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Christ, I’d like my clothes off for at least one orgasm tonight!

“Not yet, my sweet.
I have a lot more planned for you tonight.”

Oh dear, had she said that out loud?

He stepped away from her, dropping his hands.

The air felt cool against her nearly naked ass without his body behind her.
could hear him moving around but didn’t know what he was doing. It sounded like he was gathering things onto the nearby table so they’d be in easy reach but she couldn’t imagine what he was getting. The scarf covering her eyes frustrated her as much as it excited her.


“Now, slave, you’ve been a very bad girl.”

The crack of a whip made her jump half a foot. He wouldn’t really use a whip on her, would he?

Of course he would. She didn’t know anything about this man,
she didn’t even know his name. Just because he resembled Kiefer didn’t mean he was Kiefer. For all she knew he could be a sadistic bastard who loved to hurt women.

Nerves doused the raging fire that he’d built earlier. But before she could step away, he laid a gentle hand along her cheek.

“This is just fun and games, if you get
just say the word and I’ll stop.


Her shoulders relaxed and tension slid from her body, until he cracked the whip again.

Now she felt a tension of a different sort.
Right between her legs.

“How should I punish you, slave?”

Her highwayman ran the whip over her chest, teasing her nipples with the handle. It felt like soft leather and not in the least bit uncomfortable. The tail slipped over her shoulder and skimmed her back.

“I think you need to be properly prepared for your punishment.” Without another word he yanked her shirt down her arms, freeing her breasts from their silken confinement. “Ah yes, much better.”

He eased her arms out of the sleeves and placed them back on the post when he was satisfied. The cool air brushed her freed nipples and sent tingles rippling through her. The whip snaked down her chest and her highwayman pulled it tightly between her legs.
breath caught as his fingers brushed her swollen pussy.

He slid the whip down her torso and over her clit, rubbing against the thong with enough pressure to tempt but not to push her over the edge.

“Bend over,” he growled in her ear.

She did as he said without the slightest hesitation. Her breasts swung freely in this position. The whip wrapped around one mound and pulled tightly, not enough to hurt but enough to force the blood to her nipple.

The constriction made her throb with need with every beat of her heart. His hand kneaded her bound breast, heightening the burning sensation in the tip. It felt swollen and needy for his touch.

Just when she thought she’d explode, she felt his head slip under her upraised arms and his hot mouth latch onto her nipple.
knees buckled at the wet heat of his lips. Waves of hot lust radiated from that one small point throughout her entire body, obliterating any fears or concerns she might have once had.

His teeth grazed her skin lightly sending shivers down her spine. A whimper of protest slipped from her when he removed his mouth but it quickly turned into a gasp of surprise. He’s eased a ring of some sort around her nipple and it amplified the pressure on her swollen tip.

The sensation increased dramatically when he released the binding of the whip from around her breast. All the blood that had built up under the tie rushed toward her be-ringed peak.

shook with desire as he repeated the process on the other breast. Sweat dripped off her face and her hands clenched the post like it was the safety bar on a roller coaster.

“What should I call you, besides master?” she asked weakly. She desperately needed an anchor to keep herself from flying apart.

He hesitated as he moved behind her and she wondered if she had blundered in asking him his name.

“Just call me Ian.”

“Yes, master.”

Ian. That meant his lilt was Irish. Was Kiefer Irish? She wasn’t sure…

Any other thoughts flew out of her mind as his hot tongue traced the line where her ass ended and her thighs began. Cream gushed from her pussy and she had a moment of embarrassment about her state.

“Um, delicious.”
He lapped her juices with little flicks of his tongue along her thigh, inducing more fluid. “You’re so wet. Is that all for me, little slave?”


“I can’t wait to sink my cock into all that creamy heat. But not yet.”

Damn it!
She was ready to beg him to fuck her and he wanted to play? The rings on her nipples sent pulses of fire through her with every breath she took. The glide of the whip along her pussy tormented her with its light touch. And his mouth, God his mouth was an implement of torture if there ever was one.

“I think you’d better remove your thong before it gets lost in those pouting pussy lips.”

“Yes, master.”
Thank you God!

Her fingers fumbled as she unclenched them from around the whipping post. It was hard to get the leather thong over the boots with her eyes closed. At one point she almost fell, but Ian was there to catch her against his rock-hard frame.

While she removed her thong, he’d stripped.
felt another moment of severe frustration at the binding over her eyes. She could feel his bare chest and legs but couldn’t see them. What would he look like without those leather pants?

Pretty damn good, she bet.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered once she’d finally removed the hated underwear.

She did as told and shook in anticipation. Was he finally ready to end this game and fuck her?

Apparently not, because he moved between her legs and ran something along her inner thigh.

“Have you ever used a dildo before, slave?”

What? She didn’t want a fake cock, she wanted

A vibrator, yes, but never a dildo.

“Then let me tell you about this one. It’s rather unique actually. Instead of looking like a fake dick, it’s shaped like a cone. It’s made out of some sort of plastic that has give to it but
still hard enough to do the job.” He ran the cool object over her pussy lips. “And do you know what job that is?”

“To go inside me?”


He slid the dildo just inside her channel.
inner muscles tried to grip the smooth material and pull it in deeper. God, she wanted to be filled. She was aching inside.

“Not yet.” He slipped it out and she cried with the loss.

Her legs trembled with need and her hands ached from clutching the post so hard. She wanted to weep, to beg, to do whatever she had to in order to get him to push the thing back in.
To push
inside of her.

“What do you want, slave?”


“Not yet.”

She ground her teeth in frustration, ready to scream her impatience. How much building up could she take before she exploded?

The feel of his hair brushing her thighs
her even higher. His breath on her pussy pushed her even hotter.

And when he drew his tongue along her needy clit while he shoved the dildo into her grasping channel she reached the outer limits of her control.

Her head twisted from side to side as she pressed her hips closer to Ian’s magical mouth. He furiously pumped the rod in and out while he flicked his tongue faster and faster.

couldn’t hold back the storm raging through her.
Didn’t want to hold it back.
She let it thunder over her, igniting every atom of her being as she shot to the stars.

“Now that is a beautiful sight. But I’m not done with you yet.”


“Much more.
On your knees, grab onto the leather cuffs and assume the position.”

What position?

He slapped her ass again and she got the idea. It took a Herculean effort to get to her knees but she knew it would be worth the effort.

With her ass in the air and her breasts hanging low, arms overhead, she waited for Ian’s next delight.

He didn’t disappoint her. His hand caressed her butt cheek, drifting toward the tiny bud she’d never explored. Her breath came out in rush as he traced the opening, setting that nerve-rich area aflame.

Just when she thought he was going to do more than flirt around the surface, he came down with a stinging swat.
heart almost burst out of her chest as heat seared from her rear end to her core. She wiggled her butt, eagerly awaiting another spank.

Ian complied, quickly peppering her derrière with soft strokes and stinging slaps. With every stroke her body grew more and more needy.

“Let go of the cuffs,” he ordered before biting her ear.

let go of the cuffs and let her upper body fall to the floor. Ian
behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist and leaning her over it.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes!” she sobbed, more than ready for anything.

Ian plunged into her from behind, his cock sinking deeply into her pussy.
reared back, trying to get him as deep as possible. He reached around and flicked her blood-filled nipples that were still constricted by the rings.

One hand worked its way down her stomach to her curls and parted them. Sobs tore from her throat as he continued to pound her very depths as he flicked her clit. It was too much for her to handle and she rocketed to completion with a scream.

As she continued to ride the wave to the stars, she could feel Ian’s thighs against her
hear his harsh breathing as he fought for his own release. His hands clutched her hips, pulling her tightly against him until with a muted
he powered out three quick strokes and collapsed against her back.

Ian kissed the back of her neck as her legs crumpled beneath her. She lay on the floor, completely boneless, and unable to move. As he eased the scarf off her face, he kissed her and she could taste her arousal on his lips.

His hands cupped her face as he gentled the kiss, teasing her with soft nips and flickering licks along the inner edge of her lips. Her heartbeat ramped up again at the sheer romance of his touch. He didn’t even know her name yet he kissed her like the most cherished of treasures.

Too bad it wasn’t really Kiefer.

Stop that! You can pretend for tonight.

poured all her longing for Kiefer into kissing him back. She reached around and dug her nails into his well-formed butt and pulled him closer. Surprisingly, she felt his cock growing against her leg.

“Do you want me again so soon?”

“How can you ask?”

Amazed, she stroked his chest, soaking in every inch of his beautiful body that she could finally see. Having sex blindfolded had been an incredible sensual experience. Watching his cock grow as she stroked his gorgeous chest was a veritable feast to her senses. He’d wadded up the scarf in a ball and tossed it back and forth as he watched her caress him.

Something about the action tweaked her memory but she pushed it aside when he wrapped the scarf around the back of her neck and pulled her on top of him.

“You’re going to drive me insane, do you know that? That corset thing pushes your breasts up so temptingly. I don’t know whether I love it or hate it.”

“If it turns you on, I love it.”

“Oh, it turns me on all right.
Too much.”

She raked her nails down his sides and trailed them over his pelvis. When she reached his steely cock, she eased it inside her still quivering pussy. Instantly, the barely banked fires flared to life.

Every cell of her body celebrated his entrance inside her.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.”

She did and gloried at how much deeper he could get. Ian got to his knees and grabbed her ass, lifting her hips even higher to meet his thrusts.
arched her back and stared at his muscled chest over her.

His eyes blazed through the mask, staring down at her with an intensity that burned her.

now. Do you hear me? Mine!” He captured her mouth with a soul-stealing kiss and his spicy scent washed over her.

“Yes!” she screamed as another wave of release swamped her.

Her body convulsed, bowing her body with the sheer power of her climax. Hips bucked against hips as he ground into her clit to push her orgasm even longer. The pleasure rolled on and on like waves in the ocean, eventually slowing but never seeming to stop.

BOOK: Screw Cupid
4.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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