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Chapter Two


Mr. Robertson moved away and Vicki held her breath,
listening intently to him moving about the room. A drawer slid open and he
rummaged through the contents then closed it with a thump.

She held her breath waiting for the sting of his first


She jumped and tears streamed down her face once again.

“It’s always handy to keep a good wooden ruler close by for
errant pupils.”

He swatted her right buttock twice…then once

“Do you wish to add more to your punishment, little girl?”
he asked, pausing in his ministrations.

“No sir. No I don’t,” she cried.

“Then thank me for each strike.”


She flinched, but through her tears she said, “Thank you


“Thank you sir.”

He continued focusing on one buttock at a time. “You truly
upset me by pulling this stunt. Offering a blowjob for a good grade.”
The ruler slapping her left buttock paired with her quiet sobbing resounded
within the room.

After ten swats per buttock with the ruler, he caressed her
burning ass with his cool hand. Despite the stinging pain of his punishment,
Vicki was once again straining for release, wishing he’d fuck her with his
fingers or his cock—as long as she hit orgasm, she didn’t care how.

Slowly he smoothed his palm over one ass cheek and then the
other. “Your ass all red and warm is very beautiful.” He traced a finger down
her crack to her weeping pussy. “Mmm… Yes, you are on your way to pleasing your
teacher well.”

Vicki moaned at his touch. When he pushed two fingers deep
inside her cunt, she gasped with a soft squeal.

“Yes, I think you are ready.”

Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me NOW!

“You’re ready to do your homework.”

Her heart sank and she groaned with disappointment. He
removed his fingers and whacked her across both nether cheeks. “Don’t brat,
little girl. You’ll do your homework—bent over my desk, your beautiful red ass
in the air and your pussy screaming for me to fill it. Now,” he continued, “you
will do your homework and I’ll help you. However, you must stay focused or I
will start over with your punishment. I’d like nothing more than to make your
ass glow red well into the new year.”

She blindly agreed and he untied her wrists. As she wiped
away her tears, he placed her homework notebook and pencil before her. It took
her a few moments to focus, and meanwhile he continued to run his hands over
her buttocks in tender admiration.

He’d spanked her, and she liked it. And now he touched her
like a cherished lover. Of course his caressing her sensitive ass was a
challenge to her ability to focus until he spoke—punctuated with a slap of the
ruler on her right buttock.

“Question number one. Read it aloud.”

She took a deep breath and read the problem. Step by step
she worked out every problem he’d assigned. As she figured the answers, he
continued to caress her burning cheeks with his cool hands. Then on the last
two problems, he kissed her hot skin. Focusing on working out slopes and
intercepts was difficult with him lovingly kissing her buttocks.

On her last problem she faltered when he ran his tongue down
her crack and rimmed the puckered hole of her anus.

“What is the y-intercept?” he asked then licked her anus
once more.

“Oh…uh…if…oh…y equals…m times x…oh yes…mx plus b…then the

He pushed two fingers into her cunt and rubbed the erect
clit straining for his touch. He continued to tease her anus with his tongue
and she quickly raced for climax, but he was too in tune with her body. He
stilled and removed his fingers.

Frustrated and on edge she pleaded, “Please let me come.
You’re torturing me. I have to come. I can only take so much.”

Her answer was a sharp swat on her left
buttock with the ruler. “Is that sass I’m hearing?”
“You know
better than that.”
“A damn shame. You did very well with your
“You force me to make sure you never sass me again.”
“You are to respect me, little girl. Respect me and you will be rewarded.”


His last swats were much more forceful than any other. She
fought to remain still, to keep her hands from reaching back and trying to stop
him. Surely if she did, more punishment would result, possibly a repeat of
every strike she’d gotten already.

But then the ruler broke.

He cursed softly and she sniffled. Daring to glance back,
she turned her head to see him unbuckle his belt and pull the leather from his
pant loops.

Fresh tears stung her eyes and he stopped, meeting her gaze
with hot, raw desire. “Ready to learn respect for your teacher?” he asked as he
folded the leather belt in his hand.

She couldn’t hold back her emotions welling within her. She
cried without reservation, her once-perfect makeup now streaked down her face
with tears. “Yes sir.”

He raised the belt and swung the leather down upon her ass
with a loud snap.

She squealed in pain and fought to remain still as her sobs
grew louder and uncontrolled.




One buttock received five strikes, then he repeated on her
other buttock. After the ten he stopped and ran his hands over her cheeks. She
jumped at his touch, his hands cool and soothing to her burning-hot flesh.

She continued to cry, praying this punishment would end.
Spanking with his hand was erotic, exciting, and completely sensual. The belt
on the other hand…

He struck the back of her thigh with the belt.


Two strikes to her left thigh then two to the right. Then he
repeated two more to the left and two to the right.

The belt, on the other hand, was definitely

Ten to the back of her thighs and she begged for mercy
through her tears. “Please. Please, I beg you. Forgive me. Please. I can’t take
any more.”

He paused and took a step closer and touched her damp face.
He stroked her cheek and whispered to her to calm and relax. Punishment was

“I should give you more with my belt,” he started, “but I
think you may have learned your lesson. And now for working through your
homework, I want to give you a reward.”

She pressed her cheek toward his touch and kissed his palm.

In a gentler tone he asked, “What sort of reward do you
want, little Vicki?”

It was the first time all evening he’d used her name. Her
heart sped and she smiled. “Please, Mr. Robertson. Fuck me. Let me come around
you. I want you inside me.”

He gently traced her cheek with his fingertips. “I’m going
to fuck you and make you scream when you come.”

She closed her eyes and sighed. “Yes sir. Please fuck me and
make me yours.”

The sound of his fly zipper echoed in the room. “Damn right,
little Vicki. You’re mine to fuck.”

She heard his pants fall to the floor in a heap. “However,”
he said as he guided her hips into position, “you will not get preferential
treatment in the classroom.” He slid his cock through her slick folds, her
juices coating its bulbous head. “Your bonuses will only be given in private.”

With that he pushed his cock into her wet entrance and she
cried out in delight.

He spanked her right buttock with a stingy
smack. She screeched, only for him to swat her again.

“You like having a spanking, don’t you, little Vicki?” he asked
as he retreated then pushed his length back inside her.

She moaned at the glorious feel of his cock within her. Her
vaginal walls clamped about his thickness, sucking him deeper inside her body.

“Answer me!”

A gush of her juices ran around his cock. She moaned in

He grasped a pigtail and tugged slightly. “You want to be my
little cum slut, don’t you?”

“Yes sir.” Her buttocks screamed in pain, but it didn’t
decrease her excitement. In fact, she was turned-on more than ever.

“Yes sir what?”

Her sobs increased and her breathing labored with sexual
arousal, she answered in gasps, “Yes sir…I like you spanking me and making me
your slut.”

He tugged her hair again and continued the slow advance and
retreat of his cock in and out of her. “Why?” he asked in a demanding tone.

“Because…I like your hands on my ass…you pulling on my
pigtails…you bending me to your will.”

As he slowly fucked her cunt, he spread her cream over her
puckered anus and gently caressed the sensitive opening.

Vicki lost clear thinking as he circled her anus with his
lubricated fingertip, drawing out her approaching release. If only he’d move
faster, press into her harder…


She jumped with a yelp. His cock stuffed deep inside her and
his one hand still holding a pigtail and his other hand on her hip, guiding her
body against his, she was ready to explode.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, slut. Fuck you and make sure
you remember who you answer to. You are
cum slut.

He quickened his pace and released her hair to grasp both her hips to better
grind his pelvis against her. He pumped faster, ramming into her wet center,
driving into her with a wild need, and she was lost to his savage claiming of
her body.

She panted and moaned with no restraint. She clutched the
edge of the desk, stilling her body from sliding forward with his powerful

“Yeah baby. Hold on to my desk while I fuck you,” he said in
a husky, sex-hazed voice.

With all her might she held on to the desk, enjoying each
thrust of his cock. He rhythmically pumped into her sheath, his girth filling
her, stretching her channel.

She wanted to come. She was close to surrendering her body
once again to his mastery. But he hadn’t given permission for her to climax.
She’d been punished once already for disobeying him. She wanted to please him,
show her submission to his will.

He commanded her body, and she was lost. Her juices flowed
about his cock, and sounds of flesh buried in flesh filled the room along with
her low sobbing. She had to hold off her climax.

She had to.

For him.

She’d submitted her body for his pleasure and she needed
Use me. Please use me. I want to please you, Master.

His thrusts became more powerful and quicker in pace. He
grunted with each push of his cock into her. Then he grasped a pigtail and
pulled gently, “Don’t you come yet, slut. This is for my pleasure, not yours.”

He pushed the tip of his thumb into her anus and she yelped.
The pressure, the wonderful painful pressure…

She couldn’t resist and her body erupted into a spasmodic climax.
Screaming in tempo with each beat of her orgasm, she lost awareness to
everything but the euphoria washing over her entire body—and Mr. Robertson’s
triumphant yell as he poured warm semen deep into her cunt.

Once his breathing quieted, he pulled his limp member from
her. “I told you not to come,” he finally said, breaking the silence within the
room. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Afraid to move from her position lying on the desk, she bent
her head and wept. “I’m so sorry, sir.”

“And?” he insisted.

She sniffled as more hot tears rolled down her face. “I’m a
very bad girl for not listening to your instructions, sir.”

“This is the second time you disobeyed me tonight. You were
already spanked for your first mistake. I think you need something more than a
red ass to teach you this lesson in obedience.”

She lowered her head to the desk, her forehead lying upon
the wrinkled paper of her notebook.

“I think a few more swats to the back of your thighs might
help. Or maybe a few to the inside of your thighs.”

Vicki bit her lip, suppressing a moan of delight. Damn, she
was masochistic to the core. Her body screamed in pain, but her pussy remained
ever ready to be sent over the edge. She liked it rough. She wanted the pain.
Only through the pain could she find pleasure, and she was far from ready for
him to stop now.

“No, I have a better way to make an impression on you to
follow my instructions more closely.” He reached for her forearm and she
released the edge of the desk as he guided her to stand.

Instinctively she turned to him and clung to him. Still in
his shirt, she grasped onto the soft fabric and wept. He held her close and
stroked her head with a tender caress.

“Are you all right?” he asked in a quiet voice filled with

She nodded her head, not moving away from his embrace. “I’m

He held her tightly for a few moments then took her hand to
lead her to the door of his office where black straps hung down from the top
corners. He lifted her arms and moved her back to the door. There he secured
one wrist and then the other in restraints. Then he bent down and wrapped a
restraint around each ankle.

The cool surface of the door soothed the burning heat of her
rear, and she leaned back against the door and closed her eyes with a sigh.
Bound, she was completely at his mercy…and never so turned-on.

Chapter Three


“I think it is time we got rid of your clothes, my dear.”

She opened her eyes to meet his cool blue gaze. Behind the
icy crystals lurked a hot-blooded lover enjoying his power and control over
her. His strength made her weak in the knees and her pussy clenched with a need
to be filled.

“First thing to go is this little blouse.” His fingers
brushed the skin of her abdomen as he slowly untied the small knot in the
too-tight shirt. It had served its purpose to accentuate her generous breasts
encased in satin and lace.

Once the knot was released, he spread open the white blouse
to further expose her generous breasts. His eyes fastened upon her voluptuous
curves as he reached for tantalizing softness. Testing their weight within his
palms, he moaned. “You have beautiful breasts.” He ran his thumbs over the tips
and her nipples sprang to attention beneath his touch.

Juices flowed from her pussy and she unconsciously moved her
hips in a sensual rhythm. No, she had nowhere near enough of him. She craved
him like no other. Only he could make her so wet by a gentle stroke of his
thumbs over her nipples. Hell, he made her wet with one look from his bedroom
blue eyes.

He reached up and released one wrist, but not for long. “I
don’t want to ruin this lovely red bra you have on,” he said with a touch of
humor. “I was tempted to cut it from your body.” He eased one arm out of her
blouse and bra, revealing the naked beauty of a breast. He dipped his head and
laved the taut nipple and she whimpered as she threaded her fingers through his
hair. He nibbled and licked the hard point and her pussy gushed with wetness.

Releasing her nipple, he leaned away and caught her free
arm. He lifted her arm above her head and restrained her wrist once again. Then
he released her other wrist and lowered her arm to remove her blouse and bra,
allowing them to fall to the floor. He caught her newly exposed breast with his
mouth and feasted on her nipple.

She wanted to hold his head to her breast, but he held her
wrist within his grip. Once he’d perked her nipple to the desired tightness, he
lifted her arm back over her head and refastened the restraint about her wrist.

Bound to the door, clad only her heels, thigh-highs and skirt,
Vicki felt completely vulnerable to his will. She closed her eyes and awaited
his next move. Would he lick her cunt or fuck her as she stood helpless to
resist? As if she could deny him anything he desired.

Then he curled his fingers into the waistband of the skirt
and pulled, the ripping of the Velcro closure echoing in the room along with
the soft strains of Christmas carols still playing from his computer.

Now she was exposed. And definitely vulnerable.

“Still want to bribe me with a blowjob?”

She lifted her head and opened her eyes. He stood before her
stripped of his clothes and holding his erect penis in one hand. He slowly
moved his hand up and down the length, and her mouth went dry as a clear drop
of pre-cum oozed from the tip.

She licked her lips. “Yes sir, I do want to taste you.”

“But do you want to give me a blowjob for a good grade, or
because you want to have my cock in your mouth?”

She couldn’t look away from his thick member. “I want to
taste you because I want to please you.”

He smiled. “Good answer, little Vicki. You’re learning

“Thank you, sir.”

He ran his gaze over her entire body. “So incredibly
beautiful,” he mused in a whisper. Then he lifted his eyes to hers and smiled.
“I have something for your lovely breasts. Call it a Christmas present. Would
you like to have it now?”

Her heart leapt in her chest. “Yes sir. I would love to.”

He stepped to his desk, seemingly unaware of his nakedness,
and reached into a drawer to pull out a box. He strode back to her and showed
her the gift. He lifted the top to reveal two tweezer-style clamps. Attached to
each silver clamp was little silver bell.

“You bought those for me?” she asked, her heart racing
faster with happiness.

He placed the box on a nearby table and then lifted one
rubber-tipped clamp. He said nothing as he dangled the clamp before her and
then leaned forward to lick her nipple into a hard nub once again. Once
satisfied, he clipped the clamp to a nipple, and she gasped in delight at the
pinch. He teased her nipple to a point before attaching the silver clamp. Once
both were secure about her nipples, he tapped the side of one breast to make
them both sway, ringing the tiny silver bells.

“Nothing says Christmas like rosy cheeks and silver bells,”
he quipped and then hummed the classic song.

Meanwhile Vicki was in agony. The clamps excited her,
closing about her flesh tightly with pleasurable pain. She groaned in
frustration. Her pussy ached with need, her juices running down her inner

“Now, little Vicki, are you ready to obey?”

She nodded. “Yes sir.”

“I have something in my desk I think you will enjoy.”

Lost in the haze of lust and building desire, she was
remotely aware of him searching another drawer for a second surprise.

Again he stood before her in his nakedness and she marveled
at his form—wide shoulders, toned arms and powerful thighs. His chest was
dusted with dark hair mixed with gray with a dark line descending to the nest
at his groin, perfectly framing his long, thick cock, erect and ready.

In one hand he held a silver vibrating egg and in the other
he held a wireless remote.

Oh no.
She raised her eyes to meet his gaze. “What
are you going to do?” Fear shot through her to the core. There wasn’t any way
she could withstand a vibrator and fight off a climax.

He smiled devilishly. “I’m going to put this egg inside that
pretty pussy of yours and start cranking up the speed.”

“I’ll come,” she said breathlessly.

“The point isn’t to resist orgasm.”


He shook his head. “No.” He crouched down and his face level
with her pussy, he leaned in and inhaled a long breath. “Ahh, so sweet.” He
touched the cleft of her mound with his tongue and she moaned. He kissed her
clit and suckled a moment then pulled away. “Yes, very sweet.”

Vicki pulled at her wrist restraints, wishing she could
clutch his mouth to her aching clit.

Then he ran the cool, smooth egg through her folds,
lubricating the surface with her own honey. As he pushed the egg up into her
channel, he said, “I want you to come as much as you want.”

Something wasn’t right about this. There was more to this
than making her come. “But?” she finally asked as he pulled away.

She watched him stand, powerful sinew and muscle moving
beneath his lightly tanned skin.

He held the remote in one hand and turned on the egg.

Vicki nearly lost her mind at the slow vibrations within
her, driving her wild. She moved against her restraints and the tiny bells
clamped to her nipples tinkled gently.

Then the vibrations ceased.

“Ah ah ah,” he started as he closed the distance between
them. He reached for a breast and ran his tongue over the nipple within the
clamp. “You may enjoy yourself and come, little Vicki. But if you make the
bells ring, I will stop the vibrator.”

So that was the game. “I can’t help moving,” she sobbed.
“Please sir. Have mercy on me.”

“Mercy? No, that isn’t what you want. You like the
challenge.” He paused then added, “If you please me, I will take you to bed and
you may get your wish to suck on me. You want to suck on my dick, don’t you,
little Vicki?”

She nodded even as hot, fresh tears streamed down her face.
“Yes sir. I want to please you.”

“Please me and you will be rewarded. Agreed?”

She choked back more tears, but nodded once again.

“Very well. Don’t make the bells ring, and I will make you
come several times.” With that he reached for his chair and sat with his legs
open. In one hand he held the remote to the egg and with the other he stroked
his cock. “So fucking beautiful. After I let you suck me off, later I am going
to fuck you again. You need a good long fuck.”

With that he flipped on the egg and it vibrated within her.

She leaned back against the door’s cool, smooth surface. She
couldn’t move. If she moved, he’d stop the approaching climax. Even now with
the setting on low, the pressure built. She moved her hips rhythmically in her
growing excitement. She rode the gently increasing vibrations from the egg, but
as he turned up the speed, restraining her body became more of a challenge. If
only she could move her hips a bit more…

Then the bells tinkled and the vibrations stopped.

Her breathing grew ragged as this continued—his building of
her climax and flipping off the egg once the tiny bells jingled.

After about the fourth time he’d turned off the egg, she
peered at him sitting in his chair, his thick cock in one hand. Then she
realized he had stopped stroking himself when he turned off the vibrator. He
was not only denying her, he denied his own release.

She licked her lips, tasting her own salty tears. How long
would he torture them both?

The hum within her cunt began again, but this time it
vibrated harder. Already on edge, it didn’t take long for her to approach
climax. She forced her body still and when her body finally surrendered to the
spasmodic convulsions, she cried out his name in pure ecstasy.

Her body shuddered and shook in climax and the bells
tinkled, but he didn’t switch off the vibrator. One orgasm led into another and
she strained against the door, her body arching in abandon. She screamed with
each spasm, swept into a whirlpool of sexual euphoria. She was only faintly
aware of his yell as he spilled his seed into his hand and onto the floor.

He turned off the egg and she sagged within the restraints.

Within moments he released her ankles and wrists from the
restraints and removed the egg from her sopping-wet center. She fell against
him, exhausted, and he held her in his arms.

“Shh, sweet, sweet Vicki. Never have I seen such rapture.”
He kissed her forehead and held her close. “You have pleased me well.”

“But…I couldn’t keep the bells from moving.” She leaned into
him, thankful for his strength and tender hands holding her.

“I know. You did very well.”

He lifted her into his arms, cradling her body against his.
She felt small, vulnerable…feminine. He laid her down on the couch and kneeled
at her side. She stroked his hair and smiled.

He reached for her breasts and unfastened the clamps, and
she gasped at the painful sensitivity. He climbed onto the couch between her
legs and sucked on one nipple while squeezing the other between his thumb and

Her desire climbed quickly as he laved her breasts, licking,
nipping, squeezing. She arched her body, leaned her head back and closed her
eyes, surrendering to his touch, his gentle but firm command over her body.

His body lying on hers felt glorious, his weight pushing her
into the leather couch. The scent of leather and sex filled her nostrils and
nothing mattered beyond this moment of sexual bliss.

“You have such beautiful breasts,” he murmured against one
nipple. “So round and perfect. I could suck on your nipples all night.”

She threaded her fingers through his hair and sighed. “I’d
like that.”

He sucked and lightly bit one nipple. “I’d have to fuck you
all night as well.” He reached down between her legs and slid his fingertips
through her wet folds. “Such a sweet pussy.”

She softly chuckled. “I would love to have you lick me all
night long.”

“Mmm, I may have to get started on that right now.” He moved
down her body, his chest hairs brushing along her pussy. She moaned as he
kissed and licked a trail down her abdomen to her navel. He dipped his tongue
into her bellybutton and she tightened her fingers in his hair.

He caught her hands and pushed them down to her sides and
held her firmly against the cushioned leather. He continued moving lower to the
apex of her thighs and breathed in her scent. “So fucking sweet.” Then he
lowered his mouth over her clit and she let out a deep breath.

Her clit between his lips, he teased the small nub from its
hood. She tossed her head to one side then the other, lost to the magic of his
teeth lightly grazing the engorged pleasure point.

When he sucked hard on her clitoris, she surrendered control
to his mastery and climaxed fast and hard. She screamed and bucked against his
mouth as she gripped the leather beneath her hands, riding out the spasms
racking her body.

As her climax subsided, he laid his head on her abdomen and
sighed. He released her hands and she rested hers on his head, gently stroking
the softness of his hair.

Her eyelids drifted closed and she smiled in catlike

“We’re not done here, little Vicki,” he finally said as he
continued to rest on her belly.


“I believe I’m due another Christmas present.”

She opened her eyes and gazed down at him. “Another

“Uh huh. Something about sucking my cock.”

She snickered. “Oh Mr. Robertson. You are a

He smacked one side of her buttocks. “Don’t make me go find
another ruler.”

“Oh no sir. My ass cheeks are already nice and red.”

“Then I suggest you get to work, little girl, or I will put
you over my knee and give you another spanking.”


Damn, Vicki loved the idea. “Maybe you can anyway. When you
put your hands on my ass, it gets me so excited.”

He smacked her buttock again. “Perhaps later. Right now I
want those lips around my cock.”

She knelt on the floor and he adjusted his position on the
sofa to sit with his legs wide open, giving her full access to his cock and
balls. She crouched between his splayed legs and reached for his hard cock.

BOOK: RosyCheeks
3.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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