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BOOK: Seduce me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 1)
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4 - Asher

She was by far every dirty fantasy I'd ever had. The fact that she was far beyond beautiful was a bonus I hadn't expected. Her big brown eyes watched me with intensity as I rammed my cock in and out of her pretty mouth. Just watching her almost sent me over the edge, but I pulled out and tried to hold back.

I wouldn't last much longer around her and I needed it to take all night. I wanted to drag her in deep and force her to want me in a way that might border on stalker-ish. I'd be more than happy to entertain her for the next few weeks while I looked for a wife. Something had told me very quickly that she was just looking for a long night of fucking and nothing else, not even a follow up session.

A shame.

Her comment about wanting to ride me left me salivating for her to crawl up in my lap and make my cock her personal toy, but I simply nodded and stroked myself. "Come get it."

She laughed and I couldn't help but smile at how warm the sound was in the midst of our lust.

"I plan to." She sat back on her heels and pulled something from beneath her. A condom.
Smart girl.

Tearing it quickly, she moved toward me and I reached for the rubber to help her out, but she slapped my hand away, a frown forming on her pretty face. "I've got this."

"I can see that," I mumbled and held my cock at the base, angling it toward her as she pressed the little pink ring against the head of my dick. She moved back and before I could reach down and roll it over my flesh, she bent down and pressed her lips to the edge of it, pushing hard as she took my cock back in her mouth. The condom rolled over me as she forced it to with her mouth, slowly.

Closing my eyes briefly, I let out a long string of curses at how incredibly hot she was. I'd never in my life had a woman be so naughty and open to exploring lust with me. I opened my eyes quickly and glanced down as she used her pretty little hands to finish pulling it to the thick base of my cock.

"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen." I reached for her and smiled. "Marry me?"

She laughed and pressed her hands against my chest before turning away from me. "Never. I'm not the marrying type."

"I hear you, baby." I held on tightly to her hips as she reached between her thighs and took control of me again, lining me up perfectly with her tight entrance. "Enjoy this... I'm going to."

"Shhhhh," she mumbled and impaled herself on me.

I started to smile, but lost my ability to do anything but succumb to the overwhelming ecstasy her tightness provided. I held her against me for a minute as she bent forward a little more, her hands gripping the headrest of the passenger side seat.

As soon as I got my bearings, I shoved her dress up to the middle of her back and squeezed her ass hard with both hands. I'd use her hips after a while, but I needed to latch onto a good handful of her thick flesh to fuck her as deep as I wanted to. I forced her back up and rubbed her curves softly before grabbing on tightly again.

"Hold yourself up and I'll fuck you good from this angle." I heard a soft groan and took that as her agreement. Without hesitation, I lifted my hips and slammed into her body only to pull out quickly and repeat my motion over and over again. The sound of her enjoying me left my heart racing and my body burning for more of her.

"So fucking good," she mumbled and I nodded in agreement as my eyes lifted from her pretty ass to watch the way she trembled as she took me like a pro.

"You like it in the ass?" I pumped in and out of her a few more times before forcing her to sit down on me. I slid my hands around her waist and tugged her backward so that she lay flat on me. The damn dress was in the way, but I cupped her breasts over the fabric, kneading them as I pushed in and out of her a little at a time.

She turned toward me, and kissed the side of my mouth, nodding. "Yeah."

"I think I might be in love with you." I chuckled and pulled her hips up hard to find the puckered flesh that rested between her pretty ass cheeks. I pressed against it and she moaned so loudly I thought I might lose my load then.

"It's been a while. Don't be rough with me or I'll hurt you." She pressed back against me, her body fighting against the thickness I offered it.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good." I forced her to rest against me as I worked myself into her little by little. Reaching around her thigh, I slid my fingers over her clit and pinched the flesh over and over as she shook in my arms. It wasn’t going to take much and I was going to explode inside of the beautiful vixen on my lap.

"I'm going to come. Fuck me harder. Please." She groaned and I nodded, not needing any more permission to let loose.

I pushed at her shoulder, forcing her to sit back up as I pressed the last inch of my shaft into her. Holding my hand against her pussy, I jerked my fingers across her flesh and jerked my cock in and out of her over and over as she cried out in the sexiest sound I'd ever heard. I let myself join her as the fire started deep in my belly and spread out to cover every inch of me. I fucked her until I couldn't move, my energy completely depleted.

She leaned back and rested against me as my cock pumped every ounce of semen I had into the condom buried in her ass. I kissed the side of her neck, wanting to confess my love to her and yet knowing how ridiculous that was. I was in lust with the woman and would have honestly given her a ring just to make me feel alive again. She was brilliant. Beyond anything I'd ever experienced and I didn't want to let her go.

"You sure about the marrying thing? I’m thinking I could change your mind. It's a really big ring," I whispered against the side of her damp neck before kissing her a few times.

"No ring is big enough. God you were hot. I needed that so bad." She turned and pressed a soft kiss to my lips before pulling off of me slowly. "Get in your seat. I need to get home and get some sleep."


It took every bit of stored up energy I ever even thought about having to get my clothes back on and to get back in my seat. I felt like I'd run twelve marathons and hadn't slept for ten days. The girl's body was a drug and I obviously wasn't used to the incredible side effect of being introduced to it.

I knew one thing... once wasn't enough, but I needed to figure out how to go about getting her number, or at least set up another session with her. This was going to be complicated. She seemed to need the release as bad as I did, and I would offer her anything for another night in the sheets. My mind raced with the nefarious possibilities of all I could do to her, or let her do to me.

Let her? Hell... this girl wasn't one to ask or obey at all.

I had to have her as mine. Never had I met a woman like her before, and I had a hunch I never would again.

What did she do to create such a sickening desire in the pit of my stomach?

I swallowed my insane thoughts and started the car, turning toward her only to look over my shoulder and pull the car back out of the alley. I glanced around and let out a low chuckle.

"Wow. This is a shitty part of town. What the fuck was I thinking?" I ran my fingers through my hair and over my face, causing the smell of her desire to move across me again. As tired as I was, my cock jerked to life and started to swell in my slacks again.

"Right? Insane rich boy." She smiled and pulled her mirror down, fixing her lipstick and wiping a smudge from the side of her eye.

I couldn't help but covet her. I pulled onto the street and started to head toward my place. I wanted more and maybe under the pretense of sleep she would stay with me. It was my best bet.

She pushed the mirror back up and turned to look around. "Oh... I need you to drop me back off at the club. It's still early."

"The club? You sure? I was going to let you crash at my place, or I can take you home if you want?"

"No, I'm good. The club would be great. Thanks." She pulled out her phone and started to text someone.

I turned my attention back to the road, unsure of how to answer her. I didn’t get it. Why did she want to go back to the club? She had to be tired as hell. I sure was, although a slow love making session in my big four-post bed sounded like a great way to drift off to sleep.

Was she going to look for another guy?

No. That's ridiculous. She's adventurous, but not a whore. Right?

I glanced over at her again and wanted to take her hand into mine, wanted to drag her into my seat, but a one night stand was a one night stand. I needed to leave it alone before I ended up looking needy and pathetic, which wasn't going to happen. It hadn't been my style for many years and I wasn't about to resort to prepubescent actions.

If the pretty girl wanted to go back to the club and find some other dude to fuck, it wasn't my right to hold her back. It stung in a way I wish it wouldn't have, but whatever. She was free and hadn't made any silly pretense that she was looking for anything other than a wild ride. Most women would have been clamoring to come home with me, but that was because of my wealth.

This one... the one I all of a sudden wanted to... nothing. Not even a hint of wanting something beyond the quickie in the car.

The club lights filled up the car as I pulled up front. I turned to her and smiled. "How about we exchange numbers? I know you liked what I gave you tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"No rings, no numbers, no next time." She laughed and leaned over, kissing me softly a few times. "You were amazing. Best fuck I've had in forever."

"Then let's do it again. No rings... no commitment. Just sex. We could just meet up and fuck every once in a while. There are so many things I could do to you."

She smiled and shook her head. "Nope. Stop dreaming, handsome."

"Dreaming is all most of us have." I smiled and tried to hide the extent of my disappointment. "Not even for another ride in the Maybach, huh? They're rare."

She leaned over as I rolled the window down and gave me a sexy smile. "Good men are rare. Cars are a dime a dozen. Thanks for the ride. Sweet dreams."

"You too." I watched her walk away and glanced around, noticing every man in front of the club looking her way. "You too."

5 - Lila

I walked into the club on shaky legs, the handsome billionaire still in his car and hopefully headed out of my life. A long sigh left me as I slipped past Clay and turned to press my back against the wall.

"You okay, L?" Clay poked his head into the club and lifted an eyebrow.

"Yes, just met my match in life I think. I'm scared as hell and ready to pack up and move states just in case I run into him again." I smiled and shook my head.

"Wow. Lucky guy. You wanna cab or you staying for a while?"

"I'll take a cab once he's cleared the front. I don't want him seeing me." I pursed my lips and tried to breathe through my nose slowly. My heart was racing at the memories of how incredibly right it felt to be in his arms, to have him empty himself inside of me.

I groaned and closed my eyes. Fuck. It had been incredible. I pressed my head to the wall behind me resisted the urge to run out into the road and beg him to stop. He wanted my number and I wanted his, but it would only lead to heartache. It always did.

Besides, he had his shit together and I was just getting started. He wasn't looking for a girlfriend with a brain, anyway. He’d want a pretty little tart he could prance around town and fuck with no strings attached.

"Hey, L. Cabs here and your boyfriend is gone." Clay chuckled and reached for me as I walked back out into the late evening.

The breeze picked up and I found my center quickly. Smiling at the handsome bouncer, I waved and walked to the cab, got in and dropped my head back as I murmured my address.

The night had been beyond amazing. My handsome lover was beautiful, charming and dominant, and the chemistry between us had been consuming, insane. Dangerous. Who knew that sex in a dark alley could be so… exciting?

There was something about him that drew me in, and threatened to drown me if I wasn't careful. Leaving without giving him my number was my best bet, and yet it was one of the hardest things I had done of late.

Having him asking for my digits left me melting on the inside and wanting to snuggle up to him. So, why had I refused to let him take me to his place? It would have been incredible to spend the night in his arms, to smell his sheets and feel the softness of his lips along my neck and shoulders as we cuddled up.

"Because your dumb ass would have fallen in love like you do every time," I grumbled.

"What's that, Miss?" The cabbie's voice pulled me from my ponderings.

"Oh nothing. Just bitching at myself about falling in love."

"It's the best thing ever." The older man smiled in the rear view mirror. "Falling in love that is."

"I'm not so sure I'd agree, but I'll keep my negativity to myself." I chuckled as he readjusted his mirror, and I was alone with my thoughts once more.

Leaving my handsome lover only to head home to a quiet, cold and lonely apartment seemed like the dumbest decision I could have made, and yet I had to protect myself. I was determined to treat men the way they treated me, and falling for them wasn’t how it worked. Not anymore.

It doesn't matter how much you want him. You'll want the next one too. Love and happiness is for the birds. Lust, sex and passion. That's all I want now. Period.


I slept like shit, my dreams filled with the sexy bastard from the club. He haunted me, forcing my body toward a state of constant desire. Lust pumped through me at the mere thought of him. Some part of me wanted to throw caution to the wind and find him, but how?

"No. You're good. Shut up about it," I grumbled at myself as I parked my small Honda in the large parking garage next to our downtown building. I grabbed my briefcase and checked the small mirror above my head one last time before getting out of the car and walking toward the elevator.

A handsome guy in a three piece suit held the door, his eyes all over me, though the ring on his finger said they shouldn't be. Men. I would never understand them in a hundred years.

I walked out of the parking garage and pressed my hands to my thighs to keep the knee high black skirt I wore from flying up and showing everyone the scrap of panties I had on that morning. My boots rose up to my knees and my sweater was fitted and professional. My boss was insanely particular about looking attractive but professional. It had taken me a year, but I finally had it down after pin-balling around between the extremes of slutty and dowdy for months.

I actually liked the new look. Made me feel a little more grown up and mature.

"Yeah right." I rolled my eyes and pressed the large glass door in front of me as a smile slipped onto my lips.

My best friend and coworker, Jessie, waved wildly from the small coffee shop on the bottom floor of our massive building. I walked toward her, picking up my pace just a little and trying to decide if I was going to tell her about Mr. Richie Rich.

She had been in a serious relationship for forever, and it was actually working out for her. Me, not so much.

"There you are. I was starting to think you were going to stand me up." Jessie smiled and stood, pulling me into a tight hug as if she knew I needed it. We had been friends since elementary school, and she knew me better than I knew myself most days.

Her copper locks were pulled back in a ponytail, but a few wayward curls had come loose. I fixed them quickly for her and tried to avoid the probing stare I got from her light hazel-colored eyes.

"Spill." She sat down and nodded toward the extra cup of coffee on the table between us. "That's for you."

"Thanks. I need something to eat. I'll grab a muffin." I started to leave, but she leaned over and grabbed two bags from beside her.

"Already got it. Your favorite." Her smile was warm and welcoming, and I relented. I was telling her everything. I always did. She was the voice of reason when I needed one, even when it hurt like hell to hear it.

"I love you." I took my seat and pulled out the pumpkin muffin, grateful for the ridiculous amount of pumpkin-flavored madness that occurred every fall.

"You should. So, tell me about last night. I assume you were at the club?" She took a sip of her coffee and lifted her eyebrow at me.

"Yeah. I met a handsome billionaire type. Stupid expensive car, smelled like heaven, offered me a ring." I shrugged and bit into my breakfast, taking time to ignore the world and enjoy the luxury of such goodness.

"And... how do you know what type of car he has? Did he talk about it all night?"

"Um, no. We, well… you know.” I picked up my coffee as her mouth dropped open.

"Lila. Shit. You could have been hurt, kidnapped, or dumped in an alley."

"Oh, he put a hurt on me all right," I smiled trying to suppress a naughty giggle, and shook my head. "No berating me. Seriously. I want to have a little fun and get it out of my system. James was a dick and totally ruined my life. I'm not ready to trust men again or give them anything but a blow job here and there."

Jessie laughed as her cheeks turned a vibrant shade of pink. "God, you're like a hooker."


"Hell yes I'm jealous. We made soup, snuggled and passed out on the couch." She rolled her eyes and took a bite of her own muffin.

I held back my response and ignored the dull ache in my chest as I pictured her evening. I remembered those nights. Snuggling and planning a future with someone you stupidly believed when he said he loved you. 

Stop it. Fuck him. Fuck all of them.

"New subject. The bank denied yet another loan request from me." I let out a short puff of air and took a bigger bite of my breakfast, hoping to save myself from having to speak for a few minutes.

"No. Really? That's horrible. What do they want from you? You're young. How could you possibly have successful business history on the books yet? Shit. Everyone has to start somewhere." Jessie's voice grew louder as she ranted.

I took another quick swig of her coffee and laughed. "I know. It's all good though. My portfolio is just getting better and better. Soon they won't be able to deny me. I'll have my spa in the next few years and then I can quit working for other people and start building my own future."

"I wish I could help. I would if I could."

"I know that, silly. It's going to work out. This job I have now is paying the bills and I get to spend most of my day with you. Playing matchmaker when you don't believe in love anymore sucks horse dick, but whatever..."

"Horse dick... really? Great image to give me to think about all day. Thank you." Jessie chuckled and rolled her eyes.

"It's only fair. I'm thinking about it, so you should too."

"You are not. That's disgusting." Jessie tapped her fingers on the table as realization rolled over her face. "Oh. The guy last night was hung?"

"Like a horse." I laughed so hard at the look on her face my coffee almost came out of my nose. It was good to start my day off with someone that loved me. Most likely the only someone.

BOOK: Seduce me if you dare: Alpha Billionaire Romance (The Secret Matchmaker Book 1)
10.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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