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Lexie Davis


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“Which celebrity would you most likely want to join
the mile-high club with?” Jamie asked their group of friends. “A: Matthew McConaughey.
B: George Clooney. C: Hugh Jackman or D: all of the above?”

Lyn smiled. “I could picture a ménage scene with them
all, but the bathrooms aren’t very accommodating for one person much less four.
Is this a private plane?”

All four women at the table laughed.

“Don’t know,” Jamie said. “It’s the topic of
conversation in
Fantasy Magazine

“What’s your answer?” Sable asked.

“I have to go with D. Where there’s a will, there’s a
way. Hell, I’d fuck them in the plane seat in front of everyone. I’m not
modest. Can you imagine? One in front, one in back, and one filling your mouth.
Three delicious cocks giving you pleasure like none other. Damn, I’m getting
hot just thinking about it.”

The women laughed.

“What about you, Kris?” Sable asked, tapping her knee
and drawing her into their conversation.

“Yeah. You’ve been quiet this afternoon. Something
bothering you?”

Kristin shook her head. “Nah. Work is stressing me out.
Tax season,” she added, explaining. “Uh, I’d have to go with A. One country boy
does it for me and trust me, country boys
do it right. You don’t need another man to join in.”

This time, the women giggled.

“Sounds like she’s got some experience.” Jamie tossed
the magazine onto the table before them. “Do share.”

Kristin shook her head. “I don’t kiss and tell.”

The women sat around the patio table outside Cowden
Bar and Grille, sharing lunch as they usually did on Friday afternoons. Jamie,
the resident troublemaker, worked in the editing department of Bosk Entertainment,
one of Denver’s premier print entertainment companies. She worked as a floater,
editing for a variety of magazines the company published. Lyn was an assistant
to the CEO. Sable, however, worked in the art department, leaving Kristin in
finances. They’d become fast friends upon employment nearly two years ago and had
been making trouble together ever since.

“Okay,” Lyn said with a speculative grin. “Do we know
this guy?”

Kristin snorted. “No. I’m changing the subject. Have
any of you seen Mr. Bosk today? He wanted me to audit his account but he has
yet to give me the files, even after I’ve tried to contact him twenty times.”

Jamie grinned. “Ah. You’ve got the hots for him, don’t

“What? No.” Kristin shook her head. “He’s our boss.”

“And you could be his naughty little accountant.”
Sable chuckled. “He does have a nice ass. Too bad his personality sucks.”

“He’s not that bad,” Lyn spoke up.

“No? He fired the janitor because he tied a damn knot
in the trash bag to keep it from sinking down into the can. Who does that?”

“In all fairness, he told him not to do it like four
times.” Lyn shrugged.

“Missing my point, Lyn.” Sable lifted her glass to her

“I don’t have the hots for him or anyone right now.”
Kristin set her napkin to the side of her plate. “And please don’t start any

All three ladies stopped and stared at her. She licked
her lips. Micah Bosk was the last person she should think about when
fantasizing, but he always ranked at the top of her list. She wanted him. Her
pussy creamed just thinking about it.

“What?” she asked.

“You’re blushing.” Lyn smiled.

“Oh, man. You have thought about fucking him.” Jamie
leaned closer. “Tell us about it.”


“Ah-ha! Told you she wanted him.” Jamie sat back
smiling. “I bet I can conjure up a few ideas to get the party going.”

“There will be no party.”

“You should suck him off while he’s in one of the
board meetings. Make him soft again since he’s so hard-up about everything.”
Sable smiled.

Kristin shook her head. “Nobody’s sucking anybody

“But you want to. I can see it in your eyes.” Jamie
refused to back down. “You’ve got that yearning look like you’re completely
turned on. You’d probably let him bend you over this table and fuck you right now
if he would.”

“I would not.”

“No?” Jamie picked up the magazine. “Lyn, isn’t Mr. B
from Texas? Doesn’t he own some kind of fancy ranch down there? Wouldn’t you
consider him a cowboy of sorts—or at least a wannabe?”

Realization dawned on Lyn. “He’s the guy? You’ve
already fucked Mr. B?”

“I haven’t done anything with anyone.” Kristin swiped
the crumbs from the table in front of her, doing her best to avoid eye contact
with her friends. “And besides, if I did, it would be none of your business.”

“Oh, come on, Kris. No need to get defensive.” Sable
sipped from her glass. “We’re just messing with you.”

“We need to get back to work. I have to find Mr.
Bosk.” Gathering her things, she headed back to the office ahead of her

She didn’t bother looking back. The sound of
snickering was enough. Whatever she did with their boss was her business. And
that included her fantasies. Frustrated, she entered the office foyer. Her
heels clacked against the tiled floors making an echo in the large room.
Everyone turned, noticing her. Some smiled, some turned away without a polite
acknowledgement. One let his eyes roam unapologetically as if he had every
right to study her body. She swallowed hard, trying her best to remember if her
underwear showed a panty line, hoping it didn’t. She walked toward her boss.

“Mr. Bosk,” she said without preamble. “I need to talk
with you about auditing your account. When you have some time, please have your
assistant send the files to my office.”

He licked his lips, his gaze stopping on her breasts
before he finally met her eyes. “Where have you been?”

She glanced toward the front doors noting the large
circular clock hanging above them. “Out to lunch, sir. I just got back from my
lunch break.”

She didn’t realize that she was a few minutes late.
Time had slipped away from her and her boss had noticed. He looked perturbed
with his brows scrunched together and his neck tie pulled slightly. His suit
coat was undone and the longer he stared at her, the more anxious she felt. He
rarely ever looked unkempt but something had definitely agitated him while
she’d been gone.

“Go get your stuff and meet me in my office in ten

Her eyes widened. Was he firing her? Her mind went
into full panic. She had tuition to pay. She had bills and family to support.
She couldn’t survive without her job.

“Are you firing me, sir?”

A slight grin played at his lips. “What would make you
think that?”

She opened her mouth then paused, thinking about what
she should say. Or better yet, the way she should say it. She tended to speak
without thinking and pissing him off even more would only guarantee him drop
kicking her ass out the door.

“You said I should get my stuff and meet you in your
office.” Damn, she knew she’d missed her last two finance deadlines but she’d
busted her butt to make up for that the last week. Did it really merit firing
her now?

“Yes. And I’ll expect you in ten.”

She totally understood her friends’ point about him.
He enjoyed frustrating people. “I’ll see you in ten minutes,” she said then
belatedly added, “
.” He was late all the time, but
he’d fire her for taking a few extra minutes for lunch with the girls—girls who
still hadn’t come back to work yet. Or maybe it was her deadlines. Like he
really understood the pressure on her shoulders to check and recheck everything
for accuracy. She couldn’t turn in faulty reports, could she?

The elevators were a few feet away and she excused
herself. She had no idea what he meant by “stuff”. The only thing she had of a
personal nature was a picture of her family. Well, that and her calculator. As
the elevator doors closed, she debated her next move. If she really was being
dismissed from her duties, duties she truly cared about but had become
overwhelmed by as of late, where would she go? Her house was more than she
really could afford on her current salary, but she loved it and sacrificed to
live in it. If he fired her, that would mean she’d have to move. And with the
economy down, there was no telling how long it would take for her to find
another job.

The bell of the elevator dinged and startled her as
the doors split apart. She stepped out onto her floor and went straight to her
office without so much as speaking to anyone. She didn’t want to lose
everything she’d worked so hard for. It had taken her nearly a year and a half
to get this job. And a little persuasion by her friends to get Mr. Bosk to hire

She entered her office and glanced around the bland
space. There were the calculator and the picture frame on her desk. She hoped
he wouldn’t fire her. Maybe he just wanted to go over something with her in the
boardroom. She sighed, rubbing her forehead. Hysteria made it hard for a person
to think clearly.


Kristin jumped and swirled around at the sound of the
voice behind her. “Megan. Hi. What can I do for you?”

Megan arched her eyebrows as if in question. “Uh,
Robbie O’Brian said there was a mistake on his W-2. Whenever you get some free
time, can you please go over it?”

She nodded. “Of course. I have something to do right
now, but I’ll put it on my list of things to do for when I get back.”

Megan nodded, unsure. “You okay?”

Kristin nodded in return, her head bobbing. “Uh, yes.
Thanks. I need to go.”

She grabbed her calculator and a pencil then headed
out the door. With a little luck and some serious praying, she’d make it back
to fix Robbie’s problem.


Micah knew he was in deep shit. His finances weren’t
adding up for his downtown nightclub, The Black Rose, and he wasn’t entirely
sure why. He sighed, staring at the figures. He employed a private accountant
to handle everything for him, but it looked like his accountant had screwed him

Embezzlement. Classic scam.

He shook his head, frustrated. How had he not seen it?
The club was the area’s largest BDSM fetish nightclub, providing a safe place
to have a kinky scene. And they took care of their customers. Some liked
private rooms while others preferred group events or activity in the large
underground dungeon. Whatever their preference, The Black Rose’s customers were
loyal and kept coming back for more.

And that put a hefty chunk of change in his bank
account—or it should have.

A knock sounded at his door and he granted the person
entrance. He’d figure it out, then he’d catch the stupid bastard for stealing
his money.

Kristin walked in, stopping when she stood in front of
his desk. He liked her. Probably more than he should. Wearing a tight pencil
skirt and sexy blouse that dipped into her cleavage, she was far from the type
of women he normally hung around. But then again, the women he normally spent
his free time with were only really there to entertain him for a little while.
He studied her a moment, taking in the way she waited silently, though
impatiently, for him to tell her what to do. He’d learned from experience that
she was trustworthy and loyal. She would do what he asked and not put up a

She’d make one hell
of a submissive.

“Sit.” He didn’t bother looking to see if she had. He
knew she would.

“Mr. Bosk, I know I mentioned this before, but I
really need my job. Please tell me you’re not going to fire me.”

Micah glanced up, seeing the slight fear in her eyes.
He normally didn’t go for the red-haired, blue-eyed kind of girls, but there
was something about her that made him take a second glance. The white lace
camisole beneath a fitted black blazer matched well with the black pencil skirt
she had on. Half of her hair was pulled up, the other half hanging down around
her shoulders. He liked the wispy bangs that fell in her eyes occasionally. The
sexy little pout she had while she waited for him was enough to make him want
to groan.

He folded his hands before him. “I’m not going to fire
you.” He debated on how much to tell her. “I called you into my office to audit
a private account. Everything about this must remain in strict confidence so
I’ve arranged for you to sign a confidentiality agreement with the legal
department, regarding this matter. After it’s signed and notarized, I’ll give
you your instructions.”

“Oh.” She breathed and he could tell it was a sigh of
relief. “Okay. Where is the agreement?”

BOOK: Seduced by the CEO
11.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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