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BOOK: Save Me (Taken Series Book 1)
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All those times I visited with her in the warehouse I wanted so badly to fuck her. I refrained only because that room was so filthy and not fit for such a precious gem like Sierra. I wanted it to be special. I wanted her to remember our first time as someplace comfortable and safe. Once I drove through the gates that line the house and keep people from seeing what goes on inside, my anticipation grew. I was near my breaking point. I had to have her now. I had to make her mine. Mark her for everyone to see that she is not to be touched.

Sierra was still quiet and in a haze when I opened the trunk and carried her into the house, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. It was a little unnerving and frustrating all at once. Why did she care so much about that kid? Why couldn’t she realize that he was nothing and that he wasn’t coming back? She needed to get over it. I’ll show her what a real man is and soon she will forget all about Forrest.

After tossing her onto the bed I stalk to the door, closing and locking it so she can’t escape me. When I lean against the door I take in her near naked form. She looks like an angel. My angel. She’s gorgeous and I want so badly to be inside of her already

“That was a very stupid thing you did running away from me. Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find you?” She looks like a frightened animal. She knows I would have found her. I can see it on her face as she looks resigned to her fate. Then her look changes to hate and more fear. She must sense my need for her. The need that only she can fix.

“You know what I want. Don’t you? You tease me. Wearing that skirt shorter than the other girls while you performed those cheers. Always strutting around shaking your ass in front of me so I would notice. Only wearing your sports bra when you practiced. You did that for me. And then you run. You play hard to get. I’m all for games but you nearly fucked everything up for us. Tsk. Tsk. You’ve been very naughty and I think it’s time you get punished.” So naughty in fact I think she needs to be punished badly. She knows it too as her fear escalates making me want her even more. Oh yes. I love when I’m feared. It’s a turn on when it’s fear from a woman. That moment when they realize I’m about to brutalize them. Feeling their heart escalate and their breath come out in short spurts as they search for an escape. It’s better than being on ecstasy.

I remember the fear on her face when I barged into the bedroom just a few short hours ago to take her back. She’s mine and that bastard took her from me but he won’t ever get her again. I smile in satisfaction knowing he’s dead and he’s never coming back for her. And my uncle. Oh yes. He’s either dead in a pool of his own blood or he will be if he ever comes here to take Sierra from me.

“I don’t share and that bastard who took you from me touched my property. Touched you. He had to pay so I put a bullet in his brain. We don’t need to worry about him again. Your mine now and nobody can save you.” Soon she will forget all about him. Soon she will only want me. Soon she will be mine in every way.

I stride towards her ready to make her mine in the most pleasurable of ways when she starts to beg once I reach her. “Please don’t do this. Please!” God that is the most amazing sound I’ve heard from her. I love when people beg. Especially women as they beg me to stop while I fuck them broken.

“Oh yes. Beg. I love to hear you beg. Beg for your life. Beg for your virtue. Hearing please come from your sweet lips is like music to my ears.” I know she doesn’t want to hear that her pleas turn me on. I’m disappointed when she stops and stare’s defiantly back at me before closing her eyes in acceptance. That’s ok though. I know that her fight isn’t over because that’s what she is. She’s a fighter and I bet she will start screaming and fighting me in just a few short moments.

“Oh come on baby. Don’t get quiet on me now. I love hearing the sweet sound of your voice.” When I grab for her waist she starts fighting. Ah yes. Just what I want. My cock is throbbing, craving for release and soon I shall have it.

I love how much she tries to fight me as she turns over to crawl away. “Oh yeah baby. Keep fighting me. I love it. I’m already so fucking hard for you.” I grab Sierra behind the back of her neck pushing her face down and grind into her ass. She feels perfect for me. Her as fits perfect against me. I’m sure she’s real tight too. She may even be a virgin. Then again maybe not because she was practically naked when I found her in that room. Her fear escalates and my desire grows with every pounding beat of her heart and labored breathe. I slide my hand to cup her pussy just to see if she’s as turned on as I am right now but she’s as dry as the Sierra Desert.

Fitting. I smile at my reference.

“Don’t worry. I have lube. I’ll slide right in with it.” I slide my finger in quickly before a second and a third causing her to cry out in pain. She’s so tight that I need to stretch her just a little to make it easier for me. I’m sure it will hurt when I push my cock in but pain is the gateway to pleasure, I always say. I continue to play with her, feeling her juices as I spread my fingers inside of her.

“You like that do you? I knew you would.” A tear escapes her eye but I pay no attention as my need grows too unbearable. I need to be inside of her now. I pull my fingers from her before lining my cock to her entrance and she starts to buck beneath me. She’s feisty and I almost cum before I even get to feel her wrapped tight around me. I slam into her and it’s as if the world has righted itself and I’m home. I know she has to feel the same. There’s no way I am the only one feeling this intense pleasure and rightness. She’s so tight I almost lose myself and cum right in that first thrust.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. God you’re tight. You feel so fucking good. I have waited for this for a long time.” Too long.

“Stop. Please stop. It hurts. Please!” her begging is just making the pleasure even better as I start to pound into her with deep, hard thrusts. I get closer and closer to exploding the harder I fuck her and the more she moves. I can’t stop myself. I grip her hard and listen to her cries and pleas to stop as they bring me closer to the biggest orgasm I’ve ever have.

“That’s it. Keep begging. I’m so close… So close…Oh yeah…” I grunt from the exertion of my thrusts. Before I know it a wave of heat moves through my body from head to toe alerting me that my orgasm is near, then I cum hard. I knew it would be amazing. I cum so hard it’s almost painful with so much pleasure flowing through me. “Oh fuck…” I don’t want her to move for fear it may be too much for me so I push her deeper into the mattress to control her. I have no words as the last of my orgasm seeps from me into Sierra’s tight cunt.

As my orgasm finally ebbs, I pull out feeling loss then lift my pants up and right myself before untying Sierra. As much as I love seeing her bound I don’t want her to be uncomfortable. She’s here to stay forever with me and I want her happy. I doubt that she’s happy being tied up as she lays on the bed silently crying even after she’s untied so I leave her be. I don’t say another word as I close and the lock the door behind me so she can’t escape.

I walk to my room at the end of the hall, mind you it’s a long hallway, and enter the darkened room. It’s plain with nothing but a bed and dresser. No pictures or items on the shelves to show my personality. I like it that way because then nobody can figure me out. That’s how I’ve always been. There were never pictures of naked women on my walls or bands and actors that I liked hanging up, no pictures to remember a favorite moment with family or friends, and no books to give way to what I’m interested in. Just gray empty walls, black comforter and pillows, and clothes hung color coded in the walk in closet or folded neatly in the dresser.

I head to the bathroom that connects to my room and start the shower before stripping from my clothes. I need to wash all the remnants of the past forty eight hours from my body so I can return to Sierra and have a repeat performance from just moments ago. I want to be fresh and clean for her. If it wasn’t for my incessant need to have her earlier than I would have done this after showing her to her room.

As I step under the steaming hot water I can feel the stress of the day being rinsed from my body. I scrub the shampoo into my sweat ridden hair when I hear something odd. Being under the water I couldn’t decipher what it was that I had heard but it probably wasn’t anything good. I quickly wash up before stepping out, grasping my plush white towel hanging on the rack and wrapping it around my hard body.

I step out of the bathroom to my bedroom letting all the steam from my shower waft out before grabbing a pair of black slacks and a button up gray shirt to put on. I hurry and towel myself dry and throw the clothes on without buttoning the shirt all the way and head out. I don’t know what that loud noise was but it probably wasn’t anything good and I need to find out quick just how much damage Sierra did.

I stride down the hall quickly and reach her door, unlocking it before thrusting it open ready to scold her for whatever it is she broke. The first thing I notice is the broken window before I see Sierra on the floor looking ghostly pale. It takes me a moment to realize all the red that’s on and around her is her blood. She broke the goddamn window and cut herself. Why the hell would she do such a stupid thing like that?

I rush to her side and check her pulse frantic and hoping she’s not already dead. Her pulse is low. So low I almost wasn’t sure it was even there. I rip my shirt off and wrap her arms up with it to slow the bleeding before running out of the room to grab my cell from my bedroom. When I make it back to her room I am already on the phone with a friend of mine who studied medicine telling him to come quick. I continue to keep an eye on Sierra’s pulse as I hold my shirt to her cuts hoping it’s not too late. I just got her and I can’t lose her now.

It seems like forever before my friend finally arrives not fifteen minutes later with his medical bag in hand. “What happened?” His face is impassive as he kneels down to where I have Sierra lying on the floor checking her heart rate with his stethoscope then grabbing more stuff from out of his bag.

“She cut herself with the broken glass from the window. Will she make it?” The whole time I sat here waiting for the doc to arrive I wanted to shake Sierra awake and ask her why she would do this. Why would she end her life when I just got her? I refrained from actually shaking her. Instead, I have her head in my lap brushing her hair from her face so I can memorize every curve and freckle incase it’s too late and she can’t be saved. I whispered words of my love for her and words of anger for doing this to me.

“I see that.” The doc says commenting about the cuts. “You’re lucky. I brought some fluids and blood bags in case she lost too much blood. I just stocked up yesterday on my supplies from the hospital or else I wouldn’t have been able to help her right now.” My heart slammed in my chest at the fact that I could have lost her. I mean I knew that but it’s not the same as when someone confirms your fear.

“You can stay there if you’d like but I need to take her shirt off before I hook the blood and fluids up to her. What I need from you though is a wet wash cloth to wipe all the blood off of her so I can stitch her up. Can you do that?” Can I do that? I don’t want to leave her side but I know I need to if I want to help and I do. I need to help in some way. I gently lay her head down and rise heading to the bathroom across the hall and grab some wash cloths, wetting them in warm water before returning back to Sierra’s side.

“Is that enough?” The doctor looks at what I have and nods his head to me before going back to work on hooking Sierra up to two different bags. He already removed her shirt so I sit back down and rest her head back on my lap before helping by cleaning the blood off of her. Afterwards he pulls out a needle and thread and starts to work on stitching up her cuts. They look brutal. Deep, jagged and red with blood still seeping slowly out of them, it still doesn’t take him long to finish stitching her up. The whole time I watched him work I listened to her soft breathing feeling lucky that she won’t die while anger bubbles beneath the surface waiting to strike. I’m angry that she would do this to me, to us. What in the hell was she thinking? I’m going to punish her as soon as I can. There is no escaping my wrath.

After some time Sierra starts to come to. “Sierra! Sierra!” I speak loudly to her hoping she can hear me. I can’t wait for her to slowly come back to me. I need answers now so I start to shake her shoulders to wake her up quicker. The doctor left a little while ago while I waited for her to wake up to get a drink and some lunch. I need him here now though so he can check on her.

“Sierra. What the fuck were you thinking? You almost died!” I want to slap her. I want to fuck her. I want to strangle her. I plan to do them all but then I see her expression of content turn to fear so I ease up on my excitement and anger and try to sooth her.

“Hey, you’re okay. You’re okay.  I bandaged your cuts up so your good as new but you lost a lot of blood. No worries. I have a doctor that will be coming back in to check on you and has stitched you up.” I try to comfort her the best I can but she starts to cry and I am at a loss.
















Chapter 11             




              I don’t know why life has to be so cruel. Why I’m doomed to this fate. Did one of my past lives royally fuck up and that’s why I’m here in this hell? If so I wish I could go to that life and scream and yell “why? Why would you do this to us?” But that’s not how life works. You take whatever life throws at you and roll with it. But it’s not easy when you’ve lost everything and everyone who you ever loved and cared about. It’s not easy when you finally get everything you ever wanted in one person to have them ripped from your life forever.

BOOK: Save Me (Taken Series Book 1)
3.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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