Sally’s Wedding: Book 3 Of A Contemporary Romance Short Story Series

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A Contemporary Romance Short Story Series

Book 3


A J Temple

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Table of Contents:


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Chapter 10

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Copyright Notice:

Copyright 201
,  A
J Temple

All rights reserved. Copyright protected. Duplicating, reprinting or distributing this material in any way and for any purpose, without the express written consent of the author is prohibited.

All characters, events and places are fictional, and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

It was
am, on what promised to be a warm spring morning as Sally ventured out for an early walk. Robert had told her that there were often
deer to be seen grazing by the waterside
down by the loch
on whose banks the cabin rested,
nestled as it was amongst a scatter
ing of Douglas Fir and the odd R
and Silver Birch

Having just arrived from Milwaukee in Wisconsin USA just 3 weeks earlier
; in order to marry the man she had first met in a blizzard just some 4 months ago; this still felt very much like a vacation, and she was making the most of the care-free illusion that such a break from the mundane can bring.

She smiled to herself
as she
Robert snoring away on the bed as she sneaked out. She had always been a ‘morning person’ and the idea of a lie-in wa
anathema to her way of thinking.
Her late father’s words came echoing through her mind
“One hour in the morning
is more productive that two in the afternoon
Sally; always remember that!”
and indeed she did,
the concept into practice now

“Yes indeed.”
She thought to herself.
“It’s the early bird that catches the worm, for sure.”

She walked quietly along the old deer-track that led to the water’s edge, appreciating the early bird-song and the
dappled rays of the morning sun as it filtered through the pines.


Twenty minutes later she heard a splash
up ahead as she cautiously approached
the loch;
a splash
turned out to be a brown trout catching an early breakfast. Undaunted however
a short distance of
the track and
crouched down in a hollow amongst the low heather,
and stunted forms of silver birch, bent and buckled by the wind and harsh conditions; to wait
for the elusive deer that Robert has told her about.

It was while waiting thus, in the undis
turbed quietness of the morning,
that the sound
of low voices came to her ear; d
istant at first
but growing slightly louder as they approached.

“Ah well, so much for catching a glimpse of the deer!”
She thought a little disgruntled at having her peace disturbed and the chances of a ‘deer encounter’ squashed at the same time.

She was about to get up and announce her presence, when something checked her. One of the voices was raised slightly as if aggrieved, and as they approached her hiding place she could see that it was two men – and they seemed to be carrying something between them.

“I’ve been carry
ing this thing for bloody miles;
are we not about there yet?”

“Stop your bloody moaning Frank
! You’ll not be complaining when we get paid for this I’ll bet!”

She sat where she was, out of sight as the men approached on the track nearby, arguing continually until finally they passed her by.
Both were rough-looking characters, dressed in old army-style camouflage jackets; and one of them had a distinct limp – he was also carrying
what looked like a crossbow. The other man, who seemed to be the one complaining, wa
a huge brute of a man, and
carrying what was unmistakably
a small deer over his shoulder. The
cold dead eyes staring
into the
black void
of death.
A few moments lat
er she heard an engine start up;
and glimpsing through the trees saw a small boat head out across the loch.

“Hmm, well that explains the absence of any deer this morning
.” She whispered quietly to herself.

She sat for a few minutes more, listening to the sound of the motor grow faint as it rushed on its way across lock Morlich. Feeling a little unsettled by this encounter Sally decided to head back to the cabin and inform Robert
that there were poachers about.


Agnes, Roberts mother;
looked up as she entered the rear door into the kitchen
, removing her jacket
. She had made a remarkable recovery from the accident on the steps, and the last 3 weeks had seen her up on her feet again – much to everyone’s relief.

“Good morning Agnes, I see you’ve got up before that lazy son of yours! Hasn’t he got work to go to this morning?”

“Morning Sally!
Yes in fact I’ve just given his door a rattle – maybe you had better go and sort him out, he only has 15 minutes before he has to get going!”

“Ok Agnes, do you have a cold wet cloth handy?” She grinned wickedly at

, he’ll go daft, if you’re thinking of doing what I think you are!” Agnes ran a dish-cloth under the cold tap, and handed it to Sally.

“Ha, it will serve him right for being such a slugabed!”

“Better get ready to run!” Agnes called after her as she headed to the bedroom,

Carefully she opened the door, and sneaked over to the back of Roberts sleeping form. She gently lifted the duvet
o reveal his naked muscular body, at the same time lifting the cold wet cloth to throw in beside him.
The plan was to throw it and run as fast as she could out of the bedroom.


Quick as a flash Robert spun round in bed, reached out and dragged her in beside him
. Sally let out a shriek of fright and indignation as Robert wrestled the cloth from her hands, and pus
hed it down the front of blouse; enjoying as he did so a quick grope at her inviting breasts.

“You pervert!” Sally laughed as she struggled half-hearted to get out of his grasp

The two of them were still wrestling about on the bed, when Roberts mum came in; forcing Robert to quickly grab the duvet to cover his naked body!

I might have known you two would be up to no good! Sally, I’m ashamed of you really. Can’t you leave the poor boy alone for a minute – you’ll have him worn out well before your wedding night if you keep this up!”

it wasn’t like that honest!”
Sally protested looking just a little sheepish.

“Hmmm, as you say my dear.
As for you
get out here now – or you leave without breakfast!”

Sally blushed furiously, as Agnes chuckled to herself on her way out the door. Turning around
encountered Roberts grinning face – and
whacked him with the
as she made for the door. “You heard your mother
slugabed! Get moving or no breakfast for you!”

She just got out the door in time, to hear the pillow slam against the opposite side. Smiling happily to herself she headed back into the kitchen.


Agnes was pouring the tea as she entered, and looked up at Sally.

“Ha, that was funny; your faces were a picture of guilt when I stepped into the room!”

“Hmm, your horrible boy can be quite mischievous at times you know Agnes!”

, don’t I know it – but I think you have his measure nevertheless.”

es, I thought so to
– until he caught me unawares as I was about to throw that wet cloth in beside him!”

They were both still laughing as Robert walked in to the room.

“You pair – I can see I’m going to have
think of a way of separating you both! A man has little enough chance in this world; without two scheming women to make life more difficult!” He said
as he looked on the two people
dearest to him
in all the world

“Ha, that’ll be enough from you young man!” said Agnes as he sat down at the breakfast table, and got stuck into his porridge.

“Oh Robert, while remember to tell you.” Sally spoke out. “I went for an early walk this morning to try and spot the Roe Deer you told me about?”

“Oh yes; and did you see any?” He said between gulps of hot tea.

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