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“Please allow me to walk you to the door, miss.”

“T-thank you.”
I think.

She walked up the marble stairs to the front door on shaking knees. Butterflies danced in her stomach the closer she got to the house.

What if Molly wasn’t behind this? What if it was a big mistake?

Her hand trembled in the chauffeur’s grip as he handed her off to a uniformed doorman.

“Welcome to the House of Eros. May I take your wrap?”

The doorman held the door open and
saw a tiled foyer with a curved staircase in the background.

“No thank you. I’m still a bit
I’d prefer to hold onto my cape for now.”

“As you wish.
If you give me your handbag I shall secure it at the coat check.”

Even though he phrased it politely, it wasn’t a request. She’d forgotten she’d held her purse clutched to her chest. Did she want to give it up? It had her cell phone and wallet in case she ran into trouble.

“You may retrieve it at any time, miss. I assure you it will remain safe.”

Was her anxiety that obvious?

More nerves danced along her spine as she held onto her bag. Obviously no one here wanted her emergency twenty bucks, but if she needed her cell phone to call a cab in a hurry she’d be out of luck.

“May I keep my phone in case of an emergency? It doesn’t have a camera in it or anything, but it would make me feel a little better if I had it.”

The doorman shifted his feet uncomfortably as she dug out her phone and showed it to him.

“Please,” she implored.

“I assure you, you’re safe in the House of Eros, but if you insist on keeping it please refrain from using it where others can hear you and turn it to vibrate.”

Relief rushed through her almost making her sag against the textured wall.
“Of course.
Thank you.” Before he could change his mind, she tucked it into the pocket of her skirt.

She handed her pocketbook over, feeling a little more at ease. If she had to make a run for it she could always replace her credit cards. At least with her phone on her she could call for help if she needed it.

“Please make yourself at home. The night is yours to do with as you wish. Refreshment stations are scattered throughout the house and any unlocked room is available for use. If you wish privacy, make sure you lock the door or others will assume you wish to either be watched or joined. Enjoy.”

swallowed a gasp at the idea of someone watching her…do what?

Guess I’m about to find out.

Her heels clattered loudly on the tiled floor and echoed through the foyer. As she approached an arched doorway with a naked cherub emblazed upon it, she heard the low thump of music and the hum of conversation.

Now or never

She took a deep breath and pushed the doors open.

And couldn’t believe her eyes at the scene in front of her.

The sunken living room was easily the size of a grand ballroom. Low couches were scattered in shadowed nooks around the room while a full bar stood against wide French doors that led to a darkened patio. The lighting was dim and candles by the hundreds flickered throughout the room. The scent of vanilla mingled with perfumed bodies and the distinctive scent of sex.

A waiter wearing leather pants with a matching leather mask—and nothing else—approached her with a tray of champagne glasses.


“Thank you,” she took the delicate flute and downed it before the bubbles could finish tickling her nose.

The waiter didn’t even blink, just took the empty class and handed her another before moving on.
took a moment to appreciate his fine ass clad in tight leather before she moved off to the side.

She needed a minute to take in her surroundings before she entered the room fully. There had to be a hundred people in various states of undress. Everyone wore a mask like hers but that’s where the similarities ended.

Some men were dressed as pirates, with wide sleeved shirts and leather breeches. Other men had gladiator costumes on, their oiled chests glinting in the firelight. One man was dressed as an English lord complete with ruffles and a codpiece.

Unless he had a pair of socks down there, the codpiece provided some serious advertising for him.

The women were even more spectacularly dressed. She saw a can-can dancer kicking her leg up over the shoulder of the pirate. Her frilly skirt flipped back to reveal her shaven pussy framed by lacy garters.

A statuesque woman wore a silken toga that left one large breast bare. A situation the gladiator was taking full advantage of as he swirled her nipple with the cherry from his drink.

In the corner by the bar, a woman wore a leather outfit that looked like nothing more than a series of belts strapped from her hips to her breasts. She had boots like
and carried a whip.
watched in amazement as the belted woman used the whip to pull a woman in a peasant dress between her legs.

Apparently the peasant didn’t mind because she unbelted one of the straps and began licking the whip wielder’s pussy.

A rush of cream flooded
as she watched the leather-clad woman writhe and moan as she sank to the floor. She had to take a drink of champagne to wet her suddenly dry mouth when the gladiator and toga-girl joined them on the floor.

The woman in the toga knelt over the belted woman’s face with her silken sheet hiked up over her bare hips. While she played with the belts over the woman’s breasts, the gladiator pulled off his skirt, revealing an enormous erection.

Several people cheered as he drove his cock into the woman in the toga while the belted woman alternately licked his balls and the woman’s clit. Another man dressed in leather flipped up the skirt of the peasant girl and flogged her naked ass.

face flamed with heat but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the titillating scene. Her pussy lips swelled around the leather thong she wore as she watched the peasant girl drive her finger into the leather woman’s slit. The sounds of their moans mingled with the slapping of the gladiator’s balls as he drove into his partner. The slick slurping of fingers and tongues inside dripping channels added to the auditory foreplay.

Her nipples pebbled up as she watched toga-girl suck on the leather woman’s swollen buds. What would it feel like to have that many people giving her pleasure? Or watching her
that much pleasure?
shivered at the thought.

It might be exciting to watch but she didn’t think she could ever lay herself out like that, in public. Showing up here today was about the most daring thing she’d ever done, and it was a far cry from public sex.

One of the women cried out her release and someone else joined her. The pirate and can-can girl joined the crowd surrounding the group and blocked
view. It was probably for the best anyway. She’d seen more than she could have ever imagined and she hadn’t even walked all the way into the room yet.

Well, what was she waiting for? She said she was going to take tonight to do the things she’d always wanted to, why was she standing on the sidelines? If she wanted to ease the ache throbbing between her legs, she should find an attractive, willing partner and go for it.

But not quite yet.

She did take another step into the room. The plush carpeting cushioned her aching feet and softened her steps. These boots weren’t meant for standing in that was for sure. Her toes were pinched and her arches ached from the stiletto heels.

looked around for a place where she could sit and observe for a little bit longer and get off her feet. A narrow hallway paralleled the living room. She saw a tiny room off to the side and went to inspect. It had a comfortable chair and a basin of warm water with a pile of washcloths next to it. It seemed safe enough. At least it was unoccupied and best of all, had a place she could get off her feet without, ah,
off her feet.

The mask and flickering candlelight distorted her vision some so she missed the wide window opposite the chair until she sat down. What was a window doing in an interior room?

Her eyes practically crossed when she got her answer.

As soon as she settled into the chair the thin blinds covering the window rolled back to reveal a sparse bedroom containing an ornate, wrought iron bed with a blood-red comforter. A muscular man more gorgeous than any she’d seen outside of a magazine knelt on the bed as naked as the day he was born.

His cock stood out from a nest of light hair and practically pulsed with a need
could see from her vantage point. She wondered if he realized he was on display and thought about vacating the room but remained frozen as another equally gorgeous man entered the room.

couldn’t hear what they said to one another but saw the kneeling man laugh and crook his finger in a blatant invitation. The newcomer wore a loincloth over his ebony skin and his muscles gleamed in the dim light. His leather mask almost blended in against his tightly cropped hair, giving him a mysterious appearance that made
heart race.

Apparently, it did the same thing for the blond because his cock grew even larger.
mouth dropped open as the dark man dropped his loincloth and displayed the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was easily as long as her forearm and had to be as wide around as a beer can.

The thought of something that large piercing her brought a quiver of alarm as well as a tingle of desire but that was nothing compared to what it did for the blond. He hauled his dark partner onto the bed and pressed him flat. The contrast of his steely hard sable body against the soft red blanket was both incredibly beautiful and infinitely seductive.

She wished she could hear what they were saying but the window didn’t allow noise to slip through. All she could do is watch—which was probably all her overloaded libido could handle right now anyway.
settled back in the chair and let her hand drift to her soaking pussy as the blond stroked his lover’s well-defined abs.

Her breath came out in a gasp as the blonde wrapped his large hand around the darker man’s cock. She didn’t want to blink in case she missed what might happen next. Fire sizzled through her veins and sweat popped out on her brow as she watched the blond draw the almost purple tip of the darker man’s penis into his mouth.

The black man’s head whipped back and forth on the silken bed as the blond moved between his legs.
swallowed hard as she got a front row view of a tight ass and ropey thighs. Testosterone oozed from the room as muscles bunched and rolled in pleasure.

had never seen two men have sex before. Had never really thought about the sensuality of it, but now that she was a witness to it she couldn’t look away. There was a masculine beauty to two such gorgeous specimens giving each other so much pleasure.

head pumped up and down as he sucked on his lover’s cock. The darker man clenched the blanket in his fists making his arms bulge and the tendons on his neck strain.
could see the sweat glisten on his chest as he arched up with release. His whole body shuddered and bucked with the force of his orgasm.

With her heart beating a rapid tattoo,
swirled her fingers over her clit faster and faster. Pressure built inside her and threatened to explode but she held it off. She didn’t want to take her eyes of the scene in front of her for even the few seconds it would take for her to come.

And what happened next made the wait so worthwhile.

The blond released the darker man’s cock with a final lick and reached for something on the floor. The black man lazily rolled to his side, his cock still impressively large even when it was no longer fully erect. As
watched in anticipation, the ebony man crawled to his knees and presented his seriously muscled ass to his partner. The blond coated his penis and his lover’s anus with some sort of lubricant that he retrieved from the floor.

She couldn’t hold off the onslaught of pleasure a second longer when the blond pushed inside his lover. From her vantage point she could see two sets of rock-hard thighs thrust in a rapid pace as they each strained to achieve their pleasure.
hips bucked her pussy against her fingers as her release tore through the thin control she’d used to hold it back.

BOOK: Screw Cupid
11.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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