Secret Torment (Bend To My Will #9)

BOOK: Secret Torment (Bend To My Will #9)
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Secret Torment

Bend To My Will: Book 9




Emily Jane Trent


Chapter 1

On the deck of the yacht, in the bright sunlight, Vivienne’s blond hair shimmered and her lovely skin glowed. She was a beauty, both inside and out. Jacob knew she deserved more than he seemed capable of giving her.

“I didn’t tell you when I thought I might be pregnant,” Vivienne said, “because I didn’t know how you’d react.”

Jacob took her hand in his, and she continued, “I want a family, eventually, when I’m prepared.” She bit her lower lip. “But I panicked when I thought we were in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.” She took a breath. “I thought…I was afraid that it would be the end of our relationship.”

Lifting her hand, Jacob kissed her knuckles. “No, baby, that wouldn’t happen.” He noticed her sigh of relief. “I’m not that kind of guy. I can’t say how I would react to such news, but I would not abandon you.”

“It’s good to know that.” Vivienne adjusted her straw hat, her grace and femininity luring him in. “I just didn’t want to put pressure on you, or have you think that I was.”

“You feared I might assume it was a trap?” Jacob shook his head. “I know you better than that.” He paused, noting that Vivienne didn’t seem to have more to add. “Did the doctor have any idea why your period was late?”

Vivienne laughed softly. “It’s not uncommon with women, even though it scared me. When he called with the blood test results, he asked a few questions about my lifestyle.” She shrugged. “I’m not used to a lot of travel, so that was likely enough to throw off my hormones.”

It dawned on Jacob what she had been through, how stressful it must have been to wonder if she was pregnant. The point was that Vivienne hadn’t told him sooner. She had shouldered the burden alone, which wasn’t right.

Dominating encompassed many things, not just sex play. It was vital for Jacob to protect her, emotionally as well as physically. He had failed to do that, and Vivienne hadn’t felt safe enough to confide in him. His role as protector was one he took seriously.

Jacob renewed his commitment to be strong, to cherish the gift of Vivienne’s submission in all ways. And not to let his own reservations about mixing romance with eroticism affect the relationship. That part wasn’t so easy, but he would need to do better at it.

“In the future, I’d like for you to share any worries with me, sooner, not shield me from…whatever the situation is,” Jacob said, looking into her emerald-green eyes. “You shouldn’t have to deal with such things by yourself. I can’t promise how I’ll react, or that I’m perfect…because I’m certainly not. But I am here, baby.”

Vivienne smiled brightly, warming his soul.

“You mean a lot to me, and I wouldn’t leave you adrift,” Jacob said. “I don’t want to see you distressed, if I can avoid it.” He touched her cheek. “You do believe me, don’t you?”

Vivienne grasped his hand in hers, and kissed his palm. In a soft voice, she said, “I believe you.”

With that settled, Jacob felt better, and he was certain that Vivienne did too. The part about not seeing her distressed was a tall order, one he vowed to uphold. Yet he’d already let her down by accepting her love without reciprocating. He knew it disturbed Vivienne that he couldn’t give in to a romantic side that she was certain he possessed.

Yet Vivienne did mean a lot to him, so much that Jacob was reluctant to release her from the relationship they had. Although he knew it didn’t completely fulfill her, there was no way to let go. Jacob was greedy for her, drawn to her sexuality, and spellbound by her beauty.

As the boat cruised through the harbor, a light breeze wafted across the deck, cooling the air. Jacob put his arm around Vivienne, aware that her presence filled a void inside him. He traced his fingers over her shoulder, and she leaned against him.

It was a pleasant day in the harbor, well suited to circling around to see the sights while sipping champagne. They passed Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, majestic no matter how many times Jacob had seen it. The hours drifted by, and Vivienne relaxed. She talked about other things, the trauma forgotten for a while. Jacob had no doubt that the pregnancy issue had impacted both of them, but it seemed they’d weathered the storm.

They stayed out until sunset, when the horizon turned orange as if on fire. “In this light, the skyscrapers look like palaces out of a fairy tale, not at all like the bustling office buildings they really are,” Vivienne said.

“It does seem more magical from out here on the water,” Jacob said, looking at the myriad of windows on all the buildings gleaming, richly hued by the radiance of the setting sun. “One of the best views of Manhattan is from the water.”

The disappearance of the sun chilled the air, so Jacob had the captain take them back to shore. “Where would you like to eat dinner?” he said.

“I was thinking of River Café. It’s a lovely place to admire Manhattan from the windows. I’m into the view of the city right now, and the sight of Brooklyn Bridge all lit up reminded me of the café.”

Once the yacht had safely docked, Jacob took Vivienne ashore and had the driver take them to the restaurant. It was warmer on shore than out on the water, one of those idyllic evenings, the final days of summer.

The River Café was just below the Brooklyn Bridge, brightly lit with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. The lights of the city sparkled over the East River as they dined in elegance. They sat on the covered patio, enthralled with the view.

A jazz band played music inside the restaurant, and Jacob watched the trumpet player, marveling at how the instrument and his body seemed to flow as one. While sipping more champagne, they savored an appetizer of fresh abalone, oysters, and scallop ceviche.

Vivienne looked out at the view, appearing to enjoy her food and wine, while Jacob watched her. The low restaurant lights were enough to allow him to admire her beauty. In that moment, he was reminded of how much Vivienne’s submission meant to him.

Jacob was in a position to give her the freedom to explore the depths of her sexuality, to take her to places that she couldn’t go on her own, and to have experiences that she probably couldn’t ask for, not knowing they even existed.

It was a high to know that Vivienne depended on him, and expected him to push her beyond any initial resistance encountered. So far, there had been little, but as the intensity of the scenes they played out increased, so would the challenge.

With a seductive smile, Vivienne turned to look back at him. Jacob’s passion surged, making him anxious for the meal to be over. He treasured Vivienne’s natural sexuality enough to go far beyond where they’d ventured. It would be a liberating experience for her, touch upon her true nature, and allow her to reveal herself.

“I’m looking forward to later,” Jacob said.

Vivienne glanced down at the table, her blush visible, even in the dim room. It was endearing that she was still shy on occasion, despite all they had done together. She knew what he had in mind; they’d discussed it. She was a woman with a mind of her own, and he intended to stimulate her in a way she wanted. It wasn’t about forcing, but Vivienne’s
to do as he commanded that was such a turn-on.


Jacob’s yearning for Vivienne had increased throughout the meal, and well before he had her naked in the playroom, he was eager to have her. He was responsible for the scene he intended to play out, and he welcomed the power. Jacob intended to make it good for her, so all Vivienne would have to do was shut off her mind and obey.

The urge to dominate consumed Jacob, and once the playroom door closed he ordered Vivienne to get on the bed. She walked to the back of the room and settled onto the satin sheets, with her hair cascading around her. For this session, the rules were more lenient, since it would involve her first anal sex experience, and he wanted it to be good for her.

Jacob’s cock was erect, but he didn’t intend to come early. He straddled Vivienne, then leaned down to kiss her. When her lips parted, he dipped his tongue inside, languishing over hers until she moaned into his mouth.

Kissing was hot, and it occurred to Jacob that he could make Vivienne climax with nothing more. His cock lurched at the idea, but that would be for another day. He kissed down her body, planting sensual kisses along her ribs and over her belly.

Then he took time to suck Vivienne’s rosy nipples, aroused by how they turned to little pebbles under his stimulation. “You taste so sweet, baby.” He traced his tongue around one areola, teasing her, then paid attention to the other.

Vivienne writhed on the bed, shoving her nipples toward him, but Jacob withdrew. When she whimpered in disappointment, he flicked his tongue over each nipple several times to drive her crazy. Sliding lower, he pressed his lips to her bare vulva, breathing in the scent of her sex.

“You smell so good, baby…all woman.”

Jacob put his palms on her inner thighs to spread them apart. Her sweet pussy was pink and glistening for him. “God, you are sexy.” He bent her knees up to open her more, then grasped the base of his cock to brush the tip over her wet tissues.

Sensation shot through him as he slid his knob along her slit. Then Jacob put his palm over her vulva, gently pulling the skin taut to reveal her tight clit. He could see the full length of it, as well as the pink tip, a very erotic sight.

Holding the base of his cock, he angled it just right so the wide crest pressed to Vivienne’s most sensitive spot. She made a sexy sound in the back of her throat and pushed her head against the bed. Pre-cum seeped out the slit of his knob, dripping onto Vivienne.

Jacob slowly rocked his hips so his knob rubbed the full length of Vivienne’s clit. She panted and moaned as he continued with the motion. He stroked his bulbous knob along her clit, then pushed it against the hypersensitive tip, before stroking back down.

With her legs spread as they were, Jacob saw that she was swollen and ready. He increased the speed of his motions, pushing his own arousal to the limit and taking Vivienne along with him. She gripped a fistful of the sheets and cried out.

“Jacob…” Her voice was sensual, and her skin flushed.

In the next second, Vivienne shattered, whining in a high voice as she let go. Jacob stroked faster, his knob sliding over her clit, until she relaxed after her peak. The vision of her climaxing, legs spread with Jacob rubbing her, pushed him to the edge.

Still panting, Vivienne looked into his eyes.

The way he’d brought her off must have been intense, as he’d focused directly on her clit, without reprieve. Vivienne looked damn beautiful in her post-orgasmic state, but Jacob was just beginning.

“Turn over, baby, and put your head down with your ass up.”

Vivienne complied, offering herself as he’d directed. Still probably relaxed from the orgasm, her body looked fluid, and her eyes were glassy. That was good, as he didn’t want her to tense for the next part. “Have you been using your butt plug as I told you to?”

“Yes, I have.”

Although Jacob knew that, he wanted to hear it. “And you’ve grown accustomed to it?”

“Yes, sir.” He liked hearing her address him as
, although for this scene he hadn’t demanded it.

Jacob put some lubrication in his hand and smeared it over her asshole, then he gently rimmed her tiny rosebud with his fingertips. The circular massage would calm her, so she wouldn’t tighten upon penetration.

Vivienne seemed to like Jacob rimming her. “That feels good.” She sighed.

It was good to take his time, so Jacob fingered her ass more, even dipping one finger inside to acclimate her. “Okay?”

“Yes, sir…I like that.”

Jacob picked up her butt plug from the table and warmed it in one hand. He lubricated it liberally and touched the tip to Vivienne’s asshole. “Relax, baby.” When she took a breath, he gently pushed the plug into her, taking care to be gentle.

There was something about seeing her bent over with the plug in her asshole. It signified a deeper will to submit, and made him imagine the feel of her tight anus clenched around him. But patience was required. With the plug in place, he cupped Vivienne’s sex to reassure her.

“You’re doing great.”

Jacob slid his fingers over her slit, pleased with how wet she was. Then he fisted his cock once, anxious to be inside Vivienne, and dipped into her pussy. She enveloped his shaft like a velvet glove, causing him to moan.

“Damn, you feel good.”

Vivienne pressed her butt up higher, with her cheek pressed to the bed. Jacob grabbed her wrists and placed them low on her spine, then held them in place with one hand. He could have tied her up, but since this was her first time, he preferred to be lenient.

When Vivienne’s inner muscles pulsed around him, without warning, Jacob knew she was close to another climax. It didn’t surprise him, since the whole experience was new for her, and would be extremely titillating. Her position with her ass high and her head down was very submissive, turning Jacob on even more.

He massaged her ass cheeks as he shoved his cock into her. Vivienne panted and licked her lips. With no need to hold back, Jacob smacked her bare bottom, a reminder of his command of her, and to escalate her arousal. Her skin turned pink where his palm whacked her butt, making his cock ache for satisfaction.

Jacob shoved deep, then stilled his motion. “I want to know how it feels, Vivienne.”

BOOK: Secret Torment (Bend To My Will #9)
4.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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