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Authors: Constance O'Banyon

Tags: #Historical, #Romance, #Fiction, #19th Century, #American West, #Western, #Adult, #Adventure, #Action, #SAN ANTONIO ROSE, #Cantina Dancer, #Family, #Avenge, #Soldier, #Ragtag Army, #Fighting Men, #Mysterious, #Suspense, #Danger, #Help, #Spanish Language, #Flamboyant, #Loyalties, #Captivated, #Yellow Rose, #Secrets, #Discover

San Antonio Rose (Historical Romance)

BOOK: San Antonio Rose (Historical Romance)
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"Believe me, you are just one of many," she said, hoping
to nettle him. "I am practiced at lovemaking, as you have
probably guessed."

"I'm not surprised," he murmured, wondering why he was
so angry. "You know too much about men not to have
learned it in the bedroom."

"That does not mean that I will welcome any unwanted
attention from you," she said hurriedly, hoping she hadn't
given him the wrong impression. "I choose my men

"Go to sleep, San Antonio Rose-you are safe with me. I
have never been one to fancy another man's leavings,
especially not if that man is Santa Anna."

No one could make her as mad as Ian. "I never invited you
to my bed, and I never will. I pick and choose whom I take
for a lover."

He turned his back with a jerk, and she smiled. She had
gotten under his skin at last, even if she had told a lie to do it.


To Evelyn Rogers, a very special friend with an enormous
talent and a caring heart to match. I know if I asked you to
walk a mile with me, you would walk two. That kind of
friend is hard to find and is to be treasured. And Jay Rogers,
what a guy!

Donna Rusch-Coffee Pot-who has a loving and generous
nature. It is a pleasure to know you-you always make me

And to Haley Elizibeth Garwood, who is a wonderful writer.
Thanks for your many E-mails that cheered me on while I
was pushing a tough deadline. You said I could do it, I
believed you, and I did it.

This title was previously published by Dorchester Publishing; this version
has been reproduced from the Dorchester book archive files.

BOOK: San Antonio Rose (Historical Romance)
9.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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