Romance: Rockstar Romance: Rock My World (A Bad Boy Rock Star and a College Girl Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Second Chance Romance)

BOOK: Romance: Rockstar Romance: Rock My World (A Bad Boy Rock Star and a College Girl Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Second Chance Romance)
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Rock My World


A Rock Star Romance



By: Kelly Clark



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ROCKSTAR Romance – Rock My World


“That was Lauren on the guitar, singing her newest piece ‘Can’t Quit Me Forever.'  Happy hour is still on for another thirty minutes, so get your drinks while you can, at the bar.”

I looked out at my audience as I stepped off the stage.  Maybe four people, mostly regulars at the bar, and maybe one fan.  I didn’t have much of a following, but the few that liked my music made sure I knew about it.

“Hey Lauren, think you can stick around for another hour?  I need to take care of some business in the
and I already sent Gus home.”

Reggie was a good guy.  He was the local owner and operator of
Reggie’s Pub
, not the most creative name, but it was somewhere you could just relax and have a pint without worry.  Heavy smoke always filled the air from the cigarettes of the regulars, and the chairs showed their age and then some.  It wasn’t much to look
but at least Reggie was willing to pay me to be a live act.

“Sure Reg,” I sighed. 

“Great, just tend the bar for a while.  I’ll be in the back if you need anything,” he said before throwing a towel at me and stepping away.

I tossed the towel over my shoulder and grabbed a couple empty bottles on my way to the bar.  Despite what the rest of the pub looked like, Reggie kept the bar immaculate.  I had worked
and even grabbed my license to serve so I could help out in times like this. 

The late night happy hour was never difficult.  On a weeknight, most people wouldn’t stay long.  So anytime past ten in the evening was slow and steady.

“Great set, Lauren,” I heard from across the bar.

It was the one fan I was used to seeing most often.  I didn’t know if he liked me for the music, or if he liked me because I was kind on the eyes. 

“Thanks, Steve.”

“When are you playing next?” he asked.

“Not sure, I gotta hash it out with Reggie.  He says business is down so I might have to find somewhere else to play,” I replied.

“Well that’s terrible,” he said, “I’ll be following your twitter feed for the next date.”

His enthusiasm tickled me a little.  Even if he could be a little annoying with his constant questions, I still liked to be nice and treat my one fan with dignity.

“You’ll be the first to know,” I said.

It wasn’t a lie either.  I only had five followers on my social media feed, and he was really the only one that made the effort to show up.  He leaned over the bar for a hug, which I graciously accepted, before strutting out the front door of the bar. 

I continued to tend to the bar for a while longer before Reggie returned with a newspaper in hand.

“Hey Lauren, did you see this?” he asked.

He threw the paper down on the bar open to an article.  It took a second to find what he was referencing, but when I
I felt my heart sink a little.

“Ray Harrison might be let go from his label, isn’t he one of your favorites?”

“He is.  His music got me through some tough times.  Crazy to think he’s only a couple years older than me,” I said trying to read the article more in depth.

if you ask me.  He’s only been professional for five years.  I guess after his last two albums flopped
the studio doesn’t have much interest in his career anymore.”

“Geez, Reggie. 
You sound so condescending.”

“I’m just telling the truth.  I know you bought all his albums, but you I’m sure even you would admit that they weren’t anywhere near as good as his first release.”

“Alright, I admit it, his last two weren’t great.  But, if I hadn’t bought them I don’t know if I would have been as inspired to start my own career,” I said with a sigh.

“Speaking of that, why haven’t you?  You have a good voice, and your lyrics are pretty dang good.  I’m sure if you would just apply yourself a little more you could have a great career.  Besides, if you get big, then I can put your picture on the wall of the bar and tell everyone how you used to work here.”

Reggie stood next to me with a big smile on his face.  I rolled my eyes and let out a chuckle of disbelief. 

“Tell you what, Reggie.  If I get big, I’ll come back and give a concert right there on that stage,” I replied patting him on the shoulder.

“Alright, I gotta get home.  It’s getting
and I have class in the morning.  Take care Reg,” I said, handing him the towel back.

“Oh!  That reminds me.  The act I had lined up for this Friday had to cancel.  Would you be interested in coming back for another set?  I’ll give you a take of the bar
if you can get enough people in the door.”

I perked up and started beaming.  I think he took that as a yes before I could say as much.

“I’d be happy to,” I shouted.

“Oh, do you think you can play something new?  You’re young and
talented, I
bet you can come up with something in the next couple days,” he said.

“New?” I said with a frightened look.

“Yeah, something that’ll rile the crowd up, get them to drink more,” he added.

“I’ll try,” I said, “but don’t expect a miracle in two days.”

“I’ll take whatever you can give me,” he said with a

“Love you, Reg,” I said, “See you Friday.”

He nodded as I walked off.  I wish he understood how hard it was to come up with original music on the fly.  Sure, I could write a song, but would it be any good?

I was already piecing lyrics together in the back of my head.  This was about to get interesting.


“That sounds great,” my mom said when I played my new song to her over the phone. 

“Are you sure?  It’s not a little too silly sounding?” I asked.

“No, sweetie; I like how upbeat it is.  I think it’s my favorite yet,” she said.

mom,” I said, “alright, I have to head over to the bar to warm up.  I’ll talk to you later!”

“Have a good night, Hun,” she said. 

I clicked off the phone and stuffed my guitar in its case.  I was more nervous than usual walking from my apartment.  I didn’t live far from the bar, and every step I took that lead me closer was a chore.  It had been a while since I’d come up with anything new, and trying out new material on a Friday night crowd could be a death sentence.

Reggie was already working the bar with Gus when I walked in.  The two hurried around the small gathering crowd.  I’d done my best to promote my new music and told all my friends.  I even posted a few flyers on the local event board at college; for whatever good that would do.

I made my way to the backroom where Reggie met up with me to chat.

“So, did you come up with something new?” he asked.

I nodded in affirmation.

“Exciting, isn’t it?  You have about an hour before I’ll bring you on.  So you can use the office to tune up and everything.  Can’t wait to hear your new stuff.”

I chuckled nervously; I wished he knew what the butterflies in my stomach felt like.  I hadn’t had much time to practice.  Still, it wasn’t like I was playing a stadium or anything.  The thought of the smaller venue did help assuage some of my fears. 

I plucked away on my guitar, trying to build in as much repetition as possible.  I wasn’t going to play my new song to start.  I wanted to stick to songs that I knew a little better at first, then work my way into the new song. 

“Okay, you’re on,” Reggie said, poking his head through the door. 

The butterflies in my stomach had reached a fever pitch as I paraded out to the small stage.  There were more people in the crowd than I was used to.  This was my first Friday night set after all, and I hoped it wouldn’t be my last.

“How’s everyone doing?” I said into the bullet mic that stood in front of me.

Nobody seemed to be paying any attention.

“My name is
and I’ll be the live entertainment tonight.  Enjoy your drinks,” I said.

I took a seat on the stool and leaned over my guitar.  I had spent so many hours practicing on my instrument that my fingers just knew what to do without me really thinking.

Near the beginning of the
I was loud, doing my best to get the audience riled up.  To my
I had begun to attract the crowd from the bar.  I didn’t like to be the center of attention anywhere else, but on
I was a star. 

As the crowd continued to drink, I went into slower and more soulful music.  The people even lowered their voices as I sung.  In the light of the stage, everyone was a silhouette.  I couldn’t see faces, just shuffling figures around the pub.

Then the moment of truth came. 

“Hey everyone, I’m going to try out something I wrote just this week, so bear with me,” I said sheepishly.

I got a small round of
and the people went quiet again.  I started
playing; and
playing hard.  A few of them started clapping along as I stomped on the floor.  The butterflies that plagued me a while ago were fading fast.  I blushed as I played and I hoped that nobody noticed.

When my set came to an end, I stood up and gave a bow to a small round of applause.  I was glad that I performed without any serious mistakes.

“Thank everyone.  I’m going to take a short break and take a few requests,” I set my guitar on the stand perched on the stage and pushed my way through to the bar.

More than a few patrons came up to slap me on the back.  I wasn’t used to adulation, but it was something I knew I could get used to.

“Nice set,” I heard from down the bar.

My eyes were still having issues adjusting to the light in the bar after being on
and all I could see was a silhouette in a hat. 

“Thanks,” I said.

Steve came up behind me and gave me a big hug from behind.

“That was the best song I’ve heard,” he said with excitement.

Steve, but can you let me breathe please?” I asked.

He stepped away.  I turned to face him with a bottle of water in hand.

“I’m glad I managed to make it out tonight.  I didn’t know if I would be able at first,” he said.

“It’s good you did.”

“I brought a few people, as you can see,” he said.

“These people are with you?” I asked.

“Sort of.  I told a lot of them I’d buy their first drink if they came,” he added with a smile.

“Thanks?” I said. 

I thought these people were here to hear me sing, but I guess he had just bribed them to make it out.  I didn’t know whether to feel insulted or glad he was willing to go so far for me.

“So, would it be too much if I were to ask you out as a thank you for working so hard to make your Friday night debut a success?”

I didn’t know how to respond to his offer.  Sure, I was glad that he brought in more business. 
I know Reggie was happy to have the bar so full.
  But, he did all this to get me to take him out?

“Steve thanks for everything you’ve done, but I will have to decline,” I said.

“You’re kidding, right?  I spent almost $400
and you’re telling me no?” he sounded like a spoiled child.

“Steve, calm down,” I said.

“No, I won’t.  You owe me, I’ve gone to all your shows, I spent a lot of money, and you have the audacity to say no to the one request I make?”

I was starting to get scared.  I’d never seen him made before.

“Back off, kiddo,” said the voice from down the bar.  The stranger stood
up, he
was tall and lanky.  A pair of mirrored sunglasses covered most of his face, and the hat covered the rest.

“Yeah, and who’s going to make me?” Steve replied snidely.

The man stepped toward the two of us, going so far as to put a hand on Steve’s shoulder.

“The lady said she isn’t interested.  Just get out of here,” he said.

“I’ll do what I want.  And, what I want right now is for you
leave us alone,” Steve barked back.

“Lauren, is this joker hassling you?”

I nodded.

c’mon kiddo.  Let’s get you out of here,” the lanky man took Steve by the arm and started pulling him toward the door. 

Steve didn’t want any of
and he tried to throw a punch, but it missed horribly.  Then the stranger twisted Steve’s arm, causing Steve to submit instantly.  Steven yelped in pain as he was pushed out the door of Reggie’s pub. 

BOOK: Romance: Rockstar Romance: Rock My World (A Bad Boy Rock Star and a College Girl Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Second Chance Romance)
11.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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