she sighed at the depressed insides. It was clear that a bachelor lived there and it was also clear that it was going to be just the two of them staying there. Carson had already taken off into the bathroom and she heard the shower running. Mandi couldn’t believe that he hadn’t at least showed her where she would be staying. The bathroom door was shut, so she started to move through the small house.

She became alarmed when she realized that it was only a one bedroom. That poised a problem and she wasn’t sure what he thought was going to happen, but Mandi knew that she needed her own space. She meant to say something to him when he got out of the shower, but when she turned around, he was standing there in a towel, dripping on the carpet.

“Sorry, I was just trying to figure out where you wanted me to put my things. Where will I be staying?”

He waved his arms around and grabbed some of the mountain of clothes on the top of his dresser. Her eyes were not looking at the surface, but the hard body that was wet and chiseled and the thin towel that seemed to be teasing her.

Carson grabbed the purse that she had with her and set it up there. Mandi blushed, completely forgetting that she didn’t have any stuff. She had left her room so quickly that she didn’t have anything with her.

“Sorry, I didn’t even think about it. I guess I don’t have any things to put up.”

The man still didn’t answer her, but instead went into the other room with an armful of clothes. When he came back several minutes later, she was relieved to see that he was dressed. It was much easier to talk to him when he had clothes on, but her mind still saw his bare flesh from before.

“So you can just stay in here. I really didn’t think this through to be completely honest.”

“Was that my father’s blood on you?”

His eyes softened with her small voice and the look in her large eyes. “Yes. I am sorry for your loss. He was a good man.”

“Is the one who did it still alive?”

Her voice had changed some and for a second, Carson could see Cass in her. He shook his head that he was and he  waited for her to say something else.

“Is that going to stay that way?”

She was asking if he was going to get revenge for her father in other words and he shook his head that he would. There was a barest hint of a smile that made him look again. Mandi was more like her father than she looked and it made him feel a little better about everything. There was a chance that he would actually be able to teach her the ropes. But tonight, he just needed some sleep.

“Why don’t you take the bed and I will take the couch? We can go through all of this in the morning.”

Chapter 2

“So what are you going to do with her?”

Carson shook his head. He wasn’t sure yet. Mandi was still asleep in his room and Carson was up talking to one of the men he trusted in the gang. There was a lot of talk about Cass and who was taking over next. Carson had called a meeting for later that evening and he hadn’t told anyone about Billy. There was a part of him that hoped that he would just show up and they would be able to finish the job right then and there.

“I don’t know, but you need to make sure everyone comes to the meeting later. I want every single person there. There is a lot to talk about and I talked to Cass right before he died.”

Jaime wanted to know what was said, but Carson held it in. He knew that he could trust Jaime, but not that he could stop him from making a point of what was really going on. Jaime had a big mouth and would tell everyone it was Billy, so he didn’t tell him yet. Carson wanted the opportunity to tell everyone all at once. Then if Billy was there, it could be taken care of, but moreover, he wanted to see everyone’s face when they found out. Reactions were the best way to get truth and that was what Carson was waiting for.

“I am not getting into right now Jaime, but just make sure that everyone gets there. I don’t care what orders they have, everyone comes to the meeting.”

“So you are taking over?”

Carson sighed, the man was relentless. “No, I don’t think I will be. Cass has someone in mind and that is why I want everyone there. It is going to be a surprise.”

Jaime nodded and smiled. He was thinking of the possibilities in his head and though Carson hadn’t given him anything to pass on, he had certainly given him some information that he could mull over. By the time everyone got to the meeting later in the night, it was going to be the big guess of who done it. Carson needed to bring Mandi along as well for the announcement, but he was not so sure on the last part. He knew that he wanted her to be safe and Carson didn’t want her going anywhere until Billy was out of the picture, as well as anyone that had helped him.


Jaime’s eyes went back to the blonde coming down the stairs. He didn’t know who she was and his eyes widened.

“Nice one.”

Carson urged him out. “I will see you later.”

“You have plans?” His eyes took in her curved body in Carson’s shirt.

Jaime nodded, not wanting to give him any more information. “You know how it is.”

Jaime nodded, jealous that Carson seemed to get all of the girls. He treated them like crap, dumped them the next day, yet they still flocked to him in droves. Jaime knew that if he had a chance with a blonde like that, things would be different, but he tried not to worry about it. Guys like Carson just had all the luck.

They watched him leave and Mandi wanted to know who that was.

“It’s a loyal friend of your father and me.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I have known him since he was a kid. He is one of the only ones that I know I can trust.”

“Does he know about Billy?”

He shook his head that he didn’t. “Why haven’t you told him if you trust him so much?”

Carson sighed loudly and walked into the kitchen. “I don’t usually answer to some girl.”

“I am not some girl. I am going to be your leader, aren’t I?”

He nodded, but then met her green-eyed gaze. “Only if we can keep you alive a little longer.”

She gasped under her breath with the thought and looked away. Carson noted that she wasn’t looking as smug as before. Then her face got sad and Carson felt guilty. She had just lost her father and he shouldn’t have said it. “Look I am sorry.”

Mandi removed the tear that begged to fall. “No you are right. But I am right too, aren’t I? Dad wants me to take over?”

Carson nodded. He didn’t know how she was going to take it, but Mandi seemed to have expected it to happen. “That was one of the last things he told me, was to show you the ropes and that is what I plan to do. But first we have to take care of Billy.”

She shook her head solemnly and then sat down at one of the bar stools by the counter. He could tell that it was a lot for her to have to work through and he wished then that he was one of those guys that was sensitive and knew what to do. Instead, he got her out a beer.

“No thanks. Do you have any juice or anything?”

“I don’t have juice. There is beer and whiskey.”

She crinkled her nose up and got up. “I hate to think of what is in your fridge.” She opened it up with much of the same look as from before. There was some hot sauce and a whole shelf of beer.

“I haven’t been to the store in a while.”

Mandi was opening empty cabinets and pulled out a can of asparagus. “It looks like you never go to the store. What do you eat?”

He just shrugged. “I don’t cook. Most of the time I just go out.”

“Well then, let’s go. I am starving. You caught me right before I was going to go out last night.”

“Fine, I will go get a few things. I can’t have you out right now, not until Billy is caught.”

“So I can’t leave?”

“You could, but I made a promise to your dad and I intend to keep it.”

There was something in his eyes that made her pause. She could tell there was loyalty and maybe even love in his eyes and she realized then that she wasn’t the only one who had lost something the night before. “You two were close?”

Carson shrugged. “I lost my dad when I was young and Cass just kind of took me under his wing.”

“Yeah he had a tendency to do that. I always thought it was because he only had a daughter. I know that he always wanted a son, to leave everything to. But instead he got me.”

“Well he thinks you are just as good, because he left it all to you. But we have to get rid of Billy and sniff out the rest of the ones that knew about it first.”

She didn’t seem convinced. “How are any of you guys going to follow me? I mean really? I know what kind of guys you are and I have never been in your world. I know how to shoot, but that is about it.”

“That is more than I figured. Let’s take it one step at a time first. Billy is my main concern. I will feel better with you out there and then we can worry about preparing you for the takeover.”

“But what am I going to do here?” Her eyes took in the basic area and there wasn’t even a TV anywhere to be seen. It was clear that he didn’t spend much time there.

Carson was at a loss as well. He certainly was not used to having a woman there and if there was one there, there was always a clear activity to engage in. He looked over at her and imagined that he would have no problem with that activity. Mandi was a very pretty girl, but certainly not his type. It was hard to think that she came from his world. She didn’t look like it, even in one of his shirts as a night gown.

He had to pull his mind from such thoughts. “I don’t know. I can grab some things from your house if you want.”

“I need something to wear and some groceries, you know fruit and maybe my school books so I don’t get too far behind.”

He told her that he would do his best to get all of it and had her make a list for some things from the store. Carson felt a bit strange going to a store with a list in fancy cursive, but he had made a promise and he knew that it was going to be hard one to follow through on.

“I will be back in a little bit. Just stay in the house, okay?”

She nodded that she would, though he could tell she was not that enthused about the idea of it. When he left, there was a strange feeling inside of him. He would have someone to come home to, something that had never happened before and even with the circumstances, he kind of liked the feeling.

BOOK: ROMANCE: MC BIKER ROMANCE: CARSON (MC Biker Romance)(Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance) (Contemporary Military Romantic Suspense Thriller)
11.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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